there's hope for the world

Because I really really really love Nicky Hemmick with all my heart

Nicky wants to see effort and gets more than what he expected

  • Nicky feels alone again
  • He’s moved back to Germany and thought he would finally be happy since he’s back home with Erik
  • But the twins are still in the States and don’t bother to contact him first 
  • It’s always Nicky calling, texting, and requesting Skype calls
  • Erik has subtly stated a few times that Nicky shouldn’t waste his time and love on family who don’t feel the same
  • but Nicky thinks about the time Andrew nearly killed four people for laying a hand on him. And all the times Aaron came to him for help with learning German and trying to approach Katelyn
  • But he thinks about all the times he tried talking to Andrew and Aaron and them never actually acknowledging what he says, thinks, and feels
  • He doesn’t want to force them to keep a relationship with him. He wants them to actually want him in their life
  • So Nicky comes up with an idea
  • (a potentially bad one)
  • He decided he will stop call and texting his cousins for a week to see if they would actually put the effort in their relationship
  • Once he tells Erik he sees the light in his eyes dim
  • Erik knows the boys won’t try reaching out and he doesn’t want the love of his life to be hurt even worse by his family
  • But he gives his best supportive smile and says he wishes him the best
  • Nicky officially begins Sunday morning

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If we make it through the night, if we make it out alive  ..
You said that you can save me
Don’t hope to ever find me
And I fear I’m too far gone  
.Pray for the dead.
I am the ocean, I am the sea
There is a world inside of me  

Inktober Day 19 - Falling Down

I’m planning to do a full digital sequel to this to do what didn’t quite work out on paper. Anyone who recognizes the pose might be able to guess what I was going for. 

Heavily inspired by listening to Hopes and Dreams reversed


Happy belated birthday @p-aurisan! i said i’d finish these before october ends, but instead i finished them as soon as october ended! aw geez. there is a third one to this but it’ll be a while! ♥♥♥

OK but i can’t get over the transition from pre-chorus to chorus in the Sonic Forces theme song???? right before the chorus, there’s this really funky, half-time section which feels very SA2 and upbeat, then suddenly everything stops except the guitar and the chorus just BOOMS IN and suddenly it’s an action-packed war of the worlds where i will fight to my last dying breath??!!!?!!! holy shit



Actually i think this is before Vs after lol

Anyway, thank you NU’EST so much, you have saved so many lives in your career. All we ever wanted to do was repay you back by making your dream of first win come true, and now we finally did it!

Thank you for teaching me that there is good in this world, and not everything is shitty. Before if its possible for people people like you, with pure hearts, with just immense talent, who have had to deal with such BS in their life, and refuse to give up, and finally make it in the end… then theres hope for everyone. There is good in the world, it would be been the biggest injustice in kpop if you never made it, but you did.

I am privileged to have been with the kindest, most hardworking and beautiful people in the world- and I’m glad more people get to be by your side now and call themselves ㄴㅇㅅㅌ

Out of everyone god chose you to rise after all this time, because of your own refusal to give up. And because you are special. I’ve known it so long, I’ve always known there was something about NU’EST that no one else will ever have. 

Thank you so much, I’ll work even harder from now on and be with you forever. 

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I feel really weird for asking this but could you please pray for me. I’m surrounded by worry and pain and am kinda freaking out right now. I’m trying to trust in the Lord and calm down, but honestly right now I feel just like fighting and crying. Which probably isn’t the best response

If you don’t want to that’s fine but if you do end up praying for me I’d really appreciate it.

I'm holding on

It’s tough right now
And everything’s a mess
But I’m holding on

There’s friends I’ve lost
Family I want to lose
And nothing makes sense anymore
But I’m holding on

My head is exploding
And my heart hurts
I never asked for easy
I don’t expect it
That’s life you said
So I continue holding on

You try and try
Doing your best to make me cry
With every blow you want to see me fall
Look at me I’m still standing tall

I’ve known sadness since the day I was born
So don’t you tell me to stop holding on

Leagues and Legends

“Laney knew; she had always been meant for breaking, not building.” - end of Chapter 20, Beanstalk

This line whacked me in the face when I read it because of how much it contrasts with Jack, while also drawing a parallel between them. They are both destroyers, but only one of them accepts it, and they both come from cultures that emphasize building / creation. In the Forest, building is connected to life and safety from the Shadows; in the desert, it is a woman’s role to maintain camps and negotiate peace. This could probably be a proper post but my writing brain isn’t present so here, have a rambly compare/contrast list of traits connecting Laney Jones and Jack Farris.

