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i think I officially have the cast for my webcomic.

from L-R:

Zeke Delgado, bass player, sweet stoner cinnamon roll who’s only in the band to jam. Despite being only 17, he’s come into owning the soul patch with pride.

Levi Jimenez, rhythm guitarist, frequent victim of mood swings who fanboys for hours at a time over Kirk Hammett guitar solos. The heaviest band he knows is Megadeth.

Diego, lead guitarist and singer, Actual Satanist™ who only listens to music that is 90% screaming and guitar feedback. He has a glass left eye, but not even he knows where it’s at at the moment (bottom of his backpack, which is still in the closet at home)

Matt Terrace, drummer, still thinks Slipknot is the heaviest shit in the world because NO ONE PLAYS DRUMZ BETTER THAN JOEY JORDISON!!!!11!ONE. Never stops fucking cursing, ever.

anyways, i’m still fiddling with designs and story at the moment. but this is what i’ve got

new genre concept: soft apocalypse

the world as we know it has ended and mother nature starts taking back what’s hers. there are no zombies or cannibals or murderous bandits. the most valued members of the community are those who know how to garden and farm, sew and weave, treat wounds, work wood or build with bricks, cook from scratch. 

people bond together to begin rebuilding instead of killing each other. everyone teaches each other whatever they do know and works together to figure out the stuff none of them know. books become incredibly valued resources because they’re often the only way to learn critical information. if someone is elderly, disabled, or otherwise unable to work at the same level as most of the community, they’re taken care of by the others, not told any sort of “survival of the fittest” bs.

as the generations ware on, communities begin expanding into small cities. some of the settlements even find ways to repurpose solar or wind power on a small scale and have electricity in some of their buildings. storytellers wander the countryside telling tales of the old world in return for some hot stew or a place to rest for the night, and the mythos of the new world start to incorporate elements of the past. the only thing that remains constant is that humans survive, and they do it by working together.

–Spoilerish for the end of Season 4 of BBC Sherlock–

The nasty people shitting hate all over Sherlock’s writers by wishing them DEAD because of what happened (or, more accurately, didn’t happen) in the final episode are giving me such third-degree second-hand embarrassment I’ll be surprised if I survive the rest of the day without cringing myself into the next dimension. I’m glad I slipped off the TJLC hype train before it derailed off a cliff because reading all these hateful comments in all tags relating to BBC Sherlock are making me want to hurl. This is worse than the time half the fandom saw blood just because Amanda Abbington was playing Mary. 

John and Sherlock do love each other more than what I think a lot of people realize. Their connection transcends friendship without having to be labelled as romantic; they love each other deeply and dearly without ever having to express it in the ways the audience wanted, and that’s as plain as the nose on all of your faces. John loves Sherlock. Sherlock loves John. TJLC isn’t real in the way people thought, but that doesn’t mean they love each other any less. 

anonymous asked:

Hello Pia <3 I was wondering, what are your fae tales characters's zodiac signs ?

I have their Celtic signs, and I’ve stuck to a Celtic system with them instead of the Western astrology system (which is not universal), since it fits them better. (Gwyn being Ivy and Augus being Hawthorn - they’re actual signs that you can research and find the dates for).

You can find out more information on all of these signs, along with what dates they correspond with, at the link above.

Gwyn - Ivy / butterfly / the Survivor
Augus - Hawthorn / seahorse / the Illusionist
Ash - Ash / snake / the Enchanter
Gulvi - Elder / hawk / the Seeker
Fenwrel - Holly / horse / the Ruler
The Raven Prince - Hazel / salmon / the Knower

Mosk - Willow / bull/cow / the Observer
Eran - Alder / fox / the Trailblazer
Julvia - Holly / horse / the Ruler
Ondine - Birch / stag/deer / the Achiever

SasuSaku Song

 So some of you guys might have heard about the brazilian song based on SasuSaku on @fuckyeahsasusaku post. I actually already known about it, and wanted to translate it some time, but was kind of busy. Now that I’m free, I will leave the translation with the song here:

Coming from the end, begins the story
a curled up little girl
cries her heart out
feels like he’s everything she dreamed of

Beneath the red-skinned leaves
The boy leaves the city
He goes, to follow the destiny he designed

So he will run away, leaving no clue
Of where he is

She didn’t pretend to be hard to get
But he already had a commitment
to avenge his family that died without explanation

They met by chance
In a country that was re-built
Under the Oath of the ones who are born to not give up

They will meet without knowing any secret

Now the two lawless youngsters
Hidden themselves inside a manga with pages in japanese
Because just there they will able to pretend that they are just one

in every world, in every realm, in every version of the story, neal and emma find their way to one another.

