there's more to come tonight probably

Anyway, my opinion of tonight’s episode:

  • Archie is embarrassing no one is taking him seriously
  • Veronica is sadly foolish 
  • Hermione is a snake in the grass and I have suspicion that she’s a Serpent
  • Why did ‘Blackhood’ only shoot Fred and deem him “the adulterer of Riverdale” when Hermione is also an adulterer, in that case, if we’re being straight
  • Hiram is SCARY everything that comes from his mouth sounds threatening and he seems to have a sinister agenda 
  • KEVIN: BOY IF YOU DON’T STOP ! But also protect my son and stop talking shit about Betty she just cares for his safety!!!! I’m so happy he’s getting more air time this season
  • I understand why Jug lied to Betty but I’m concerned about the future outcome of that dishonesty. It will drive a wedge between them, and Jughead will start relying more on Toni, making her a huge threat right now.

There were only two problems with my plan of trying to sleep off The Sads TM, and their names are Little Bit and Deawa. It seems like the cats are fucking allergic to letting me sleep for more than two hours at a time.

also, I probably need to come up with a divorce tag or something so y’all can blacklist me being a sadsack about that shit.


four of the letters from shokrakar at the war table

theres one more, but i neglected to get screenshots unfortunately

it says that kaariss and his squad have gone missing, and after sending ashaad and ashaad two, none of them has come back yet. probably should do something about that. we have more ashaads, but we’ve only got the one kaariss, and his squad is all right

i have one more coming tonight, ill update this post as necessary

update: added the sixth letter from shokrakar. still dont have the fifth letter unfortunately

AU: NaruSaku adventures with youtube
  • Sakura: What was all that screaming about?
  • Naruto: Sakura-chan I just saw the most disturbing video in the world. Want to see it?
  • Sakura: No
  • Naruto: Come on it'll haunt your dreams for the rest of you life.
  • Sakura: Why would you want me to see something like that?
  • Naruto: Because it's terrifying
  • Sakura: That doesn't make any sense!
  • Naruto: Here sit and watch
  • Sakura: The Mongolian Tiger worm? It's not in someone's body is it?
  • Naruto: Why would that even bother you? You are going to graduate from med school soon!
  • Sakura: Becoming a surgeon doesn't mean I have to sit here and watch a worm crawl out of someone's butt!
  • Naruto: It's not a buttworm.
  • Sakura: If there's a worm crawling out of someone ass or foot in this video I swear we're going to marathon birthing videos.
  • Naruto: I swear it's not a buttworm. Just watch it.
  • Sakura: Fine put it on
  • Naruto: Thank you
  • Sakura: Okay that's not a worm that's an eel.
  • Naruto: Nope it's the Tiger worm
  • Sakura: Worms are not supposed to be that big! That is an eel!
  • Naruto: Sakura it's the Tiger worm from outer Mongolia.
  • Sakura: Ewww why is it moving like that?
  • Naruto: Well it's either stalking its prey or it is having a seizure I'll leave it up to your medical opinion Sakura-chan.
  • Sakura: Ugh this might be the nastiest lookin--ah! What was that? What is it secreting?!
  • Naruto: Its some kind of mucus it's horrifying but I can't look away.
  • Sakura: It looks like veins! Why does the mucus look like veins?!
  • Naruto: This thing is a real life monster. Just because it has a scientific name doesn't mean it's no longer a monster.
  • Sakura: No no no no it can shoot the mucos. Naruto it can shoot the mucos! It can strike from long distance!
  • Naruto: Wait don't turn away this is where it unhinges it's jaws to swallow that rat whole.
  • Sakura: Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope
  • Naruto: Can you imagine that monster crawling up your leg!
  • Sakura: Okay that's enough!
  • Naruto: But there's 40 seconds left!
  • Sakura: If you put that video back on I'll break the screen
  • Naruto: Okay...we saw the best parts anyway.
  • Sakura: Why would you show me that? This will actually haunt me for the rest of my life!
  • Naruto: You are always saying we should do more stuff together. Being disturbed together is stuff.
  • Sakura: I meant stuff like going to see plays!
  • Naruto: Well we will both probably have nightmares tonight. When that happens we can hold each other close and comfort each other. It might actually be romantic
  • Sakura: I'm leaving
  • Naruto: You are coming back right?
  • Sakura: Maybe
  • Naruto: If you leave forever I'll be lonely forever
  • Sakura: ....You are lucky I love you
  • Naruto: I know

anonymous asked:

I have to disagree. All Gerard ever does is tweet before a tour about how he's so looking forward to meeting fans and he loves his fans. He should either be making time for it or shutting up about it because more often than not there's a slew of "oh I can't sign tonight" tweets that come after most of his shows. I don't follow a lot of Twitter accounts so I basically see all of his "apology" tweets. Don't get peoples' hopes up at all. That's just rude of him.

Is he supposed to know before the tour even begins if he’s going to be able to meet fans at every show? While he probably has an idea of his schedule, he doesn’t know how every hour of the day will be used. Things come up, drives are longer than expected, and he still needs time to eat, shower, and sleep, among other things. He doesn’t know every single detail before the tour even begins–and even if he did, something could come up. Schedules change. It’s not as simple as just “making time.” He’s not a magician. He can’t add extra hours in the day.

Also, let’s face it–if he didn’t tweet about how much he loves meeting his fans, people would accuse him of not giving a shit about them and making excuses so he doesn’t have to meet them. He can’t win.