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1/? Ok, scientist speaking here. In the US, in order to get funding for a proposal, all aspects of the proposal, especially if it concerns animals, must conform to various ethics standards. International scientific communities often collaborate, meaning that a general mutual code of ethics must still be adhered to.

2/2 This means that, no, scientists aren’t just doing whatever experiments they want to. The branches of funding that manage general research are separate from things such as military researh. So, in order to get money, scientists must conform to certain ethics standards. And, in order to do research, scientists need money.

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transphobes: gender is what genitals you are born with!! it’s against how god made them to identify as something else!! there’s only 2 genders because there’s only 2 sexes!!

“what about intersex people with ambigous genitalia?”


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In your opinion, what's the closest thing to anything definitive happening between Jaime and Brienne in the books?

Parks and Rec Study Moods
  • The Leslie: highlighting, binders full of color coded tabs, ends all-nighters by going out for waffles, Hamilton playing in the background, makes Quizlets and the Google Doc study guide for a class and sends them out to everyone... 2 weeks early, always studying in advance
  • The Ann: studying with classmates at starbs, starts a group chat so everyone can help each other, talks friends who are freaking out to calm down, somewhat color coded review sheets, washi decorating everything, uses all the study research-based tips like writing in blue pen to remember things
  • The Ron: doesn't study bc it goes against the system and screw the system, (when he does it's outside amongst nature, alone, leaves his phone at home, only uses a stack of paper and a black pen, textbook, bonus if there's breakfast food as a snack)
  • The Tom: lives by Treat Yo Self™ down to M&M's for every paragraph read, pop music blaring over headphones, sits in the library and is always part of "that loud table", works best in groups bc always gets distracted by social media when alone
  • The Donna: takes breaks between problems to do her nails one nail at a time, has a ton of colorful gel pens, has fancy headers on all her notes, always puts her v alive social life on hold during exams, sometimes studies in her car (a.k.a. her fav space), listens to classical/opera
  • The April: studying at work, has a tab open for whatever she's being paid for but the rest is all school stuff, takes notes on post its and adds it all on her textbook, listens to dark wave, usually works alone at the library or dark hipster cafe, always with coffee as black as her soul
  • The Andy: energy drinks, tries to get organized the night before the test but fails miserably and ends up just reviewing what he has, that works fine for him, studies right until the test is on his desk, listens to alt rock, sugary snacks and junk food all day, naps a ton
  • The Mark: turns on Do Not Disturb so people won't bother him, sighs constantly, makes mind maps, uses the Pomodoro method but checks for break time /far/ too often, given up on his GPA but still tries on the dl, eats chips, goes MIA right after a test to avoid talking to others about it
  • The Chris: records lectures and listens to them while doing cardio, makes fruit-based study snacks like acaí bowls and smoothies, teaches himself by tutoring others, lives in athleisure, makes lists for everything, uses flashcards to test himself and others
  • The Ben: makes up little stories to remember details, uses mnemonics too, always in the library, bothers all the TAs by arguing over lost points, sometimes loses track of time while watching gamers on Twitch, seems organized but check his planner bc it is A Mess™
  • The Garry/Jerry/Larry/Terry: makes silly mistakes, goes to all available review sessions and extra office hours, puts in a lot of effort in everything, makes very visual notes, does what is necessary and then takes time off to recharge, often forgetful, works best surrounded by positivity
When I teach the truth about First Nation, Metis and Inuit culture and history



17/11/2017 • latin homework is killing me, but if doing it for two hours means i’ve got a chance to pass this class, so be it

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I'm in high school and even I know there's more than two sexes. It wasn't taught in my textbook but I know not to trust something that hasn't been updated since the 80's

You’re thinking like a scientist! The terminology is so outdated, it doesn’t at all reflect the current understanding or complexity of sex / gender.

Besides highschool biology classes are only teaching the very basic, and simplified fundamentals. Science is also constantly updating every day. What you learn a few years ago in highschool biology might be completely different to what is currently understood and taught.

That’s science for you!

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{how I take notes - for STEM subjects}

How I take notes depends a lot on how the professor of a class decides to present their notes. For instance, in 6.005 Software Construction, all of the assigned reading+problems were on the class website, so naturally it made sense for me to take notes on a computer. Also this class was heavily code-based, so there was hardly ever a need to write down complex equations or draw diagrams. For 6.046 Design and Analysis of Algorithms and 6.034 Artificial Intelligence, however, the professors write up notes on a chalkboard and theres optional textbook reading, so it makes more sense to write my notes in a notebook. It’s also much easier to draw charts, matrices, equations, etc. on paper than on a computer.

Now I’ll explain what’s going on in each of the images.

  1. The top image is a screenshot of my 6.005 Software Construction notes. I took them in the OS X Notes app, which allows you to create “notebooks” and individual notes. So I had a 6.005 notebook and each lecture was its own note. I mostly followed the structure of the online notes, and occasionally moved definitions and things to where I thought they made more sense. That’s the nice thing about taking notes on a computer - copy and paste.
  2. The bottom left is an image of my 6.034 Artificial Intelligence notes. They are from recitation, which is kind of like a review session that we have every week. It is led by a teaching assistant (TA) and we usually go over things in lecture and a couple extra bits. In this recitation, the set up for an example problem was quite long, so I cut it out of the handout and taped it into my notebook.
  3. The bottom right is an image of my 6.046 Design and Analysis of Algorithms notes. for both of these classes, I like to take notes during class and recitation on loose leaf white paper, and then I copy them over into a smaller notebook when I get home. This helps me because recitation often makes concepts clearer to me and so they get copied into my notebook clearer as well, and it takes pressure off my to make my notes look nice during lecture (which gets often gets very dull).

