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Tsukki’s a sweetheart, and Yamaguchi’s in love.

Kryta - Lion’s Arch - A Tour of Lion’s Arch
Western Ward
Tour Guide:
All right, folks. Before we get started, I want to go over a few rules. We’re going to move quickly, so keep up. Please keep questions to a minimum. Parents, please keep your children close. I’m not responsible if they wander off and get eaten by karka. OK. Let’s go. Any questions? No? All right, then.
Western Ward
Tour Guide: After Scarlet destroyed Lion’s Arch in 1327, the Captain’s Council held a competition for the rebuild effort. The brightest architects from around Tyria submitted their design proposals, including one very talented student. But alas, her brilliant vision for the new Lion’s Arch proved too forward thinking for the small minds on the council. So instead of gazing upon sweeping views of the bay, we have a giant…lobster. Note the excessive use of materials. And those…claws. Follow me, if you will. Is everyone having a great time? I know I am.
Grand Piazza
Tour Guide: Curved glass and ornate steel comprise this mighty installation. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to stand under it if an earthquake were to happen. On that note, let’s continue. Pick up the pace, people.
Grand Piazza
Tour Guide: Over here are a number of asura gates that lead to various cities all over Tyria. It’s the most effective way to escape in a hurry. Perhaps to find adventure, or a new career when your architectural dreams are shattered by a giant concrete crustacean. (cough) Moving on. Remember folks, a generous tip is an appreciated tip.
Trader’s Forum
Tour Guide: This area is very popular with the children. And those easily excited. Behold: the Lion’s Arch fountains! Incidentally, this is also where 80% of all tour-related injuries occur. Please watch your step. Shall we? Is everyone having a great time? I know I am.
Trader’s Forum
Tour Guide: Through this portal is the second ward of Lion’s Arch. Take a moment to get acquainted with the area. I’ll meet up with you, just on the other side. Go on.
Tour Guide: (sigh) Is it almost break time?

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Paget Brewster on Conan 2008 (Bat fishing Interview)

This one also seems to have been removed from the internet, boo! But I saved a copy, so, enjoy. Paget fans: y’all need to see this. Seriously. This freaking dork right here I swear to god…