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A Hopeful Hardy for Tennant Tuesday

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“Hiccup falls to his knees and crawls over. He’s sure his head will explode in seconds, but reaching her is more important. “Astrid? Astrid, you okay?” He takes her by the arm and pulls her close. Her hair is still unbound and wild about her face, and he pushes it away so he can press his palms to her cheeks.”

Like it’s literally

Her hand slips off the axe-head and falls to her side. She tilts her head at him, something dangerously close to affection in her eyes.  “I want to kiss you,” she confesses. But she doesn’t take a step forward. She doesn’t steal his lips and press her body into him like he’s used to. “I don’t know why.”

“Crazy mermaid bond magic maybe?” he suggests a little sarcastically, narrowing his gaze at her. 

 "No. This is different.“ Astrid looks to the floor as she shakes her head. Her fingers rise and press between her breasts. Hiccup’s hand freezes when he realizes he’s rubbing the same spot on his own chest.

Like five hundred percent

He doesn’t want to think. Doesn’t want to wait for logic and reason to catch him. He presses his forehead to hers, lips hovering so close to hers that his inhale is her exhale. “I think I love you, Astrid.”

She shakes her head, and he opens his eyes to see her features crumpling. “It’s just the bond,” she whispers back, voice thready as she repeats his words from earlier.

“I was wrong.” Brushing his thumb across her cheek, he presses kisses to the side of her mouth. Each one resonates through his skin, something like intoxication blurring his inhibitions. That’s the bond. The curse that torments him whenever they touch. He felt that the very first night on the beach under the moonlight, but he didn’t feel this swelling in his chest. The tightness in his throat. The fear that she might dissolve into seafoam and wash away from his bed like a retreating wave.

shameless hiccstrid?

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He’s also the son of his father as she is the daughter of her mother but no….Joe is just ZOELLA’S brother. 😱


Magnificent Century Kösem episode 1 (with english subs!)