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ok u must get this a lot but what are your favorite books with queer protags???


- Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith – teenage boy explores his bisexuality as he wrestles with his guilt over a) having feelings for both his best friend and his girlfriend and b) accidentally starting the apocalypse-by-giant-preying-mantis. (literally my favourite book.) 

- The Vintner’s Luck by Elizabeth Knox – grumpy vintner bumps into an angel one night when he’s pickled and wandering around the vineyard, and winds up making a date to meet once a year, on the same night, forever. you will probably cry yourself to sleep afterwards. 

- As Meat Loves Salt by Maria McCann – sociopathic romp through Civil War era England accompanied by THE WORLD’S SLOWEST BURN and MURDER. even if you’ve been an English Civil War nerd for 15 years before reading this book, this book will forever be the first thing you think of when you think of the English Civil War. a scourge. 

- Tipping the Velvet by Sarah Waters – cute girl leaves home and becomes a music hall male impersonator. lesbian shenanigans by the barrowful follow. set in Victorian London and actually has a happy ending! yay! 

- Running With Scissors by Augusten Burroughs – a memoir documenting Augusten Burroughs’ teenage years living with his mother’s psychiatrist and his madcap family. I took this in stride when I first read this book at the tender age of 14, but now it gives me PALPITATIONS and a BURNING URGE to ring Esther Rantzen. 

- Call Me By Your Name by Andrew Aciman – THE PEACH BOOK!

- The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller – I love this book so much I have to forcibly stop myself from buying a copy every time I see one in a secondhand bookshop. you go into it thinking you’ll be FINE because everyone KNOWS what happens to Patroclus, it’s not like you WON’T SEE IT COMING… and yet. no one is ever fine. 

- Maurice by E. M. Forster – astounding and wonderful book that was, surprisingly, written in 1912. there’s sex, it’s a happy ending, it has something very snotty to say about British attitudes towards homosexuality – it’s a joy. plus, the Merchant Ivory film version is full of totty. (yes, that’s Rupert Graves. you see him starkers. just saying.) 

- Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz – two Latinx boys falling in love. I read the entire thing in one sitting. it’s won so many awards you can barely see the cover art. deserves all the accolades and love, as it is HEARTBREAKINGLY GORGEOUS.

- More Than This by Patrick Ness – there is absolutely no way to explain this book without spoiling everything about it, so here’s the bare bones: Seth drowns, and then wakes up, alive, but completely and utterly alone. I had to put it down and go for stress walks at least 3 times. so good. 

- The Charioteer by Mary Renault – a soldier wounded in the evacuation of Dunkirk recuperates in hospital and tries to choose between two dudes: a young and innocent conscientious objector and a saucy and experienced naval officer. can I get a HAIL MARY? 

  • Healthbyholly/pasta-and-proteinbars: If you need to go to the bathroom, there's no shame in unzipping your pants and dropping a huge turbo-shit right on the sidewalk. Our body functions are natural and they're nothing to be ashamed of

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I need help finding info about a German Sci-Fi pulp novel. Der Luftpirat (The Air Pirate and His Steerable Airship). Which was a series of 1900s pulps about Captain Mors, 'Air Pirate' and his adventures on his airship. He was allegedly a literary precursor to Captain Nemo. But many of his stories have been lost to time due to WW1 Censorship. I can't find anything, no mention on project Gutenberg, Wikipedia is barebones, there's allegedly an english translation but I haven't found anything. Help?

The first of the Captain Mors books, translated into English, is available at this website for reading. 

I don’t have your location information, so I can’t use this tool for you. But if you ever need to find a physical copy of a book, you can search almost all libraries simultaneously with WorldCat, at and it will bring out results for libraries close to you.

I am not ashamed to admit this: I love old school adventure and literary characters, but Captain Mors was one of three times in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen where I was absolutely thrown off guard. I’d never heard of him and I had to look him up. 

