there's hundreds of these but have another

  • The Initiative: Okay, we've got this planet called Eos that had some failed colonies, could you go check it out?
  • Ryder: Sure, this is fine, oh look, I fixed the planet.
  • The Angara: Here's two planets you could help us out with against the Kett.
  • Ryder: Alright, this is still manageable.
  • The Initiative: Hey could you go deal with our exiles for us on this other planet?
  • The Angara: Also there's more stuff we need your help with.
  • Ryder: Uh, okay, I'll get to this soon, I need to check on the other outposts first--
  • Cora: Hey help me find the Asari ark.
  • Vetra: My sister needs help!
  • Peebee: I could use some more remnant tech.
  • Jaal and like a hundred other Angara: You should find Meridian as soon as possible!
  • Reyes: Call me from the Tempest when you get the chance.
  • The Initiative: Oh by the way, you're needed at the Nexus.
  • Drack: The Krogan colony needs help, here's another planet.
  • Ryder: gUYS WAIT

A déteminant is a word that introduces a noun in a sentence, like determiners and articles in English. As such, it is always followed by a noun, although in some cases, the two words will be separated by an (or more) adjective.

There are several types of déteminants in French:

Déterminant défini (Defined article): Introduces a known noun (like “the” in English) – le, la, l’, les, du, au, des, aux

E.g. : la pomme – the apple

Déterminant indéfini (Indefinite article): Introduces an unknown noun (like “a” in English) – un, une, des, chaque, plusieurs, tout, toute…

E.g. : un enfant – a child

Déterminant partitive (Partitive article): Introduces a noun that cannot be counted (such as sand, rain, etc.) – du, de l’, de la, des

E.g. : du sucre – sugar

Déterminant numeral (Numeral article): Indicates the quantity of a noun (usually through numbers) – un, une, deux, cinq, cent, mille…

E.g.: deux amoureux – two lovers

Déterminant possessif (Possessive article): Indicates possession (like “my” in English) – mon, ton, son, ma, ta, sa, notre, votre, leur, mes, tes, ses, nos, vos, leurs

E.g. : tes voisins – your neighbours

Déterminant démonstratif (Demonstrative article): Introduces a noun that is present in the context (like “this” in English) – ce, cet, cette, ces

E.g. : cette maison – this house

In most cases, déterminants must agree in both gender and number with their respective nouns. However, there are exceptions: numeral articles are invariable in every case, except when the numbers vingt (twenty) and cent (hundred) are preceded by another number but do not have any numbers after it. Therefore, “eighty boats” is translated as quatre-vingts bateaux and “three hundred boats” are trois cents bateaux, but “eighty-one boats” and “three hundred and one boats” are quatre-vingt-un bateaux and trois cent un bateaux respectively.

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Some thoughts on Noctis and Prompto

My friend linked me to this post this morning about Prompto needing to prove himself to Noctis and I didn’t want to hijack it with something vaguely related, so I’m linking it here.  The writer made me think, though.

It reminded of the original Prompto character, who was in fact a spy for Niflheim, and is sent to get close to Noctis.  I am so glad they went with the second option, because it is way less played out than the enemies-to-friends story.  Noctis would have had a very different response if Prompto (having been spying on Noct, but then realizing he really sees Noctis as a friend/comrade) had revealed he was a Niff–a changed Niff, a good guy.  I think the trust would have been broken at that point, and the only way to get it back would be for Prompto to sacrifice himself.

There was so much going on in the Episode Prompto trailer, but the things that made the biggest impact were the references to Noctis.  This episode is going to be so character-driven; Prompto is going to face a lot of demons (figuratively, speaking).  But in my mind (if I understand his character at all), it’s going to be his relationship with Noctis that fuels him to pick himself up and keep going.  He’s going to want to give up.  He’s going to want to die, even.  But he’s going to be reminded that it’s not just about him–there’s a bigger picture–and I think Noctis will play a big role in this, even though he’s not present.

