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Just Another Day at the Ranch

I must say, Slime Rancher is one of my favorite series so far. I get motion sickness from video games, so I can’t play them for long periods of time. That’s why it’s nice to watch others have fun with it. And if I start to feel sick, I can take a break, and the game moves on like nothing happened.

Plus it’s always nice to watch Jack enjoy video games :D

Speed Paint

guys,,,,im begging yall,,,,watch the prom!!!

it’s an amazing musical about how the highschool prom is cancelled because emma and alyssa (a lesbian couple!!! representation!!!) want to take eachother but its “against school rules” or some dumb shit like tht and!!! im not gonna spoil it but its so so worth your time!!!

there is no cast recording but there it s bootleg and. just. watch it please? 


Go interesting places, meet interesting gods, and get murdered by them! 

Like the orange soul this is my own personal head-canon, don’t take it as canon.

I think the Kindness kid might have been the only other human who fell down that came close to befriending all the monsters he met, and besides Justice, was the only one to make it to Asgore. But unlike Justice who fought Asgore and lost, the Kindness soul offered the king his soul willingly after seeing how hopeless all the monsters are on his journey. He left his pan and apron behind and asked the guard to take him to the castle.

this one was especially difficult on the old king afterwards…

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A single-line drawing of Michael Burnham from Star Trek: Discovery.