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Remember to read the blog’s story from the beginning on desktop or mobile browser or go backwards through our #askbirdkeeperperi tag on the mobile app! theres also an update list. it shouldn’t take you long and may answer some questions if you are new (we’ve gotten quite a few things answered previously) and will help you follow the story ahead! your support means the world to us

"She was my Hero." A Supernatural Sister Fanfiction. Prologue

Since a few of you said I should write this story (see my last post), I decided to actually do it.Oh my god I’m sooo excited!!
Okay this is kinda of my first fan fiction, because I’ve always wrote imagines don’t be too hard on me.Okay?

Plot:“So instead of Mary coming back from the death, it’s Sam and Dean’s older sister. She died as a Teen and only Dean has Memory’s with her, but not Sam because he was 7 month old when she died. So she still looks like a 15 year old Teen, but she’s older than the brothers..”

There will be more chapter, but for now theres just this prologue, enjoy!


Since the beginning there was always one single job for Dean Winchester.
One duty, which was more important than any hunt, or any monster.

“Keep Sam save!”

The only three words his father was always telling him every morning, every evening, and every day of the year.

And these this sentence was her last wish, the last thing she said to John was :“ Tell Dean to always look out for Sammy! ”

It was a cold night, the impala drove down an empty and old street.
Their destination was a small town, near Kansas, a group of werewolves were killing innocent people.

Y/N Winchester, brought Dean and his younger brother to bed this evening.
And since John needed her on this hunt, she had to leave the two brothers on their own.

“Sleep well tonight, darling.”,she whispered to the older brother, and gave him a small kiss on his forehead:“You know when I’m coming back, we’re going to bake pie together, okay?”

Dean giggled and smiled up to his big sister:“Apple or Cherry Pie?”, his smile was everything to her, and one of the reasons she kept fighting everyday.

“You can decide,okay?”

But they never baked a pie, because she wasn’t able to do it.
That night a werewolf shot her down, John was able to kill all of them. But his 15 year old daughter was still injured and he knew deep down she would die.
And she knew it too.

With her head on his lap, Y/N look up to her dad, and while blood dropped out off her mouth to the ground she whispered :“D-Dad there’s one thing I want you to do.”

“Y-Yeah?”,he managed to answered even though all he wanted was so scream. He was so pissed at himself, so angry that you were shot and not him. After all you were his little angle, and the only woman left in his life.

“When I die, and I’m going to die!”,she whispered as a tear rolled down her left cheek:“Tell Dean, that it’s his duty to look out for Sam. He has to keep his little brother save, as long as he can.”

When he came back the next day, Dean was sitting on the couch waiting.
Waiting for his sister to come through the door, hugging him.
He wanted to go to the supermarket with her to buy all the ingredients for a Cherry Pie.

But when his dad entered the Motel Room, Y/N wasn’t with him.
And as he saw that John was crying, he knew immediately that something was up.

“D-Dad.”,he said standing up from the couch, and walking towards him:“Is everything okay, where’s Y/N/N?”

John looked down at his son, and smiled as soon as he heard that nickname for his daughter:“S-Shes at a better place now.”

He was going to explain it to him when he would be older.

The following years Dean always asked for his sister, and at the age of 10 John finally told him the truth.

“But, you have to promise me one thing!”

“To look out for Sam?”,Dean asked while the tears started to form in his green eye’s. Y/N always told him how beautiful they’d be.

“That’s right.”,John said:“But never, and I tell you, never tell Sam about Y/N. I don’t need another broken heart.”, John’s voice was cold, stone cold :“He doesn’t have any memories about or with her, and I want that it stays like that, you understand?”

“Yes, dad.”

“You’re too old to call me that.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I’m not active in OW shipping or anything but my gay ass cannot figure out why people on this site are so violently repulsed by the idea of g/ency. Take a nap.

Pointing out the flaws in someone’s writing ≠ attacking them. Take critiques (not deliberate slander or personal insults) with grace and get over yourself. We’ve all been on the receiving end of a critique before and you don’t get to whine about being “attacked” because someone pointed out that your story is OOC and your plot has holes the size of the death star.

Buck up, kiddies. The only way you’re ever going to improve is if you take critiques with dignity and actually fucking listen to them.

so after the most recent shenanigans, where trevor picks that lock, i’ve just needed to write this…. y’all know im a sucker for fahc origin stories… also i love trevor…. ok

ps. pls send me fahc trevor headcanons pls n thank i wanna write more abt this boy

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Imagine this: a world where there are no doors, no locks, and no boundaries. You can go anywhere. You can do anything.