Prompto and Noctis have the best developed relationship in the game in my opinion, and the one that carries the most emotional significance (aside: I think “Bros on the Road II” from the OST is either Prompto’s theme or Prompto and Noctis’s, since it primarily plays during scenes that the two of them are alone. These are also typically scenes that are heavy character development or ones that are highlighting their close relationship).  I’m not saying that Noctis doesn’t feel close to Luna–not at all.  He obviously feels a deep connection to her from the time they spent together when he was a child, recovering from the injury.  But it’s interesting that the game shows Noctis shut down when Luna is killed.  When Prompto falls off the train, Noctis becomes driven.  He becomes angry and passionate; and Ardyn uses that against him so much.  Ardyn could have fooled him into pushing anyone from that train, but he picks Prompto because he knows how important Prompto is to Noctis.

Despite how disappointing the emotional impact of Prompto’s revelation ultimately is, I’m glad they went this direction instead.  I’ve probably written hundreds of pages of fanfiction focused on Prompto’s and Noctis’s relationship, yet I can still find more to say.  There is always another layer to discover, whether it’s platonic or romantic.  I have to thank the writers/developers on FFXV for making their relationship so deep and real.

Super disjointed and stream of consciousness, but I wanted to get some thoughts out.

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hi im trying to find a fic where stiles is forced to live with derek (i think he is high in power) and their relationship is very tense derek doesnt really like stiles and theres a maid who feeds stiles soup with soap in it

Anon found this one for you. 

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Thank You For This Dance by matildajones

(26/26 I 62,463 I Mature I Sterek)

Derek picks up another glass of champagne, and that’s when he sees him. A man stands at the edge of the room, chewing his lip and staring at the dance floor longingly.

Every person walks past him. Derek must have done it a hundred times this evening.

Derek is not one for dancing, but at a ball he meets Stiles, an orphan, and he becomes quickly attached. He does not care what other people think about Stiles’ wealth and status, but it’s a lot harder for Stiles to ignore the comments that have haunted him his whole life.

It’s even harder to convince Stiles that Derek’s feelings are genuine.

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Could you do an imagine that you're brad girl, and one day there's one pic of him kissing an girl (fan) and you get mad and you both fight and break up. And he sings another world live and he cries ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ฑ okay I know it's a lot but I think it would be really cool

Okay.. I may have cried a bit at this… And I may or may not have gotten a bit carried away -’ ‘-

Brad imagine, you break up then get back together: 

You open up your twitter to see hundreds of mentions, all talking about Brad cheating on you. You frown and quickly open the picture someone posted. You gasp when you see Brad’s lips locked with another girl’s. You assume she’s a fan, as he’s in the middle of a big crowd of teenage girls. A few fans tagged you in their tweets, telling you the twitter of the girl that he kissed. You hesitantly go to her twitter, immediatly being disgusted with what you see. Her profile picture is a selfie with Brad, and her twitter name is “Brad’s bae”. You look through her tweets, all of them about Brad, and how amazing a kisser he is. Tears run down your cheeks as you shakily dial Brad’s number. “Hey babe” He answers casually, this makes the tears quicken. “How could you?!” You exclaim. It takes a few seconds for Brad to answer, “What..?” “You know what! You cheated on me!! You kissed that fan!” You sob. You hear Brad exhale deeply. “Baby I didn’t kiss her, she kissed me” He tells you, but you cut him off with a cold laugh. “But you didn’t pull away either. We’re over”

~~One hour later~~

You’re woken up from your nap by your phone ringing under your pillow. You groan and pull it out, looking at the screen with dull eyes. It’s Connor. You sigh and answer it, “Hi..” You yawn. “Hey Y/N uh can you come to our show tonight?” He asks quickly. “What? No. Why would I?” You ask him, waking up a little more. “Brad’s miserable without you, please just come and we can explain everything” Connor pleads. You sigh and say, “I know I’m going to regret this, but fine” You hear Connor cheer quietly before saying, “Great! The show starts at 7, be backstage around 6:45”

