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Patty Tolan & Erin Gilbert in “Ghostbusters”

“- Screw that. We are scientists. Plus Patty. 

 - Thank you.”


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Character: Prince Adam (The Beast)

You stared down at your freshly cleaned palette, debating on if you should paint again so soon after spending a great deal of time scrubbing the long dried paint off the wood, even having to scratch off bits of crimson and mauve from the small crooks of the board with the plates of your nails. But nonetheless, it was your job to paint the various portraits and murals for the castle hallways and ballrooms.

You set up your easel in the center of the castle gardens, the large structure towering above you in all of it’s opulence and glory. Taking a moment to adjust your sun hat to rid of the blinding light, you placed a small workbench off to your side with all of your various shades of paints and brushes in a multitude of shapes and styles.

Taking a small step back you tilted your head in various angles to decipher how to go about painting the castle as to the Prince’s request. Once you found something you liked you immediately set upon your work, sketching out the bases and eventually getting lost in the motions as you so often did when the proper inspiration struck you.

You were so absorbed in the creation unfolding before you, you didn’t hear the sound of footsteps approaching you from behind. The person’s footsteps stopped when they were still a good bit away, but close enough to watch your craft.

It wasn’t until you placed your paintbrush down and opened a jar of deep blue paint that you noticed the fancy heeled shoes standing out in contrast to the grass. Your gaze slowly moved up and you came face to face with the Prince of the castle.

You about jumped four feet in the air upon seeing him, almost knocking over your worktable had it not been for your arms that quickly wrapped around it and halting it’s fall. “Y-Your Majesty!” You said in a brief moment of shock. “You’ll have to forgive me, I wasn’t expecting anyone to be out here so early in the day.”

He offered you a small smile and glanced at the various swatches of paint that lined the backs of your hands that still had an iron grip on the table. You noticed the odd look he gave you and immediately released your hold. “Is there something I can help you with, sire?”

Prince Adam shook his head as he peered over your shoulder to gaze upon the canvas. “This is the painting I asked of the castle is it not?”

You nodded your head silently, moving slightly so he could look at it more closely as you stepped back from him, arms behind your back as you awaited his inspection.

“I knew I had chosen you for a reason, this is some rather extraordinary work.” He said with a cheerful tone as he turned to you with a small smile.

Your hand went under your chin as your eyes went to his in surprise. “Do you really think so?” You asked sincerely, taking a step closer as you moved to his side.

This was the first compliment you had received from the young Prince since your employment. As a matter of fact, you hadn’t seem him much at all since your brief introduction on your first day as the court painter of the Royal household. Some of the staff explained that he was busy with remodels of some of the castle exterior and overall attempting to brush out a lot of tangles that had occurred within the management of the kingdom.

However, when you asked what had happened, they’d all smile and shrug their shoulders, telling you he had been away for a rather long time and things had gotten a little hectic within the castle walls.

“How could I not? Your style is really rather unique than the painters we’ve had in the castle before, it captures a lot more of it’s real essence.”

You bowed respectfully. “Thank you, sire.”

He shook his head and held out his arms in front of them. “There really isn’t a need for the formalities. You need only call me by my name.“

“As you wish, Prince Adam.”

Adam made made an attempt to say something to you, but stopped himself short.”It’s only just now occurred to me I don’t really now your name, and since you know mine it only seems fair to tell me.”

You gave him a minuscule smile before telling him what he wished to hear. “(Y/n), my name’s (Y/n).”

You had held out your hand with intentions for him to shake it, but he took it gently in own and kissed the back of it. “Well it is very nice to make your acquaintance, (Y/n).”

You laughed bashfully as you looked into his eyes. “Likewise.”

