there's no place like space

It sucks that people who have been raised and socialized as women and experience all the misogyny and sexism that women experience and are continuously forced to play the role of women and treated like women, but who are trans and are not women, have to leave female spaces and stop seeking the support and kinship that women get to have with one another.

They still deal with all the bullshit of being seen as women and having at one point lived as women, but don’t get any help or encouragement for how hard that is anymore.

They just kind of have to hoof it alone and stop participating in the dialogues that continue to affect them whether they want them to or not.

I’m not saying that non-women belong in female spaces, I don’t think that’s true either, but just that it sucks a lot to lose your support system for stuff that still hurts and still fucks you over all the time.