Realise this: the above is unrealistic. You are trapped.

There’s a city. Not the city, but a city nonetheless. There’s also a boy. The city is called Indianapolis, and the boy is called Trevor. This isn’t where the story starts for us, but it is where the story starts for him.

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A is for Anxiety

Ok, so I wrote the detailed chapter outline for this last chapter of “A Walking Shadow” and the epilogue chapter after it. That counts, right? I don’t actually have to write the chapters out now, do I?

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Neil Gaiman once said something along the lines of “You will learn more writing a single story through all the way to the end than you will writing a hundred beginnings and leaving off there.” 

He is wise, but I’m still going to whine about it. I wish I didn’t get so nervous when it came time to end stories!

in our bed | prologue

All the things Harry’s thought and learned about love are true. It’s beautiful and it’s terrible, and it’s the best feeling and the worst, and it makes things seem perfect when they’re so far from it. Love ends things, and it brings new beginnings, too, and this is Harry’s new beginning ― with or without Niall.

Between the Sheets sequel… preview? Maybe?

“Your breath fucking smells like shit on a stick, Lou.”

Louis veers to the side, away from Harry’s face, and Harry opens his mouth, throws his head back and laughs like a little kid; the liquor in his system ― Louis’s a total artist at making mixed drinks with the bare minimums, it seems, and Harry’s had enough tequila-infused jello shots and White Russians and Jägerbombs to knock out an entire fleet of trained soldiers who’ve been enlisted for years ― has given him sparkly strength and comical courage to say things he otherwise would not if he were sober.

But he’s not. Sober, that is.

And why should he be?

He’s far, far away from his mother ― his mummy, who’s in Cheshire probably tucked in bed with Robin’s arms wrapped around her as they sleep through the night for a day of work in a few hours, if the clock Louis’s got hung up on the wall over the door to their cramped dorm is right ― for university and his very first class is tomorrow morning at eight (and why Harry opted to take an eight o’clock class his first year is beyond him, and Gemma even warned him against it, but fuck if he didn’t listen to her, didn’t listen to everybody else and do it, and maybe it won’t be as bad as everyone is telling him but then again it probably will be) and he’s only known his roommate for a little more than a week and he’s not a kid anymore.

He’s not a kid anymore, and he’s allowed to make his own decisions, allowed to make his own choices.

And if they’re bad, if they’re wrong, so be it. He’s got to learn somehow, doesn’t he? School educates you a lot and people instruct you more, but you are the very best teacher for yourself, really, at the end of the day. He’s not learned all he needs to yet from school, from people, but now it’s time for him to discover himself, and he isn’t going to back down from that challenge because it’s one he’s been looking forward to for years and he’s finally been given the chance to live his life in the way he’s wanted to for so, so long.

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i think about alistair becoming apart of tabris’ family way too much

hes so big and he just stands out so much and at first he feels like he doesnt fit, that he has no right to be there but then theres tabris holding his hand and standing right beside him

it takes time for them to warm up to him, but it happens. he and soris begin to crack jokes, horrible jokes really, and they make tabris groan and leave the boys to be boys, she has better things to do. 

shiannis wary of him at first, but tabris never tries to force them to get along. they get along eventually, find a mutual love for the same wine and shopping in the market and just end up spending their days talking about tabris and telling stories about her to each other

 cyrion puts him to work, but enjoys having alistair along. he makes tabris happy and thats all his child should be right? he comes to think of alistair as part of the family and teaches him things about family life (because of course cyrion wants his child to settle down, and maybe alistair is the one so he has to show him the ropes) and one day when he calls alistair son there is not a dry eye in tht house (at least between them.)

and i just rlly want them to be one big happy family bYE

GUYS i kno i did an old art post already so I’m not gonna post any pics (unless someone is really that interested in which case id cry probably) but i just found my old freshman year sketchbooks!!!! they hav all my old comic pages already sketched out (its like? 32 pages of character/story info and 20 pages of thumbnails) n I’m crying its so sweet.. i drew em when i was 14 n still happy n normal n my art was rlly bad but I put so so so much work into em n i just… theres so many emotions i love my old art so much its so cute to me… 



Shattered Tomorrow | Blake Belladonna

RWBY AU continued. Previously, Ruby and Weiss. Thanks for all the likes and reblogs! Keep Reading to continue. Disclaimer: A lot of the story here will be based on the new info I gathered from Volume 3 Episode 7: Beginning of the End, so if you haven’t watched that episode yet, do it now!

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