A/n: I have zero clue where this would go in terms of timeline,although it does take place after the curse has been broken but let’s just say it’s an alternative end where Belle opts to travel Europe after the curse instead. (lame i know but bare with me here, it’s all i got at the moment.)

homestuck lands as ranked by how much i want to eat the colors

1. Land of Maps and Treasure (vriska)- fucking delicious? A+ color combo that also compliments Vriskas color scheme really well

2. Land of Light and Rain (rose)- very sweet. would probably be very sugary. a good planet for a good girl? light players have the best lands by far

3. Land of Little Cubes And Tea (nepeta)- also sweet! but i love the yellow in the sky its very warm and earthy and fits with the tea theme nicely

4. Land of Wind and Shade (post playing the rain) (john)- holy shit this blue is fantastic and amazing

5. Land of Caves and Silence (equius)- can you tell i love this like vriska cerulean blue? its so fucking good you guys. so fucking good.

6. Land of Wrath and Angels (eridan)- this land is all black and white but holy shit its a look. everything looks bright and fuzzy while also old and vaguely terrifying and i can appreciate that

7. Land of Pyramids and Neon (roxy)- good colors!!! the bright colors combined with the nice jeweled red are. real good? yes.

8. Land of Crypts and Helium (alive) (jane)- on its own a fairly neutral color scheme, but when it comes to life the pinks and oranges and yellows make it very tasty

9. Land of Tombs and Krypton (dirk)- a real good green and a real good red? and i love the fuckin swirly gas design across the sky. its soft?

10. Land of Frost and Frogs (jade)- the planet doesnt match up to what the actual ground level view looks like? planet colors are good and great but the ground level is too light and sweet for me. too washed out!!

11. Land of Quartz and Melody (aradia)- good colors overall but im not the biggest fan of the overall mixture? could be better

12. Land of Heat and Clockwork (dave)- a spicy land! but all in all the color palette is very limited and not like. super interesting to me? its red and black and everything inbetween and nothing else which is [yawn]

13. Land of Rays and Frogs (kanaya)- I FEEL REALLY BAD ABOUT THIS ONE SORRY. there is so much potential here that just, doesnt click for me. the blue is too deep and the green is too yellow and theres not enough else going on for me to feel better about this

14. Land of Dew and Glass (feferi)- hrrhhrkhkhh another one i feel bad about for the same reason. the green is still not the best and it takes over the look so much that it makes me not like the other colors either. RIP???

15. Land of Mounds and Xenon (jake)- not a fan of this green or this purple!!!! agh!!!!! another cool concept that just misses the mark

16. Land of Thought and Flow (terezi)- here we start getting into real bad territory,, the teal and the yellowy green and the desaturated mauve of the actual planet is bad enough but then you add in the bright beautiful colors from Terezi’s treehouse and its an overwhelmingly bad mix

17. Land of Pulse and Haze (karkat)- i get it andrew its symbolism the sky goes from deep red to grey but its so ugly!!!!!! its ugly andrew!!!!!! the purple clouds cant even save this hot mess!!!!!

18. Land of Sand and Zephyr (tavros)- This one is heartbreaking because if it wasnt for one color choice this would be up there with LoMaT and LoLaR, and the problem is the weird and bad barfy greenish brown that makes up most of the sand in what is otherwise a very warm and colorful landscape

19. Land of Tents and Mirth (gamzee)- A BAD LAND FOR A BAD MAN but seriously hussie not even some fun carnival colors for the carnival place????? everything looks like shit

20. Land of Brains and Fire (sollux)- hey andrew what the fuck

You know what really irks me? When people say that Boruto’s characters aren’t as interesting or that the plot isn’t as developed as the Naruto characters when there’s ONLY 3 EPISODES IN THE ANIME. Do you know where the Naruto characters were in episode 3 of the anime? It was when Naruto and Sasuke were squabbling like brats, Sakura was treating Naruto like dirt, very little plot was introduced besides a hinted darker BG for Sasuke, Sakura was misled by Naruto when he disguised himself as Sasuke, and Kakashi was barely introduced as the team leader near the end. If I had just stopped there and said, “Wow this is really boring, I’m not invested in these characters, they’re real brats, and the plot is really slow. I’m dropping it here, this series sucks.” then most of the fandom would be like “Hey wait, hold on, it gets better! Don’t judge it by it’s first few episodes. The characters are really interesting and the plot is great!” Yet here I am, seeing a chunk of people in this exact same fandom trashing Boruto for having a slow first few episodes that are actually better paced than Naruto’s.

