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Voltron Comic Ideas to do

Cause I got goddamn too many ideas and i need start makin a proper list

  1. ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ - Lance centric ft. Paladin’s families and ocs
  2. ‘Looking a Bit Blue’ Lance and Coran
  3. ‘Key of the Past’ Coran ft. Alfor and ocs
  4. Allura and Coran
  5. ‘The Spirit’s Successor’ Keith, Allura and Coran ft. oc
  6. ‘Start from Step 1’ all Voltron gang
  7. Shiro and Coran
  8. ‘Will of Fire’ Voltron oc Lori centric ft. Zarkon
  9. ‘The Champions’ Shiro centric ft. ocs
  10. and also the other zillion comic Ideas I got with my Voltron ocs

just wanted to say a major shout out to all you badasses who are struggling to balance any of your classes, courses, APs, and honors with ASB, clubs, yearbook, journalism, sports, community service, religious activities, internships, or any other extra-curricular activities. I know what it feels like to feel constantly busy and finish late at night only to find more work waiting for you when you come home. your work is appreciated and you are doing your part to make the world a better place.

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As a little kid if you lived in a big apartment / complex  in a raza neighborhood when you looked out the window this is basically what you saw. But you weren’t allowed to go outside cause you were too young. I remember my mom saying  ‘’come inside and get out of the window’’ … Like if the window was outside lol I used to get so mad and think … damn I can’t wait till I’m 14 lol. Now I would do anything to be 9 again no bills, free food, free rent, free clothes, drove around without paying for gas, and everyone I knew was still alive … What was I thinking to want to lose all that ?! We don’t know what we got until its gone. 


10x11 “There’s No Place Like Home”
10x23 “Brother’s Keeper”
11x01 “Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire”

On the Parallels of Charlie’s Oz-Story and Dean’s Bound-to-the-Darkness-Arc or “In the Third Act Dean Becomes A Woman for Some Time”  Part I // Part II // Part III

I’ve been meaning to make this for a while now, so thank you @wigglebox for providing the last push. I hope you like these! ;) I guess the gifs pretty much speak for themselves, but to sum it up quickly. I’ve been majorly obsessed with Charlie’s Oz-Story and being split into all throughout S10, because it was such a huge mirror to what happened to Dean over the course of two seasons. I’m even more excited now that to me it feels like these parallels that worked for S10 pretty beautifully already may come to full fruition in S11 in comparison to Dean’s “Bound-to-the-Darkness”-arc. In the first three episodes we had major callbacks to Oz. From Dean and the women in the eye of the storm reminding of the tornado that took Dorothy to Oz, to Dean waking up among flowers like the moment when Dorothy and her companions fall asleep in the poppies and first and foremost of course the allusion to Dean and the Darkness as such having been split in two (one representing lock and one key / each carrying a part of the other within like Harry and Tom Riddle), but in some capacity may need to reunite with one another at some point down the line - or will find out that to kill one will also kill the other… In any case I think one can see the woman in the eye of the Storm as a representation of a part of Dean and well… I don’t mean this entirely serious, but given she’s in a female body I think the line from 10x05 “Fan Fiction” about Dean “becoming” a woman for some time actually fits nicely. ;) In my opinion the narrative callbacks between Dean’s and Charlie’s situation are massive (though they have always been since Charlie has always been Dean’s positive female mirror), but of course this is up to perception and what one finds interesting.

There’s No Place Like Home

It had been a whirlwind the last few months. A lot had happened..a lot that Quinn hadn’t exactly wanted to happen. She never would of thought she would hook up with Puck, get pregnant, kicked of the cheerios, dumped by Finn - she kind of walked into that one and kicked out of her own house. It had been a lot to deal with..and she wasn’t exactly sure how she was going. Her stomach was expanding and she’d just come down from the majority of morning sickness..but it was still happening.

It had taken Quinn a while to get there. She did some walking, some buses, lugging her bags behind her..and feeling a bit pathetic. To make matters worse, it started raining. She didn’t have an umbrella, and she had no clue where the jackets where in her bag.  She didn’t know what to do. She didn’t have a car anymore, and couldn’t afford a taxi. After stepping off a final bus, she pulled her suitcases around the corner until she arrived at the Puckerman house, sighing in relief. But she was terrified. What if Puck turned her away? What if his mom took one look at her and screamed?

Quinn stood on the doorstep, glancing around. She felt pathetic. All she had was two suitcases full of clothes and her backpack crammed with extra things and school books. She was in a t-shirt, floral dress and cardigan, the slight swell of her bump obvious. It was still raining, which meant she was getting pretty wet too, trying to shelter the bags underneath her.  She sniffled quietly, wiping at her eyes, before knocking at the door. She could do this..maybe. She just hoped he didn’t kick her out, back onto the rainy streets.


10x11 “There’s No Place Like Home”

I’ve been re-watching this episode today and kind of was overwhelmed by ideas about how the exchanges captured above might relate to the Winchesters’ story for these last stretch of episodes to come.

Of course the episode and the parallels felt obvious and important at the time, but with the knowledge of what happened in the 5 episodes after this one, I cannot unsee or rather un-speculate about a couple of things.

Charlie has always been Dean’s female mirror. So it wasn’t surprising that this was emphasized in the episode once more by seeing Charlie struggling with her dark side while Dean is fighting against the monster within as well.

What I think I overlooked at the time - or maybe I didn’t, I actually didn’t go back to look into what I had written about the episode before typing this - is that there wasn’t just Charlie and Dean, who were fighting aganst their “evil halves”, but a third character - Clive Dylan/The Wizard of Oz. His story started with him falling prey to a coven of witches while in Oz. May we see history repeating again? Possibly with a certain Winchester and not in Oz, but on earth?

I know this might get confusing and crazy, but hear me out.

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Team Delusional for Life

After the last few weeks, I say we should get August officially made the national TD holiday! ;)

Like guys we’ve been validated for so many things, and everything is just starting to fall into place beautifully. TD gave me hope when I had none, and our faith has been vindicated after almost 9 months of ridicule, doubt, and disappointment. The signs ARE there, and we’ve been reading them right all along.

TD is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me, so thank you, all of you. Our girl is coming home. And when she does, we’re going to party and revel in the joy of knowing that she made it, we made it, and that it really wouldn’t kill a person to have a little faith.

Blessed be and stay beautiful. <3

You know that saying, “theres nothing like sleeping in your own home” or whatever? Well that saying is completely bullshit. Don’t get me wrong, I missed this place and all you and whatever, but not gonna lie, I prefer a hotel room with my own king sized bed then coming home to find the house trashed, my room booby trapped with every step I take, and my roof being claimed by my sisters.