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a/n: thinking of making this into another small series!! based on a request!! let me know if you think i should post another part! also this is my first series where  im adding another POV get keen. also ill start a tag list for this so leave a message in my ask box or down below if you’d like to be added!!


it was another busy night at pop’s chock’lit shoppe.

booths were bursting at the seams as they celebrate the win of river dales very own bulldogs. i didn’t even need to go to the game to know that they’d won. 

teenagers and parents hustle into the diner buying burgers and fries by the dozen. me? i sat in my usual booth with my usual oder; cheese burger fries and a chocolate milkshake, with of course my laptop.

i was busy typing up my newest lead that i didn’t pay any attention to the small girl that walked through pop’s doors and ended up at the front of my booth, fries and milkshake in hand.

“can i sit?” she murmurs shifting on her feet

i tilt the lid of my laptop down gesturing with my hands for her to sit, she smiles at me placing her food infront of her as she sips on her drink.

she studies me and i close my laptop completely glance at the small girl, she looked exactly like jellybean.

“everything okay?” she nods pulling books out of her back pack and plugging her headphones into her iPod.

i open my laptop and start typing again inspiration flowing through me. we stay like this for awhile, me working on my story and the little girl writing what seemed like english homework whilst bopping her head to the music that filled her earphones.

she sighs heavily causing me to look up at her “im holly (y/l/n)” i smile “jughead jones the third” she chuckles.

“theres three of you named jughead” she giggles her laugh carrying through the diner, the dinner rush was over and most of the booths were now empty. it was just us, pop and a few local stragglers. 

“you miss holly remind me of my sister” she raises her eyebrows “can’t say the same about you- my sister is way cooler than you” she sass’ and i laugh.

“how old are you holly?” “I’m 10, you?” “17″ i reply stealing one of her fries “hey!” she sulks.

“my sisters 17 too, she steals my fries too” i nod smirking to myself

“her names (y/n) we just moved her from san fransico, how olds your sister?” 

i close my laptop setting it aside “my sister is 10 years old same as you her names jellybean” she laughs again “is there three jelly beans too?” i shake my head “nope just the one and only”.

she pops a few fries in her mouth “can i ask you a few questions?” i chuckle “haven’t you just been doing exactly that?” she shakes her head.

folding my arms across my chest i decide to give in “fine, i’ll bite”

a take a swig from the saucer infront of me “are you writing about that dead kid?” i spit out my coffee choking slightly.

“yes or no?”


“do you ever take that beanie off?” 


“not even when you shower” she pesters

i lean forward “i even poop with it on” she giggles and makes a disgusted face.

“my turn” she nods 

“what are you listening to?”

“music” i roll my eyes gesturing for her to go on “right now- all time low” 

“why are you at a diner asking a stranger at 10pm personal questions?”

her eyes widen “wait your not a murder right?” i cock my eyebrow “maybe”

“my sister was supposed to come meet me here for dinner after she’d finished work that was” she pauses looking down at her watch

“3 and a half hours ago” 

i brush my thumb against my lips “is that true?” she shrugs smirking mischievously to herself.

“do you want to use my phone to contact your sister?” she shakes her head frantically “NO”

i lean back in the booth smiling maniacally crossing my arms infront of my chest “so you sister doesn’t know your here?”

she sinks lower into the booth sipping her milkshake shamelessly 

“she’s probably worried about you”

the younger girl looks up sadly before her eyes drift over to the entrance the bell chiming indicating a new customer “crap!” she ducks underneath the table hiding herself behind my legs.

“hey!” i complain as the girl hugs my legs.

i scoff and turn and see the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen walk through the doors of pop’s. her (y/h/c) was dripping wet from the downpour outside yet it still looked incredible.

her clothes hugged her figure as the water drops from the fabric to the clean tiles. her eyes scan the booths looking for someone.

she walks over to pop worry evident on her face “hey I’m looking for my little sister she’s 10 but this high, brown hair” she gestures with her hands “her names holly” 

i clear my throat pointing to my booth, as the younger girls back pack and homework sprawled out on the table top.

she mutters a thank you before approaching my booth, she breathes a sigh of relief as she realises that the back pack indeed belonged to her younger sibling.

“you must be holly’s sister?” she nods rocking awkwardly on her heels “(y/n) (l/n) I’m sorry if she’s been bothering you- and you are?” she smiles down at me her cheeks tinting red in the warm diner.

