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Slav’s Species Name

i’m not sure if anyones made a post about this yet! if so, i’m so sorry!

so this is really all speculation, and if anyone has any more input, i’d be really glad to hear it, but from what i’ve watched of season 2, i’m almost positive the name of slav’s alien species is Bytor. mainly because of that one quick scene in Stayin’ Alive, when Allura and the mice are playing charades. the mice stack atop each other, and start waving their paws around, a set of eight. Allura sees this and says:

while this is really really vague, i just found it interesting that they’d add this right after slav was introduced? 

Edit: i wanted to add this because i’d forgotten!

what does that make bytor water?

tbh, i just think hunk loosely described charades to the mice and allura, so they chose random words? I don’t think it’s an actual thing. 

and then theres the lil’ prisoner in s1 ep1 that looks really similar to slav, who’s most definitely a bytor, too! 

someone already added the picture, but i have one saved so why not lmao

levels of danger at rooster teeth
  • animation: the people here aren't allowed to do anything but animate or watch anime. no one in animation has ever been in a fight. ever.
  • rooster teeth/rt podcast crew: the least dangerous of rooster teeth, too busy to do anything but their jobs
  • funhaus: no actual danger despite them all being bodybuilders, haven't been seen outside of their office in 10 years
  • on the spot: unpredictable. there's a 100% chance that broken glass will be on the floor by the end of the day. after all the shit he's been through, jon risinger is at his breaking point and won't hesitate to fight you in self defense.
  • cow chop: as described by geoff, cow chop is "feral" but only to each other. anyone who visits will be traumatized, but they'll be warned beforehand. almost less dangerous because everyone's already afraid of them.
  • sugar pine 7: especially dangerous because they're naive and (usually) hurt people without trying to. cib will probably run you over on accident. there's a 99% chance sugar pine 7 will fuck you up just for the content.
  • achievement hunter: in the words of steven suptic, achievement hunter will fuck you up. they'll fuck you up with every intention to do just that. they have a small army's worth or weapons and will test new ones out on you for fun. don't get attached to anything you bring to the ah office because they will break it.
with all this cishet asexual discourse i'd like to remind you that:

- homo/bi/pan-romantic & trans asexuals exist
- they make up a majority of the ace community and they care about protecting the lgbt community because they are a part of it
- generalizing the ‘ace community’ and referring it only to cishet aces is still harmful to lgbt aces, because some people (like me) need clarification because we assume you’re hating the asexual ideology as a whole, and as a result, hating a part of our own identity
- it makes them feel like only half of their identity is accepted in the community
- lgbt asexuals are are getting no consideration or are even being addressed in all this
- please don’t ignore lgbt asexuals or shove them under the rug, because they are being hurt in this too. be considerate with your words
- lgbt asexuals are valid and please make sure your local lgbt asexual is feeling safe and give them support because they are having a hard time right now and are caught in the middle of a shitstorm
- we don’t want this fighting, we’re torn and confused and feeling unsafe and unsure
- to all lgbt asexuals reading this: i love you please stay safe and don’t have a breakdown like i did

reasons to listen to the bright sessions

- refreshing representation. the bright sessions might not have as wildly diverse lgbt+ representation as other podcasts (cough cough penumbra) but honestly it’s really cleansing when a character says the word ‘bisexual’ out loud to describe themselves idk
- sam’s character development
-CHARACTER-DRIVEN CONFLICT. the entire season finale was heartbreaking and intense and entirely driven by the characters. yea theres a dangerous government organization and superhuman abilities but the main plot revolves around these people and their actions and motivations. even the secret government organization is represented by people with varying personalities and motives making the decisions
- sam’s character development
- a canonically ace character who isn’t a reserved introvert (i love all ace characters lbr but an extrovert ace is a nice change of pace)
- the empath starts off as a seemingly the trope-y angry football bro but he’s so so much more than that,, he brings herbal tea in a flask to parties and he loves his boyfriend and he’s terrified of his own anger anD I LOVE CALEB A LOT OK
-sam’s character development
- ridiculously good voice actors
- acknowledging emotional abuse as a legitimate form of abuse that results in trauma
- found family
- ABUSERS DON’T GET REDEMPTION ARCS. a complex antagonist goes from annoying and edgy to abuser to full-on threat, not the other way around.
- sam

Warning: Jontron Discourse

When Jon had recently come out of the shadows questioning PC culture and the *far* left, even myself as a Liberal would’ve rallied with him. I didn’t agree with 100% of what he was saying, but that’s to be expected of nearly anyone you meet. Only surrounding yourself in a circlejerk of people you agree with is detrimental to democracy and debate, so I didn’t care too much at the beginning.