Jack Farris - forest culture; building = life (but the trees might see it differently. Jack Farris sometimes feels like a tree.); his mother describes him as being of fire / he will destroy everything if he thinks it is for good, and this chills him; he is a fighter and a warrior, compelled to destroy in the hopes of building safety / protection / justice for others; when he geeks out over the Northern Rangers he specifically draws attention to the fact that they also build houses and provide food for struggling communities; he destroys but is not at peace with that part of himself; also he fulfills roles, he is literally Jack the Giant Slayer, but he also knows his place in his family; when Grey accuses Jack’s family of being bullies, he explains that this is simply his identity / place with them

Laney Jones - desert nomads; women are the peacekeepers, meant to construct tents and knit peace, and you see that in her smile which is “very sweet indeed”, in her strategy to give people what they want so she can get what she wants, a strategy that also allows her to get close enough to destroy anything that thinks it can control her; her smile hides a sharp tongue and a bullet aimed wherever will hurt you most; this entire world is in need of a strong dose of feminism and Laney Jones will destroy every conception you want to force on her; she is of fire and she embraces this; she will rip the very barrier between worlds, will burn every box you try to put her in, because she is the choices she makes for herself and nothing else

April 19, 1775

The American Revolutionary War began with a series of military engagements between the towns of Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775. This became known as the “Shot Heard ‘round the World” and marks the outbreak of armed conflict between Great Britain and the American colonies.

On April 18th, Gage was ordered to send his army to Concord to destroy a stash of Militia military supplies (including weapons and gunpowder). Upon hearing of these orders and believing that the objective was the capture of Samuel Adams and John Hancock, Doctor Joseph Warren sent William Dawes and Paul Revere to warn them. 

After making sure Adams and Hancock were safely hidden and protected, it was agreed that they would continue to Concord and make sure the supplies were safe. So Dawes, Revere and several other riders rode out to spread word and raise the militias. On the way, Dawes and Revere came across Samuel Prescott who was on his way home to Concord and decided to join them men in alerting the colonists. The three of them made it halfway to Concord when they were detained by British patrol. Dawes and Revere were captured (later released to make their way back to Lexington) but Prescott got away and continued on to Concord.

The British Army’s advanced guard, under Pitcairn, were met at Lexington by the Lexington militiamen on April 19, 1775. Amongst a great deal of confusion and yelling a shot rang out as the two armies met. Nobody knew then, nor knows today, who fired but that shot was to be the first shot of the American Revolution. This is what is now known as the “Shot Heard ‘round the World”. 

The Lexington militiamen were defeated and the British troops moved forward towards Concord. The militiamen at Concord were ready for the British Army thanks to the raised alarm and managed to encircle the regulars who were advancing on Concord. After numerous casualties, the British commander ordered his troops to return to Boston. The British regulars, having been routed by the militiamen, began their march back to Lexington and Boston.

On their return march, they were faced with several groups of militiamen who caused a great deal of damage to their troops. The total number of losses were roughly 300 British and 100 Americans. The battles of Lexington and Concord roused New Englanders to begin the Siege of Boston which resulted in the British evacuation by March 1776 and thus beginning the American War for Independence. 

“Heard you wanted to see Damen/Laurent from the storybook! Always liked breath-art’s LOTR stained glass paintings which is how I imagined Isander’s art :)”

This is… beautiful????? I know this has been sitting in my inbox for a day or so but I needed to formulate something to say about it because it is STUNNING and I will never be over this. Ever. I am obsessed with this piece of art, I’m not even kidding.