“jughead jones-” i pause “the third” she giggles nd boy do i have to contain myself from drooling.

“there’s three of you named jughead?” she continues giggling covering her mouth and apologising “oh god I’m sorry i shouldn’t be laughing” i chuckle to myself smiling up at the girl.

“its fine, your sister actually said the exact same thing” she widens her eyes and drops to her knee spotting her younger brunette sister curled up at my legs.

“holly!” she scolds “get out and leave the poor boy alone” i try and hide my smirk.

“his name is juggie and he’s my friend” she retorts.

“its fine (y/n) honestly i have a little sister the same age, its harmless really” she shakes her had dipping back under the table.

“you give me no choice” i watch as the (y/h/c) girl moves under the table trying to grab her younger sister from underneath the table.

squeals fill the diner until holly pops out of the booth her sister trying to follow suit only to bash her head on the table and aggressively grab my thigh in the process of a line sentence of cussing.

i lean down to her offer my hand “you okay?” 

she clutches her head with one hand and she grabs mine with the other allowing me to pull her up into the seat beside me.

“id like to say that karma for laughing at my birth name?” 

she giggles still wincing in pain “atleast theres no gum in your hair” i muse smiling at the mystery girl.

“this day keeps getting better” she smiles sarcastically

“c’mon holz mums worried sick i need to get you home, so say goodbye to your new found friend and lets go. no more running away” she nods sadly rolling her eyes at her older sister.

“can we come back here tomorrow” she whines as the older girl packs away holly’s books into her backpack.

“i don’t know holly I’m already swamped in school work we can’t be coming here on a daily basis i can’t watch you all the time” the younger girl looks disappointed.

“i’ll be here” i speak up the two girls turning to look at me “if you don’t have the time you can drop her off and illl look after her for an hour or two”

she sighs looking at her sister as she stands on her knees begging her sister 

“please please please”

she looks at me biting her lip “i don’t know holz” 

holly’s face drops disappointment clearly evident on her face.

“you can come too, bring your homework if you feel up to it” she smiles at me before slipping out of the booth “i’ll think about it” 

i nod a smile creeping on my face.

“c’mon holly say bye to jughead” she smiles at me giving me a fist bump before walking to her sister.

“thank you, for looking after her. i know not everyone is wired to be kind to a young lost girl. i owe you one”

“if you come tomorrow ill make it even” he says hopeful wanting to know more about the beautiful new girl.

“maybe, goodnight” she places her hands on her sisters holders and guides her toward the exit looking back one last time to send a small smile my way.

there was something about her and i couldn’t quiet put my finger on it but i had to know her.

My mum convincing me to go out with her and her work mates
  • Mum: Just come out, it'll be fun
  • Me: I don't like mingling
  • Mum: There's a young-ish bloke. He's 24.
  • Me: Cool, we have so much in common. I'm 18, he's 24...
  • Mum: He likes cars?
  • Me: You realise I don't even have my full licence right?
  • Mum: *sarcastically* Well he likes breathing.

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My favorite line in hp is "theres no need to call me sir, professor" which i always kind of thought was wayyyy out of character for harry, but your blunt, grumpy auror harry strikes me as the personification of the harry that would say that quote and that makes me so happy :) Sarcastic harry is the best harry.

I love that sassy Harry is canon! Thank you, I’m glad you can see him saying that, it’s basically my favorite Harry moment, after the one when he’s talking to the Minister of Magic: “It’s time you learned some respect, Potter”. It’s time you earned it.”

okay but imagine lotor having lance kidnaped but treating him as nothing but royalty so when he asks if he has any wishes lance is so done with him he sarcastically says “rain” and lotor is so confused he asks him what is that so lance spends the next three hours talking about rain and lotor is just fascinated


Honestly i never expected to become friends and never thought we would start talking just from me sending u a anon :0 And tbh…i was ok with thinking we were never gonna talk. I had no idea who your were and even tho i was interested i never thought anything would come of it. But here’s to meeting one of my absolute favorite people in this world. I dont know what id be doing the last few months without u? Without all the kitkat discourse and deep midnight talks, memes blowing up the group chat. Keeping me entertained while im sitting in a hot car for hours in the summer lmao.

