there's no official source that i know of

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You know, I used to think antis were desperate, but now I'm conviced they're actually just stupid. There's a post going around with the screenshot of a fan edited passage on Rey's page in the fandom powered Disney Wiki website saying how much Rey and Kylo hate each other and wanted to kill each other. Apparently this means that Disney hates Reylo.


OMG I found it and it’s hilarious. I’m amazed that they could be so gullible, but I guess they’re seizing upon it out of desperation - official sources simply aren’t feeding into the anti narrative (if anything, they’re feeding into the Reylo narrative) so they have to literally make up their own news. It’s very sad, but it’s actually so intensely sad that it transcends its own cringyness in order to become magnificently funny. 

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Hello! I wanted to know something about some fanarts. Just like the DeviMega AU, there's another fanart thing going on involving kigurumis/animals associated to each Matsu. (ex: Oso = Red Panda ; Kara = Tiger ; Choro = Sheep...) I was hoping you'd know maybe the source of this cute idea from the japanese artists. Thank you! :D

Hello! It’s from official merchandise. 

like literally i never see any sombra stuff on tumblr but this was uncovered recently (10 hours ago as of now) by redditers 

this is probably her ult icon if not a skill (source) 

and on the official forums theres this account named skycoder that titled a forum using binary code that translates to 23, hinting that sombra may be the 23rd hero!

not only that, blizzard uploaded a new video for reaper, but it glitched (intentionally) and was quickly analyzed. no one knows what it means yet, though.

and even before this new stuff surfaced, fans have been cracking sombras codes for a long time. in the recent teaser for the summer games, a string of code can be seen following tracer as she zooms forward. and even more codes were found and cracked, some resulting in really interesting spanish sentences left by sombra.

one reads :“Parecen estar muy interesados en estos "héroes”. ¿Tal vez les interese conocer algunos detallitos que he averiguado sobre ellos?“ 

and in english is translated to "You seem to be very interested in those "heroes”. ¿Maybe you might be interested into knowing some tiny details I found about them?“

(source: serhk)

i dont know about you, but i think this highly suggests that sombra isnt working with overwatch, but mostly likely talon. or on her own, but leaning more towards talons side.

theres plenty of more amazing stuff and ideas on this forum so check it out! its frequently updated too!


Guys, please stop reblogging this photo when it’s not by the creator. You can easily go to her page because LOOK WOWWWW THERES HER TUMBLR PAGE IN THE PIC SURPRISE.

Also I understand people think reblogging and calling this person out is the the thing to do, but I know a lot of people who won’t look at what’s going on in the comments and reblog this photo because it’s been reblogged by the people they follow. The best thing we can do is ask people to kindly remove their reblog and give them a link to the official source. That way the reposter won’t gain followers and reblogs. :/

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Hi - I was wondering if you have any ideas about the source of the rumor that the Matsus are 6'3"? As far as I know the only canon height for them is "exactly the same", so there's a possibility a fan made it up out of nowhere, but everyone is eager to believe it because of height difference pairings (I know I'm guilty). Any theories?

Hello, yikes, 6′3″ seems pretty tall… 190cm? I would personally think no less than 170cm… The average Japanese male is not that tall. 

Unless I missed official information somewhere, I don’t know where the source of that information came from. There’s definitely a lot of fan musing about what the height is, but nothing concrete. All that we know for certain is that they were 150cm when they were children in “Osomatsu-kun.”