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  • Aries: You play all the time, and you play to win. You are a cheerful and a happy person but god help the ones who do you wrong or the ones you love. You know how to party and you know how to have fun. You always give great compliments. You have a great body and great physical looks. Your smile is sexy and your laughter is even sexier. NOW, START LOVING YOURSELF AND YOUR SIGN.
  • Taurus: You have an impeccable taste for literally everything, you are the biggest hedonist out there and you simply know how to live. And you love life itself which comes in many forms. You have a cheerful spirit, intriguing mentality and even a greater heart. You are capable of putting up with so much shit and staying sane, haters can just stay jealous. You have the power to crack the earth in two when you witness negativity and you will. NOW, START LOVING YOURSELF AND YOUR SIGN.
  • Gemini: Your intelligence, style and communication skills know no borders. You are always the funny one, and even while some people might think that you're a drama queen or a double-faced attention whore, you just know that it isn't true. And you don't fight them but you let them learn it themselves that you're not a double-faced backstabber who hurts people for fun. You just love supporting people and making their lives better. NOW, START LOVING YOURSELF AND YOUR SIGN.
  • Cancer: You are literally one of the sweetest experiences one could ever have. You can teach people a lot, and you can stay strong through a lot of shit in your life. You are pure, innocent, loving and caring. You give the best hugs out there and you know how to satisfy people. You are full of positivity and you always put people's needs before yours. You can stand up and keep an insanely happy face even you're being torn apart inside. You are strong and you are one of the most sensitive people out there, which makes you really strong. NOW, START LOVING YOURSELF AND YOUR SIGN.|
  • Leo: You have this cheerful spirit and you radiate with alluring energy. People might accuse you of wanting to be the center of attention but you deserve to be the center of attention because you are special and you know what you're capable of. You just want to assure people that you're a person who's capable of many things and you can lead yourself and people to greatness. You are a natural born supporter and you simply know how to make people's lives better. NOW, START LOVING YOURSELF AND YOUR SIGN.
  • Virgo: You are really a person who's great in many spheres of life. You're deep. People might accuse you of being overcritical and a perfectionist, but don't let them bring you down. Yes, you are critical and you are a perfectionist but that's because you just want everything to be alright. You suffer from tons of anxiety when you want to achieve something but believe me, it will pay off. Just stay strong and don't listen to people who say that you're very silent and unsuccessful because you have the potential to surpass them all. You are a great thinker, a very intelligent person and you are one of the biggest go-getters out there. Stay strong and you will succeed in whatever it is you want. You know how to fix people's problems and you are born to help. NOW, START LOVING YOURSELF AND YOUR SIGN.
  • Libra: You are a person who radiates with positive energy. You are a beacon of happiness and you are one of the most creative people out there. You know how to care for people and you know how to love. God damn it, you have impeccable style and you know how to dress. You are appealing and both your physical and mental beauty are dominant when you enter a room of new people. You are a big, big person with even a bigger heart than your body and you know how to give people an advice. Those pieces of advice you give, often fix people's problems. You are beautiful. You are admirable. You are capable of many things and you know how to get shit done. NOW, START LOVING YOURSELF AND YOUR SIGN.
  • Scorpio: You are a person who's capable of many things. People usually think that you're too intense, childish, evil and vengeful but you're not. You just know how to have fun and you love making people's lives better. You are a master of telling jokes. Your eyes can penetrate deep inside a person's soul and see the sadness inside that person. And you will help that person. You help people on a daily basis, even if they don't see it. Most of the time you are very sad and you suffer inside because you think that people don't see what you've done for them, and that is okay. But believe me, they do see what you've done for them. And if anyone wrongs you or a person you love, you can avenge yourself or that person you love. Many people think that you're cruel and unforgiving but that's not true. Don't listen to the stereotypes for Scorpios and focus on being a good person. You forgive endlessly, you just don't like showing your emotions because people might manipulate you or use them against you, so you might do some things (which you will later regret) just because you don't want to seem weak. But that's how you protect yourself. Don't worry about others' opinions, you're a great person, filled with positivity. NOW, START LOVING YOURSELF AND YOUR SIGN.
