there's no link for that tag on my blog all well


ahh so im opening up commissions ´v` after the longest time lmao

tho incase the examples are too tiny to see well i recommend going thru my side blog @crybabytime ‘s art tag (its tagged as #my art !) because i post there all the time and they can be seen in their true resolution!

If interested or have any questions please contact the email above thank you!

msa au asks post

Anonymous said: So in MSA spirits can injure Izuku, right? It would be kind of hilarious if one of the police officer’s spirits got annoyed with him mid interrogation and bit or scratched him or something. Izuku’s like “Ow, quit it.” and whomever is interrogating him is just “Who is he talking to and where did that injury come from?”

this is basically canon already. and by ‘canon’ i mean ‘canon in my heart where my au lives on immortal and forever’

Anonymous said: Suppose the lie detection quirk does work on MSA Izuku, he’s just going to provide the least helpful answers ever isn’t he. “How did you learn about Erasorhead’s quirk?” “The fox told me.” “How do you give people their quirks back?” “Shoving mostly.”

izuku is already preemptively giving everyone the least helpful answers ever and tsukauchi’s presence is doing absolutely nothing to change the issue. i’m glad you know me so well

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Status update and translations

Hello everyone! I’m guessing that some of you noticed that I haven’t posted anything for quite a while, just barely making my presence on the blog for character birthdays. I probably missed out on a lot of things here so I will probably reblog a bunch of stuff when I have time.

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Tarot Readings

Hey Guys. So I’m currently going through some financial issues, and as a result I’m going to start giving 3 card tarot readings for $5 to help get me through some bills and help build up my savings a bit. I’ll be doing 10 at a time, though if I do get that many it will take up to 7 days due to my work and school schedule. The readings will be done in write up form, through email or private message via tumblr, and payment through my account, which I will put the link to in my bio at the top of my blog.  

If you’re interested in getting a reading, please private message me so we can discuss, I’m open to reading for specific questions or just general readings as well, and of course if theres something in the reading that I don’t explain or that you don’t fully understand I will try to go more in depth. Please note that these are a lot more personal and specific than my free one card draws, so any request sent through anon will be ignored.  

Donations and tips would also be greatly appreciated. Please PLEASE help me out and spread the word by reblogged this post, tagging it would be even better  

Thank you all So much!!

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a-mistake  asked:

Hey there!! Just wanted to say you have the most fricken amazing skills ever! I wanted to ask as well (as an embroidery noob) if you know any good learning resources? Like I've seen people doing flowers and complicated looking stuff and I was wondering if there's a place where I can learn? Thank you so much for how much you've already taught me!!!

Hello and thank you so much!! 

This is a summary of all the How-To’s I’ve written, I’ve got a Starter Tutorial and also a tag for the embroidery asks I get, but those are all related specifically to my style, which I gotta admit uses the easiest stitches: back stitch and satin stitch

Beyond those two, I don’t use any other stitch techniques…nor do I know how to do them! I’d be doing the same google search you would in order to find anything. But there are a lot of great needlecrafters out there who have tutorials much better organized and presented than mine, so I encourage you to seek out what you’re looking for! (If there is a particular piece or artist you like, try seeing if they have a craft blog– a lot of them do!)

This isn’t me shooing you away! If you have some specific questions how I achieve a certain fiber effect, feel free to ask! I am happy to help, but I’m self-taught and willingly stuck in my little needlepoint bubble of comics and sunsets. 

please dont follow me if u are mutuals with @.icedsodas/@.phantomemoji/@.owasera or whatever their current url is

this isnt a callout and i have no right to call it one because its mostly personal drama but please take the time to read this anyway (esp if ur mutuals with them) because theyve made me ridiculously uncomfortable over the course of the past couple years

lots of text and screenshots under the cut also tell me if its hard 2 read cuz of my theme and i will edit it (in the meantime u can right click an image + open in new tab to see high res)

u can either block them or me after reading this idrc which/rbing would help me spread the word to all my mutuals but u dont have to

tw for brief mentions of suicide

edit 5/12/17: so they talked to me about it and really only dug themselves further into a hole and made it even more obvious that they are stalking me. that conversation will be linked at the bottom of the post to keep it in chronological order, but if you already read it and want to see the update,  >click here.<

