there's no green in there

“I hope I still do you all proud”

congrats Jack!! 13 million is a lot of people to be in a community! as you said in your video, the channel has been growing super fast! I started watching your videos around when you got 8 million subscribers, so it’s wild to think that was only this January!! I haven’t met a lot of people in the community, but from the people I have met and the people I’ve seen on social media, they are incredibly nice. it’s a refreshing thing to see a community so big that isn’t filled with hatred and even more so to see a creator who is such a positive influence.

Jack, you manage to make me happy during times when I feel at my worst, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I know that so many people are proud of you, and we will continue to be no matter what. congrats again Jack!




something no one brings up or cares about from the 90s is goo. green goo. it was everywhere. nickelodeon. that literal sentient green goo movie. in like dinosaur movie toys (youd hatch a dinosaur and thered be green goo in the egg). just random toys that were green goo themed. food was fucking green goo themed (and probably poisonous). like it was just a thing. no one questioned it. it was always green. the toys weren’t fun cause it attracted dirt and hair. yet it was EVERYWHERE. why does no one ever bring up that bizarre trend. goo. just goo.

what the FUCK on g-ds green earth is this! theres a bun in there. cheese . MEAT. and youre putting it in ice cream youre just chopping it up and putting it in ice cream!! youre going to have ground beef ice cream with cheese and soggy bread. WHY would you do this. i am REPULSED on a level ive never felt before. like oh yum mcicecream! why dont you mix a filet o fish in there while youre at it? theres fucking ketchup on there too. i can never go back to a state of not having seen this video and i mourn that. im going to be thinking on this video on my deathbed. my last words are going to be “hamburger ice cream” what the fuck

every single day green day manages to make me fall in love with them even more. whether it’s billie joe armstrong draping himself in a bisexual pride flag in front of 12,000 people, tré cool doing a signed drumstick scavenger hunt at every single show simply because he wants to, or mike dirnt taking group pictures with fans and posting them on his own instagram with captions saying how much he loves us. honestly bless this band.

“Don’t look so unenthusiastic! This is gonna be great!

…Well, that’s actually the face you usually make. Are you happy to be here? I honestly can’t tell.

Reeed! Give me a smile! Or something at least! Come on~!”

Time for a sunny vacation //(*▼▽▼)∩//


Lime Slime 🍋
[by the.queen.of.sland on IG]