Post Sargon stream, I could at least see where he was coming from a few areas. He had reasonable questions, although I think a lot of his solutions or answers were heavily flawed. He at least raised concerns and brought discussion to his fanbase, although the two sides rarely clashed, continuing a circlejerk, left or right. 

Post Destiny stream, I’ve lost pretty much all respect for Jon. His resolves have gotten infinitely worse and remarkably dangerous. Although he was very scatterbrained, his arguments sounded like they were straight off /pol/, with next to no data to back up what he said. Destiny isn’t a fantastic debater by any stretch, and I didn’t agree with everything he said, but its fair to say he wrecked Jon. 

Theres been a lot of discourse on a surface level about Nazi’s and White Supremacists, which quickly devolved into a witch hunt to call anyone a Nazi or Fascist (take the Pewdiepie debacle for instance). I rallied against this dogma, as I think it’s important we are vigilant and careful with the words we use to describe people, in order to keep their meaning. So I mean every word when I say:

Jontron is not a Nazi.

Jontron is not a White Supremacist


Based on the arguments Jon was giving, there is reason to suggest he may be a White Nationalist. There is a key difference here that many ignore.

A White Supremacist is someone that believes white people are inherently genetically superior to other races. A very unethical position (as if you needed a clue).

A White Nationalist believes in a “White Ethno-State”, meaning they believe a nation should remain European. (Also unethical and pointless) This is what Jon was heavily eluding to with his arguments when he refers to “tribalism” or “Japan being an ideal nation.” 

These two types of people are still incredibly unethical, but i stress that we are militant in regards to using the correct words to refer to unethical or ethical people. In my view, based purely on what Jon said in the Destiny debate, there are fair grounds to suggest Jontron is a White Nationalist. 

Not a White Supremacist, but a White Nationalist. Both are incredibly unethical and should not be respected, but I just wanted to make this post as objective as possible, in hopes that anyone who sees this can reflect on the words we choose to describe people.

Before the Destiny Debate, Jontron was just a unconventional sideshow political commentator. After the debate, we learned that Jon is incredibly xenophobic, ignorant an fallacious. This is no longer speculation, there are quotes to prove it. 

This is remarkably disappointing, as he was a person I could’ve at least mildy respected towards all this, for going against the status quo. But given his large audience, his recent resolves to socio-economic issues are very alarming, and theres really no telling if he’ll double down (as he has condemned others for in the past) or if he’ll hang up the short lived mask of a know-it-all political commentator. I can only imagine the sigh of relief Arin is having right now. 

I hope this was at all interesting (probably not), and that I’ve succeeded in being objective and reasonable with my position. 

If you have any thoughts or criticisms of this I’d love to hear them and discuss in a healthy manner.

TLDR; It is reasonable beyond doubt that Jontron is a White Nationalist. 

iamnotoneofthem  asked:

I don't know if that's a question for you guys but... In an original world, how far should you go language-wise? Can you talk about a French braid without France? A sari without the Indian continent and its languages? Carnivore without Latin? What about Achilles' heel? I worry about breaking the immersion by using words like that but also if I don't, for some words, then there's no way the concept comes across. A sari is easy to describe without naming, but other words...

Hi there! I’m working on a book that has several languages and I’d love to use them, but don’t know how. I’m unsure whether to write sentences in that language *in* that language, and, since my character wouldn’t speak that language, add translations, or whether to write “he said in XY”, or if I should use words only, or another method. What tends to work best, in your opinion?

Since we got two asks from this writer about a similar topic, we’re sticking them together.

