there's just no getting over these two

Do you ever just read your own writing and

reasons why yuri and viktor DEFINITELY kissed

1. No one hugs their “friend” or “coach” like that. Their eyes aren’t staring into each others and their lips aren’t damn GLISTENING. I mean !! Look !! At !! The !! Lips !!

2. Noses don’t touch when you “hug” your “friend”. HOW CLOSE TO THEY NEED TO BE WITHOUT IT BEING THAT THEYRE OBVIOUSLY IN LOVE

Also, damn, but look at Yuri blushing over there. And look at Viktor’s, very subtle, smirk.

3. Do I even need to say anything? Viktor’s eyes are damn closed and that the squinty sorta face that an anime clearly shows when they kiss someone. Yuri’s eyes are bulging, and he’s left speechless (mainly because Viktor’s mouth is on top of Yuri’s, but you get the idea). They’re so close too!! Look at it, theres virtually NO space between those two. “Just bros” wouldn’t be that close to each other (especially not those gay-ass bros).

4. Look at people’s reactions. If a coach and a student hugged, even at that damn falling-on-the-ground capacity, then no one’s jaws would be to the floor and no one would be BLUSHING. Lets inspect these photos: 

-The lady in the back of the second picture’s face basically says “two men fell over hugging” so no homo there, honestly.

-Minako’s face is a dead giveaway, however. Her mouth is wide open, which would be a correct response to a boy she’s known all his life and the man he looked up to all his life KISSING. Plus she’s blushing! All day she’s been drooling over Chris and his routine and his sensuality. She would be totally chill if it was just Yuri and Viktor hugging, but two men kissing? She’d sure be shellshocked after all she’s seen that day.

-In the first photo, we start off with Yuri’s sister. Mari Katsuki is 7 years old than her brother, so she’d lowkey know him really well. Her face says, “was expecting it, but not on worldwide television”. Thats a given.

-Yuko obviously looooooves it. Its clear she’s shipped it since day 1. 

-Takeshi looks just as a straight, male who’s childhood best friend just kissed his idol should and would.

-Yuri’s mom is so intrigued by this. Moms always know, in a little voice inside their head, whats going on. She known this was apparent for a while and is happy its finally happening.

If it was just a hug, then why would all these reactions mean so much to the story and plot line

5. Last one: First, look at the hand placement. Yuri’s hand is on Viktor’s upper back, and Viktor’s is on the back of Yuri’s head. Viktor’s hand represents how he’s Yuri’s support system and always will be. Then, look how longingly Yuri is looking into Viktor’s eyes. Just a moment ago (if you scroll up), Yuri was in complete shock when he went down with Viktor in a “hug”. Yuri’s face now is something of acceptance and realization.

In drama shows and novels, there always has to be a romantic problem and solution. Yuri needed Viktor to be there for him when he burst out crying, and thats all he needed. In the end, Yuri realizes that Viktor had been there all along and they’re totally gay. the end.

Some enjoyable HxH moments:
  • “That’s a good question. The answer is give me the phone.” - Morel Mackernasey
  • Ging running to tell Gon about Kite’s secret ability while holding two guys in a headlock (after fighting an entire auditorium full of hunters, no less)
  • Killua and Gon fighting over who gets to die for the other; and Nobunaga, who is holding them captive, just laughing. 
  • “Squidderific” 
  • Leorio punching Ging in the face
  • Leorio eating the phone
  • Pouf overdramatically playing the violin
  • Killua’s shitty cat faces
  • Knuckle crying over dogs
  • Hisoka’s goddamn face when Chrollo told him about his sealed nen.
  • “I have my issues but you’re just as bad” - Hisoka, of all people, calling out Illumi on his shit.
  • Killua and Gon unexpectedly finding Phinks and Feitan in the auction hall and running for their lives.
  • Biscuit wanting a piece of Hisoka.
  • Meleoron not trusting Shoot because of his lack of eyebrows.
  • Morel running, tripping and calling out for Gon and Killua after finding out that Kite was alive
  • Basho’s character introduction
  • “Act natural” *Leorio and Gon proceed to look entirely unnatural*
  • “Sorry, I lied” - Phinks calling Kurapika back after the latter had hung up on him for saying something Foolish. 

fetish: boiling evak down to their sex scenes or their ‘cute’ scenes and not giving a shit about plot or character. seeing them as ‘two hot guys making out’ and nothing else. asking for hour long sex scenes.

not a fetish: watching evak scenes and enjoying them. feeling happy when isak and even are happy (they’re your ship after all). appreciating the character depth, development, and issues raised in the show. 

