there's no hope for the rest of us

Hello to my fellow adventurers who feel lost in this journey called ‘life’. Rough roads, eh? Try to take it slowly. Tired? Rest for a while.
I have read this quote “See the boulders on your way not as stumbling blocks, but as stepping stones”. It’s not easy to see problems as means towards your goal, however, if you always see them as hindrance that stop you from continuing your journey, you might get stuck in your situation.
Face it, or at least try. If it still does not work despite of your attempts, traverse another path. It may not be what you have planned (whoever has all their plans come to be anyway?), but may still take you somewhere - perhaps to the same destination you have imagined, perhaps not, or to a better one. No one knows exactly how what will happen to whom anyway.
Just  continue your journey despite the hardships.
Try to feel enjoyment along the way. You may feel it in many forms: read a book; take a sip from your cup of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate; capture the twinkling of the stars; or take a moment to appreciate nature. Have you already seen and felt everything around you?
Sleep, but just for a while.

People that are having an issue with certain USWNT’ers flying in first class:

In 2015 Darcyland was so precious to a lot of us; it was the place where we found the quiet, the love we needed to breathe a little bit better in a world without rest. That’s what I hope our little fandom will be again for 2016. We all want a better world and a change will start with us. 

For you writers, know that every sentence you write will help in its own way, you can help think about numerous things, make us laugh and cry (and tingle, oh the tingles). For you draughtswomen, painters and other doodle artists, you will bring smiles again and again with your gifts. 

You are all creating love, from the collections of music to a fanmade video or a wicked headcanon or prompt, you will all help escape reality and give us other mighty weapons to guide liberty of expression everywhere in the world (don’t forget young women are in prison just for being fans and doing what we love to do every day in China). You might think it’s just for fun and giggles, I say it’s a part of having freedom where we live.

2016 will be lots of things, for sure, but what I want for all of us is to be a good one. Remember, we are all cherished and deserving of respect and love. And if you doubt it, come on this blog, message others darcylanders, take part of a reblog and discussion and I promise you, you will remember it.

Happy New Year to all of you!