Synth has some links for you:


First ask, you’ve got two separate categories there. The first is words derived from a different language (sari, carnivore) that are probably fine and can be chalked up to the fantasy equivalent of Translation Convention (i.e. none of it is actually English but it’s being localized for the reader’s convenience). The second is terms that refer to a specific concrete thing that comes from our world (France, Achilles); those you should probably try to avoid including those when you can, instead writing around them or coming up with equivalents that appropriately reference your world.

Second ask, I’ve seen it done many different ways. Primarily it’s about what you want the reader to understand. If the reader needs to understand the meaning, “’[translated text],’ she said in [language]” is probably your best bet. For short sentences or phrases you can also do something like “’[Untranslated phrase],’ she said. [Translation in italics as part of the narration.]” (More than a sentence or so and that’s gonna get clunky.)If the reader isn’t supposed to understand what they’re saying because the POV character doesn’t, either the untranslated text in the original language or something like “She muttered something in [language]” would be fine. I’m of the opinion that long sections of untranslated text are really hard to pull off, both because readers tend to just skim them anyway since they can’t understand them, and because building a functional language is a huge undertaking and you really need to commit.

Mirintala: Definitely walls of untranslated text get very annoying and get skipped over a lot. Especially if you do end up translating them further down the page.

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I've seen long posts on my dash saying you're a TERF if you don't like to use the word queer. This is pretty disgusting talk to me seeing as how there are still plenty of people who have had negative experiences with the word, and I think they have every right to be uncomfortable with it being used to describe themselves (though obv I think it's totally cool if other ppl like it and want to use it for Themselves). Have you seen this phenomenon? Do you think there's any credibility to it?

i have never seen anything like this. i have, however, seen a lot of posts talking about how terfs & exclusionists take advantage of the fact that queer was once, and is still in some places, used as a slur, in order to attack and marginalize people who ID as queer. especially when, according to these exclusionists, many queer-IDing people are ~*~actually cishets~*~ (a term which exclusionists will use to describe everyone from het aros/aces to lgbt aces to nb people to bpq people & even lg people who disagree with them). and you know what? i think that the people pointing this phenomenon out are telling us all the god given truth.

you know what else i’ve seen? a lot of exclusionists, terfs included, who are trying to convince us all that the mogais or whatever are trying to COERCIVELY APPLY THE WORD QUEER TO LGBT+ PEOPLE!!1! you know what i haven’t seen? anyone actually trying to do that. in fact, what i do see, are self-identifying queer people talking about a self-identified queer community, and getting dragged through the mud for it. i see people who don’t fit neatly into exclusionists’ ideas of what the community ~*~should be~*~ getting attacked on this hellhole site. and i see a lot more people getting shat on for reclaiming the word “queer” than i do people who reclaim other slurs. (literally. i once saw a user with the word dyke in her url saying that people shouldn’t use the word queer because “it’s a slur!!1!” no shit, sherlock!) i have seen people vehemently deny that queer was ever used as an umbrella term before THE TUMBLR KWEERS or deny that it has been mostly used in a positive way since the 80s/90s, which, i’m sorry, is a blatant, donald trump worthy falsehood.

now, i don’t know what you’ve seen anon, because i probably don’t follow the people you do. and i don’t know that you’re one of those people who are purposefully starting shit for no good reason. if you aren’t, i’m sorry. i too fluctuate on how comfortable i am with the word queer. i grew up in a small town in the southern u.s. where a large proportion of our population was 60 or older, and i had never heard the word queer used in a positive light before i went to college. i know there are people out there who are legitimately uncomfortable with the word, i know why, and i don’t think we should be calling people queer if they’re not comfy with it.

but let’s get real. i follow a lot of fucking awesome people who ID as queer, and i have seen the smear campaign exclusionists are waging against them. and i am a little more fucking concerned that none of the “queer is a slur!” inclusionist crowd seems to think that’s a problem.

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While I'm not sure Reylo will end up 'romantic' in a conventional sense, the word 'platonic' doesn't feel right either. Their interactions are way too intense and filled with passion, even as antagonistic as they are in TFA, for it to feel really satisfying if that fizzles out into an awkward alliance. Even if there's no kiss or anything, it feels like there has to be a deep bond that shows they truly understand and complete each other. They're the Luke + Vader, it has to emotionally resonate.

