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mistrel-fox created an awesome crossover with gf and fma, also did these amazing drawings. Oh man the ideas are so great.

With the twins losing both of their limbs, I imagined GrunkleStan being the suit of armor and well….. I got waaay too deep into this.


and it’s all your fault MISTREL


i can’t stop laughing about how many people have seen vox machina together in their entirety

and at least some of them have to have noticed that every single member of the party wears a single stud earring on one ear but never saw them actually use the earrings to communicate

so they’re just out there, assuming that the saviors of tal’dorei decided at some point that the only true way to express their friendship was for all of them to go out and get identical friendship earrings

reasons why i am like seven
  • bisexual as fuck
  • hides real emotions with memes
  • spams group chats with 77382894 messages at once
  • loves cats
  • wants to own infinite cats
  • wants to turn all those cats into memes
  • knows how to use grammar properly but refuses
  • unless it’s time 2 b srs
  • likes dressing up
  • flirts with all same-sex friends
  • has probably kissed all same-sex friends
  • doesn’t have many friends tho
  • never leaves the house
  • procrastinates until the last possible second
  • uses ‘u’ and ‘you’ in the same sentence
  • loves space and wants a fuckin rocketship
  • never sleeps
  • only ever eats junk food
  • probably never brushes hair
  • pushes people away bc scared of commitment
  • has mental breakdowns and then acts like they never happened
  • jokes make no sense but they’re fucking funny anyway
  • laughs at own jokes when no one else will
  • laughs at own jokes no matter what tbh
  • Javi: You know Clementine, I really shouldn't have trusted you. You were going to rob me with a gun pointed at me and steal my van, however there was a very loud voice in my head saying "THERE SHE IS CLEMENTINE IS HERE MY SWEET PEA CLEMENTINE WOULD DO NO WRONG" so I decided to trust you anyways.

I like Archie but wtf is that just bursting into the baby shower and calling out Jughead like that in front of everyone, especially BETTY.
I get his dad is in trouble but really? He knows what Jughead is going through and why bring Betty into this unless he’s trying to be spiteful toward Bughead?

This ends here.

Most of you may not know what this is about, but if youve seen the post @lum1natrix made then you might have an idea.

This is an issue that has been going on for months, and if im honest, its reached a point of pettiness. I dont like making posts like this, trust me I dont, but im not gonna sit here and watch members of the community be dragged down to the ground.

As much as this community is a great place, I dont for one second expect every single person to get on. I fully expect theres going to be minds who think differently, peoples morals will differ, the line between what makes a good person or a bad person varies depending on the individual. People will have opinions. Which is all fine in reason, it what makes us individual.

But what I dont expect, is people to target others based on these differences. Dont be that person to make others feel like dirt at the bottom of your shoe.

Its clear, Lumi and the people in question DO NOT get on, and this was a matter that in my opinion, was closed ages ago. The fact its being brought back up is utterly ridiculous when the simple solution is just to cut all ties, stop communication, move on and stop throwing daggers.

Im not watching it happen anymore. It ends here. Right now. It fucking stops. I’ll draw the god damn line myself if i must.

If I see it happening in the future then im not gonna be anywhere near as calm as I am now and I WILL take action against it.


I’ve never even played this game but overdramatic edgelord reaper gives me life

(Also full disclosure this was entirely inspired by the way he spins during his ult)


okAy i edited this pic of lance for my last icon bc i loved the screenshot but his hand had text all over it, and im really proud of it but i don’t really have any uses for it at this point in time ??

so here’s a transparent finger-guns lance for all ya’ll; feel free to use ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

crummy webcam preview of a lil thing that i wanna scan tonight…really no reason why roses have to be pearl’s signature flower, i’m the biggest pearlrose shipper in the world but let her have her own things! daffodils are historically a symbol of chivalry and knighthood, as well as being some of the first flowers to bloom in spring, making them symbolic of new growth and positive change. Also Wordsworth called them “continuous as the stars that shine” and they kind of look like a five-point star and I think she’d like that a lot

anonymous asked:

So you don't think Matsuri's character/characterization could get better?

I’m not sure if it’s a good gamble. At this point Matsuri is such a total joke character that it’d be difficult to play that down if he comes back. Because of the way he was made into a joke - with the things that make him a joke shown to be his “truer self,” any attempt to return him to his serious self for plot reasons is gonna just result in the audience waiting for the joke to come back. It’d have to be done by turning it from a joke into something pitiable and then going from there, I think, but given his position of power and the Washuu legacy, and that omake where he sneaks into Urie’s bed, it’ll be hard to pull off.

