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my johanbeck fic masterpost!

I figured I should have a single place where every fic I’ve written can be found, since it can be so easy to lose track of posts. I’m going to link this in the header of my blog so it’ll be there as a resource for folks new and old, and I’ll update it if/when I write more. 

EDIT/NOTE: These now live at AO3 too, and they are updated + improved + in actual chronological order, so I’d encourage you to read them there! They’re split up between two series: 

  1. you, my compass and my sea 
  2. now we’re there, and we’ve only just begun

From oldest to newest: 

And here’s some good shit by other folks that you should totally read: 

More to come (hopefully)!

I hate astronomy class bc i was just listening to smash mouth and taking an exam and then i realized that the universe is expanding constantly and scientists theorize it will rip apart and everything will end one day but no one actually knows because there’s no way to tell whats happening outside and even in our world and existence is finite and nothing we do matters and the universe is so big and meaningless yet the world is a terrible place we’re all just animals fighting with each other and hurting about things that dont matter in the grand scheme of existence as the universe collapses outside of us and we have no safety net for what happens and there’s no rhyme or reason to the universe and theres no control im just sitting here listening to smash mouth

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hi dana !!! just stopping by to say i hope ur doing well nd having a great day/night ☺️💘💖 ilysm !!

emily jsdjjsj stop this is so cut e i also hope ur doing well and u have a great evening (it’s evening where u live right??) i love you so much!! this really made me smile i’m love u!! 💖💓💘💝💗💕💗💝💓💖💘💓💕💗💝💘💓💖

When youve been on this site for 7 years and theres now this Tumblr Foolish™ voice constantly criticizing everything you like without rhyme or reason