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blog style question

Hey dudes! Yeesh, there’s a lot of you these days. Quick question!

When it comes to art blogs (or blogs in general), which style do you like better: many posts in a grid, where you can see lots of different pictures at once but need to click on each post individually to go from one to another, or posts stacked on top of each other where you have to scroll down to see more than one post, but with no additional clicking required?

the grid setup, my current blog style:

  • pros: lots of pictures visible at once
  • cons: pictures are small, mandatory infinite scroll makes browsing earlier posts tedious

the stacked posts setup:

  • pros: looking through posts one after another is easy, pictures are larger, numbered pages make archive-binging easy
  • cons: only one or two pieces of art/posts are visible at once, scrolling through morning/evening/etc reblogs of the same picture might be tiresome

Should I change it up?