  • Sagittarius: You are a person who cares about everyone. You are not bitchy and nervous, it's just that you are sick of people doing mistakes which they will later regret. You are a born teacher and you are born to lead people into a new, better world. People need to start listening to your pieces of advice because the pieces of advice you give are priceless. You are not extreme and you are not impulsive because you want to be, you do it because you want to prove others that you're a good person and a person who honestly and sincerely cares about everything. You often suffer from anxiety and insomnia, but it's because you are a very intelligent person and your mind works a lot faster than other people's. You come off as a person whom everyone thinks that hates emotions and doesn't know how to feel, but, believe me, you know how to feel. You just can't stand it when people don't live just and you are born to fix the mistakes of yours and of other people's. NOW, START LOVING YOURSELF AND YOUR SIGN.
  • Capricorn: You are a deeply caring person but you don't show it as most people do. Others will think that you're unfeeling and cold-blooded because of the way you show your emotions and because of your silent nature, but you are not emotionless. You are a person who cares a lot about your and other people's future. You are not materialistic and money-oriented, you are a person who is concerned with your and other people's well-being, so you work your ass off because you know where you might end up one day. Don't let people pick with you or underestimate you because you are a very sensitive and emotional person who knows how to support people and lead them to happiness. You will be made fun of, you will be insulted, you will be hated and you will be fought but you should know that you shouldn't give up of spreading positivity and working hard to achieve your goals. Don't let negative people stop you and bring you down. Learn that you are a person who knows how to function. You are not dull, as most people think. But let them think because you needn't carry about negative people's irrelevant opinions because you know who you are, and you are not dull. You are a very interesting, funny and creative person. You are a great friend, parent, partner and a lover. NOW, START LOVING YOURSELF AND YOUR SIGN.
  • Aquarius: You are an open-minded person and your intelligence is really great. You are a very understanding person and you know how to have fun. You lead people into great adventures which might seem risky, but you do it for the sake of fun. Best memories always come from great experiences, and you know how to make people experience things. You are not limited and detached as most people think, you are a person who just thinks rationally for your and the lives for the people around you. You are not argumentative as everyone thinks, you are debatable. There's a difference. You love learning and debating, you just seem argumentative because you're passionate for debates and learning new things. You are not a weirdo or a freak, you're an eccentric person. There's a difference. You are a great friend. NOW, START LOVING YOURSELF AND YOUR SIGN.
  • Pisces: You are one of the most insightful people out there and you simply know everything, because you feel everything. you have the gift of unlimited and uncontrollable emotions, which might sometimes take advantage of you but I assure you that you have the ability to control your emotions. You are one of the most intelligent people out there. You are very beautiful, both physically and mentally. You are a natural born philosopher and you're the deepest person there is. You are not weak just because you are hurt or triggered easily, you are strong and powerful beyond limits because you experience everything both with your heart, soul and mind. You absorb people's feelings and you absorb information like a sponge. You are capable of many things. No matter your easygoing, sweet, cheerful or introverted nature, you are one of the best fighters out there and you always win no matter what, because you stubbornly go to extremes and you have the ability to go to the end of the universe and back, if it's required of you to get what you want. You fight till the very end and you know how to sit on the throne. Despite most people's (stupid) opinion, you are not a wallflower. You are a natural born leader who just seems dreamy and lost most of the time but that's because you're very intelligent and you think like no-one else does. When the topic of a conversation is brought, I bet you've already been overthinking about it. You can put up with so much shit and you can go through everything, you can run through hell and fly through heaven in order to achieve your goals. You are not weak, you're just a person with the most intense emotions out there. Learn to control things and you will be unstoppable. When someone hurts you or someone you love, you will turn into a giant shark and every unjust person will feel the ocean's wrath. You are not weak because you're a forgiving person, you are just one level above all those haters and you actually understand why people made those mistakes, and that's why you forgive - when you forgive. NOW, START LOVING YOURSELF AND YOUR SIGN.