 ~~That evening~~

You make your way backstage and go to Connor’s dressing room, careful not to get spotted. You knock on the door, and it’s swung open by a half dressed Connor. “Y/N! You’re here! Great! Uh, okay go see Joe and he’ll tell you where to go. He’s over at the snacks table” Connor tells you, quickly shutting the door. You sigh and make your way over. Just as the boys go onstage, Joe brings you to the side of it, hidden by the boys and the crowd. After a few songs, Brad runs a hand through his hair and clears his throat, “Uh, so this next one is called another world.. It goes out to someone really special.. You know who you are” He says before singing. You watch him, tears already staining your cheeks. Just seeing him up there, singing is enough to trigger a few small waterfalls out of you. You notice Brad’s voice faultering near the bridge and he shakes his head, stepping away from his mic. When the others notice that he’s stopped singing, they end the music. The whole arena stares at him with confusion. He bites his lip and pulls the mic towards his mouth. “I-I’m sorry everyone.. I just, I can’t.. Not now.. Not tonight..” He says quickly with tears running down his pink cheeks. Everyone goes silent as he sprints off stage, near where you are. You step back, ready to leave, but Joe stops you. Brad reached the area that the two of you are in and breaks down in heavy sobs. Your heart drops into your stomach at the sight of him in this state. No matter how mad you are, you can’t bare to see him like this. You rush to him and hug him tightly. He looks down and immediatly hugs you back. “Y-Y/N! I-I’m so sorry! I-I didn’t ki-kiss her, she-she kissed me! I tried to p-pull away b-but it was so crowded, a-and everyone w-was pushing. I-I’m so so sorry, I-I need you, please don’t leave me!” He sobs out, hugging you tighter. You rest your head on his chest and shake your head. “I’m not going anywhere”

my headcanons about post-war hogwarts: 

  • house unity was a HUGE thing
  • like during the great feast at the start of the year, you’d be briefed again by the current head teacher about the importance of house unity
  • “house pride is fantastic, but hogwarts unity is essential" 
  • after the great feast they’d pack away the long tables and just put in their place an abundance of circular ones
  • and by an abundance im talking like a hundred
  • with 5 - 6 chairs
  • so ya know you can mingle with the other houses during meals in small packs
  • create friendships
  • like theres this one huge ass room with a shit load of chairs and tables
  • so if you had a friend in another house you guys can chill after class in somewhere other than a hallway or a library
  • and tbh JSP and Fred II definitely made a poster in that room of a raven, badger, snake, lion hybrid thing
  • and the teachers just kept it up because "it’s not actually that bad and you have to commend the charming capabilities of the young fellows”
  • like each day of the week you gotta wear at least a piece of red (gryffindors), green (slytherin), yellow (hufflepuff) and blue (ravenclaw)
  • AND IDK YOU CAN LEARN ABOUT EACH PROCEEDER like instead of classes one normal class day you get to learn about the full and intact history of Godric, Rowena, Helga and Salazar with their good points and bad
  • “It’s not that I don’t trust him bc he’s a slytherin, its bc he’s just irritating!”
  • “are you sure you can catch me with all that hair in your face weasley?”
  • each year for the the 7th years they had a huge competition where you need 4 people from each house in a group ( you can chose ) and you need to complete a series of tasks
  • for extra cred or some shiz
  • BUT AHH 
from afar pt five // jughead jones au

from afar // the one with the brother


summary: (Y/N) needs a wedding date. jughead is the only one available. small problem-they aren’t on good terms.

words: 1,328

(((author’s note: i’m v sorry for the late upload, i was v busy with a job interview and writing this essay up! I hope you enjoy this part, its quite rambly ngl)))

“So why does my sister call you Forsythe if you hate it so much?” Josh raised his eyebrow as he sat opposite Jughead, his eyes never leaving Jughead’s.

“You make exceptions for the people you love.”

“So you love her?”

“You could say that.”

“Archibald, I need you to drive us around Boston tonight.” (Y/N) smirked “Betty, Montana and I are about to hit the town.”

“God, we’re too old for that saying.”

“I’m not exactly in bar hopping clothes.” Archie frowned.

“Good thing we’re in Manhattan and we’re fully grown adults.”

“So how long have you been together?”

“Ten months. She didn’t want to introduce me to you all just yet but she realised if she turned up alone, your family would be trying to pair her off.”

“She’s right. She’s had to go through five weddings within three years. If I were her, I wouldn’t have coped past the second one.”

“I’m sorry if you weren’t expecting me, I told her she should’ve warned you.”

“It’s odd though. Ten months and she’s never mentioned it to me.”

