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few people (like me) talk about Bella with Toni Mahfud because he posted a pic of her on his insta story and well what do you think about it? I'm just curious about your opinion

I’ve never heard of him before but he doesn’t look like a real person. Like if a news story came out about how every photo of him was a computer animation and he didn’t actually exist… I would believe it because they all look uber photoshoped and he’s always alone with some corny “words of wisdom” in the caption and he tags his own name in his posts idk it’s weird. Idk, I don’t find him attractive because I don’t like beefy guys or super hard features like he has. I just want a guy that Bella can have fun with and makes her happy and this guy seems so bougie and weird. He might be drawing her or something, I see in his feed that he used to draw a lot of models so that might be why he posted her in his insta story.

their friendship is real. their love is real. we love their bts moments. shippers have different reasons why they ship this ship and you know what? the more you tag your hate posts on kaisoo, the more we’ll ship it. what are you even trying to do? convert us into kaisoo haters? lmao have pity on yourselves

Unpopular opinion time.

i might be in the wrong group here but i agree with both kaistal and kaisoo shippers. this is kind of a theory. from a nonbiased standpoint. we don’t know these people at all. u might get mad and reblog this with hate but this is only my opinion from looking through histories of the ships. now i think kaisoo WAS real. their predebut pictures were very intimate. too intimate. laying on top of each other on bed? that’s not skinship. that picture was posted and i don’t think it should have been. they dated.

ive been looking at kaisoo moments and theories and videos. such as when the manager made kai stop touching kyungsoo in public. he pushed his hand away and kai looked upset? he had no reason to. theres also a gifset of kai shoving a stylist away from ksoo. rudely. he looked pissed. the stylist immediately leaves shaking his head. this isn’t normal behavior???

a vixx member spun kyungsoo around and kai was looking at them the whole time. kyungsoo approached him and was ignored. he didn’t even make eye contact with him and kyungsoo repeatedly tried to. it still bothers me. i personally think that kai was very possessive. again, i do not know for certain. but shippers write it off as jealousy. but a lot of these moments just looked rly bad to me. he has a lowkey temper. theres a vine of chanyeol accidentally hitting his forehead and he raised his fist like he was going to hit him, he was pissed and his hand was shaking. there was no amusement on his face.

we already know any sides of idols aren’t real. kai stage persona is as much manufactured as innocent nini persona. lots of sexy stage idols do it.

now kyungsoo admits that his first love was pretty bad. fans have figured out that the gf he talked about in his letter to his brother didn’t fit the date. he said he was very clingy. remember at the end of a lmr winning. kyungsoo grabbed jongin’s waist and jongin pushed his hands off. went giggling with taemin. that’s not the best part though. jongin went to put his arm around kyungsoo and he just stood there visibly pissed. he was breaking confetti and jongin looked really confused. now all of this was IN public. how do you think they acted behind close doors when they got like that. jfc.

onto kaistal. i think it did happen last year. i can’t say if they ARE still together. but i think something happened there. the 2012 insider post said kaistal and baekyeon would be a thing but a lot of that could be guessed. and people have been constantly pairing those 4 together. remember jongin’s broke phone? kfans were already speculating it had to do with kyungsoo BACK THEN. ifans didn’t until this year after kaistal. i love all of exo. but i think kyungsoo has a high key temper. he’s quick to hit and shove. and he isn’t playful about it. he elbowed tao so hard the kid looked visibly pained. i am not going beyonces lemonade on you guys. i didnt say anyone cheated. i do think they took a break or broked up. something happened. and it wasn’t good. afterall, jagi did happen. i think he was so used to calling him that though. it slipped out.

i think the evidence that paparazzi caught was rly incriminating about the gay couple. who do i think are together now. i don’t know. but i very much think jongin dated both. which isn’t that odd. people breakup, date, get together with others, breakup, rekindle. krystal was speculated to have been with top in 2014.

april 1st had kyungsoo visibly upset and jongin too. they do seem to be v awkward with each other lately. they were together at airport pics from the last few months. just them. sehun sat with them briefly and walked away lol. but the atmosphere was v different. they were standing and walking together. past airport videos have them clinging to each other.

lee joon already said idols dating lives are a jungle. messy messy.

a straight dating scandal safer than a gay one.

im not saying kai or Kyungsoo are bad people. but they’re human and ugly and toxic as humans can be when it comes to relationships.

