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Devotional Journal

Hello my magical friends! I decided to share some pics of my devotional journal featuring my gorgeous prayer beads made by my wonderful wifey @nerdywitchmomma and to also possibly help you start your own or give you ideas for the one you already have! 

What is a devotional journal?

Its exactly how it sounds! Its a journal that’s devoted specifically to a deity  

What do I put in a devotional journal?

Basically anything you want! But let me give you some ideas:

  • Journal entries to your deity where you tell them various things such as how your day went, how you are feeling, whats bothering you, how much you look up to them, something you learned about them, etc
  • Hymns
  • Poems or quotes that remind you of them
  • Your own poems you wrote for them
  • Drawings you want to dedicate to them
  • Collages (Im a fan of clipping things from magazines as you can see!)
  • Flowers
  • Information about your deity and your thoughts on it
  • Lists of things that remind you of your deity (songs, movies, characters, books etc)

What can I use as a devotional journal?

ANYTHING! Basically whatever works for you. I got mine at Ikea and I just felt like it was perfect. 

Why keep a devotional journal?

You by no means are required to keep one. Its completely optional, but I think it can be beneficial. Just like any journal its a great way to be able to look back at where you came from and how you progressed. It can also serve as kind of like a Witch’s book of shadows where you have a lot of things together in one place for reference. All the poems and hymns you like are in one place making offerings a lot easier. Writing in the journal itself can be a devotional act! And lastly, I just think its really cool to have my personal unique relationship with Aphrodite tangible. Its literally in my hands and anyone can flip through it and get a sense of how I feel about her and what she means to me. That just makes my heart feel full!

Should I share my devotional journal or keep it private?

That’s 100% up to you. Theres nothing wrong with either honestly. You can even do what I did and only share some pages. Whatever makes you comfortable! 

This was a complete on the whim post so I hope it was readable and helpful! As always don’t hesitate to message me with any questions and if you end up sharing any of your devotional journal (even if its just the journal itself) please feel free to tag me!

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If we get more headshots, can we get nessie and Jake headshots, or do you hate them like a large quantity of the fandom does?

I could probably draw Renesmee at some point! I’m not opposed to her character, but yeah, I really dislike Jacob’s character, so probably not him, sorry!!

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Why do you perpetuate gender stereotypes like "women are catty homemakers" with the aunt tanya joke? It would be funnier without that.

I mean… That’s kinda the whole joke? Aunt Tanya is the stereotypical suburban mom. That’s just who she is. Barbara is literally a partner of her own law firm and all of Uncle Marks sisters are very rich and successful and have their own businesses so just because the blog is focused on a homemaker doesn’t mean all women are homemakers
Aunt Tanya is modeled after my own mother so I don’t know what to tell you? Sorry my mom was a sweet stereotypical homemaker who loved me like Chad?

taeyeon vs wiz

well it all started when wiz posted this tweet

wiz’s dj, later on posts these tweets:

here theyre both saying she ‘backed out’ of the performance. You cant say you aint got beef when you go around mistyping taeyeons name on twitter and then brushing it off when someone corrects you. That was intentionally disrespectful. There was disrespect on both parts, but taeyeon was not at fault. I hate that theyre coming out here acting like theres nothing wrong when things have already blown out of proportion to the point where people are dragging taeyeon, calling her racist, as if stepping on that stage was literally the first time she saw him.  People said taeyeon backed off because she was racist, why  would she agree to a collab, let a teaser be released and rehearse with him if she was racist.


she later on released her side of the story on instagram, this is her statement translated:

After she posted this, taeyeon fans and sones went out of their way to show this to wiz and dj bonics.  Wiz’s reply was:

I’m sorry but what happened to ‘she gave no reason’ for backing out of the perfomance? can he not make his mind up?

you know that the best thing is though?
Dj bonics tweets.

they cant even get their stories straight. if you’re going to lie, at least make sure you guys are telling the same lie.  The best thing is that he pretends he didnt say the word hotel and has now deleted the tweets.

‘where did i say hotel?’