 It’s kinda weird how if i didn’t send one message i would have missed out on knowing you, and we got @amberarts (Julia) too! double the goodness. We talk every night whether i need someone to cry to or someone to laugh with. And you are so much more than i ever thought u would be, probably more than you yourself know. You always say your plain which..kinda pissed me off cause you’re one of the nicest people anyone could meet. HOW DARE U THINK OTHERWISE!!! Your understanding and accepting of others and you know how to cheer someone up and crack them up in the same sentence, your talented and inspiring, sarcastic and hilarious and i love every minute of talking to you. Happy birthday :3c

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Since you said you love headcanons I hope you don't mind if I throw more at you, how does Alec handle it when Magnus is being Downworlder dad? Specifically with Raph, but in general too.

  • alec of course loves it
  • he relates to it, you know? he is always looking out for isabelle, and jace and clary (even though he not always wants to with her) so he understands magnus’ need to protect his family
  • when magnus cancels dates to take care of raphael, maia, luke, or simon, or any downworlder that needs him, alec is never angry, he is always understanding and even offers to help
  • sometimes magnus takes him up on it–which is why alec and maia get very close and even spend a lot of time alone together
  • this is also how alec and luke get closer–luke can take care of himself, but he and magnus are definitely good friends, and alec admires luke and so shyly spends more time with him (lets be real, luke is a better father figure than robert) its a relationship that is soft and easy
  • alec becomes kind of a bridge–if the downworlders need help, they talk to magnus who talks to alec (later, maia talks to alec, who talks to the clave)
  • the only time it makes alec nervous is when theres a downworlder that is flirting pretty heavily with magnus–but alec reminds himself that magnus is to be trusted, and he would never do a thing to hurt alec. this is of course true, and alec and magnus never have an argument over it
  • concerning raphael: theres quite a bit of tension after the whole isabelle thing, and for a long time–that is the one thing that alec is bothered by (but again, he understands it, so he does not start a fight over it, although he will drop some sarcastic comments)
  • one day raphael is probably very badly injured or in serious need of help and magnus asks alec for help. alec goes, and as rapahel is healing, magnus locks them in the room so they can talk it out
  • there isnt trust between them but there isnt hate anymore either, and thats what matters–because they both love magnus in their own ways 
  • magnus plans a big dinner one evening with his favourite downworlder friends (including meliorn) and alec is invited and its very nice (meliorn braids a small part of alec’s hair and makes him a flower crown)
  • magnus is overwhelmed with joy because his whole family is together 
Not So Perfect

Request: “Can you do an image where Kol is jealous because the reader was talking to one of her guy friends?”

Notes// You all deserve an imagine because you all have been so incredibly patient and so nice to me. I hope you enjoy this.

Kol sat at the bar, sipping his drink as he patiently waited for you to show up from work. You promised him a night out after a long week of “No”s and “I’m Tired”s. He was growing more and more frustrated as the week went by and so were you. Kol sighed checking his phone, hoping he wasn’t going to receive a bail out text. He sighed in relief placing his phone down and looking up when he heard a whistle. His eyes scanned the room to where he saw a man whom he recognised as one of your friends. He was laughing, but Kol frowned watching the man’s eyes travel downwards and back upwards along the frame of a lady. Kol growled to himself realising that you were being checked out by your so called friend.

“Ah it’s so good to see you! How have you been?” Your voice was high in excitement of seeing your old friend from college.

“I’ve been good. How have you been? You look amazing!” He smiled back, his hand gently brushing your arm.

You nodded and smiled, flinching slightly at his touch, “Ah thank you. I’ve been good. Had a long week at work but tonight I am spending it with my boyfriend, who is just over there.” You look towards the bar where a very angry Kol Mikaelson is glaring right back at Jamie, your friend. You rolled your eyes before turning back to Jamie and smiling.

“Ah well he seems…happy to see you.” Jamie stuttered, “I’ll see you soon. We should definitely catch up. How about we go for drinks some time?”

“Yeah! That sounds great.” You reply, pleased that you would be catching up with Jamie, someone you had missed greatly.

“I’m afraid that won’t be happening any time soon, will it darling? You have your work commitments and then theres me.” Kol shot a sarcastic smile at the guy, while wrapping his arm around your waist, his fingers pressing into your skin. It was clear to you that Kol was angry, or just simply jealous.

“Oh yeah, speaking of work, they need me back tonight so I should get going.” You checked your phone before walking out of the grill and walking home. You turned onto quiet road before pulling out your iPod.

“Did you think that was funny darling?” Kol rushed in front of you, stopping you in your tracks.

“Nope. I thought it was rather rude, actually. Why do you think you can just control who I hang out with, who I talk to?!”

Kol rolled his eyes, “You were planning to meet up with him for drinks! You have a boyfriend!”

“I was meeting him as friends. To catch up! I haven’t seen him since college!” You shout back, stuffing your iPod back in your pocket.

Kol’s hands grabbed your hips, fingers pressing into your skin, pulling your close to him, “I don’t want another mans hands on you. I don’t want another man having the pleasure of your company. I want to be the only man in your life. He didn’t want to just catch up with you. Did you hear his heartbeat? No. He was dying to get into bed with you. It’s all he wanted.” Kol took a deep breath his eyes staring into yours.

You rolled your eyes, “And if he tried to get me into bed, I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself, am I not? You taught me how to defend myself, did you not? And I am no ones possession! I’m not yours to own, Kol!”

Kol growled, moving his arms around your waist, pulling you closer, “You are mine, darling. How many times have I told you? No other man is to touch yo-”

“Shut up!” You groaned, “Kol, I can have all the friends I want, guy or girl. I do not need your permission!” You pulled away from his grip, “Tonight was meant to be us. We were meant to have a romantic evening together. If you had just let Jamie go, tonight would have been perfect. You have no idea how much I wanted tonight to happen and be perfect. We haven’t had a night alone for such a long time, and you had to go ruin it!”

“You think I wasn’t excited either darling? You think I haven’t been bored stuck at home every single day while you are at work all hours of the day. Do you know how painful it is to have to listen to my siblings constantly bickering all day? I was just as excited but you had to go flirt with your so called friend!”

You groaned, “Fine! Fine! I ruined it. I’m such an idiot. I’m sorry for ruining your night Kol. I’ll just go home so that I don’t ruin it anymore!” You spin on your heels, walking away as fast as possible, “Oh and don’t bother calling me tonight.”

You sighed, curling into your bed while flicking through the tv channels. After settling on Frozen, you hugged your pillow to yourself. You were sad, and tears were threatening to spill but you held them back. You checked your phone, only to be disappointed by a blank screen. You opened up Kol’s chat but stopped when you felt the bed dip. You looked up and saw Kol in his pyjama pants with no shirt. You hooked your fingers on Kol’s pants and pulled him closer. Kol obliged and laid down next to you before wrapping his arms around you, his fingers combing your hair.

“I’m sorry darling. I should have just stayed quiet this one time. I just don’t like seeing you with someone else…I always get afraid of…you…” He trailed off not wanting his words to become a reality.

“I know.” You roll onto your front, and look up at him, “I love you, Kol Mikaelson. You. I love you. No one else. Only you. I don’t want to be with anyone else. And I am also sorry for what I said.”

“I love you too, darling.”

You smiled and pressed your lips against his. You tangled your fingers in his hair, as he pulled you on top of him…

what actually happens when you meet/become friends with the signs
  • Aries: Aries are fun and Laidback, sometimes they can seem judgemental but you also rarely ever feel judged by them. You can have the best times with these people because they rarely ever make a big deal out of something. They often just go with the flow and every bring has an easy but exciting/fun feel to it. They're also very funny. Sometimes it just seems like they're a little inconsiderate and self-absorbed,
  • Taurus: They're friendly, and they'll probably talk about themselves a lot and more often then not they'll tell you things that seem like they should be secrets. They are helpful, and usually calm. Complains a lot, but often sarcastic and witty with how they express these complaints.
  • Gemini: They can mumble a lot and seem really quiet, but they also never shut up! They can be funny but also very forgetful and they can often seem inconsiderate and/or obnoxious. They're lighthearted and very fun to be around.
  • Cancer: Their views change depending on who they're focusing the most on at the moment - usually a parent, crush or bestfriend (and a best they're just focusing on themselves) , so there's no need to be shocked if they've changed their mind on something. They're caring and a good listener and will do even the most boring things with you. They can be secretive and you can sometimes be suspicious of them.
  • Leo: Laidback, fun and easygoing. They'll pretty much be up for anything you're up for and if they want to do something you've never done before they'll make sure you're comfortable and know what's going on. They'll talk about themselves a lot, and sometimes they seem arrogant but they'll also listen to you and you'll feel like you aren't judged by them.
  • Virgo: They're good conversationalists and you can talk about almost anything with them. They act like they're interested in what you have to say and will often ask: "how are you?". Sometimes when you tell them something about your life they'll automatically try and shove advice down your throat, but you know they mean well. They can be very bitchy, but it can be fun if you both hate the same person lmao
  • Libra: They seem kind of boring, and kind of like they aren't really present. Sometimes you'll be unsure as to whether they actually don't have a personality or if they're just keeping it a secret. But they're really lighthearted and easy to be around and very good at making the atmosphere in general feel somewhat peaceful - it's extremely rare that you'll feel stressed or uncomfortable around them. If you end up in some type of spontaneous & fun situations it's probably because you and a libra couldn't decide what to do!
  • Scorpio: They're very into learning whatever you're interested in so it can be great to hang out with them because they're often up for anything! They're funny and easy to to talk - for the most part anyway. Sometimes they can seem domineering. You'll probably have the most inside jokes with someone that is a Scorpio.
  • Sagittarius: They're Laidback and honest (most of the time). And even if they are honest they usually say it in a way where you can tell there's no malicious intent. They can be very preachy and might even label themselves as the "advice friend" but even if you do something that goes against their morals they won't act condescending towards you. They're witty, and can often make jokes that are directed to humankind in general and not a specific person, so everyone can enjoy them.
  • Capricorn: Capricorns are just good to be around in general and they'll probably be the people you have the most "wild" times with. I don't want you to think I'm labelling capricorns as sheep because I don't mean that at all, but they often follow trends.However, being the ambitious signs they are they do it best! So whenever you're doing the typical stuff that your "crowd" does, you'll know that you'll have an extra amazing time with a Capricorn.
  • Aquarius: This sign is often another one that is up for anything! They usually don't care what you're like because even if they don't get it they're willing to learn. You'll probably find them easy to talk to and fun to be around, especially if it's something ~random~ because you had nothing planned. They can seem a little condescending at times and/or not present but you'll also feel a certain freedom with them.
  • Pisces: Pisces are really accepting and caring. They aren't going to judge you if you did something really embarrassing the night before and they had to take care of you, for example. In fact, they probably don't care all that much. You'll feel like you can be very sharing with them because even if you said something like "I have a really bad rash on my foot and I think it's because I walked outside barefoot and then didn't shower in two days" they would just ask if you needed anything. Sometimes they can seem distant, or forgetful or even clingy. But you can sense they're only trying their best.

Afdgsvs theres a person in my class who’s so lighthearted and fun that it doesnt even matter what they say, its just fun because theyre saying it

Look at this

Hey, for everyone who wants to feel extra healthy: I put a thing of kambucha in the fridge and just looking at it makes me feel fantastic! Don’t even need to drink that fermented tea!

Ive never touched kambucha or tea in my life! But oh boy, this text really makes me feel so uplifted, I just want to put some in my fridge just to look at :)

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About the recent ask re: Naruto's heroism, I just wanted to add my perspective. The thing is, every series needs to be judged on its own merits. It doesn't matter how other authors have written their heroes, what matters is, how does the Naruto series define heroism, and does Naruto Uzumaki live up to that definition? So according to Kishi, a hero is a Child of Prophecy, the symbolic light of the ninja world, a person who metaphorically "saves" other people (Gaara, Hinata, Sasuke). There's a [1]

reason why fans have sarcastically dubbed Naruto as “Ninja Jesus.” So now the question we need to ask ourselves is, does Naruto live up to the Ninja Jesus hype? My answer is, you are fucking lying to yourself if you think he does. Naruto only meets the qualifications the series lays out for him in the most superficial way. Yes, he’s a Child of Prophecy, but he doesn’t bring peace to the ninja world as promised. There were still enemies to fight in Gaiden and the Boruto movie. There damn sure [2]

isn’t peace in the Boruto manga. In what way is he a light for the ninja world, besides a bunch of bad speeches in the War Arc from Gaara telling us he is? (And a very cheesy chapter cover with a glowing Naruto.) He fails at stopping Orochimaru from doing human experimentation in Gaiden, so he isn’t doing shit for the ninja world as a whole. Naruto’s talk no jutsu has already been heavily criticized, so I won’t bother to refute why he’s poor at saving people or why his so-called bonds are [3]

actually weak and badly written. So when people say Naruto isn’t living up to his role as hero, it isn’t because he’s not meeting the standards of some ideal concept of a hero, it’s because he’s not meeting the standards of his own series! If Kishi is going to write him as Ninja Jesus, then he needs to BE Ninja Jesus. Don’t try to tell us he’s something he’s not. This is a fundamental problem with Kishi’s writing. He hides the weakness of his characterization under a lot of telling. He can’t [4]

write leadership, heroism, or selflessness, so he has Gaara wank Naruto in front of the entire Ninja Alliance so we’ll believe that Naruto is all of these great things Kishi has failed to write. (The supposed greatness of Team 7 and Naruto’s bonds with other characters were falsely built up in similar ways.) TL;DR - Naruto only needs to be the kind of hero Kishi says he is. That’s it. And when he fails, the narrative needs to call him out for it instead of sweeping it under the rug. [end] 

I agree. It makes perfect sense Kishimoto failed to give naruto admirable qualities with actual actions, the only thing he ever did was making other character said he had those qualities. The reason is that Naruto doesn’t actually want to be a heroic person, he just wants other people to acknowledge him as one.

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I loved that deceptive as fuck post you made about Rosalind Franklin. She wasn't awarded the Nobel prize was because she was *dead*. You have to be *alive* to win the Nobel Prize. There's other important bits you "forgot". Photo 51, for example, wasn't even taken by her but by Gosling, who was working under Wilkins at time he shared the photo WITHOUT HER CONSENT!!! Look, I understand you're a Feminist so you need to lie fucking endlessly and shit on men at every opportunity, but I mean come on.

Hi there - I loved your sarcastic as fuck praise an equal amount! :)

I said in the first paragraph she was dead by the time the Nobel was awarded.

Photo 51 was developed by Gosling under her supervision - she had come in with the X-ray diffraction expertise from her previous work, had trained him up, and was working with him. He was working for her. I can understand if you are saying that Gosling should get full credit, but that is a debatable point, and one on which I don’t agree. 

Gosling was not the one to share the photo.

I indicated a lack of consent on her part in the writeup.

Look, these writeups are long and about complicated subjects. I abbreviate stories (like the work behind Photo 51) because the writeups are long enough as is. I wrote badly of Wilkins, Crick, and Watson because they did dishonorable things. Wilkins and Crick, I noted, made up for it and tried to salvage her name. Watson, less so.

Lastly, my sympathies on not liking the entry, and I understand you seemingly have some strong ideological objections to the entire idea for this project. However. If you’re going to approach me, please do so in a more measured fashion. I’m a human being. I have a long history of amending and updating my words when I get something wrong. I don’t have a lot of ego about this. But coming at me with insults is not the way to start a dialogue.

I need more kaisoo fanfiction where Jongin is the shy and awkward little baby that he really is, and Kyungsoo is the sarcastic little shit that hates everyone but has a soft spot for Jongin, and everyone teases him for it and only stop when Kyungsoo sends murderous looks their way


• sister ursuala is a bitch and I hate everything she’s changed and how she’s ruined everything already
• some very cute pupcake scenes towards the beginning and then a bloody stressful situation with patsy’s dad (please don’t send patsy away!!)
• Also so cute that delia is training to be a midwife atm
• the whole domestic violence situation was horrible and I’m so glad it worked out for the best in the end
• the whole situation with sister mary cynthia has stressed me out and I hate how sister Ursula dealt with it
• Nurse crane was being an angel as always and my fave sarcastic bitch
• Delia talking about the countless times patsy has come into her room!!!!
• Sister Julienne needs her place back and sister Ursula needs to fuck off
• Trixie also needs to come back asap

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I wanna be the girl in school who's always happy and makes everyone laugh and be nice but than there's the real me who I like to be. I like heavy and rock music,I'm sad all the time and rude and sarcastic

One of my friends is the happiest person you’ll ever meet but she struggles with so many things and it kills me to know ANYONE puts on a front like that when they are in need of help.

