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ok but like ??? wh   y  did the galra have red lion though?? clearly black is the one zarkon is hung up on so theres literally no reason why he would prioritize capturing red over black. but even still red seems to be the most “lively” of all the lions. i cant see it just being complacent to sit there and let the galra mess with it for 10,000 years?? 

anyway i think the old red paladin was probably still loyal to the galra or something and thats why red was alright with staying with them and waiting around until someone better came along. Allura does try telling her dad to form voltron, which suggests they had a pilot for every lion, but zarkon was the original black paladin so its not totally out of the question. also she mentions there being some dark past associated with pretty much all the paladins so. theres that. but also, red seems to be the most picky about their paladin 

so maybe red was just so attached to its pilot that after they died/got captured it just like?? shut down?? it couldve also been completely shot of quintessence or something i guess, maybe having lost it all in a last stand for the red paladin. 

MBTI Types as things that have actually happened in my maths class this year
  • INTJ: This one time, my friend was asking the teacher if he wore his wedding wrong on the wrong finger because his wife isn't actually real.
  • INTP: One kid (egged on by the rest of the class) tried to lock him out of the classroom when he left, but he had keys.
  • ENTJ: I definitely bothered the teacher for a very long time about some pre-tests we did in January and still haven't got back yet.
  • ENTP: It was suggested that the teacher's haircut was inspired by an egg.
  • INFJ: "Sir, can we have a picture of your childhood?" (it was pointed out that one single picture of his whole childhood would be very blurry)
  • INFP: Someone actually made up this whole headphones brand called "Beats By Dr (insert teacher's surname here)" and made this whole photoshopped logo with his face on it.
  • ENFJ: My friend recorded a few maths sessions and there's this one where you can hear some muffled voice telling her off, and then you can just clearly hear her saying. "I'm not rude! I'm perfect!"
  • ENFP: This kid actually says to the teacher "sir, can we have a sleepover?"
  • ISTJ: We all barricaded the classroom (with chairs) so the teacher couldn't come in.
  • ISFJ: I spend whole sessions on end with my hand raised. Sometimes this is because the teacher is dealing with problematic students, but other times, he was just looking out of the window.
  • ESTJ: One kid literally googled the teacher, found his phone number and then called it.
  • ESFJ: One kid was aggressively threatening to make the teacher a cake on his birthday.
  • ISTP: The teacher ripped up some ten dollar note found on the floor. One kid claimed it was his and he was going to sue him.
  • ISFP: One of my classmates photoshopped our science teacher's face into our vice principal's head during class. Because that's what you do during maths class.
  • ESTP: "Can you show us your PhD Thesis again? No, I don't actually care, I just don't want to do maths."
  • ESFP: Everyone has this obsession with 'roasting' everyone else. There is supposed to be a whole session dedicated to roasting at the end of this term.

heres some of my experiences.

after telling someone that i was ace, she immediately asked me “so theres got to be something wrong with you, like biologically” after explaining it again she persisted to tell me that something was off im my chemical make up

while talking to a psychiatrist, he asked me what my sexual orientation is. i told him that i was ace. after explaining it he suggested that i probably have a personality disorder because i wasnt interested in relationships

on my sixteenth birthday my sister came out as ace to my aunts. they immediately responded with the typical “you havent found the right person yet” and “youre too young to know”. my sister broke down at the table, my family was not supportive at all

but ive never been oppressed as ace. because no law has ever been specifically directed at me being ace. yeah ive faced some shitty things from other people, but ive never been systematically affected. theres a difference between oppression and discrimination & minor aggressions. no one threatened to kill me because i was ace. my sister wasnt disowned right there at the table. hell, the psych didnt even diagnose me with anything. he hurt my feelings, which tbh no psych should do bc ya know they r psychiatrists. but ive never been oppressed.

dont belittle an asexual or aromatic’s experience. they are real. but they are not oppressed for being ace/aro