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do people think that if you're friends with harry you can't post a picture with him or mention his name like he's voldemort or something??? it's about time people realize harry knows who his real friends are. nick and harry have been in each other's life for like five years now and harry keeps in touch with him for reason. everytime nick is with harry there's annoying people like these 😑

I agree lmao ppl are just extra no matter what harry does. Theres a spectrum of extremes lol

On request of @anti-reylo-rant

“Listen, okay, are you ready… Antis aren’t real! They’re just 4chan trolls! They’re making it all up, because no way could somebody be angry about the romanticizing of abuse! Especially not abuse survivors! This is a brilliant break, really, and I’m proud of myself for coming up with this.

That, or they’re just really crazy, haha, those crazy antis. We all know that reylo is accepted by the cast, based on one like and one retweet of an ambiguous piece of fanart!

There’s just no reasoning with them, and their understandable concerns.

Now, let’s post this in the anti tag. I’m not a bully, I just want them to know I think they’re either trolls or crazy bullies.”

psa about system terms bc im seeing a LOT of posts using this word: not all systems or system members are okay with the term alter.  it’s best not to use it when referring to any system member unless u know theyre comfortable with it

the reason (at least for us) is that we feel “alter” implies system members who arent the host are less real. it’s totally okay if you dont feel this way & like the term for yourself, but please respect all systems. i dont like it & no one else in my system likes it. 

a good term to use instead of “alter” when making general psas about systems is “system member”

Today was kind of a bullshit day for no real reason and left me in a (VERY rare) crappy mood.  But the day has been saved through SCIENCE.

… several glasses of SCIENCE, in fact.  

And some cecearlos.  And possibly, in a few minutes, Lush.

yesterday i cried to my mom and told her about some things i had been thinking about and a regret that had been bothering me

she told me she knew that about me and i had to learn from it. she also told me to be careful of letting my anxiety trick me into giving up on something and convincing myself that it’s for the best; that once i find someone who can admit i have flaws and still wants me with them and is willing to work on them with me, i should hold onto that for as long as i can and not be in a hurry to assume it’ll go wrong; but she also told me not to lose hope.

i’ve just been thinking about it a lot. I’m going to try, to do my best. but it’s really hard to do that when everything else points elsewhere.

im a bit uncomfortable with how the butt of a lot of these posts about pta sans is a woman, like, ok women and mothers are more likely to be involved in PTA and school-related stuff fo a variety of reasons (which can probably all be linked back to misogyny under capitalism in some way, but thats another post for a more serious blogger than me)

but how about the bad dads; the ones who dont care enough, the ones who use their man-ness (and usually whiteness) to intimidate others, the ones who have bigotry just. overflowing. imagine the anti-sj, the affluent white man who is so used to getting his way. one’a them creeps, perhaps.

theres so much material, so many examples to be drawn from real life even. this PTA has a linda, a helen, a susan; and as awful as these ones are, how about robert, john, chad.

i’m sure we all know at least one really awful guy named john. can we collectively like, dunk on him once in a while, aye

In terms of season 3, I don’t think Graeme’s gonna hate me if I say, there’s a HUGE connection between these two characters. And just like in real life, sometimes you have a huge connection but you’re not always always together for various reasons. That doesn’t mean that connection is gone. That doesn’t mean you will never be together ever ever again either. Just like in real life there is heart break. Its going to be a very interesting season for Cophine.
—  Evelyne Brochu (at wondercon 2015) when asked about Cophine (x)