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Oh, bacheh Shirazi, you are perfect whether you are “lazy” or not! Shiraz is a lovely city, the city of Hafez’s tomb, Persepolis, the splendor of Shah Cheragh…be proud! 

((I don’t really plan to do utilize city personifications, bc its not really my sort of thing but, Shiraz seems to be a popular request in my inbox, so here she is!

Shiraz is very laid back and sweet in disposition, and certainly the butt of “lazy shirazi” jokes. Though she’s never offended too badly, she’ll sometimes exaggerate her “laziness” just to tease and frustrate some of the other cities [the North/South Tehran are her favorite to tease, who first appeared on this blog here! North Tehran dyed her hair red this time :p]. Her hair is super curly and wild, but she never fusses too much about it. 

btw, that Isfahan wasn’t drawn by me! it was submitted to me by a follower :) I have yet to design an Isfahan unfortunately!))


It was in his head, specifically his scar.

Nope! Neither Albus or Aberforth ever found out whose curse it was, which made it worse because neither could forgive themselves or each other.

Theres never been a mention of the founders portraits in hogwarts unfortunately. Cause that would be pretty cool. And the person count at hogwarts is nearly impossible to figure out due to Rowlings horribleness with numbers lol If we went by # of first years mentioned theres only 10 in each house, each year which is 280 kinds in total. But then in quidditch matches she mentioned something like 200 people in green being the small group supporting slytherin which would mean theres more like 800. Rowing said in an interview once that theres upwards of 1000 kids at hogwarts at any given time and that she accidentally made it seem smaller than it was supposed to be. So the best bet is to go with that.

(im going to be doing one of these maybe every other day, to clear the questions from the ask.)