My Secret Romance ep. 5

  • i could legit just watch an hour of them two just pining for each other
  • also if theres one kind of misunderstanding i’ll accept - its the one where you think the person you’re into is dating someone else ~
  • yo i really love yoo mi’s mum, but i totally understand why yoo mi is so angry about it - mum shouldn’t have to feel ashamed, but she does need to be a lil’ more understanding re: her daughter’s feelings?
  • Jin Wook was an ass this episode; im sad 
  • bye
  • i love this drama
kill me

My sister is playing McCree right now.

- she started her dead-eye but there was no one around so I said “this is a sucky place to ult” the she yells “BUT WAIT THERES MORE” and turned a bit to the side where two more people were. She got a triple kill. I am ashamed.

- she got POTG for a desperate dead eye (4 kills) then when her card showed up she yelled “VITE FOR ME PLEASE I NEED THE ATTENTION”

So basically, we are all my sister.

ihatejayr replied to your post “healthbyholly is a fucking murder-android im calling it now ”

“there’s nothing wrong with being naked and exposing all your soft meat parts! nobody can tell you not to have your organs harvested!”

health by holly, ripping my kidneys out of my body: stop being ashamed and policing people with exposed innards. theres no reason people need to have skin. you should be able to let people take your kidneys out wherever in public. no part of the body is dirty. its all valuable

Bald guy: now I’ll show you the way to the castle of the maleficent Adriana!

Everyone: ooh~

Guantecillo: Well I’ll stay guarding the beach

Policarpo: Totally! We have to sweep all this sand!

Tulio: You’re all chickens! I’ll go alone!

Mario Hugo: You should all be ashamed of yourselves! We can’t abandon Tulio like this, without even cheering for him!

Everyone: you can do it! you can do it!

Tulio: ogh, don’t you have a better chant?

Everyone: alabio! alabao! ala bim bom bao!

Balon von Bola: Happy birthday~

Tulio: ugh…Bodoque, where are you when I need you?

please put your lips on mine and shut me up

anon 1 ”Can you write a Collage AU where Will and Nico are roommates? That would be awesome! I love you and your fics!

anon 2 “Can you write an Au?”

of course! thanks for the prompt. sorry that this is kinda angsty whoops. (if you want me to write something, my ask is open!)

title from talk to much by coin.

please put your lips on mine and shut me up

“Wait. It says i’m not rooming with you.” Cecil pursed his lips as he looked at the rooming arrangement. “It says I’m with some guy named Leo Valdez. What the fuck?”

I looked over at my best friend and then down at my rooming arrangement paper. It listed my dorm number and where on campus it was, and who I was rooming with. “I’m with some guy named Nico.” I told Cecil, sighing. “I made sure that I requested to room with you.”

“Hey, at least I’m near you. Now I won’t have to deal with anyone you hook up with.”

I groaned, “I’m here to be a doctor. Not to ‘hook-up’.”

Cecil winked at me before turning to go to his room. “Never say never.”


I placed my key in the door to my room, and stepped inside. The dorm was everything I had expected. It was small, ugly, and smelled like mold. I had a vague memory of NYU’s website claiming that the school had state of the art dorms. Liars.

I plopped my bag down on the bed on the left side of the room, and looked over at the other bed. It had already been made up. There was a light gray blanket messily thrown on the bed, and a few rumpled pillows. A computer was plugged in on the desk. That was all. My roommate must be a minimalist or just gave no shits, I decided.

I set up my stuff in a good half hour and left the room to explore the school. When I got back, the other side of the dorm was still empty. I wondered where my roommate could possibly be.

Nico Di Angelo.

It was a nice name, one that I struggled to believe was real. I had studied latin and knew that roots of the words. His name roughly meant the angel of victory If I mixed its greek and italian roots. It seemed like a fictional name, one that the hero would have in action movie.

I wondered when I would get to meet him.

I got my answer at 12 am, when the door clambered open loudly. A dark figure fumbled in, and I woke up with a start. I clicked the light on, and I suddenly realized why this boy had been given such an angelic name.