“I mean she didn’t tell Kevin until two weeks ago.”

“How do I look, Mon?” Betty asked, stepping out of the dressing room in the dress chosen for her.

Archie grinned, biting his lip, earning a playful smack from the dark haired girl sitting next to him.

“If only I could show my excitement like Archie, I would.” Montana commented, causing the blonde in front of her to laugh.

“Can’t wait to see you try yours on, (Y/N). Yo’ man betta tie you down before my weirdo cousin, Jackson, tries to make a move.”

“So do you work?” Josh smiled at the dark haired man before him “I’m sorry, just brotherly things that should’ve happened earlier in the relationship.”

“I write a column for the Riverdale Journal. Nothing major, I’m hoping to publish a book soon.”

“Hope it works out for you, man.”

“Thanks.” There was a slight pause “You know, I just want the best for (Y/N), right?”

“I understand. I also want the best for her. She’s one of the few females in the family. You’re lucky that you haven’t had the chance to sit down with Niall yet, he’d question you into the ground.”

“(Y/N)’s favourite cousin, right?”

The sound of a camera shutter pulled the girls back to reality, their heads turning to Archie immediately.

He responded with a shrug “Thought Jug might’ve want to see how good you looked.”

“Mon, I can’t believe you’re getting married next week.”

“Girl, I can’t believe it too. Got me feeling older than Morgan Freeman.”

Jughead smiled to himself as glanced down at the picture Archie had sent him.

archie: ‘cant wait to see ur cute little butt in a cute little dress’

archie: u waited long enough ;)

“So it’s a girls night but I’m driving you around?”

“Pretty much, we’re going to get wasted and not worry about how to get home.” Montana clapped as she shuffled around in the back seat, trying to change into something less business looking.

“You’re a decent guy.” Josh sighed “I wasn’t too sure about you at first. She spent so many nights, ranting on the phone to me about her douche-y hot roommate. God, I think she even cried a few times.”

“I never realised how much of a dick I was being. I’m not really good at handling my emotions and I guess I turned my liking into this hatred.”

“There’s a thin line between love and hate and you crossed it. She was so convinced you were plotting her murder.”

“She hung out with Reggie too much.” He rolled his eyes.

“You’re lucky she never mentioned it to our cousin, Niall. He would’ve come down to RCU and broken your legs, you would still be limping to this day.”

“She never told him?”

“No, in all honesty, I think she was crushing on you at the time but I’m not 100% sure.”

“Your family seems protective of (Y/N).”

“Well, when theres twelve of us and only two are female, you tend to develop no tolerance for bullshit when it comes to them.”

She took another shot, feeling the liquor burn her throat as it went down. (Y/N) couldn’t really remember the last time she had drank, having promised Reggie she’d go through a month of no alcohol.

“You’re one hundred percent tipsy.” a voice commented from behind her, causing her to turn around.

She frowned at the sight of her ex standing at the bar, a smirk plastered on his face.

“Would say it’s been nice seeing you, James, but that’s a lie.”

“Here, how about I buy you a drink and make you change your opinion?”

“Sure thing.”

“I guess I always knew that I didn’t hate her. I met my best friend through her, whether I want to admit that to her or not, it was the truth. Archie was constantly checking up on her and we became friends because of that. He was like you, at first.”

“Slight weary of your relationship with (Y/N)?”

“No, slightly weary of even speaking to me.”

“It makes a lot of sense. Archie’s always looked out for (Y/N) and I doubt that will stop any time soon. I’m just glad both, you and Betty, understand their closeness and don’t try to prevent it.”

Archie’s brows furrowed as he made his way over to the bar, spotting James inching closer towards (Y/N) but before he had reached her, she took the drink from the bar and sent a smile James’s way before turning away and heading over to him.

“Arch!” she giggled “I love free drinks.”

“You know, you’re going to be the death of me right?”

She nodded, wrapping her arm around his waist. “How’s Montana?”

“In an even worse state than you.”

“Guess I better drink up then.”

“It’s getting late and I’m off to bed.” Josh yawned “I’m so sorry about all the questions.”

“I get it. Brother things.”