ik lots of ppl r annoyed by the petscop censorship thing but in my honest opinión…..i think that’s what ARGs are all about, having to take a leap of faith w the creator in order to be progressively led to the Big Outcome.

hiding information from the audience is the name of the game for ARGs

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mobile(.)twitter(.)com/FreddieUpdates_/status/869256529962299395 How cute is this? Guess we know where Freddie got his personalized onesie from. That's so adorable that the tomlinsons buy matching clothes for Freddie, Doris and Ernie.

He got his little brother and sister and baby the same matching monogrammed peejays! How adorable and fancy.

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Do you have penis, or a vagina? I don't seem to understand why many genderfluid people seem to get angered at the question, like are you that angered by people knowing what you pee with? Seriously, ask me if I have a vagina and my answer will be yes, there's no debate about it. Why is it such a big deal for you folks??

it’s an annoying question because you’re really just saying “haha ok so you’re nonbinary but like are you REALLY a boy or girl???” it’s annoying because me saying “im genderfluid” should be the end of it, it should be enough for you. you wouldn’t ask a stranger who introduces themselves as male or female “omg but WHAT DO YOU PEE WITH” -at least, you wouldn’t unless you had reason to suspect they were trans, or were 5 years old and had a childish urge to inappropriately talk loudly about peeing and genitalia. seriously, among people that are all assumed to be cis, this topic never comes up! know why? cause there’s absolutely no reason you would need to know what someone’s genitals look like unless you’re assuming it determines their gender, and you’re taking it upon yourself to do just that. you want me to either tell you i have a dick or tell you i have a vagina so that you can tell yourself “oh ok so they’re really male/female!” and completely ignore the fact that i already told you i’m genderfluid.

it’s invasive. it’s rude. it’s transphobic. we get angry when you ask because it’s a dumbass, disrespectful question. we don’t have to tell you shit about our bodies. mind your damn business


“except in the case you’re a whale”

so, i just got my second rhett and link tattoo and i couldn’t be more in love with something. 

save me
it's peach canning season and i CAN'T ESCAPE
save me

on a side note, i hear this song as quite the hoot back in the 80′s

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Hiya! Someone at lunch said there's a debate as to which Shakespeare character spends the most time dead on stage. I figured you'd know! Please help?

Oooh, that’s a fun question! I don’t know off the top of my head, to be honest, but if I had to guess, I’d say either Desdemona or Julius Caesar or Arthur. They all get big speeches over their bodies, which adds up to a lot of dead stage time.

I’m assuming we’re not counting the Ghost of Hamlet’s father.

Anyone got any suggestions?

 After reading a wonderful response by @northfey I thought i’d chip in some food for thought here.

Please don’t use mental illness as an excuse to purchase recasts. 

Mental Illness and recasts do not correspond in any way. Using your mental illness as an excuse as to why you “need” to purchase counterfeit items in order to live with your disorders is a terrible argument.

Yes, dolls can be a source of comfort and grounding, as they are to me, but saying that your mental illness requires you to purchase recasts is nothing more than selfish behaviour, and it paints a very negative picture of the rest of us who are also fighting an internal war every day of our lives. 

With the money you spend on multiple counterfeits, you could have paid for the therapy you need, or at least have purchased a legit doll. There are hundreds of legit dolls out there for the same price, or LESS than what a recast costs. You could even be saving yourself money for more important things by doing some research and finding inexpensive alternatives.

Don’t use your mental illness as a selfish way to justify theft. Get some help please. Ball jointed dolls are a luxury.

I highly suggest anyone struggling with mental illness not to depend solely on material objects as therapy and as a coping mechanism. Please seek help. 

  • Dave: I was always like "oh it's so clever how George had Maul get cut in half so there's no debate over if he died like with Boba" and then one day George was like "oh by the way we're bringing Maul back" and I was like "how does that work?" and he was like "you're gonna figure that out"

you know, it’s been said before and better than i could put it, but wtf is up with this website and the so-called belief of “aging out” of fandoms…like once you hit a certain age (usually about 18-20 or so) you’ve gotta get put out to fuckin pasture. like yeah interests change over the years and i get this website’s demographic skews toward the younger but honestly,,,,we’re allowed to still like things, mikayla, it may be a radical concept

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Is there a situation where input lag is purposely added to a game? Theres ongoing debate in the fgc about sfv having 6.2 frames of lag on purpose due to online play, and how it relates to how they use their cfn to allow crossplatform play between pc and ps4.

Yes, that’s actually pretty normal. If you want online play, you need some amount of input lag to serve as a buffer so that both players will get the same results at the same time. The amount of lag will vary depending on the game, but it’s pretty normal to have some amount of input lag to provide a buffer in order to allow for fair gameplay. Let me show you what I mean. Normally, when Ryu presses the roundhouse button, the signal from Ryu’s controller goes in, gets processed by the machine, then the move starts. In a lagless environment, this is a timeline example of what would happen:

However, when Ryu is fighting Ken online, there’s not one single timeline, but actually three separate timelines - one for what Ryu sees, one for what the server sees, and one for what Ken sees. The difference is that these are not synchronous by any means, because it takes time for Ryu’s game to tell the server that he pressed the roundhouse button, and then it takes time for the server to tell Ken that Ryu pressed the roundhouse button. So it actually looks something like this:

If it takes 50 milliseconds (3 frames) to transmit data from Ryu to the server, and another 50 milliseconds to transmit data from the server to Ken, then Ken won’t register Ryu’s roundhouse button press until 6 frames after Ryu pushed the button. Ryu likewise would also not see Ken’s moves until 6 frames later. Obviously, this isn’t so good. 