??????????? ?? ? ??? ?? ? ?????????

fans must of shown her the tweets, or she saw them herself, but she responded, and she posted photo proof of her at the hotel at 1am. the caption roughly translates to ‘hey buddy, i didn’t go to the hospital, i was here waiting for you,and could only wash up now’

not only am i so proud that she stuck up for herself, im dying because she looks adorable af wtfffff, and here is part of her original sc story that she posted at 1am

so she waits for their rehearsal until 1am but nothing happens so she goes back to her room as she needs to wash up. but no according to wiz, ‘she went to the hospital’ because obviously in the background of these pics u can clearly see a hospital setting.

bc obvs taeyeon just went up to to wiz and went ‘Khalifa sunbaenim, hospital kaja’

another thing i’d like to point out is another of Dj bonics tweets:

haha but dj bonics-hyungnim, your dms are closed!!! what person could have possibly sent it???

Taeyeon is clearly not at fault, but everyone blames her. the fact that she is still staying hmble and respectful is amazing to be honest.
i wouldn’t expect taeyeon would be the gentleman here instead of two dudes. 

Lastly, i would just like to show y’all some words from one of wiz’s staff:

haha im just here sipping my tea

“she backed out for no reason”
“she went to the hospital
“she went to the hotel”

hahahahahahh aight sureeeee

so guys i think its safe to say that taeyeon is innocent huh??

taeyeon stans and sones, lets try not to get too worked up over it though, wiz was never ACTUALLY releveant until he tried to mess with our beautiful princess x

keep supporting taeyeon and send her lots of love. she deserves it <3

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nofeartina replied to your postliterally every post i’ve seen complaining about…

go read what eleanor is saying (@koninginnen ) she says it so much better than I ever could…

okay, i was directed to this post by her by someone else and i just… don’t agree.  i mean, it’s all true, totally, yes, but the amount of weight put on the scenes with even is definitely subjective.  i could take the same position for vilde, who has been fairly significantly in the background, arguably has more going on, and we’ve gotten even less information on.  that girl has been cyberbullied to hell and back, is in her first real relationship and is also just generally… vilde.  there is nothing going on with even that i, as a viewer, don’t have enough information to fill in the blanks on, or at least make educated guesses about.  the same with vilde.  people just don’t give a shit about vilde’s story because she’s not half of the most popular ship in the fandom.

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You endorse Joshaya? What the fuck. He’s predatory, taking advantage of a minor, it is literally illegal and glorifying that to the young audience, and sidelining Maya – why can’t she get a guy her own age? Unfollowed.

ok lets break this down bc i do see these arguments a lot

“He’s predatory, taking advantage of a minor, it is literally illegal”

maya is 15. josh is 18. 

its only illegal for an adult to have sex with a minor, and in GMW the characters don’t even kiss. BUT EVEN THEN, maya is not considered a minor by new york laws, so the argument doesnt stand:

“ In New York State, a person who is under age 16 but older than 13 years old can consent to sex with a person who is no more than 4 years older; the crime of the 3rd degree rape only happens when a person over the age of 21 has sex with a person who is under seventeen years old or younger  “

so your argument, calling him predatory and her a minor, doesnt stand, bc even if they did have the sexy times its still legal. 

and josh has literally rejected her so many times on the age grounds so i dont see how he’s being predatory, and he’s finally coming to terms with how he cant see her like a little kid anymore

“Glorifying that to the young audience”

ok honestly, i would rather young girls learning that you should be with someone who knows you and understands you and will wait for you and respect you, exhibit a:

“What I observed about you is that you are the best friend anyone could ever have. Maybe it’s because your dad left. Maybe it’s because you’ve never felt that love. But it gave you the greatest capacity for love that I’ve ever seen.”

instead of being someone who treats you like an option, like lucas always has. i mean honestly i am so anti-lucas who shames her and puts her down for being a little rebellious and literally said in regards to deciding WHO HE WANTED TO BE IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH that it should be a “group decision” like what the fuck?? thats not how this shit works. he has strung both girls along by refusing to make a decision and literally reducing them both to two options who can take his precious damn time to choose between. like no. i dont want young girls who watch this show thinking that that is acceptable. 

also, theres nothing wrong with a girl dating someone a few years older, which brings me to my next point:

“why can’t she get a guy her own age?”

personally, i was brought up encouraged to date above my age group. there is literally NOTHING wrong with dating a few years ahead, especially when the girl is younger. its scientific knowledge that the female brain is fully matured by 21 while the male brain is not until they are 35. girls are leaps and bounds ahead of their male counterparts and obviously certain lines should be drawn at a certain point, but 15 and 18 is literally a perfect age gap. why can’t she get a guy her own age? she totally can. but she can do so much better than some immature pimply 15-year-old fuckboi. 


bye hoe, you probs shouldnt be following me if you’re 12 anyway 

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fuck that aphrodite anon and their weird disdain for sex. aphrodite was the goddess of sex AND love, anon, hate to break it to you. she DID sleep around a lot. "but she wasnt a whoreee she was an elegant goddess :'( :'( :'(" if your definition of whore is just someone who sleeps around a lot, then yes she was, but that doesn't keep her from being elegant and regal and lovely all the same. she was literally the patron of prostitutes. there's nothing wrong with her liking sex, my dude.