Heck, I wasn’t invested in MORE THAN HALF of the Naruto characters until at least the Chuunin exams, and even then, I only began getting interested in a lot of major characters near the end of the series. 

The Boruto anime is taking some time to flesh out the cast, and I appreciate that immensely. Because if there was one issue I had with Naruto, it was that I only cared about a handful of characters while I was reading the series, because only a handful of characters were really fleshed out and developed. 

It’s just really irritating when people are comparing the development and plot in 3 episodes of Boruto (plus or minus the one new chapter of manga content) to 700 CHAPTERS (720 EPISODES) OF NARUTO. Well no duh you’re more invested in Naruto characters, you had to be to get this far. And the reason you’re invested is because you gave it a chance. 

I’m not saying that one series is better than the other, I’m saying that this is the most impatient and judgmental fandom I have ever been a part of, and that really confuses me. We should be accepting of a new series, rather than dismissing it because it’s not exactly like its predecessor, that the old gen characters aren’t as involved, or that the children actually, you know, resemble their parents in appearance (this is by far the dumbest [yet most common] argument I’ve seen, but whatever).

All I’m saying is that people need to give the series a chance. Take off your nostalgia goggles and appreciate the series for what it is. The environment is lively, the characters are fun, there’s so many different possibilities, and there’s already a looming, darker plot hinted at for us to explore and look forward to. As someone who only got into Naruto as a high schooler, and lacks the nostalgia bias, I can easily say that Boruto is definitely full of potential and it’s on the right path.

concept: content where epsilons memory buddies headmates come into play?

like yknow the ep where theta/delta/omega all front n say things before epsilon comes to? clearly they can do stuff on their own, but its not explored.
Well Heres Some Exploration:

  • epsilon zones out and when ppl are like Hey, Church he just goes “sorry, delta was listing probabilities again. whats up?”
  • or epsilon goes offline to focus on the manifest or smth and one of the other ais fronts and everyone interacting with that ai. u get cute ai content, whats not to love,
  • epsilon fronts back after going offline only to find a Disaster and just being like “… fronted didnt h-” “yeah” “god damn it” 
  • “hey, wheres church?” “oh, hes trying to resolve drama between delta and sigma. they had an argument about metastability again” “yikes” 

like theres so much potential here i Promise. I Swear.

magnus knowing his precise worth will never not be my favorite thing like just imagine him studying his nails while the clave is trying to talk to him and they’re so exasperated he isn’t listening but they need him for this mission. until at last one of them abruptly names an acceptably large sum of money and finally magnus looks up to pay attention.

(and ofc alec is at the back the whole time looking faintly amused. the others look to him for help. alec shrugs. it’s not his problem if his boyfriend doesn’t like them.)

Pietro Maximoff Imagine #9-Requested

Anon: hi! I don’t know if you’re taking requests, but I absolutely love your writing and would love if you could do one where Wanda gets injured/hurt and the reader has to comfort Pietro when he starts freaking out about it and is really worried?

A/N:I am taking requests! I probably won’t get to them as often as I could with finals coming up but yes I do still take requests.

You had never seen Pietro like this. He was sobbing, tears falling all over her face as she was being rushed into the hospital wing in the  new Avengers facility. He was mumbling things to her in sokovian that you couldn’t comprehend besides “I love you” and “Stay with me”.  It hurt your chest so much to see him like this, he was barely breathing much too occupied with trying to tell his sister what you could only guess were words of comfort. He was much too occupied in crying to even think about breathing, more worried about his sister’s well being. You felt your chest tighten at every sound of his cry. You saw the doors to where Wanda is supposed to have her surgery and you knew that Pietro wasn’t allowed in there and you knew that he was going to put up a fight. You had some tears flowing down your face as well. You moved from your hospital bed to Pietro’s and grabbed his attention.