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i identify with russell here because that’s basically how i handle getting that type of information, too.

evens-hair-swirl  asked:

Hi! I've been writing a post about internet culture for a friend who is a complete outsider and I'm now at the Sherlock fandom part and thinking what meta I should mention. What do you think are the most important meta for someone who has never read anything? (like top 5 or so) I'm, of course, gonna mention TJLC, but apart from that? There's so much meta (Mary, Mycroft, etc) but I'd like to keep it quite simple (ehm not gonna happen probably..) Thank you and your blog is amazing ! :)

Hi Lovely!

Sorry for the delay on this, I’ve a huge backlog of asks.

Unfortunately, most if not all of the meta I write and recommend are for Johnlock and TJLC. You can check out maybe the posts in my masterpost / masterposts tag, and you can check out some TJLC posts in these links:

[TJLC: A Beginner’s Guide] - this one has a list of things we have associations for in the TJLC fandom. Some links are broken but it’s a good starting place.

[Abridged Version] | [Another List] | [And Another]  | [Johnlock, Garridebs, and S4] | [Johnlock in S4] | [Will the Writers Make it Official?] | [Johnlock is Already Blatant] | [Will Johnlock Be Confirmed in S4?]

I wrote an extensive Mary meta here: Mary is a Femme Fatale

Some stuff about Sherlock’s character arc here:

Some Stuff About John here:

Some S4 Meta, which also discusses story narratives as I see them:

And the ever popular M-Theory can be found here, which many TJLCers use as a basis for our writing.

Ah, that should get you started, Lovely. Again, I apologize, as my meta are very biased towards Johnlock. I’m actually working on re-compiling my meta, so to do that here would be redundant. Also, you can check out @sherlockmetalibrary, as they are in the process of collecting meta for their site as well!

I welcome people to add their own personal favourites.

anonymous asked:

Hi! could you help me with something? I quit drawing for 2 years and now I want to draw again, but obviously my art skills are bad, could you please give me some tutorial/advices/character bases? anything can help seriously:(

I have a side blog where I reblog all the useful tumblr posts with art tutorials, speed paints, anatomy and references, animation, software, tips and etc. (It’s probably better to browse it on the phone, the theme I picked isn’t too good and I’m too lazy to change it) But here are some links that might help you:

Create characters through different shapes | Anatomy: back/arms/muscles (x x x x) | feet tag and legs post | hair | more references and tutorials | perspective angle references for people | just gerenal perspective tag, mostly for architecture and stuff | some tutorials | free art programs | THIS MASTER POST | photo references (SenshiStock on DA has SO MANY photos you can use as references!)

I’ve made some posts in my main blog as well, and uploaded some speed paints for my patrons on Patreon. Some books I can recommend: Force: Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators, Framed Ink: Drawing and Composition for Visual Storytellers and The Art of Layout and Storyboarding. Those books might seem like they are too specific, but seriously, they can give you a ton of useful info!

Hope this post helps! 

AH GOSH OH GOSH THATS WAY TOO SWEET JESUS Q///___///Q Thank you so so much!! I’m not as great as you say I am really, I just adore seeing other people’s art, and fanart is even more wonderful for me, it’s absolutely amazing to think that people would spend their time drawing my characters, like it’s insane 8//m//8;;

And yeah I agree though, sometimes AUs or art styles really look like their creators!! Theres this amazing post where everyone kept reblogging a picture of themselves and one drawing they made, and you could only notice how similar they were *//__//* It was a fantastic post!! (Almost added mine, but… I changed my mind at the last minute. I’m too shy haha //nervous sweating)


Aww… Thank you so so much. See, turning off asks and submissions is already a huge HUGE relief. I was very very afraid that it would cut the link I have with you guys, but look at all the adorable messages I got?? I mean, I’M AMAZED BY HOW SWEET YOU GUYS ARE???? You’re so supportive and nice and absolute cutie pies, and gaaaah I always have a wonderful (now ordered) time <333

Your support is sooo appreciated dear, really. Thank you deeply, you understand so perfectly!! q//v//q ALSO YEAH OH GOSH MY FOLLOWERS ARE WAY TOO CUTE I JUST SAID IT ABOVE BUT I LOVE YOU GUYS ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY.

