there's no other word to describe it

is it a psychosis thing for word salad to make complete sense to you, even if you know it doesnt to others??? i feel like theres a weird process to it like i KNOW other people won’t make sense of it i know objectively it doesnt make sense but its the only set of words and phrases that describe whatever it is im trying to convey?? to me? i feel like it also crosses my autism too bc its usually sensory stuff like i have a very specific way of feeling and sometimes thats baby teeth that are decaying the floorboards and sometimes its numb fingers that feel like the sound of sneakers on a hospital floor that just got cleaned and no one is there so it echoes…and theres no NORMAL way to explain that i just get it?????????

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Start preachin bruh

here comes Seymour Bitchass The Third with more theories because i just cant Stop

ok, so the FIRST thing thats kinda major is the titles of jack’s titles.

now, if you look at these like i do, they don’t quite fit in to the context of sister location. if we look at jack’s OTHER titles, they fit in to more of the context for the video they are titling (example, jack would title videos of games about a running a monarchy with KING JACK, or along those lines).

plus, jack doesn’t usually use these kinda words, dont you think? it’s weird to describe this point. so who cares

NEXT thing thats important are jack’s description of these particular videos

“i think sister location has a strange affect on me” (description one)

 "theres something inside. something that wants out" (description 2)

“ all my friends are here” (description 3)

“we are together as one now” (description 4)

these bios, with all their short sentence glory, do paint a picture of how anti has planned his escape, just. leaving jacks body or fully taking jacks host.

next, jack’s twitter description “this body’s weak.”, in a very specific part in sister location part 4, jack slowly sinks down in his seat and anti shows up longer than he has ever before, meaning that jacks ability to actually fight back has been getting weaker and weaker.

another thing to point out, jacks tumblr description is “these eyes are not mine”

well, what are they, then? maybe theyre all black like jacks instagram post suggests, or maybe it’s the eye that got infected.

in sister location part 3, anti has a small 30 second video at the bottom of the description, praising those who pay attention to him. he is aware we’re watching him, and he wants us to know he’s watching us too,

but a question I have is; if anti is meant to be one person, why are they so many different ways he’s shown in all different parts? (blood, teeth, hood, green)

if Anti is meant to be one person, what does the third description mean?

wishing-on-the-moon  asked:

How do you write so many fics over 2k words, I'm so jealous. Most of mine never even reach 1k, and I've never been able to write anything that even reached 3k

oh gosh okay i don’t even know how. I never really aim to write any specific number most of the time i just end up writing whatever i see in my head and it ends up being whatever.

in the case of this 2.7k odazai fic, i spent a huuuuge amount of time/words on describing things. Like theres a huge section that’s literally just describing Oda smoking. I feel like it kind of sets the mood and tone of the thing in general.

I think the other thing is my ideas always end up being these huuuuuge vast plots in my head and im just trying my hardest to get them out and then they end up being unwieldy and huge

but honestly i love your fics no matter the size. What matters is that you’re writing and you’re enjoying it in the end, tbh

i wanted to write a list of like tidbits about aromantics for non-aros writing aro characters but it ended up just being a thought list about being aromantic lmao


  • i see people ask “is it ok if i put my aro character into a relationship beforehand and then figure out theyre aro later?” and the answer is YES, that is very common for aro people to do and so long as they are clearly aro once the relationship is over its a-ok
  • actually using the word “aromantic” to describe ur character directly is also great for visibility/confirmation sake and would stop people from being like “well theyre not REALLY aro,”
  • theres a million different ways to be aro and we all different- some aros are very romance repulsed and disgusted by everything to do with pda while others are completely fine with it and totally dig platonic kisses and that kinda thing
  • speaking of romance repulsion: if you have a romance repulsed character its a lot more than just “kissing is icky!! x-P” romo-repulsed aros can get nauseous, anxious, or just generally uncomfortable when seeing pda and not want to be around it and theres nothing wrong with that. dont write romance-repulsed aros like children not wanting to catch cooties. 
  • aros come in loads of different shapes and sizes, dont limit aro characters to lanky white dudes
  • most characters that can be read as aro are either your sherlockian kinda guys (arrogant and douchey,) or characters that arent human (robots/aliens) and its exhausting; seeing an aro character break this trend would be top notch
  • aromantic and asexual are two different things. i cannot stress this enough because of how frequently they are portrayed as the same thing. someone who doesn’t feel romantic attraction is aromantic, whereas someone who doesn’t feel sexual attraction is asexual. you can be both or you can be just one, but they are not terms you can use interchangeably. 
  • aros can also be aesthetically attracted to people, sexually attracted to people, or develop squishes on them (platonic crushes)
  • aromantic in itself tends to double up with other sexualities; like, a bisexual aromantic would be someone who feels sexual attraction to multiple genders, just not romantic
  • one of the most common things with aro people is an inability to distinguish friendly and romantic feelings for a person and/or not understanding which gestures are deemed “romantic,” which obvi can lead to a lot of confusion
  • aro people are not broken; stories that end in a character who seems to have no desire for romance suddenly ~discovering themself~ or ~learning to be human~ are really, really hard to stomach. romance is not the end-all goal for us and no one needs to to “fix” themself. 
  • platonic relationships are just as important as romantic relationships, but they are not a substitute and they shouldnt have to be. while some of us do “romantic” things with our friends, its still a platonic relationship.