“Pietro, you need to listen to me.” You said looking at holding his face as he continued to cry. He stopped walking but held on to the bed that Wanda was on unconscious. The guards and doctors pried his hands off of the bed as they told him that they needed to get Wanda into surgery as soon as possible. You held in back, getting in between him and Wanda.

“They can’t take her away. Please don’t let them take her away!” He sobbed as he reached for the hospital bed. You used all of your force to hold him back as they took Wanda through the doors to prepare her for her surgery.

“It’s like HYDRA all over again don’t let them take her away please! Please just let me be with her!” Pietro said as he kneeled on the ground, you getting on the floor, pulling him to your chest, hoping that it would comfort him. He rested his head in your chest and cried there. You held his head to your chest kissing it repeatedly, whispering into his ear that everything will be okay. You had your other arm across his back as you held him close to you. He had wrapped his arms around your waist.

“I don’t want them to take her away.” He said in between cries. You hushed him as he continued to cry into your arms.

“Pietro it’s okay.” You said, leaving a kiss on his head.

“What if they take her away for good this time? What if she doesn’t make it? She can’t die! I need to be by her! I failed to protect her! I-” You couldn’t hear any more of it. Pietro was beating himself up for something that was out of his control.

“Pietro..,” you said moving your hands up to his face, making him look at you with big eyes that were turning red from all the crying, “sweetheart none of this was your fault. There’s no way we could’ve predicted this. Wanda is in good hands. She’s with the best doctors in this world. She’s got all of those great doctors working on her making sure that she is in no pain and will receive the best medical attention anyone can get.” You said as you rubbed under his eyes to wipe the tears away.

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anonymous asked:

Before sending in potential prompts, what kinds of things do you like writing the most (fluff, angst, etc) and is there anything in particular you'd prefer not to write about or are uncomfortable with? Just checking! :)

Pretty much what’s listed here! Added in for dub-con, f/f eating out makes me highly uncomfortable, so no threesome prompts reqs of Juju watching that (sorry), uh…….I don’t know much on the No’s.

And the ‘yes’ list is really high. I read a lot of smut. A lot Of Smut. I have for years. I don’t mind solo stuff, or writing where the scene is in benefit to him mostly, or vice versa. Hmm…There’s a lot of stuff I won’t say no to.

Just keep in mind the No’s,the character as well, and I think you guys will be fine.

As for preference…I assumed that you guys wanted something downright Filth, but I can always try a bit of angst (Though I don’t enjoy jealously sex too much. Comfort sex is okay!), and fluff is alright. I think Late Night is a bit fluffy! Or it might be to me since I’m used to really rough stuff.

Though, I really appreciate you asking! You’re really nice to think of my personal preferences!

i think.. dragon age elves would be rly cool if they looked like?? their tarot cards??? idk i feel like usually their appearances r just kinda like. skinny humans with pointy ears instead of??

this??? which, grante,d, still fits the mold of skinny human with pointy ears, but, i feel like theres?? so much Potential for Cool Character Designs here??????? idk

The Creative section on Twitch is fairly new, but they recognized how vast the community is and are fully aware of the huge potential creative people can bring to this platform. There’s so much one can do with this and it’s only just barely starting to get looked into. Believe it or not, artists haven’t used streaming for that long and it’s only just starting to kinda take off. It’s not as popular as some people think actually, but it has the potential to be.

Streaming is still dominated by other things to be honest. Art (aka drawing/painting, especially of the digital kind) isn’t even the most popular form. Gaming, food, and music related arts are the dominant force in the art streaming field, believe it or not. Artists are starting to come into the picture and I truly hope that all the rest are going to follow. So yeah, that means writers and sculptors and dancers and cosplayers and photographers and jewellery makers and wooooooo the list goes on!

Sure, things might be awkward at first as you figure out how exactly you may want to do the streaming thing, but here’s the kicker, every person who goes into streaming goes through the exact same thinking. Every person.

Streaming is new people. It’s potential hasn’t even been reached. Not even close. It’s pretty exciting really! C: