there's no place i could be but here in your arms

It’s 4 am and wish you were here.
And I think,
I think I’d be asleep right now if I knew I could roll over into your arms. If I knew I had you as my safe place I think maybe my brain would let my eyes close.

I need to go to that place, where bodies are contiguous, California and Nevada side by side.
Our knees molded into shape against the mattress, my back and your warmth all one continuous being breathing in the darkness that surrounds us.
Your heavy breath against my neck, your fingers hanging limply around my waist, tightening ever so slightly as you
into your dreams.

I need to find that place.
The place where 4 am doesn’t mean anything but rolling over and starting a new adventure in my head.
The place where I know I can be okay again, because I’m not alone.
It’s 5 am now and
I need to find the place where you love me.

—  Thereness, (5/9/15)