“Yeah.” He smiled “By the way, there’s no point on waiting up for them. Mon texted me earlier that they went out for drinks. Drunk (Y/N) is a handful, if you need help, don’t hesitate to wake me.”

“I’m so glad you barely drank anything.” Archie chuckled as he held a stumbling, drunk (Y/N) tightly to his side.

“I knew this would happen. (Y/N) hasn’t drank in months and I assumed you would need help when it came to her. What I didn’t expect was for Montana to be worse than her.” Betty spoke, as she led the dark haired girl towards the direction of the car.

The four made their way into the house, trying to make it to their rooms without waking anyone up.

“Shhh, Archie. You might wake Josh up.” Montana giggled

“Tana, we’re in the living room.”

She giggled as she poked his face, earning a soft mumble to escape his lips. He turned around in the bed and saw Betty pulling her away from the bed.

“Let him sleep, (Y/N). Let’s get you changed.”

“Hey, I’m starting to s-sober up.”

“I know, sweetheart, but it doesn’t mean you should wake him up.”

“I just want to tell him his dad is hot.”

Betty let out a laugh, her hand rushing up to her mouth as she noticed him, pushing himself up.

“Betttttt, admit it. You agree. FP Jones is a hot human.”

“I’m sure he’ll be flattered.” Jughead commented, switching the light on.

“Shhh, you’ll wake him.” (Y/N) hiccuped

“God, she’s past gone isn’t she?”

Betty nodded her head. “Sorry for waking you.”

“No, it’s alright. You go off to bed. I’ll take over.”

“Just wash her face and make sure she drinks water before she sleeps.”

“Come on, sweet cheeks, let’s get your makeup off you.”

“Why do you not like me? Did I do something?”

“No, sweet cheeks. You’re mistaken. I do like you. A lot more than you think.”

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The thing about scotland and racism is, theres this street in the city centre of Glasgow called Jamaica Street. It stands as a testement to a city built off the slave trade. There was some debate about renaming it, but it was decided that this shameful part of our history should not be hidden away.

There is another street, adjacent to it, called Nelson Mandela Place. Here used to stand the south african embassy. At a time when the UK government was calling for Mandela’s head, what seems like an insignificant act of protest was a powerful statement of intent.

There are racists in this counrty. Hundreds of them. Thousands. There always have been and there always will be. But a racist past is not an excuse for a racist future. Wanting a more equal future can never erase atrocities of the past, and no one is saying that. 

My point is, you can keep walking up Jamaica Street, or you can turn onto Nelson Mandela Place. 

What really truly cracks me up about historians trying to deny even the possibility of a reciprocated romantic regardless sexual relationship between Hamilton and Laurens is that they have to censor their letters three times over to convince you! Like the letters themselves are censored by the writers because greek allusions where about as close as one gets to straight up even mentioning being gay/bi, then John C. Hamilton permanently censored many parts including those that were going down a dangerously blatantly sexual path, and even then Massey edits out “by action rather than words” causes its too suggestive??? Like the lines that read as queer on the surface level are not even the things I necessarily read as homoerotic, its the things which when they are put into context- like the whole Adams blames Alex for the Charles/John Mulligan Jr/von Steuben fiasco, the similarities and differences to his correspondence with another close friend Meade, and the way that other immigrants either French or Creole like Alex, Lafayette, or Ternant would have had a different acceptance of sexual male relationships that went beyond “romantic friendship”- THOSE things are what reallllyyyy convinces me that Alex and John had a non-platonic relationship! 

Also, “my dear boy” pretty much seals the deal….Theres about a hundred more details that convince me as well, but the one that makes literally no sense in relation to either argument is that we are “over reading it”… cause like even if a modern eye might make a poor assumption it doesn’t mean the opposite is true!

starter for @scion-of-kings ::

Galadriel stared across the smooth surface of the pool, watching the way it reflected the light of the stars like a hundred tiny diamonds. She sat beneath a willow tree whose branches softly brushed the water, creating small ripples when the summer breeze stirred them to life. The air was filled with the scent of a great many flowers, their individual fragrances blending together to create a heady perfume. 

