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At first I thought you were a constellation.
I made a map of your stars, then I had a revelation:
You’re as beautiful as endless,
You’re the universe I’m helpless in.
–Venus, Sleeping At Last

Jeremy Knox & Jean Moreau // Exy Space Gays TM


Your last quick break wound up being a 95-minute lunch.

maniacal-artifice-module  asked:

As much as this fandom is extremely laid back and cool, I have to say, I hate how Tom is treated. Or at least has been treated. He's the reason I got in to the show and the character I relate to the most. Yet, he seems to be the one the fandom hates the most. Less so now, but there's a stark contrast between how the crew views him and how the fandom does. It's weird. What's your take?

Tom clearly has his big share of faults: he threatened Marco, he repeatedly spied on him and Star, and keeps doing it, according to the Guide book, and these aren’t exactly things strictly related to his anger problems, it’s not the outburst of a moment.

But he’s also genuinely trying to change, at least as far as his anger issues go, and in Friendenemies, despite having used Marco at first, he also tried to make up for it, and deep down he was clearly enjoying his time with Marco, having found someone to be friends with.

And, even if played a little for laughs, still in a friendenemies type of relationship -let’s call it a “vitriolic, still budding bromance, in Naysaya they interacted in a pretty casual way

All in all, I think that Tom is just a normal teen, more “hormonal” than most of the cast, and who makes a lot of mistakes, while still at least trying to get a bit better. After all Pony Head tried to kill Marco, the first time they met…

He’s an ok guy demon, and I hope to see more of him in season 3, becoming the Janna to Marco’s Star, in term of screentime, would be good for both of them.

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