The Wrong Thing, The Right Reason Bellarke Fanfiction Part Two

Title: The Wrong Thing, The Right Reason 

Part: 2 (Click here X for part one)

Rating: Teen

Genre: Drama, Angst, Fluff

Word Count: 2,903

Author: sass-the-queen-of-hell

         Octavia Blake was sitting in English class, dreading the next period. Biology. She didn’t like the subject on a normal day, but the icing on top of the cake was that they were studying genetic disorders. Which happened to include sickle cell anemia, and today they were being given time in class to start working on their group project. She had considered going to the nurse and claiming a headache but then Bellamy would fly over here and she didn’t want to worry him. He worried enough as it was and she needed him to agree  let her work on the project (even if she didn’t want to) and after an episode he always extra over protective. Which in some cases meant keeping her home from school and sitting and staring her, all day. So she was going to have to go to biology. She made her way through the halls, watching everyone interact longingly, she had trouble making friends. It never came naturally to her. She had been kept at home most of her childhood and now, well she just didn’t even know how to try. But god did she want to. She wanted lots of friends. Cool ones, lames one, anyone really. Having anemia made it a lot harder. If she didn’t tell them, they all tended to get offended when they found out. If she did tell them, they usually became afraid and refused to treat her normally. Even Bellamy handled her like she was glass and while she understood why he did it, it was still annoying as hell.

Making her way through the lab tables, she set her stuff down and pulled out her pencil and notebook.

“Okay class, today I’m giving you chance to work with your group to come up with an idea for your project, it’s not complicated, all I need it the disorder you are doing, type of project and an outline to be turned in on Monday, so whatever you don’t get done here needs to be done over the weekend. Okay move into your groups now, some of you can move into the hallway.” Mr. Brown droned on while Octavia was practically panicking. If they didn’t get the work done today she was going to have to meet them somewhere, and then she would need to a ride and Bellamy was working at the dinner this weekend. He had just been hired at another job and so he definitely couldn’t take off and oh god.

“Hey-uh are you coming or are just going to ignore us?” The kid with the goggles said to her looking at her expectantly. Blushing red, and already nervous she tried to verbalize her thoughts.

“I, yeah, I’m coming. Did you guys have any ideas for the project? And I, it would be really really great if we could finish this now. We can split up the work evenly, I don’t mind doing some work, but if you were planning on making me do all the work that’s a hell no.” Octavia said, all without taking breath trying to calm down.

“Whoa, there. Calm down. We aren’t going to make you do all the work, and it’s really no big deal if we don’t get it done. Anyway, I’m Monty and this,” He jabs his thumb at the other boy. “Is Jasper. Nice to meet you…” He trails off.

“Octavia. I’m Octavia.” She said, attempting to sound confident, or at least normal.

“Do you have like eight fingers or something, because that would be cool, real cool.” Jasper said. Monty slapped him upside the head.

“Seriously, does it look like she has eight fingers. And if she had eight fingers would her parents really have named her Octavia?” Monty said.
“No, I really do have eight fingers.” Octavia said, deadpanning. Both immediately glanced down at her hands. She chuckled,

“Really guys, come on.” They smiled at her, and chuckled. Internally Octavia was dancing around. She was doing it! She was making friends! Or at least getting there. They made their way to the hallway, and sat down.

“So, what did disorder did you want to do this on?” Monty asked.

“I don’t want to do a really sad one,” said Jasper, “So one where they can live with the symptoms and still have a normal life.”

“Well, theres color blindness, but that would be hard to do a whole project on, sickle cell anemia can be lived with, so can Klinefelter syndrome, and along with Haemophilia.” Monty starts to ramble.

“We are not doing sickle cell anemia.” Octavia says fiercely. Jasper and Monty look up, their faces displaying confusion.

“Geez okay then. Anything else we should know?” Jasper asks sarcastically.

“Uh, no. But guys we really need to finish this before the period is over.” Octavia says glancing at the clock.

“Relax, you can just come over tonight,” Jasper says. “We normally hang out, get pizza and play video games on Fridays anyway. You can join and we can finish the outline then.”

“You’re inviting me over?” Octavia asks

“Yeah sure.” Jasper said. “It’s not going to be fancy or anything but,”

“No, I mean that’s great!” Octavia said, a true grin spreading across her face for the first time in long time.

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