And aaaah, oh mi gooooosh of course!! Please design as much as you want, the guy wears anything!! <333 (also nice icon o//^//o)


Aaaah thank you I’m glad you like it! <3 I honestly really really enjoy working on this comic. It makes me practise, I’ve never done comics so detailed before, or I stopped afer like 4 or 5 pages because it didn’t interest me anymore. (Gotta say, thanks to CQ who is my main inspiration to keep going right now! It’s really pleasant :D)

I am never going to give specific dates about the Ink comics updates, because I’m a student and work is more important than anything <3 Besides, I owe art and also want to draw my OCs more, I got a personal project started >//v//< <3 For now Update 3 has its storyboard done! Now I need to write the text in details. I gotta say it didn’t progress much for now, sorry! D: But hey, one more month and I’ll be free to work on it without any problem >://3c

(We’ll see if Ink makes it… oops did I say that loud)


Mi god you brought so many memories to me just by saying the name of this song. Now I have it in my head. ;____;

ZT!Gaster is the ultimate goop manta. He is the Golden Goopster yes



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I love my babies alothhhhah… I’m so glad you like them too!!! 8//m//87

//wiggles// Mweeeh

My main OCs for now are Meke (the jellyfish girl), Soar (the muscled creepy guy who’s missing an eye and is a total sadist/masochist/cannibal but I love him anyway) and Aherän, the Angel, the cute the pure cinnamon roll WHO WILL GET FCKING DESTROYED.



WELL FUNNY YOU SAY THAT Because I just got a hair cut, my hair is short and curly again now!! :DD It was starting to get way too long and I really didn’t like having it. I’m sooo happy now it’s all beautiful and shiny ^////__////^<33

I’m small with brown eyes and brown hair (I’m original ye). I’m

very small. //sobbing



Aww I took a random theme and fucked up the code. ._.


I’m not an expert at coding but I know the very very basics concerning it’s visual aspects, and coding is reaaaally relaxing to do. That’s why I change my dA page design from time to time. (actually I should change it again when I have the time, it’s getting a bit old D:)

Aaaah je suis ravie que tu aimes mon fiston <333 Et je t’en prie viens squatter, y’a encore de la place :DDD //pointe une des 9500 chaises (déjà bientôt les 10k AAAAAAAAAAAA)


Awwww thank you so so much I just had to put this question in it was too cute <333 Thank you a lot, I hope the arting is going well!! >//w//<9



//sobbs on the floor caressing a drawing of him


HAHAHA HUEEEEE IM SO GLAD YOU AND YOUR FRIEND LIKE THEM! ////v//// Yeah Holiday seems to have alot of success <3 Just take him he’s yours //hands him over and keeps Heats close

I’m very happy you guys like the Uwa!!trio, I love them too alot <333

(i cant find them a specific tag though… Q//___//Q i guess uwa!!sanses or uwa!!trio but I’m not sure…)



I wanna see more ideas like that so yeah <3333 IM VERY HAPPY YOU LIKE THEMMM SQUEEEE

OH MY GOSH REALLY??? I’m so happy you like my blog, that’s so sweet of you!! Q///v///Q <333 YOURE THE SWEET PERSON HERE JESUS

And nooo ah, I don’t have a Wattpad sorry!! 8//m//8 For now I’m only active on deviantART and tumblr!!

anonymous asked:

First up: hey! to my fave sam blog :D Second up: apparently i'm following the wrong people bc there's heaps of sam hate on my dash rn :( as sam is my precious baby cutie pie, this obviously will not do. Do you have any sam blog recommendations? (besides your own excellent self) thanks! XD

Thank you sweetie!! I’m always happy to supply some Sam feels ! 

here are some Sam centric (as: Sam only) blogs: 

Sam-centric blogs: (bolded means I follow the blog)

you should also track some good Sam tags , many people are posting in them and they’re all great. 