How beautiful it was here. One could almost forget that a shadow grew in the East once more. It grieved her heart. If only Imladris and its people could stay like this for all time, calm and at peace. But that was not to be, not while Sauron still lived. Though his forces had been beaten back, he had survived, crawled back to his foul land to nurse his wounds and wait for his next opportunity to strike.

He would strike. That much she knew. Memories of her most recent vision rose to mind: the faces of elves and men, preserved forever beneath dark waters. The days of war were not yet done. 

She was pulled from her thoughts by the soft sound of footsteps on the garden path and the feeling of another, familiar mind nearby.

“My lord Ereinion,” she said before she saw him, eyes not leaving the water. Her voice was slow and languid, as if she had just woken from a dream. 

Being my friend means:

You possibly have to deal with the random chance i shut down into a state of surreal exisitence cause i have realized once again that life it self is so big and overwhelming and that every single being has their own thoughts and feelings and /place/ in the world and that every human each all have their own emotions and feelings, all have choices, all have family and that their family also are living breathing people. And they all exist currently on earth. And more so of life on another planet thats life us in which their respective ‘humans’ also have thought, emotions, and actions and choices. And tjat there could be hundreds, thousands, or more planets tjat have life.

And then that time is…time. the measurment of time isnt real vut the movement and passage is. And time itself isnt linear or even remotely like a river but just a vast void thats all encompassing. And the fact tjat time itself is just…flawed

Theres so much too much amd just everything is overwhemling and…i dont…know

Previous Chapters HERE

Warning: Tiny bit of smut.


Chapter 15

You laid in bed playing with a loose sting on the duvet, You couldn’t help but think back to yesterday and the accident you had and how embarrassed you felt. Your phone was with notifications on your social media, You knew it was most likely people talking about the fight at the beach, You reached over to the bed side table and grabbed your phone, turning it off you open the drawer and toss it in, Shutting th drawer.
The bedroom door opened and Calum walked in with a plate of food and a drink in his hands, He sat on the bed next to you and set the plate between the two of you and your drink on the table. 
“I’m not hungry.” You say.
“I don’t care.” he says
“Ashton and Jenny told me you haven’t been eating.” He adds.
“Or sleeping. That’s why you’ve been feeling so ill.” he says
“Thanks Dr. Hood. I wasn’t aware.” You say and he lets out a sigh
Calum climbs on the bed and lays down next to you, Turning the TV, He switches through the channels and takes a sip of your drink.
“Can you please leave?” You ask.
“Nope. Not unless you finish everything on your plate.” He says as he takes another sip of your drink, You felt so irritated with him the only thing you could think to do was grab the cup and tilt it so it spilt all over him.
“Are you insane?!” He yells as she shoots up from the bed.
“Yeah! I must be if i dated you!” You yell as you stand from the bed as well, You walk over to the door, ready to leave but Calum grabs your arm and you yank it out of his grip
“Don’t touch me!” You yell.
“Stop yelling!” He says through gritted teeth as he grabs a hold of your arm again, You try to push him away from you but his grip was too tight, You tried to get him of you but he put you in bear hug, As you tried to push him away one last time you both stumble back against the wall and he holds you there and you just begin to cry.
“I hate you.” You say through your sobs.
“No you don’t.” He says with a shaky voice.
“Yes i do.” You say as you try your best to push him again but he held you even tighter.
“No you don’t.” He whispers as he tries to catch his breath, You can feel it fan over your face, He was so close to you and he kisses your lips and you couldn’t help but kiss him back.

He was like a drug and you were the addict, You missed the rush he gave you when he kissed you, The feeling of his lips on yours made you feel good, and sick at the same time, but you couldn’t help but kiss them. His hands grabbed your face hard as he kissed you even harder, Before you knew it your clothes were off and so was his, He grabbed your legs and propped you up against the wall, He thrust in you and you let out a moan, You missed the way he felt. His lips made there way to your neck and could feel his breath on your skin as he opened his mouth and let out a moan.
“You’re so beautiful.” He says and You began to feel sick again as you the images of the girl and Calum filled your mind.
“Stop!” You say.
“What?” He says.
“I said stop!” You yell again and he lets you go, You grab you clothes and put them on.
“Please leave.” You say.
“What’s wrong?” He says as he slips on his pants.
“Just leave! Please.” You say.
“What did i do?” He asks as he tries to touch you to calm you,.
“Calum please!” You say once more. He stood there for a second and you just stared at the ground until he finally left.
You sat on the bed and began to cry.
You couldn’t even sleep with him without hating him even more.