Imagine this scenario. Ryu and Ken are right next to each other. At frame 0, Ryu presses roundhouse (startup time: 5 frames). This means that Ryu’s roundhouse will hit on frame 5. At frame 1, Ken presses jab (startup time: 3 frames), hitting on frame 4. In a lagless environment, Ken’s jab would hit before Ryu’s roundhouse on frame 4. But what if this were online with 3 frames of latency between each player and the server? 

If this happens online, Ryu’s roundhouse button press signal wouldn’t reach Ken until frame 6 (pressed on frame 0 + 3 frames of signal travel time from Ryu to server + 3 frames travel time from server to Ken). Ken’s jab signal wouldn’t reach Ryu until frame 7 (six frames of total signal travel time), and suddenly you have three different stories going on. Ryu believes his roundhouse (pressed on frame 0, hitting on frame 5) cleanly beats the jab that was pressed on frame 8. Ken thinks that his jab (pressed on frame 1, hitting on frame 4) cleanly beats Ryu’s roundhouse (pressed on frame 6, hitting on frame 11). The server receives Ryu’s roundhouse at frame 3 (0 + 3 frames travel time), Ken’s jab at frame 4 (1 + 3 frames travel time), and thinks that Ken’s jab actually stuffs Ryu out of his roundhouse at frame 7 (1 + 3 frames startup + 3 frames travel time). If the server is authoritative (as it should be), that means that it sends the signal to both Ryu and Ken that Ken’s jab beat Ryu’s roundhouse, which will then happen on frame 10 for both of them (server says it happens on frame 7, but it takes 3 frames of travel time for the signal to reach both of them). This is probably super annoying for Ryu, who pressed the roundhouse button 10 frames ago and still gets stuffed by the jab he didn’t get until 7 frames later, when the server decides that Ken’s jab won.

Now let’s assume that there’s an input delay of 8 frames. The same input timing happens - Ryu presses roundhouse on frame 0, Ken presses jab on frame 1. What changes? Because there’s the delay in the moves actually starting, all three parties now have enough time to synchronize the events before anyone expects the attacks to happen. This means all three will see the same events play out on the same frame numbers.

With an input delay of 8 frames, Ryu knows his roundhouse won’t register until frame 8, and won’t go active until frame 13. Ken knows his jab pressed at frame 1 won’t register until frame 9, and won’t go active until frame 12. The server has enough time to receive the input data from both fighters and then update them both with enough time to spare so that both Ryu and Ken will see the exact same thing happen on their screens exactly eight frames after they pressed the button. This input delay allows the server to keep them both in sync. The better the connection, the fewer frames of input delay there has to be in order to arrive at the same result. In this particular example, we could probably shorten it to 6 or 7 frames of input delay to maintain parity. If we could decrease the latency between Ryu and Ken, the input delay could be reduced further.

So yeah. That’s how online play works for almost all games played in real time. Synchronization is hard. Signals aren’t instantaneous; it takes a non-trivial amount of time to transmit data across vast distances. The only real way to handle that is by keeping enough of a time buffer. There are various (and similar) other ways of handling this; the famous GGPO method actually stores the last few frames of the game that have already passed, and retroactively inserts button inputs into the past and recalculates the game state in order to make the present synchronize up. This is what causes GGPO’s weird false positives, such as your game thinking you KOed somebody (and playing the sound effect for it), only to receive game data that retroactively undoes that event and keeps the fight going.

“But why not keep offline play without any input lag and just keep it for online play?” you might ask. They did that in past games. Unfortunately, this means that the online play is a fundamentally different experience than offline play. That’s not good if you want to foster an active global competitive community, because it means that anyone who can’t get local competition will be at a huge disadvantage. Keeping the experience consistent for everyone online and off will allow all players to practice and improve at the same game.

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I’m confused why theres is so much debate over whether Hermione is a POC or not. True, her race is not specified, but Rowling makes comments like Hermione blushes pink, and in Prisoner of Azkaban it states ‘her face was white with fright.’ Rowling also makes it a point in describing characters like Angelina Johnson as being a 'pretty black girl’ and Lee Jordan as being 'a black boy with dredlocks.’ She would have done the same with Hermione.