I feel this sentiment on a very visceral level.  I think I once described Rey and Kylo as breaking the rules for how an antaognist/protagonist are typically supposed to interact. Even calling them the Luke and Vader feels not quiet right to me since Luke’s interactions with Vader in ANH are pretty standard for a ‘hero’s quest’. It’s really not till ESB that Luke and Vader begin to get interesting. Rey and Kylo on the other hand collide with each other from the second they meet; J.J has a good point when he compares them to ‘two disparate pieces’.

I also agree with the no kiss element and the idea of an unconventional way of illustrating their pathway to empathy and understanding. I’ve lately been comparing Star Wars to some of my other fandoms and favorite narrative experiences. The relationships that have stuck out the most for me are the ones where the ‘romance’ goes far beyond what we associate with typical affections and connection. They don’t need a kiss for you to know they mean an incredible amount to each other. 

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why do you hate the r*dar t*chnician skit?

okay you wanna do this then we’re doing this

1.) its a glaring reminder of how john was left out of and sidelined during the tfa hype, before and after release. john was a lead, the male lead, but you’d never know it from the press, and no, its not that i think it specifically should’ve been about him, but he was cheated out of a massive chunk of all that fawning and attention including goofy/stupid stuff. and you know why.

2.) its a glaring reminder of how the ‘fandom’ treats ugly minor white male characters compared to. you know. That thing has close to 500 works on ao3, twenty-five pages, theres an entire established ship of him and some character hux’s actor plays who fandom imported – that’s how bad it is, that’s how desperate people are to hate finn, so its just rubbing it in your face

3.) alarm dryer is too ugly for words at the best of times but that getup is so, so extra bad. i can’t begin to describe the lesbian nausea it induces. As a small child i got the norwalk virus and spent a whole night vomiting. same feeling.

there’s a few other smaller reasons, such as how i’ve fucking hated snl for years and everything they do, mincing around with their liberal funnyman schtick like they weren’t complicit in tr*mp’s election, or how i hate adam drivers guts for reasons unrelated to his unfortunate face. stuff like that

tl;dr its the concentrated manifestation of everything wrong with the sequel era of star wars and the fanbase, and poetically enough, literally too ugly to look at

(again i know its not a big deal but you know what i dont fucken care so again anyone who unironically puts that on my dash gets unfollowed immediately)

i stg i come alive during pride month my mood has been on a constant up and i am living and everything is great i love being pan and nonbinary and im ready to fuckin CELEBRATE

like i’m so pumped that we have words to describe these things?? humans are such a weird species and theyre constantly changing but now we have terms for these weird fuckin feelings and an explanation and theres other people we can talk to and relate to because they feel the same and its amazing

pride has come so far and it’s done so much good and we have a long way to go but i’m just real pumped


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about the thing u posted abt gay being an all encompassing term, ive heard the q-slur reclaimed to kinda take up that role. like, i know a bunch of poc who use it to describe their gender/sexuality together as they both exist outside of the white mindset. idk ur personal feelings abt the word, but its a possibility

as i said before, i dont really like using queer for myself. i dont dislike the word as a concept but i dont feel that it describes my gender or my sexuality in an accurate way. i really feel that the older usage of “gay,” which described ones gender as well as their sexuality, is the best descriptor of my identity, but in modern times it means something different and theres no other word that quite gives the same feeling that gay does.

i think this is because the word “gay” had the original meaning of something bright and happy, and is overwhelmingly positive, while “queer” is just a reclaimed slur. its fine if other people want to use it for themselves, but for me it has no positive connotations attached to it, and even the original meaning of the word referred to something strange or odd. so i wish there was another all-encompassing word like “gay” that also had a positive connotation

i need a word for This Feeling,,

update: i think it is probably just “the absence of anxiety” but it’s amazing do other people rly go through life like this all the time??

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Do you prefer identifying as queer as opposed to flat out gay? If so then why? I'm just curious. I myself prefer queer because I feel like sexuality is fluid and open and I don't think flat out gay truly describes it well enough. But there's so much stigma surrounding that word in the LGBT community. They think everyone who calls themselves queer is trying to ashamed of calling themselves gay. So I usually just say I'm gay to avoid judgement.