5:00 Am
You laid there in the bed, Contempating on what you were going to do. You didn’t want to be here anymore. There was no point in you being here anymore. You didn’t have Calum anymore, And if you didn’t have Calum you didn’t have the rest of the boys, You had no family, Your friends are grown and have their own life. You have nothing.
You grabbed your bag and slipped on your shows, Grabbed your phone and headed out the door, You made sure to be extra quiet as you snuck passed Calums room and out the front door. You didn’t really know where you were gonna go but you just wanted to walk. Just go anywhere it didn’t matter just as long as it was far from Him.

You sat on the beach and watched as the waves came crashing up by the shore, The air was warm and and the sand was soft and you felt alright for a second and you just wished you could stay in this spot forever, But your mind went back to him and you felt sad again. You couldn’t be here anymore. You grabbed your phone out of your bag and dialed Ashton.
“Hello?” He says in a groggy voice, He must have just woken up.
“I need my ticket back.” You say calmly.
“[Y/N].. Please don’t-” He says.
“Ashton i’m serious. Please can i have it back?” You say, You began to get a bit frustrated and you wanted to cry but you held it in. It was silent for a bit on the other line.
“Fine.” He says with a sigh.
“Where are you?” He asks and you told him, He said he’d be there in just a few, To wait there and he’d meet you.

30 Minutes later
You see someone sit next to you in your peripheral vision and you could tell who it was right away and it wasn’t Ashton.
“What are you doing here?” You ask, Keeping your attention on the ocean in front of you.
“Ashton told me you were here.” He says
“Please don’t go.” He whispers with a shake in his voice, You look over at him and see tears in his eyes. You just shake your head and scoff as you turn your attention back to the water.
“You know what i don’t understand?” You say with a tiny laugh.
“You don’t really know how much i love you.” You say.
“Yes i do.” He says and you look at him and shake your head.
“No. You don’t.” You say.
“I would die for you. I would do anything for you and i have. I dropped everything. School. For you. I left my friends behind so i could travel with you so you could have me closer with you when you were gone because that’s what YOU wanted. I’ve dealt with being called names and being threatened and wouldn’t tell you about it so YOU didn’t worry. You screwed another girl and i said nothing and you didn’t even apologize. I’ve dealt with rumors about YOU. I’ve lied for YOU and i’ve kept things from people. For YOU. You always thought that you loved me more but you really didn’t. Because "i will love you until the world stops” doesnt really mean shit to you because if you really loved me you would put MY feelings first. You wouldn’t put me down for befriending Arzaylea when i wanted to make peace because you wanted to be alfa, You wanted to show me who was boss, ‘YOU can’t be friend with them [[Y/N] if i’m not friends with them.’ 'Don’t do this [Y/N] its not like you.’ 'Don’t talk about that [Y/N] i can’t have people thinking that.’  And i loved you so i didn’t. You can screw a girl and it’s okay but i can’t even look at another man without you freaking out.“ You begin
"I excepted your proposal because i was going to trust you with my life. I was going to commit myself one hundred percent to you,. But you know Calum….. I don’t think i can do that anymore, when you can’t think about committing, Hell, You were scared to even think about having a child with me.” You add.
“Theres a saying Ashton said once when we were in Bali, 'Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder’. He said it about Arz and Luke and how he cars too much about her to see that what she does is bad.. But now that i think about it… I think it applies to us. I was just so in love i couldn’t realize how fucked this relationship was.” You say.
Calums was crying now, He wouldn’t even look at you, It hurt to see him cry but you were hurt too. And he didn’t care.
“I do love you. I’ll do anything please!” He says. You look down at the sand and thought about it, You didn’t want to be haarsh anymore but you need to show him what his life was going to be like without you in it.
“Call Ashton and tell him to give me my  ticket.” You say point blank, Calum looks at you for a second and then tilts his head back as he takes in a deep breath, he didn’t want to do it, but he reaches and grabs his phone from his pocket and dials the number and puts it up to his ear.
“Ashton mate.” He says with a sniff as he wipes his nose with the back of his sleeve.
“Yeah, I need you to meet [Y/N] at the beach, She needs-” he starts but he chokes up, he clears his throat and wipes his nose once more.
“She needs her ticket.” He says.
“I’m fine Ash, please?” He adds.
“Thanks mate.” He says as he hangs up the phone. He looks over at you and wipes his face.
“He’ll be here in five.” He says and you nod your head.
“Thank you.” You say,
“I told you i loved you, And i would do anything so i did.” He says as he puts his phone back in his pocket, You look at him and he looks at you for a second, His eyes travel around your fave, really looking at you, His mouth forms in to a tiny sad smirk, He leans over and kisses your cheek.
“Have a safe flight.” He says as he stands up and walks off.