Amen my friend. Ain’t nothing wrong with that

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people like you are why i'm grossed out by the entire concept of asexuals. there's nothing wrong with not wanting to have sex but it has NOTHING to do with the lgbt community and i don't want cishets to think they're part of our groups. i'll say it straight up: i hate asexuals. I wouldn't if they would just stop trying to force their way where they don't belong, but they apparently won't stop, so i'm going to keep hating them and fighting their attempts to worm their way into our spaces.

hey genius, I’m an asexual trans woman who literally came out to her father as trans because he was being gross about me trying to come out as ace, which I only did because he was already being gross about the way I handled my romantic relationship.

you are doing me no favors. people like you have never done people like me favors. 

get the hell out of my goddamn inbox with your boundaries-for-the-sake-of-boundaries, totally-divorced-from-anyone’s-material-reality-in-favor-of-”keeping folks where they belong” bullshit and go find an actually important issue to care about.

Seriously, it’s not a bad thing to be cis. You can be cis and not do things typically associated with whatever gender you were assigned at birth. My ex-boyfriend paints his nails and does other “girly” things. This doesn’t make him trans. It just makes him a guy who likes different sorts of things, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Similarly, his sister - one of my very good friends - is extremely masculine, has short hair, and I’ve never once seen her paint her nails or wear an ounce of makeup. Again, that’s fine.

The only difference between them and me is that neither of them suffer dysphoria, where I do. They are cis, I am trans. That is literally the only difference between where we are in regards to gender. 

No body dysphoria = cis.

Body dysphoria = trans.

There is nothing wrong with being cis, and I - and many other trans people - would appreciate it if you stopped appropriating a medical condition that we are constantly struggling with.

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Ugh @.@ I can't wait until this whole Ashton and Bryana thing dies down. I mean I know I've reblogged some posts a while ago but now im like??? Why does it even matter? Anyway. Im sick of Twitter fans -.- stanning Bryana when there's nothing to stan.

I’m gonna give my two cents on this whole Bryana/Ashton thing. Y’all ready?

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Is not about hating Sarada is a about her obsessing over her dad. She asked Shizune why does her mom keep fainting she literally didn't give a damn she went to ask about her dad straight away lol. There's nothing wrong with it but she loves Sasuke more than her mom that happens kids prefer a parent over the other. My concern is she just doesn't care about Sakura and Kishi will focus on Sarada > Sasuke father daughter relationship Sakura will be on the side like always.

Obsessing over her dad? You can’t be serious… As long as Sarada remember she still haven’t met Sasuke once, it’s understandable she wants to know more about him, in particular when she probably doesn’t know about his past.  

She doesn’t love her dad more than her mom. You clearly missed the meaning of these scenes. 

She asks Shizune to take care of Sakura.

Sarada wants to retrieve her family picture because “There are things in there which are of great values to US” (not to ME, but to Sakura and Sarada), but she found the Taka picture and she goes to Shizune to ask about her father and her birth. But she was wary enough to ask Shizune to keep secret from her mother. 

So your point “she went to ask about her dad straight away” is invalid. Sarada asked about Sasuke because she found the Taka picture. 

The fact Kishimoto wanted to focus on father/daughter relationship  was clear since chapter 700 when he created the parallel between Boruto and Sarada, but this doesn’t mean Sarada doesn’t care about her mom. 

