there's no plot for icha icha i'm just going to assume its like 50 shades of grey

Icha Icha Embarrassment // Starter for super-pervy-sage

Okay, so it wasn’t a good book. The writing was sexist, the women were objectified, and the core of her feminist bones were screaming at her to just burn the damn thing but…it was a guilty pleasure. She really enjoyed the writing and well, she was a teenager. She was interested in sex. And it’s not like she was having any herself, so might as well live vicariously through these promiscuous, if not poorly constructed, female characters. She knew it was problematic, so that meant she could still enjoy it right? Right.

Normally, she read the books in the sanctity of her bedroom, where her blushing and secret fangirling would go unnoticed. But her mother had hired some carpenters for renovation, including her best friend’s father, so she knew she wasn’t about to let him see her reading that kind of material. So, she found a somewhat deserted spot in the village and sat on a bench, reading away. Of course, she didn’t come without a disguise, which was hiding the book behind another, some random business book she picked up from her mother’s shelf. It wasn’t the best disguise, as most teenage girls didn’t blush while reading a book on economics, but maybe this one did, who knows. All Akemi knew was that the new installment of this series she was really embarrassed about reading was out and she had to find out what happens.