(my opinion btw. i do not hold the gospel truth on what is a fetish)

like…… who DOESNT get half naked and sit poised over your friend while they lie under you in bed in a similar state of undress, pointing a knife at you so if you get tired and fall it stabs you, and just stare into each others eyes unblinking, expressionless, for hours on end, ‘platonically’,

I just wanted to make a small post to explain why sometimes it takes me anywhere from a few hours to maybe even a day or two to answer asks.

I have a reading comprehension issue, it’s a very mild form of dyslexia, so sometimes I read your asks but I can’t understand them and I have to read them like 4 times over before I get it. So if I don’t answer them immediately it’s not because I’m ignoring it it’s because I just haven’t processed it yet.

I know this is kind of random but I have a few asks in my inbox rn that I’m still like “ahhhhh I’m not sure what this means yet” but I promise I will answer them. Same goes for messages.

So yeah, thank you and I appreciate your patience.

ideas for tomodachi life 2:

  • a way to set characters as related to other characters besides ur mii
  • nonbinary gender option
  • an option to change a mii’s gender mid-game without having to completely remake them
  • a way to set a characters romantic preference
  • make 2 options for the compatibility test: romantic compatibility and friendship compatibility, so that you can still see how two adults’ friendship is rather than just automatically being locked into seeing their romance
  • an option to turn off babies for specific characters rather than for the entire island
    also an option to turn off romance for specific characters
  • an easier way to get characters to be friends/start a relationship together rather then just… “wait until they maybe decide to want to be friends??”
  • cafe conversations that go somewhere?? im not askin for like a full detailed story but convos that are like “i have a secret!” “oh do tell!” and then just move on to the next topic are annoying
  • get rid of the blinking feature in vacation pictures literally what the hell is the point of that
  • ability to sell things other than treasures like extra food or clothes you may have because i could make an easy $500 dollars on all the fuckin AR cameras i have alone
  • ability to use the treasures you get and see your characters using them?? if i give a mii a jumprope i should be able to see them use it wtf

I want to be the mirror that reminds you to love yourself. 
I want to be the air in your lungs that reminds you to breathe.
When the walls come down, when the thunder rumbles, when nobody else is home, hold my hand, and I promise I won’t let go. x

I’m hearing about Chris Evans getting a role for playing a white washed role and I’m… just going to wait for more info before I get butthurt like some people I follow.

I had you going there didn’t I lol.

so I’m watching a movie called Today’s Special on Netflix, and it’s definitely a B movie but there’s a scene where he gets a new chef and then goes out into the resuarant to talk to guests and theres two guys at a table crying, an Indian guy and a white guy. He asks what’s wrong and the Indian guy says, “It’s so delicious, it reminds me of my Grandma’s cooking and when I was happiest” and then he turns to the white guy and he says, “It’s… it’s just so spicy” and that was the funniest shit I’d seen in a while


Terri:Okay,kids,today I’m going to teach you how to fight!

Hope:Yay!Fighting!*Jumps up and down excitingly*

Chance:Do we get to choose our weapon,dad?

Terri:Of course!Before we start,you can choose one or two for yourself over here! *Points to the weapon crate next to him*


-A few seconds later-
Chance:I got one!I’m going to use this spike chain!

Terri:Nice weapon,Chance!*Looks over at Hope* Eh..Hope,have you found your weapon yet?Do you need my help choosing your weapon?

Hope:No,thank you,dad!I’ve found one for my own!And it matches me so much!

Terri:Really?Then can we see your weapon?

*Sound of engine starting*

Hope:I choose a chainsaw for my weapon!*Holding up the chainsaw while it’s turned on,smiling innocently and brightly*

Terri + Chance: O-O

Horror(not so far from them):I am so proud

Chance belongs to @onebizarrekai
Horror!Sans belongs to @sour-apple-studios
Terri,Hope belongs to me