Sam-centric tags: (bolded: I track the tag)

if you want some fandom blogs of Sam girls (which means, lots of Sam but some other things too, and sometimes multifandom) let me know and i’ll make you a list :) 

have a great day. 

A blog to Block but a PSA too.

Proof B-I-D (BillDip-is-Dead) Goes into the BillDip tag just to reblog art not meant for them, nor directed at them, just to either insult it or trying to start something/having more of something to complain about, instead of making their own posts to just vent or create their own topics. 

It’s bad enough that they are CONSTANTLY searching the BillDip tag, even the Reylo tag on occasions trying to start something, even though they SHOULDN’T be in there if they hated the ship so much. 

Also @anti-anti-billdip @aboutthatshippingdiscourse @theshipscourse This should be the last post. At least, this will only be one contribution of my own, through remembrance of catching the blog in the tag before I just started flagging posts. This just should go around, because their reblogs are never found for some reason. 

Now before anything else because I don’t think people read all the way to the bottom. Don’t engage or go after this blog. They may be older than me but just don’t do it because I will fucking shit if you do. 
Just block them because even after this, I believe they’ll insist to continue to seek out the ship tags.

This mostly goes for BillDip, Reylo and maybe even Sebaciel shippers (I guess since that’s what they talk about most but really, any shipper if they want to is fine.) 

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hey everyone! to celebrate 2016 finally coming to an end, I decided to whip together a reclist of my favorite Teen Wolf fics I read this year! this list is skewed towards femslash and rarepairs, because those are two of my favorite things! 

this list contains a total of 65 fics across 40 ships. if you enjoy any of the fics recced here, please let the authors know through commenting, kudosing, or reblogging! ao3 links have been provided where available, but many of these fics are available on tumblr as well. please read the warnings and tags on all works before reading!

so without further adieu, let’s get this party started!


double shot of what the heck by kirargent, 1778 words. Rated T.
A girl in New York Allison’s age had a freak accident in a power substation—should’ve been electrocuted; wasn’t. It took hardly any digging at all to uncover the fact that she’s the daughter of one Noshiko Yukimura, a woman who’s changed her name several times but whose face looks just the same as it did hundreds of years ago.

Perfect Presents by @fandom-madnessess, 1870 words. Rated G.
Kira had come up with the perfect Christmas gift for Allison, and the perfect way for her and Braeden to ask Allison out. Then, of course, her clumsiness ruins it.


just before sunrise by @derekslaura, 1226 words. Rated E.
Cora slips her fingers over the ripples in the sheets – one two three four, smooth waves – and tries to be patient with her brain as it processes the still-warm linen and empty space. She’s the only person in the bed. The dim glow falling at her feet is still soft, just before sunrise. A loud, seeking groan slips through her lips as she rolls into several feet of unoccupied bed.

features trans, ace spec Cora and aro spec Allison.


and your knee socks by @sleepy-skittles, 17,274 words. Rated T. 
Allison Argent is a halfback playing for Seattle Reign, and despite having her professional life on track, preparing to represent the United States on the National Women’s Soccer Team, that’s the only place in her life she feels really satisfied. There’s pressure from her family, especially her mother, to always be Perfect, and she’s been burying the things she wants to try to get there. She might or might not be in love with her roommate and her teammate Kira, and Allison doesn’t even want to touch what’s going on with Cora Hale. When they all head to Canada for the Women’s World Cup, Allison’s finally forced to make an important choice, and to learn something important: that maybe, if she’s brave, she can have everything she wants, after all.