He was short and lean, and his hair was messy but fell in a way that framed his face perfectly. He was dressed in all dark tones, and a multitude of bracelets traveled up his pale skin. His eyes were dark like chocolate and-bloodshot?

Nico Di Angelo was very drunk.

He looked at me, gave a slight nod, and passed out on the bed.

The next morning he was gone.


The cycle repeated for a good month, but when the classes began to speed up in October I began to see Nico more.

He confessed to me that he didn’t really know what to study, but his dad had forced him to come to school. Also, his father was the Hades Di Angelo. The millionaire car salesmen. He would call Nico a lot, and those calls would typically end in shouting, and Nico storming out of the room. My roomate would come back the next morning, hungover and cranky.  

On one particular afternoon I walked into the dorm ready to study, and heard Nico yelling at his father through the phone. The responses were so loud that I could hear every word.  I lingered in the doorway, trying not to intrude, but it proved impossible.

“You failed that test Nico!” A loud voice shouted.

“Its not like I care, Dad!” Nico scoffed, “You’re the one making me go to this school in the first place.”

“Bianca would’ve cared.”

Nico’s shoulders tensed, “Don’t bring Bianca into this.” His voice was cold.

“Sometimes I wish you were gone instead of Bianca.” Nico’s father started, “She cared and wasn’t a faggot like you-”

Nico threw the cell phone across the room, its glass screen shattering into a million pieces. He got up, and began to walk to the door, bumping into me.

“Where do you think you’re going?” I asked him, blocking the door.

He rolled his glossy eyes, “None of your business, Solace.”

I knew that we were never really that close, but Nico looked so small and helpless that I couldn’t just stand by and let him drown his feelings in beer. Also, his father was a piece of shit. Point blank. “It is my business if you are going to go out and get shit-faced. That clearly was a rough phone call and you need to-”

Nico’s dark eyes widened, almost resembling a deer in headlights. He shrank back. “What did you hear? Please don’t tell anyone! Please Will I-”

I went in to hug him then remembered that Nico never let anyone touch him. “Theres nothing to be ashamed of, but I won’t tell anyone. Thats what friends are for, and as your friend I’m going to make sure you calm yourself down without getting drunk.”

Nico’s eyes cast downwards. “You’re not my friend.”

“I am.”

“No you’re not.”

“Your are staying this room.”

“Make me.”

These words triggered some primitive urge in me, making me grab the collar of Nico’s ripped Pearl Jam t-shirt, push him against the wall, and shove my lips against his. It wasn’t slow or romantic but there was contact, and thats all that really mattered. Nico didn’t resist, he just reacted to my motions.

His big brown eyes were wide open, as if he was pleading me to do something more. I slid my tongue into his mouth and his eyes fluttered shut. All I wanted to to was erase the pain that was in his voice, make him forget his terrible father for just a moment. Also, it wasn’t as if I hadn’t thought about this moment a million times before.

After what seemed like forever, I finally pulled away, us both gasping for breath. “This better than going to a bar?” I asked, quirking an eyebrow.

“Much.” Nico said as he leaned in and kissed me again.


sorry this is shitty and rushed.  

GOT7 reaction to (eventually) finding out that their crush likes them.

Anonymous said to reactionsthatigot-7:

Hi omma ! Sorry this one will be long kekekekeke Can you do a gif reactions of each member learning that their crush broke up with her boyfriend, then when they learn it’s because she loves someone else and finaly when they discovers their crush loves them back? thanks a lot comma, you’re the best <3

Thanks for the request, i hope you like it ^_^ 
i actually enjoyed the longer scenario-esque  reaction ^_^
Profile idea are needed for next week!! send them in, if you want a chance at getting your profile idea done :)
~ahgase Omma  


Break up- he tries to look as conceded as possible, but he can’t lie that he’s a little happy.

Loves someone- keeps an eye out for who ever it could be, theres no way just anyone is getting close to you.

Loves them- well now he is over the moon! 


Break up- instantly hates the guy that did this to you, his own feelings are second to yours

Loves someone- keeps an eye on you, he can’t deny you do seem a lot happier

Loves them- suddenly over whelmed with happiness, it didn’t even cross his mind it could be him


Break up- ready to beat someone up! basically gets angry for you 

Loves someone- What?! NO! he lost his chance! he wishes he made his move a little quicker

Loves them- just watch his smile grow! he sighs in relief, its the best day ever.


Break up- clearly very consered about you, hoping there was something he could do for you, but puts himself in place, making sure not to over step his boundaries 

Loves someone- doesn’t say much other than the standard best wishes, he’s a little curious to who, but he doesn’t want to come off as jealous

Loves them- too many emotions he can’t deal. happy that its him, shocked that he didn’t see it earlier, surprised that you kept it secret for so long.


Break up- would be there to give you all the advise you need, and cry on his shoulder.

Loves someone- but who’s shoulder does he have now… clearly frustrated at the situation

Loves them- well… he didn’t see this coming, he’s so happy, but damn, he has no time to react.


Break up- not ashamed to tell you what he really thought of the guy.

Loves someone- after all he did for you, he feels second best all over again.

Loves them- so happy the dork inside is revealed! he can’t stop smiling for days!


Break up- never stops you from talking when your emotional, just listens and patently waits his turn.

Loves someone- but theres only so much he can wait, but he can’t let go of you  either.

Loves them- seems like he doesn’t need to, and he’s so happy he gets shy, he knows his hyungs will tear him down about it late, but he doesn’t care!

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Fifth Harmony {Sentence Starters}
  • "I won't believe a thing you say this time."
  • "Even though you're so damn fine, I know I'm better off without you."
  • "I'm not the way that I used to be."
  • "'Cause you're the best I've ever known."
  • "The only one who gets my attention is you."
  • "come and get me, 'cause I don't wanna dance alone!"
  • "Now I understand that we're better together."
  • "Everything is changing and I never wanna go back to the way it was."
  • "You showed me everything I need to see."
  • "Ain't no use in wastin' my time on just anybody."
  • "I gotta have you near me."
  • "Oh, he'll buy me a thorn before he'll buy me a rose."
  • "Give it to me, I'm worth it!"
  • "I don't even know you, but I know that I can't wait to kiss you."
  • "First off, you should really be ashamed."
  • "I'm in love with you already. I know, it sounds crazy."
  • "Whatchu acting shy for?"
  • "Come and make it worth my while."
  • "My heart is making up excuses for your ways, but I wish that
  • My heart knew when I should walk away."
  • "Either you want me or you don't. I need to know."
  • "I feel like dancing all night long!"
  • "It's all on you, so what you wanna do?"
  • "My innocence is wearing thin, but my heart is growing strong."
  • "Yeah, I really should've worked it out."
  • "Who are you gonna be when there's nobody there?"

Person 1: Oh, I don’t like girl groups that much.

Boy group stans: That’s okay! Everyone has a preference!1! No need to feel ashamed!1!! :))

Person 2: Well I don’t really like boy groups.

Boy group stans: 