At Work AUs
  • i work in a jewellery store and i gave a customer a ring to try on and now its stuck cause i messed up the sizes, you were another customer willin to help my sorry ass out and i was totally cool with it until you brought a stick of butter out of your bag and are spreading it all over her finger/the ring now theres not many more ways this situation could get me fired
  • youre my coworker and i gave you drugs in a club last night and today youve called into work tellin them that youre not comin in bc youre still high, have i befriended a fuckin idiot
  • ive worked this job for two years and i dont know your name, and actually no one else seems to either? who the hell are you and why is it you always sign the company christmas and birthday cards with just the letter x 
  • i work in the pound shop and every day you come in and ask how much something is before walking out one of these days im going to get fired for kicking your ass
  • you work in the pound store and youre really cute and everyday i come in and the first time i swear it was a mistake i was so nervous cause youre so pretty, but then i realised how adorable you look when youre annoyed and i just cant help myself
  • were both paramedics and were being forced to start buying and bringing our own equipment because someone keeps stealing them and i know its you because ive spotted you pocketing the oximeter a couple of times and while i could easily snitch on you im more interested in what kind of undercover business youre running here
  • im a tattoo artist and you keep coming in to book new tattoos and then cancelling the appointments last minute and im not sure if youre really indecisive and i should step in to advice you or if youre just coming in to watch me draw
  •  i got banned from the cafe you work at because “i assaulted an employee” more like your creepy coworker kept slapping your butt whenever he walked past you, so i tripped him over on the way past and he accidentally broke his nose against the tiled floor

ok but imagine in my life as a duet between cosette and eponine instead of moving into a heart full of love. it’s just the two love interests fawning over marius and the harmonies would be ridiculously gorgeous and there would be overlapping melodies from on my own and castle on a cloud and why isn’t this a thing

diorede  asked:


ohymogjsdofjds okay (in reference to this)


  • keith always drinks all the coffee because he’s an early riser, and when lance groggily drags himself to the kitchen theres no more coffee god dammit keith I’m going back to bed!!!!! plus keith always feels so damn smug about beating lance even at just getting to the coffee first
  • LANCE. lance wants a doggo but keith is stubbornly against it because lance is already high fucking maintenance he can’t deal with two puppies in the house. after weeks of begging and draping himself over furniture and dramatic soliloquies on what a cruel and heartless boyfriend he has keith relents and they end up with a pupper who’s actually pretty chill?? she’s small and precious and they just fawn over her like she’s their newborn (can you imagine them talking to other couples like they have a child but then they whip out the baby pics and it’s a fuckign maltese)
  • lance cannot stand bugs coming near him or his clean n clear skin don’t even joke about it the threat of bugs is as serious as when the castle was trying to eject him from the airlock. so you can imagine his shrieks for keith when he spots a bug in the house and keith comes trudging over with a tissue bc he’s used to dealing with bugs. lance then hails keith as his savior, and well the upside to all this is he gets a smooch from lance as a reward, nice
  • keith lived in a damn shack and probably ate shit from cans without even blinking. therefore lance has the responsibility of cooking edible meals, and he does a damn good job because boy can he cook. he knows his flavors and textures like the back of his hand and he can chop vegetables at the speed of light. keith likes to tag along and help but he has no knowledge about flavors or spices or even basic dishes. after a while of learning how to cook, keith still pretends not to know how to do something so lance will come over and put his hands around keith’s to guide him through it
  • laaaaaaance. he has a big family so holidays always meant huuuuge celebrations and getting to see his relatives so he’s always pumped!!! lance would be that memefucker who puts skeletons out as soon as thanksgiving ended, and he totally sings not 12 days of christmas but 24 days of christmas someone save keith
  • lance, he hoards couple pictures on his phone he really can’t get enough and he always shows them off to everyone including complete strangers. meanwhile keith is like that suburban dad who tries to take a selfie but accidentally takes a video. keith is more into taking candids of lance without lance noticing so he can look at them later and get all warm and fuzzy
  • lance tbh he doesnt have a great memory when it comes to dates, but he cares so he tries to keep a list somewhere and he definitely has an alarm set in his calendar app to remind him to say happy birthday to you
  • lance’s mama raised him to be frugal, esp when all his younger siblings would try to sneak snacks into the cart. but keith, with the newfound freedom of adulthood paired with his severely limited food knowledge, finds so many snacks that he’s never even heard of but they’re delicious
  • lance’s pet names for keith are out of control. even though most of them are unbearably cringeworthy, keith finds it endearing, especially when it’s something in spanish. but he has to draw the line when they’re in the middle of a crowded grocery store and lance calls for his boo bear i don’t know this man I’ve never seen him before in my life

*heaves* I’ll make the shallura one in another post bc i don’t want this one to be too long

fitzsimmons au; love, rosie

jemma and fitz have been best friends since they were five, so they couldn’t possibly be right for one another…or could they? when it comes to love, life and making the right choices, these two are their own worst enemies.