Heroes of My Heart by @fandom-madnessess, 3945 words. Rated T.
Allison, Scott and Isaac are a great team, at home and in the field. When Isaac gets badly hurt on their latest mission, Allison and Scott get him home as fast as they can, worrying about Isaac all the way. And Isaac, he’s got some worries of his own.

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Now for the fun!!
  • So over the ships pretty sure Rucas is happening now on to the "game changing" news that's going to happen in sweet sixteen! So I'm going to try my hand at predictions! Mind you I'm bad at this stuff so bear with me lol
  • So first what we know
  • ~Everything relies on a decision (so the game changer may not happen)
  • ~Topanga has some say in the decision
  • ~Depending on the decision Cory could potentially not be their teacher anymore
  • ~It has nothing to do with money
  • ~it has nothing to do with school
  • ~there is no threat of them moving back to philly
  • ~ Cory was not offered a better job
  • ~ an opportunity did not present itself to Riley
  • ~Farkle dos not get an early acceptance to college
  • ~the game changer makes Riley Auggie and Maya sad and cry but it in itself isn't necessarily's actually good
  • ~if it happened it will affect EVERYONE including even Shawn
  • ~ Farkle does not know and his reaction should be particularly interesting
  • ~ someone if not everyone is finally going to "explode"
  • ~no one came out as gay bi etc
  • ~ may seem to the "bird watchers" (wtf is that) that it is good for rucas but in fact it isn't
  • ~ no one dies and we already said the game changer was actually good news so this is like common sense
  • ~no one is pregnant (although that honestly would be like the BIGGEST game changer of all time in my book especially if Riley was pregnant but that's like OVER pushing the envelope lol)
  • ~this game changer could potentially affect Rilaya and it seems not in a good way
  • ~Maya is not moving in with her dad
  • ~If they film the show where the game changer does happen,again, everyone will be affected and they could potentially end the show on this ( if need be i.e. Get canceled)
  • ~if no cancellation again everything will change
  • ~there is the potential to lose someone
  • ~in this episode no one is moving
  • okay so with all of this information to me the most obvious predication is that Cory, Topanga, Riley, and Auggie are potentially moving. Really the only thing that will affect everyone and the very premise of the show itself with these perimeters is them moving. Because really nothing would affect Shawn other than Maya and Katy and let's be honest most of all Cory lol. We know Maya isn't moving to her fathers but still if Maya was the one moving why would Auggie be crying and Topanga have a choice in the matter?
  • -So we know Cory didn't get a new job offer and Riley didn't get a new opportunity. I thought about maybe one of their parents got really sickly and they had to move back to be with them but nahh because of the hint the news is good and they are not moving back to philly. So this kind of only leaves either Auggie getting a new opportunity and them moving for him or Topanga once again getting a new opportunity (and I say once again because there's always something going on with Topanga esp if you watched BMW). Also as far as tying into Topangas say in the matter the girl meets world writers already said sometime in this season Riley and Topanga were going to have a huge fight and this might be the catalyst. Also there was a hint at possibly someone realizing they like another person while being in a relationship because reality has a way of making things clear with the potential of losing someone. Let's all be honest and say we now this has to do with Riley and Farkle. and also it was stated the show if canceled could easily end this way (also hinted that it's common. What's a more common way to end a series than the main character moving away). Now there was mention that no one was moving (In this episode). It was real suspicious how "in this episode" was added to meaning probably the decision hasn't been made yet about the move.
  • Well those are some of my thoughts where and why they are moving is a mystery but it might become clear soon.
  • I got all of these hints from a tumblr user who was at the live taping of the episode. I honestly forgot their username so if anyone knows it please link or something 😁 oh found its "girlmeetsherworld" I don't know how to tag people lol but there is probably more hints on that blog
  • Feel free to let me know yalls ideas
  • UPDATE: it's recommended to watch these BMW episodes "A long walk to Pittsburg 1&2" , "Graduation", Angela's Ashes, "Brave New World 1&2" now I JUST finished binge watching all of BMW so I don't even need to go rewatch but if you haven't watched these episodes then wow it's almost completely obvious lol
  • "A long Walk To Pittsburg 1&2": episode where Topanga MOVES AWAY to Pittsburg because one of her parents got transferred!!!!
  • "Graduation": episode where they graduated high school and everyone was MOVING AWAY to college and on to the next chapter of their lives. Topanga had to make the decision to go to Yale or stay with Cory (she stays with Cory lol)
  • "Angela's Ashes": Angela MOVES AWAY with her father to Europe
  • "Brave New World 1&2": last episodes of BMW everyone is preparing to MOVE AWAY and again on to the next chapter of their lives. Again, Topanga gets a job offer from a law firm in New York (hello gmw lol) and Cory and Shawn MOVE with her there
  • I mean idk how much more blatant could this get and multiple people have said watch these episodes. And can we please talk about how basically ALL of these episodes have some shit to do with Topanga? Perhaps a hint? Even though Angela was the one leaving in Angela's ashes Topanga was the one zooming around and interviewing for the New York job so The episode was about Angela but HIGH KEY Topanga.
  • Lol I'm going to stick with this moving away thing but knowing my luck it's not going to be this because it would have been "too obvious" haha
  • Another Update:
  • So after an interesting message today I'm now like 87% sure that this is happening 🙊
  • So I watched True Maya and Jexica again because those are the recommended GMW episodes to watch and let's just say in this theory I'm missing exactly who is moving (I think Riley and fam but I'm not exactly sure), why they are moving, and where they are moving
  • Let's just say that after watching those episodes I see that at least one of those answers is defiantly hinted at 👀👀
  • A hint: something pertaining to one of those three questions will be mentioned 3 times over both episodes. All of the mentions are different but they all have one thing in common. Another hint, after you watch the episodes and think about it, look back over the recaps of my BMW episodes. It's literally written right there.
  • Okay actually...after some things I realized that basically everything you need is in this theory lol just put it all together. like I said isn't there a common theme in the BMW episodes? And watch the two GMW episodes and think about what I said. All of this should answer who, why, and where (:

sourwolfsden  asked:

Do you remember that you rec me a bottom!derek fanfic? Well now I know why you love that one so much!!! OMG! I felt like falling in love all over again with sterek! So can you tell me what are some of your favorites? And this time it can be more than 10k ;)

RIGHT?! It’s so good, I am so happy you liked it!!
Oh gosh, okay, I’m just gonna rec all my faves, but I’ll do the bottom!derek ones first, and put all the others under the cut!

Ahem, okay, here goes (side note: I have just looked at the tags on AO3 to pick out the bottom!derek ones in my bookmarks, as I honestly can’t remember which ones have it or not, the sex is just good in all of these regardless haha):-

No Homo by RemainNameless
Honestly, this fic, it is just, words can’t even describe how much I enjoyed this, it’s a college AU which I am a sucker for, so I was sold on that principal alone, but honestly, the way it’s written is so amazing, I love the characterisation and just, it’s just so good okay!

Dating Backwards (also by RemainNameless)
This fic, is hands down one of my favourite fics, it was one of the first sterek fics I ever read and being introduced to a fic so amazing early into the fandom and shipping I just, wow. I didn’t even know what tropes were, I didn’t know anything about fanfiction, so seeing a pornstar AU I was like… what? But I am so glad I gave it a chance, because well, it’s amazing.

There’s Monsters at Home by calrissian18 (wellhalesbells)
First of all, Magic!Stiles, that’s all I’m gonna say because damn, I love me some magical Stiles, anyway, I didn’t even know much about this fic when I started reading it, so I was like, meh I’ll give it a go, and it has definitely worked its way into my faves.

My Heart’s Been Offline by thepsychicclam
This fic was just all the feels, I want to write more, but the part I want to talk about is the part that  will have you thinking “noooooo that’s not what happened, you’re reading into it wrong!” so im just gonna leave it at that haha.