It could go from “gay comic relief” to a stronger “gay predator threat” and make him more clearly predatory, but that’s honestly worse.

It seems unlikely that he can ever be brought back as a real Washuu force to be reckoned with. I think the best that could be done with him, maybe, is as a sort of wild, half-deranged ally to, or obstacle for Urie. But that runs the risk of just making him more of a joke character.

Seeing as the narrative seems to be requiring that Urie get kicked down again, Matsuri could be used for that, though its a less interesting option than Mutsuki at this point.

It doesn’t seem as though V wants to actively discredit the Washuu, just move on doing their job without that restriction, but Matsuri could reappear to prove the Washuu were ghouls to the CCG or the public. That might require Furuta, or for Marude or someone else to get a hold of him. At least then there’s a chance of seeing the Washuu use kagune, but I don’t know how necessary that is given what we know of Rize. Still that’s using him as a prop and doesn’t do much for his character.

I desperately wanted the Washuu, in general, to be so much more than we were given, but I really don’t see how Matsuri can be any of that, and I think if he comes back it’ll just be more tasteless jokes than not, and I just want to move past that, honestly. 

Maybe V or someone else (Furuta, the clowns, other garden kids, Eto, Hide - there are actually quite a few options here) can tell us stuff about what the Washuu were like. At this point that seems safer.

I would like to express that absolute lowest point of my existence 

And that, is brushing your teeth with your electric toothbrush in the shower, expertly tossing it over the top of the door so it lands PERFECTLY on the folded towel, continuing to shower for another 7 minutes, then getting out, only to realise your electric toothbrush was not turned off when you threw it off

And the sound of it vibrating against the floor

is very very loud

buzzy vibratey loud

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Study Tip- Life Tip- There will come a point in your life where you are stuck on something and it may seem like every door is closed to you. You may feel that maybe there is no one there for you. That you are all on your own and you can feel an empty void that will forever be a mystery to you.

Maybe at that point in your life, you will look down and slump your shoulders in defeat, knowing that theres nothing you can do. That maybe there are too many regrets that haunt you of what you could have done differently so you would not be at this point right now.

But I will tell you this.

Know that the wise did not gain their knowledge by having everything handed to them. Know that they had to experience the hardships of life, and that they reached the point that you have reached many times. After all, the cliché “life is not perfect” phrase is not repeated without a reason.

In today’s society, it may seam like everyone is better than you, have more (stuff, opportunities, money, people who care about them) than you, or are happier than you. But people in social media only post what they want to post. They only let you see one side of them, whereas in real life, they are also enduring pain and suffering in one form or another. Everyone faces difficulty in life because after all, if we got what we wanted the second the wanted it, what would be the point of life?

Know that there is always a back door, a back window of opportunity that you have to seek in order to find another way to greatness. You have to try on your own as hard as you can and use all that you have to get out of the dark place in your life. Ask people, and if they don’t help, ask other people. Reach out and always seek, because something is bound to come up.

In conclusion, as I am writing this, I understand more and more each day as I struggle to achieve my goals and walk on my path to greatness. I believe that positivity can improve everyone’s life. Being positive is something that has not only changed my outlook on life, but it has changed the way I approach situations. Sure, at the beginning, I thought it was all kind of fake, but as you make it part of your life, how can it be fake? If you live it day in and day out, it will become a part of you and you will start to see things in a different light. And maybe this way, hope will encourage and inspire you to try and try again.

Because people become winners not if they succeed, but if they never give up. They know that this dark period is temporary. And thats why you should not give up either.

—  me
A Matter Of Time

Chapter 5 of my ridiculously long slow burn has arrived. Its a little short this week, but I was busy with other stuff Shoub.

Read it on Ao3

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I started and finished like 95% of this back in winter of 2014. and then I kept putting it off for whatever reason, and so this winter I told myself “okay maybe I should finish that one n picture from before and still have it be topical” BUT OOPS NOW IT’S JUNE. but you know what we had a blizzard here a few weeks ago so IT WORKS (EVEN THOUGH IT’S 80 DEGREES RIGHT NOW BUT, JUST, WHATEVER I’M TIRED OF LOOKING AT THIS SO TAKE IT)

anyway I wanna play b/w again.

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amandac777 replied to your post “Its weird how in the first two episodes of buffy, theres that guy…”

Excellent point. One thing I like about the unaired pilot and object to for the ‘other’ 144 episodes? Merrick. Yes, we see him very, very briefly in a flashback (Becoming Pt 1), but he is literally never so much as mentioned in the seven years of “present day,” despite being a massive source of trauma. In the unaired pilot, Buffy alludes to him as a key reason she’s not interested in slaying or working with Giles. They should have kept that or come back to it.

Yes to all of this!!! It would’ve been different if the show had been about Buffy’s origin story, you know? But Buffy had been the Slayer for some time now, probably a year or so. During that time, Merrick had been her Giles - even if she didn’t get to establish a father-daughter relationship with him as with Giles. Can you imagine Giles dying and Buffy not mentioning him EVER AGAIN?

Coffee Shop AUs

-“i hate coffee and a drunkard could make better iced tea than this but i can endure it for the cute barista” au

-“I like to draw and your cup is a wonderful place for that i hope you dont mind but heres my number” au

-“its winter and theres a blizzard right now but for some reason this cafe was open and now youre giving me cake and hot chocolate thanks” au

-“you come to this cafe everyday but you dont buy any coffee or anything you just use the free wifi and i should say something but youre attractive and i like seeing you here” au

-“youre a regular customer here and you always come at the same time and always order the same thing and its gotten to the point that i expect you to walk through the door and already have your coffee freshly made before you walk in i hope thats not creepy” au

-“i come to this coffee shop everyday and i dont really care for coffee, i just come here to try and flirt with you but i end up always ordering something i dont like because im too nervous to ask you out” au

-“i burned my tongue on my coffee and you came over with a cup of water to help me and before i could say thank you you asked me out” au

-“i spilled your hot coffee on you by accident please dont hate me and take these 100 napkins and ill pay for the next 20 coffees you order im so sorry” au

-“youre my favorite customer because you always tip really well and i always know what youre going to order i think this is gonna be a good barista-customer friendship” au

I have sat on this for like…hours and I’m going to go off because this is wrong and I don’t want to hear more people being wrong. Apparently the director of Frozen “confirmed” that Tarzan and Elsa have the same parents. Cool, but you are wrong and here’s a list of reasons why (some may be missing cause I gave myself a cool down period before typing this out and therefore forgot a bunch of points).


Thank you whoever put these side by side because I’m too lazy to bother. BUT LOOK AT THESE FUCKERS. THOSE ROYAL ASSHOLES ARE NOT HALF AS GLORIOUS AS TARZAN’S BABE PARENTS STEP THE FUCK OFF. Also Elsa and Anna are genetic clones of their mom and Tarzan’s mom looks nothing like the three of them.

Second: The boat Tarzan’s parents were on was on massive amounts of fire. The royal assholes had their boat…eaten by the ocean?? Like idk what the fuck happened there but nah no fire. Those were different boats. 

Third: What in the fuck would Elsa’s parents been doing by Africa?? Theory goes that they were on their way to Rapunzel’s wedding (which I will actually accept that crossover) so how in the hell would they have ended up in Africa??


Fourth.5: Actually yeah these clothes are completely different. Are you suggesting they changed out of royal wear when they left their kingdom. No crowns?? No obviously fake ass medals?? And the king’s sad mustache could not have grown into Tarzan’s dad’s glorious facial hair i don’t care how long you’re at sea.

Fifth: These royal assholes are royal assholes. How would they have learned to put together the most beautiful tree house in the universe without fucking troll intervention. They wouldn’t have.


 Who the fuck took this picture? Was it in Arendalle?? Where their technological level is horses and candles and Disney magic?? Was it on their boat?? Nah cause These fuckers are still from two completely different time periods. And btw still looking amazing Tarzan’s parents. A+. Love these guys.

So in conclusion: It’s fun to pretend your princess movie is from the same universe as jungle adventure movie but they aren’t. Royal assholes =/= these Victorian babes. Try crossing over things that make sense, like Atlantis and Princess and the Frog (they only take place two years apart, this is totally a thing that could happen, why not fund that crossover I’d watch it on repeat forever). 

EDIT: Okay so I looked it up and based on when Frozen probably took place (like 1840s) and when Tarzan probably took place (like 1910s) there’s no way. Suck it. Also I think that would make Tarzan post Victorian?? Like just barely?? But yeah, different eras. That’s still the truest fact.


Aaaand this would be the reason I’m going on a no buy from now until probably forever. Or as I like to call it ‘Neutrals! Nothing but neutrals as far as the eye can see.’ And these are just the pallettes. To be fair I didn’t pay full price for most of these, and four  got with points, but still… I have no excuse to buy anything right now.If I never need a reminder, I need to come back and look at this post.