I identify as queer. Queer is not just sexuality for me. Queer is an attitude. Queer is political. Queer is an act of resistance. The LGBTQ+ community has worked hard to reclaim this term, that we were using to identify each other well before it became a derogatory term. And interestingly enough, I see more of the opposite when it comes to who identify as queer. I see people who identify as gay literally talk trash about the use of the term queer. The “why call yourself a derogatory word?” comment does nothing but piss me off to no end. Today’s LGBTQ social movement started as the QUEER liberation movement. Not just sexuality, but attitude, opinion, and thought helped mold me into the queer I am and how I choose to display that queerness. It just fits who I am so much more.

lovelybenny skomentował(a) Twój post: im havin a fuckin eargasm,,,,

….. i can’t believe you used the word ‘eargasm’,,,,,, disgusted. blocked & reported

theres no other way to describe what i have experienced lmao

consider this: you block me, you never get good music recs in your life ever again…………

  • me: hey there's this word "asexual" and this other word "aromantic" and i'm pretty sure they describe me bc i don't feel sexual or romantic attraction... just thought you should know haha
  • some kid: ok cool... now look at this hot guy omg how do you not find him sexually and romantically attractive

i wish you could see yourself the way i do the way you laugh and the way you sometimes seem at ease and other times when youre stressed but all the while, youre still so beautiful with every facial expression and every move you make and when i run out of words to describe you and how you make me feel ill make more just for the chance to create something with you in mind

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When me and my girl realized me and her were each other's primary focus and made the next logical assumption: our polyamory is hierarchical in nature. It's not though, and the word we use to describe it now is "base partner," because we branch out our relationships from and through each other and will always come "back to base." Nobody ranks higher than anybody in our relationship in terms of time and love, but there's still a hierarchy of 'seniority' and trust. Does anybody else feel like this?

i wanted to write a list of like tidbits about aromantics for non-aros writing aro characters but it ended up just being a thought list about being aromantic lmao


  • i see people ask “is it ok if i put my aro character into a relationship beforehand and then figure out theyre aro later?” and the answer is YES, that is very common for aro people to do and so long as they are clearly aro once the relationship is over its a-ok
  • actually using the word “aromantic” to describe ur character directly is also great for visibility/confirmation sake and would stop people from being like “well theyre not REALLY aro,”
  • theres a million different ways to be aro and we all different- some aros are very romance repulsed and disgusted by everything to do with pda while others are completely fine with it and totally dig platonic kisses and that kinda thing
  • speaking of romance repulsion: if you have a romance repulsed character its a lot more than just “kissing is icky!! x-P” romo-repulsed aros can get nauseous, anxious, or just generally uncomfortable when seeing pda and not want to be around it and theres nothing wrong with that. dont write romance-repulsed aros like children not wanting to catch cooties. 
  • aros come in loads of different shapes and sizes, dont limit aro characters to lanky white dudes
  • most characters that can be read as aro are either your sherlockian kinda guys (arrogant and douchey,) or characters that arent human (robots/aliens) and its exhausting; seeing an aro character break this trend would be top notch
  • aromantic and asexual are two different things. i cannot stress this enough because of how frequently they are portrayed as the same thing. someone who doesn’t feel romantic attraction is aromantic, whereas someone who doesn’t feel sexual attraction is asexual. you can be both or you can be just one, but they are not terms you can use interchangeably. 
  • aros can also be aesthetically attracted to people, sexually attracted to people, or develop squishes on them (platonic crushes)
  • aromantic in itself tends to double up with other sexualities; like, a bisexual aromantic would be someone who feels sexual attraction to multiple genders, just not romantic
  • one of the most common things with aro people is an inability to distinguish friendly and romantic feelings for a person and/or not understanding which gestures are deemed “romantic,” which obvi can lead to a lot of confusion
  • aro people are not broken; stories that end in a character who seems to have no desire for romance suddenly ~discovering themself~ or ~learning to be human~ are really, really hard to stomach. romance is not the end-all goal for us and no one needs to to “fix” themself. 
  • platonic relationships are just as important as romantic relationships, but they are not a substitute and they shouldnt have to be. while some of us do “romantic” things with our friends, its still a platonic relationship.