The Price by theroguesgambit (halekingsourwolf)

Five Times Detective Stilinski and Fire Captain Hale Had Sex In Public, and One Time They Did It In A Bed by bleep0bleep
Honestly, this is amazing, they’re both such assholes, who in the end clearly want each other, but it’s just so beautifully written and captures them perfectly, the way it progresses is so easy and fluent, just, so good.

Famous Last Words by JenNova
This is the title for the series, theres 6 parts to it, but seriously, the whole thing is full of sex and feelings, its so amazing. (I am so bad at trying to portray my feelings for fics, seriously though, I love the characterisation, the way its written, just, ah, amazing)

Put your hands on me by littlelostcat
Slides this fic in front of you; this is purely PWP, enjoy. Bottom!derek while Stiles uses wolfsbane to have the upper hand.

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callout post for hirukou/magehenrys

tw for pedophilia, ableism, misgendering, and abuse. please reblog this so everyone knows how legitimately horrible tatianna is. ive compiled multiple testimonials and will add more when imgur starts working.

their urls are as follows : hirukou is their main, kuricia is their art blog, and on twitter their handles are @magehenrys / @loliizumi (lol)

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Like Harry Potter? Like Christmas? Want to make some new friends? Well then this might be for you! 

How it works:

  1. You don’t have to be following me or marta, but it’d be nice if you did! But please follow this blog for updates, reminders and things!!
  2. You can enter by filling out this form (this is a secret santa so everyone is accepted as long as you can make/write something, you will both make and receive a gift). by doing so, you help us match you with someone with similar preferences. Entry is open until 2nd December.
  3. When you have entered please reblog this post! The more people that enter the better it will be for everyone!
  4. Gifts can include: fics/drabbles, gifsets/graphics/edits, fan art or fanvids.
  5. Your ask must be open at all times. We will match people up based your preferences on your entry form, and you will be assigned your person no later than December 6th.
  6. Sumbitting will begin on 20th of December (to make sure everyone has time to work on their gifts.) Feel free to post your gift to your own blog but PLEASE tag the person its for and send us a link to our submit box. Also if you wanted too tag it with #harrypottersecretsantas so we can have a tag full of nice things!
  7. This is kind of an important rule - Because I know its hard to come up with ‘Christmas-y’ situations in requests, Im imposing that your gift must have a wintry theme (i.e from November - 1st January) It would be nice if it was Christmas-y themed, but for certain AUS (which I know people will probably  request) and stuff thats hard so. Just make it wintry themed (for example - first snow, snowball fights etc) Unless the person specifically requests a Christmas theme.
  8. if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us or  me on my personal blog.


  1. Please, keep your content about the character(s)/pairing that have been requested.
  2. Finish your gift in the time allocated. The latest they will be accepted is 27th of December. If you think you might need a little longer then please send me a message and explain why.
  3. Fanfictions/Drabbles/Whatever you want to call them : Im imposing an 1000 word minimum on these, so people can make the most of their gifts.
  4. Photosets: Minimum of 2 gifs. You can do 500 px gifs but if you choose to do these please make sure theres at least 3 of them.
  5. Fanvids should be at least 1.5 minutes long.
  6. Please put time and effort into your gift! Don’t leave it until the absolute last moment (although, we all get busy and we understand that) There is a person working hard for you, so please consider how you would feel if your secret santa didnt put all their effort into yours.
  7. Do NOT steal other peoples already made gifts/graphics/writing, claim as your own and then gift it to someone.
  8. DO NOT under any circumstances tell your person that you are their secret santa! Keep it a secret!!
  9. Also, please do not post who you got, or what you have to make for this person on your own blogs! This will 100% ruin the surprise also.
  10. Please put “Happy Christmas!” at the end of your application so we know that you have read these rules. ANY APPLICATION WITHOUT THIS WILL BE IGNORED.
  11. Please submit your gifts from 20th December to 27th December (if you need to submit earlier because of holiday or family plans/trips then please message us first before you post it!)


And most importantly, HAVE FUN!