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The whole kardasian klan is fake &amp; Kendall and Caitlyn are the only important 2 because they worked for their titles. They didn't pop out the old crows womb demanding plastic surgery &amp; fame

You are so uneducated and low that it actually hurts my head. Like I have said multiple times, Kim literally turned a mans betrayal into a multi-million dollar industry and now her whole family is rich and famous. It’s not her fault. If you can’t see the good in that then thats on you. You are too immature. It isn’t her fault he leaked a video of her with a dick in her mouth. Right? Smh! You cant just praise Kendall and Caitlyn and attack the rest of their family. Lets be honest. If Kendall was a no body and her family weren’t known it would of taken her way longer to reach where she is now. Theres nothing wrong with that, its fact. But instead, Kendall did work hard and took advantage of her opportunities which is smart and awesome. You obviously know nothing about high fashion and the opportunities and connections. (Kanye would of helped kendall a lot). Just because Kylie has lip fillers does not mean she is a nobody and just demands plastic surgery and fame. If Kylie was to do what Kendall did and try and become a model you would all abuse her and say she’s just trying to get more money etc. The “Kardashian” Klan will never win because people like you just diminish them because of the fact Kim became famous from sucking a dick and having the video leaked. I mean, you must all be saints right? You need to get the fuck over yourself, grow up and realize just because a family are all successful and rich doesn’t mean you need to constantly drag them down with you and your probably shitty life. 

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The thing I never got about peoples attitude towards her reaction to losing aoty is that it wasn't only her that thought they had it/were saying red? Like the announcer did kinda drag the r a little bit for added drama/tension but yeah I agree with you there's literally nothing wrong with her reaction anyway?

what’s wrong with her reaction is she’s taylor swift. like she claps and people make fun of her…she looks unimpressed when she loses a golden globe to adele and people make fun of her. she can’t win. 

and btw safe and sound >>>>>>>>>> sky fall every day of the year and if i had of lost an award for what i felt was one of my most well written songs my reaction would have been worse than this 


                         ♩ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS ♪  
                                                            ( 4 ) 
                                                    ♩ YOU ♪ 
                      ( ALL TO HAVE AN AMAZING HOLIDAY
                             SEASON AND FEEL LOVED      &&
                           APPRECIATED AS THIS YEAR ENDS
                                     AND ANOTHER BEGINS )

     @fightanyways + @wordscanburn + @recklesstexts + @runawaywaves

well this has got to be the craziest follow forever to ever make, to be honest. because for one, i have 4 fucking blogs that i’m planning on keeping active now that my semester is over. and all four are characters i love deeply….and three of said 4 are MINE. 100% mine. they’re my children and i adore all three of them more than just about anything on the planet. and i’m fortunate enough to have people on those blogs that are interested enough in them to want to write with them and plot with them and even just read about them, and that is amazing to me.

peyton is a piece of work, and she’s got a hell of a mouth on her. she’s not all that nice, and she’s pretty hard to deal with. but people still care, people give a shit. and to me that just makes me want to cry for 3 weeks. i’m so happy that people like her enough. she was supposed to just be a side character in my book, but now she was one of the leads in my movie i literally just finished writing, and she’s on the line up to possibly be a character in my comic. i would never have been able to flesh her out enough to create such a dynamic character without the help of people willing to give me the time of day on her account, and i’m honestly so so thankful for that.

then there’s davina, my sweet little princess. her muse has been pretty quiet as of late, because she is the other lead in my movie. she isn’t as vocal as peyton, but she is very strong. and i really look forward to continue to introduce people to her on that blog and develop her as much as i’ve developed peyton.

luke has been in my head for over a year, and i’ve discussed him with friends over dinner and fucked around with his prospects in my comics for months, and i’m so so so happy to be able to introduce him to people now. he’s probably my least fleshed out character, and i can’t wait to continue to expand him and let him learn through interactions with characters. and i’m so thankful for all the support i’ve received since i made him, and the encouragement i’ve received to keep going. as anyone with ocs knows, it can be pretty hard to keep trucking on with them. but i’ve actually never had a bad experience with my ocs, because all those i’ve interacted with are very open to interacting with ocs and that means so so much to me as a content creator.

then you add in the fact that here we have my dick grayson blog. one of the most important characters in the world to me…which is pretty crazy that i’ve even had this blog that long. and that there have been people that have stuck around for the sporadic activity and my just general flakiness over here….but now there are 1K+ followers. there are over 1k people who give a shit about my portrayal of dick grayson, and honestly…that’s the motivation i needed to be able to get my muse for him back. there are other dick grayson blogs that are plenty amazing, and the fact there are people that like mine enough to keep me on their dash is honestly incredible to me and it moves me to damn tears.

anyways, i’m done with the insane rambling of this post. so onto those i adore, appreciate, and love with all my soul. i’m bound to forget a few people, and this is not an all inclusive list by any means. i appreciate everyone i follow and everyone that is a fucking saint enough to follow me. so i hope you all have an amazing holiday, an that the start off to your new year is amazing !! 


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