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my spread for the past 2 weeks!! I’ll probably be posting in every 2 weeks 😅 rly messy and ugly bc past 2 weeks were so hectic but week 3 (currently is even more hectic!!!! I am dying tbh) theres quizzes and debate tmr ahh so many commitments!! LIFES TOUGH BUT IM TOUGHER!! let’s get through the weeks together ☺️

Fuck ignorant coworkers

I work at a bread bakery/cafe on the main street of an ivy league town and theres some debate tournament going on this weekend.
I start work at 4 and we are slammed all afternoon. Im either running around cleaning and stocking or bringing food out until 9 when i get a break and food.
Everyone is stressed the fuck out and its 10 minutes to close and its packed and people are just getting food and its a mess.
Im about to have a panic attack and i take a moment in the freezer and try to calm down but im still about to cry so i ask someone to stay late so i can leave.
They freak out and start yelling that im too young to know stress or some shit and my manager reluctantly lets me go home and i break the fuck down the second im outside. Now i have to close tomorrow with this tournament shit still going on.

don’t you just love it when female characters are reduced to “YAAASSSS QUEEN SLAY” instead of actually acknowledged as multidimensional characters just so people can pretend they give a flying fuck about females?


FINALLY done with my Jams charms!!!!

You can get them on a bunch of merch at my Redbubble
I’m also thinking of making them into charms but I’m still unsure on how well they would sell/how the whole ordering process goes? MAYBE SOMEDAY…

Annoying trend: when liberals in a debate say “I think [issue at hand] is much more nuanced than that!!” and do not then proceed to explain the ways in which the issue at hand is in fact “nuanced”, nor how these “nuances” are being overlooked by their opponents. 

“Nuance” is not a word you can just chuck into your “argument” to shut down opposing views lol…you ought to actually explain what you mean. But, then again, most liberals who throw that word around these days often don’t even have a follow-up argument; their defence of their position relies entirely upon the cultivation of an “enlightened” image which they use as a shield against their opponents, who they suggest are simply too unenlightened and simple-minded to see these “self-evident” nuances and complexities. We see this tactic used by liberals/pomos all the damn time. When they argue in favour of transgenderism, when they argue in favour of pornography, in favour of “sex work” and “sex as a human right”. There are just so many nuances at work when it comes to these issues, see. There’s no point dealing in facts and studies and statistics and analyses because all of these “concrete” things ignore all the “nuances”. There’s no real point in forming a coherent analysis at all, for that matter, because no analysis could ever possibly account for every tiny little nuance. Just, like, roll over and accept the liberal desire to not investigate and theorise the root cause (and implications) of anything. 

Not breaking in an event you don't enjoy

I really like Dew Gayl and Nebula Violette’s designs. The other NDGO members are alright too, but I haven’t looked at them enough to form a better opinion :’D

Dew Gayl reminds me a bit of a gladiator, with the scale-like armour, the spear, and such. Tbh I think she’s my favourite design-wise out of the bunch [not including aura/skills and such, this is just visual appeal] :’D
Nebula’s hair gave me a hard time e__e

I like drawing headshots like this. Should get into them more since it lets me sketch characters and get their faces down before attempting a full-body OTL

INTP–ENFP Forced Care

INTP: You mean to tell me that you knew your type for a week.

INTP: And you did not tell me.

ENFP: I’m sorry!! I forgot. And I had other things to do, and talk to you about!

INTP: I can’t believe you withheld this from me.

ENFP: You know what, man, I’m running on like, two hours of sleep.

INTP: And as I told you, I’m running on literally Nutrigrain bars and applesauce, but I’m still kicking ass.

ENFP: You what??

ENFP: *Pulls our candy bar and hands it to INTP*

ENFP: Here, eat this.

INTP: What? Why?

ENFP: Because food!

INTP: I… I didn’t–

ENFP: You need to eat food, INTP, you can’t not do that, it’s a simple fact!

INTP: But what if I don’t want it.


(Later, after the two are done eating lunch.)

INTP: Man, you know, it feels really great to have eaten something that wasn’t either apple or blueberry flavoured because that has been my Nutrigrain diet for like, a day and a half.

ENFP: *Quickly whips out candy bar again*

ENFP: Take it.

INTP: Did you have that on hand the whole time, just so you could offer it again.

ENFP: *Insistently and steadily holds candy bar completely still and towards INTP*

INTP: ENFP, I’m really not even that hungry, you don’t have to–

ENFP: Take. It.


ENFP: I’m not taking it back.

INTP: You mean you’re going to leave it here if I don’t take it.

ENFP: Yes.



INTP: *Silently pockets the candy bar*

INTP: Thank you.