I use a few basic principles:

  • write the date of the lecture at the top of every section
  • underline for new headings/topics
  • underline for new vocabulary or theorems in handwritten notes, bold in typed
  • leave space between concepts
  • use charts and diagrams where it is helpful - print them out if it’s easier
  • don’t stress too much about good handwriting; neat notes rely more on formatting than handwriting. Just keep it legible.

I hope this helps! I’ve gotten a ton of requests for showing how I take notes, and I’ve been so busy recently, but I wanted to post this for you guys :)

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phan for the ship thing

who’s the cuddler: Dan likes to cuddle a lot when he gets into one of his “moods” because he likes knowing that theres a life has a purpose ( to make phil happy) - but generally Phil likes to cuddle more, espc when they are watching anime in the morning.

who makes the bed: Phil! His mom thought him that making his bed is an important start to his day + he thinks if his bed is neat then people will ignore how scattered the rest of his room is. Dan likes to argue to Phil that an unmade bed is his ‘aesthetic’ but he eventually gives in to Phils whining and makes his bed.

who wakes up first: Phil gets up first, because Dan tends to stay in bed til 4am in the morning on his phone reading fanfictions ‘out of interest only, gosh Phil. Its not like im obsessed or anything.’

who has the weird taste in music: Phil, according to Dan, only because he is not into Kayne. But they generally have the same style in music.

who is more protective: Dan is more about shading the person who hurts Phil (so Dan is more textbook protective), and Phil is more about making sure that Dan knows that person was wrong and makes sure Dan is feeling ok. 

who sings in the shower: Dan sings fob/top/actual bands in the shower, while Phil sings disney songs. Dan pretends to be annoyed at Phil, but actually finds that very endearing. 

who cries during movies: Phil cries whenever an animal is hurt, but Dan tends to cry more. He sometimes gets embarrassed whenever he cries and Phil doesn’t, so he resorts to calling Phil heartless, even though he knows more than anyone else how big Phils heart is. 

who spends the most while out shopping: Phil spends ridiculous amounts of money on plants and useless things that he found ‘cute’. Dan is 100% done with this and is now in charge of all the shopping (yet he still buys Phil flowers every week)

who kisses more roughly: Dan as he gets more affected by their youtube personas, but Phil likes to randomly press soft kisses on Dan’s forehead/cheek/lips every few minutes to reassure Dan that he won’t stop loving him just because of something as irrelevant as youtube.

who is more dominate: Phil, he tends to know what he wants with much more certainty than Dan and hes not afraid to nudge Dan there. He is the much more stable/dominant one in the relationship. 

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 1000 (i dedicated my blog to this ship lmao)

Send me a ship!

Tumblr is kind of nice in that it puts issues and life experiences of marginalized groups at the forefront, but it’s also kind of terrible in that it takes people who have an ill understanding of the actual mechanisms of privilege and prejudice and pit them in a contest of who has it “the worst,” not understanding that intersectionality doesn’t come with a life-satisfaction rating scale 

Casanova | Rucas One-Shot.

A quick one-shot I wrote on my break today at work. 

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The good thing about going to university in the city is that there’s more than likely a coffee shop on every block. The bad thing about going to university in the city? When you’re taking your midterms, so is every other student which means the coffee shops, whether mainstream or underground, are usually packed with lines out the door.

My best friend, Zay and I usually stop by the Starbucks in downtown, to grab a coffee to keep us going while we study for finals at the library across the street. Since there are so many of them on this particular block, it tends not to be too busy although good luck finding a table on a Saturday.

Its finals week and I’ve been cramming, trying to get ready for my exams. Unfortunately for me, my majors are biochemistry and animal biology which isn’t exactly a walk in the park. But if I want to follow my dream and become a veterinarian then I better get used to the hard work.

Zay and I meet after our morning class and head over to the Starbucks on Chapel Square. Most of the tables are occupied with students on their laptops or hogging the tables with their textbooks. Theres a couple of people in front of us but there’s a handful of people working so the line seems to be moving quickly. It’s our turn to approach the register and that’s when I see her.

The girl taking the orders behind the counter. Tucked underneath her hat is her long shiny brown hair that’s pulled into a ponytail with a slight curl to it and a few loose strands framed her face. She had the most endearing smile and dimples and her eyes were a warm chocolate color. She was gorgeous.

“Hi, what can I get for you today?” She asks politely.

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  • Textbook: so there's molarity and molality
  • Me: you just said the same word twice
  • Textbook: no you tired-eyed fool you just failed to realize that biochemistry follows the "I'm Vex, He's Vax" method of naming
  • Textbook: now read about glycogenesis, glycogenolysis, and gluconeogeneis
  • Textbook: because go fuck yourself