David Tennant on Huff Post Live, 16/11/15, #3
  • Interviewer: Congratulations, you've just had another baby, so marvelous stuff
  • David: Thank you, thank you
  • Interviewer: You did say that your children have seen you play the Doctor now, and one of them - I think it was your third child? Second or third child - you've got so many I'm sorry!
  • David: There's hundreds of them! Thousands of them!
  • Interviewer: One of them - you were their favourite, and now you're no longer their favourite
  • David: They're very fickle though, aren't they, children
  • Interviewer: So with baby number four, are you just going to not let her watch anyone else but your Doctor?
  • David: [Laughs} Yes I'll maybe do some kind of social experiment and pretend there were no others. I don't know how long that will last, though; it's quite ubiquitous, particularly in the UK, it's quite hard to ignore the fact there were more than one...especially as her grandfather used to be one as well. Little bit complicated.

anonymous asked:

..(cont) and it's certainly not new. There's Al Qaeda, ISIS and the hundreds of affiliated groups, many have been around for centuries. (In Asia we have JI, in Africa they have Boko Haram. And there are so many more I didn't list) I mean there is literally no other religion that has this massive global spread of terrorist ideologies. So, it's not that "we hate Islam", it's more of fear that there is something in the religion (true or not, is another matter) that brings this behavior about

Its not Islam that brings out this behavior, this is the ugly side to humans, this is what you get when someone who is selfish, greedy, and sick. Someone who uses God to justify everything they do.
For example, terrorists who aren’t Muslim 

The Lord’s Resistance Army, (LRA) is a Christian Fundamentalist terrorist group originally from Uganda, but now active in the Sudan,

Ku Klux Klan, we all know what they did

National Liberation Front of Tripura “to expand the kingdom of God and Christ in Tripura,” and often does so at the point of a gun. They threatened anyone celebrating the Hindu Festival of Durga Puja with death, and are backed by a Baptist Church that’s selling them arms.

Antibalaka, a terrorist group who ethnically cleanse their country of all Muslims. This includes children,

Catholic Reaction Force/Protestant Action Force. The CRF was behind the Darkley killings, in addition to several mailed bombings in the early 2000s.

The Orange Volunteers The OV are Protestant Fundamentalist, and responsible for a number of violent attacks in North Ireland. While the police have been cracking down on the group, the group is still considered to be active and is still terrorizing Catholic citizens and hitting “soft targets.”

The Aryan Nations is an umbrella agency that nets a large number of White and Christian Supremacist agencies ranging from certain breeds of Neo-Nazi to the KKK itself. It’s heyday was in the 1980s and the 1990s

The Christian Identity Movement
The CIM is made up of various Christian terrorist organizations, like Americans Promise Ministries, who are responsible for terrorist attacks and bank robberies; the aforementioned Aryan Nations; the Covenant, the Sword, and the Arm of the Lord; the Oklahoma Constitution Militia; and the South African Groups that were behind the 2002 Soweto bombings.

Many more to list, but lets not go into this because the devil does not discriminate. He will whisper to everyone, Muslim or not.

it really does make me appreciate humans so much more cause in crisis’s like this theres so much love and compassion going around and it makes me feel like being lgbt may have alot of downsides to it but the people in the community stick up for eachother. We all mourn for one another and that in itself makes me feel validated and safe knowing that even if other people may be disgusted with me that there are always groups of people willing to stick up for me when my own family wont.