With 1,000+ followers, the Beacon crew wanted to tell you all something. Something important!
  • <p> <b>Ruby:</b> Hi everyone! Thank you for sending us all this love here at Beacon, you all mean so much to us! But remember, you've got to give love to yourself too. As well as those around you!<p/><b>Weiss:</b> Yes, of course! Even if something seems impossible, keep trying your best. With strength and perseverance, you can move mountains! So follow your goals, and don't forget to set new ones after you complete them!<p/><b>Blake:</b> Also, as easy as it seems to be, running away from your problems won't help. You have to face your demons head on. Which is scary, I know. But you aren't alone, you have others. Don't be too scared to accept help.<p/><b>Yang:</b> Try not to stay hidden in your room forever, remember to get out of there, and say "hi" to family, they probably miss you a lot. And you don't have to jump out there for hours, just go out, say hello, and then you can go back into your safe space, keep trying though, baby steps.<p/><b>Jaune:</b> If you ever doubt yourself, don't worry. It's something we all do. Just keep self reflecting, hunt down whatever about yourself you don't like, and then begin to work on changing it. Or removing it. But just don't give up, you are worth it, and so much more.<p/><b>Nora:</b> Remember that it's always okay to treat yourself to nice and yummy snacks! Anybody, from body builders to just your average day person, everyone deserves to taste some yummy food. Even if it's a little bad for you. Just make sure you have self control and can practice moderation.<p/><b>Pyrrha:</b> If you have feelings for someone, act upom them. The worst they can do is say no. And yeah, rejection hurts, it really does. But that's the first step to getting over that obstacle. And if they say yes? That's wonderful!! Please enjoy your newfound relationship, just make sure it's healthy, and all parties are happy.<p/><b>Ren:</b> Nora is right yes, but also remember to try and eat healthy. Fruits and vegetables are important for growing bodies, for bodies in general. Take some quick time to research what kinds of fruit and vegetables are good for you. And if you're allergic, try and find a safe substitute.<p/><b>Coco:</b> Try out new clothes, experiment with your fashion, don't be afraid to do something out of this world! And if you can't afford this style. Don't worry, you could always learn how to sew, homemade things are always better, aren't they?<p/><b>Fox, signing:</b> If you feel as though you're surrounded by an impenetrable darkness, don't lose yourself over it, take a seat, and a breath. And you will find the light! There is always a light, we all believe in you. Go get it!<p/><b>Velvet:</b> Taking lots of pictures is fun, you could cover your walls in pictures of things that make you happy! But don't forget that pictures do not equal memories, so whenever you take an amazing photo, put the camera down and etch the subject of the photo to your mind. Try your best to remember the things you love.<p/><b>Yatsuhashi:</b> If you feel as though you're intimidating, do not worry. The character archetype of a gentle giant is truly a great one. Change that intimidation into a sense of power and courage that people will respect and love. Change it into something you would love.<p/><b>Sun:</b> Don't forget to exercise! Go for light jogs at first, exercise is healthy for the body and the mind. Also remember to eat things that will give you the appropriate amount of energy, you can't run a mild off of a bag of chips! Try a few bananas!<p/><b>Scarlett:</b> If anyone ever laughs at the way you look, ignore them. You're rad if you feel rad. Simple as that. End of story. No one else can ruin that for you, no one.<p/><b>Sage:</b> If you ever feel as though you're just a character in the background, sit down and think about it. If life is a big story, yes you're a background character for strangers. But you're a sidekick to those you love. And you're the hero of your own story. Never forget that.<p/><b>Neptune:</b> Try and beat your fears, you can do it! Scared of spiders? We all are, you aren't alone! Try your best to get over a fear, because you can do it! We're all here to help!<p/><b>Cardin:</b> Don't be afraid to apologize for something bad you've done, it'll make you feel a lot better in the long run, believe me.<p/><b>Ozpin:</b> No matter what in life. You must do what you find is right. You have to follow your heart, your soul. That's what is important.<p/><b>Glynda:</b> Even if it'syour job, there are some messes that you don't need to clean up. Don't let other people's mistakes consume your life. You have yourself to worry about.<p/><b>Qrow:</b> Try your best not to fall into addictions, but if you do, don't be ashamed. It happens to a lot of people. And don't worry either, there's help out there for you. You only have to ask for it.<p/><b>Cinder:</b> Don't stick around with manipulative people, they're not good for you, or your soul. People like that will only hurt you. It's best to cut yourself away from that toxicity, even if it hurts you in the short term. You'll be so much better off in the long term.<p/><b>Mercury:</b> Sometimes...parents aren't what theyre they're cracked up to be. Some parents are just bad people. That's just it. If it applies to you. Keep fighting for the chance to grow up to become a strong and stable adult. One that will never sink down so far as to hurt a child.<p/><b>Emerald:</b> We all have bad habits, ranging from nail biting to shoplifting, but no matter the range, with enough work and willpower. You can break those habits. And replace them with good habits, you can do it!<p/><b>Roman:</b> If you don't feel love in a romantic way, don't worry. Platonic love is some of the strongest stuff out there.<p/></p>
  • Penny: Don't ever worry about being forgotten about, you have friends and family that will remember and love you well after you're gone, but that doesn't mean leaving won't crush them. So do your best to keep yourself here as long as you can.!

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i feel ashamed about regressing. i shouldnt, cause i know theres nothing wrong with it and it makes me happy. but i feel so embarrassed for wanting to have things like pacis and toys cause i know a lot of people think thats weird or gross. and that makes me feel bad and like i need to hide myself. also if i told people, they might jump to the conclusion that i do this as a sexual thing when that's not the case at all. i hate feeling ashamed. any advice? its okay if not tho. thnx for reading. <3

hello there friend!

i understand what you mean, i have the same feelings when i regress a lot of the time. i feel embarrassed for being in an adult body and wanting to be a kid again. i understand exactly what you’re going through!

my best suggestion is to be gentle with yourself, be patient, and be kind. remind yourself that you’re not doing anything wrong, and if you do ever want to tell other people, try to not use the words “age regress,” and instead just explain to them that you like to play with toys for stress relief purposes! they tend to understand better that way.

i hope you feel better in the coming days, take care of yourself, okay? you deserve to feel good and happy with who you are! i love you a lot! 


egglaying fic hahahahaa. this is actually the first egg hell fic i wrote but i havent posted it until now because im ashamed of myself. it was part of something else so theres no context for some things, i didnt like the rest of it so i decided to butcher it and post its remains.

nsfw, semi feral, post redemption, the works.

Keep reading

  • Valkyrie Cain: Maybe we can help you - maybe there's a cure for... being a zombie.
  • Thrasher: We don't need a cure.
  • Vaurien Scapegrace: That's right.
  • Thrasher: We're happy the way we are.
  • Scapegrace: Happy with the power.
  • Thrasher: Very happy, just the two of us, and there's nothing wrong with us either. It's very natural in fact. Nothing to be ashamed of -
  • Scapegrace: Thrasher, shut up.
At the banquet
  • Victor: hey Yuuri have seen Chris? There's something I have to discuss with him and it's sort of urgent
  • Yuuri: *exhales* I'm ashamed to admit this but I think I might know a way of getting a hold of him immediately
  • Victor: great you're lifesaver yuuri
  • Yuuri: *takes deep breath and cups hand on mouth*
  • Chris: *from the other side of the room*

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Wait so you use reference photos too?!?! I thought I was the only one!! I can't really draw all that well unless I'm using something to look at and come back to ;-; it makes me so happy to know my fav artists do some of the same things as me ^~^

to people who come and say “wahhhh the XYZ I draw never looks good!! man do i suck!!!!!!”: there’s 98% you just dont know how it looks 

and this is EXACTLY what reference photos are for

how the f are you gonna draw a motorcycle if you never studied them???? okay it has two wheels gj but what else??????  do you know how the stuff is put together???? how the wheels are attached???? do you know the structure??? proportions????? shapes??????? how it all comes together????? how it looks from different angles????? no you dont so LOOK IT UP theres no shame

to people who are ashamed/scared/whatever of using reference photos:
think of it like of a formula in your math class

Why is the freshman in September unable to calculate the quadratic equation? Why are they suddenly able to do it two weeks later right before a test?
Because they learned the formula.
They studied it. They spent time understanding it. They solved countless equations using it. They know the rules inside out.
Now they dont need it anymore because its in their head. They can use it whenever they want to and solve an equation whenever they need to.
And they are going to slay that test.

Artists who are pros simply know what they are doing, they’ve been doing it for years, they did it countless times so now they can draw. This is also a great moment to tear down the concept of talent - practice. is. everything.

Tl;dr use references everyone does and everyone should