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Open To Interpretation: Negan x Reader

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A/N: Ya’ll. I’m so fuckin’ swamped in responsibility. I feel a lil guilty about coming back with something non-Rami but fuck it. Some other things I wanna say: Send me anything. Send me asks. I wanna answer you guys’ questions. Be nosy as hell. Also, I have something you might be interested in coming up after my birthday which is in like 2 weeks. Please feel free to request more Negan stuff, I’m branching out bitches.


Warnings: Inappropriate teacher/student relationship (student is of legal age in the US and UK), smut, the usual. Also, I wrote the character a little more like myself bc I feel like I keep writing the same kind of reader and its getting tedious. Hit my inbox if this is you af. ALSO HIT MY INBOX IF YOU’VE EVER HAD ANY KIND OF TEACHER/STUDENT RELATIONSHIP? SPILL THE TEA I’M NOSY.

Word count: 4448  

“Preserving innocent life, orderly living in society, worshipping god, educating children, and reproducing.” His deep, gravelly voice fills the lecture hall. All his students are enraptured, a rare thing for many teachers. He pauses before continuing. “What are the issues with these precepts that Aquinas put forward?”

You bite your lip anxiously. Answering questions in class isn’t an issue for you, in fact your teachers often tell you to give the other students a chance, but your Philosophy and Ethics professor makes you somewhat nervous. Tall, late forties, gorgeous black beard with silver streaks and piercing hazel eyes. The recipe for a crippling medley of anxiety and attraction.

Despite this, impressing him and getting your grade is often the reason you manage to pluck up the courage to respond to his queries, his opinion of you is something you are very conscious of. You glance around the room to see no one has raised their hand. You decide to take one for the team, slowly lifting your arm from the desk.

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since nobody is writing about how camila is sooooooooo girlfriend material (and im so in love with her), here it is:

•  it all started with you two being good friends, and as friends, you kept getting closer and closer

when she found out that you were into girls she smiled so big for herself 

• bc you were this cute girl that since she looked at you she wanted to get to know better 

• at first you texted a lot, and everytime she saw something funny she sended it to you

• bc she knew it would make you laugh and that would make her really happy

• then you started hanging out everytime that she wasnt filming for riverdale, like in between takes you’d go to where she was and take her to grab lunch or something

• you tried getting spoilers from her but even tho she really trusted you already she couldnt tell anything

• but she loved how you got so frustrated bc you. needed. to. know.

• so she teased you a lil bit, saying things like ”this may or may not happen”

HOW SHE ASKED YOU TO BE HER GIRLFRIEND before that everybody thought you were a couple anyway

• you were sick, like really sick, so she being the caring “friend” that she is showed up at your place w some soup, and why not flowers (something that she learnt from playing veronica) 

• even tho you melted when you saw her with all of that, you didnt want her around  because you were afraid shell get sick too

• but she didnt care, she sat right next to you on the couch and put some movie on netflix

• you were falling asleep with your head on her shoulder and she was looking at you, playing with your fingers

• she probably wanted to ask you to be his girlfriend “properly” like, with a long speech  and give you maybe some chocolate or candy

• but while looking at you the words spilled from her mouth

• “hey do you wanna me like, my girlfriend?”

• “what”

• “what”

• both of you started laughing and oFC YOU SAID YES I MEAN

• so thats how you started dating

• thats when all the fun began hehehe jk

• her phone and yours would be filled with silly photos of you two

• you know that video of her cooking and laughing about it in her ig story? you’d have tons of them doing mostly everything

• like one day, she took your phone while you were showering bc she was bored and her phone didnt have any battery, and going through your camera roll she found this video you took from her while she was watching her favorite movie because you loved how her eyes lighted up whenever her favorite scene was on the screen and how loud she screamed when something “surprising” happened even tho she watched it thousands of times

• she would do the same, because you’d have that kind of relationship

• she comments on every single one of your pics, really short comments like “i love you” “im in love” “mOM” “gorgeous” “mine”

• her mom loves you, and likes to cook for you bc she seems so nice and lovely

• when she is mad over something really silly, she starts speaking portuguese and you just stare at her while she’s screaming walking around the room until she let it all out

• “i was doing it again?” “yup” “im sorry”

• but theres times where you two are cuddling facing eachother and she is putting your hair behind your ear while smiling and shed say “eu tenho tanta sorte“ or “você é tão bonita”

• you wouldnt get anything of what she said (and she probably wouldnt tell you) but youd smile so big because you knew it was something nice and when she speaks in another language is the cutest thing ever

• PDA !!!!! lots of pda

• but not the annoying type like sucking eachother faces in public, but holding hands, long hugs, cheek kisses, forehead kisses !!!

• at least twice a week you go out to eat or have a cute coffee date, talking bout life sitting infront of eachother, holding hands over the table

• she never fails to make you laugh, she’s always doing goofy things or trying to imitate someone (and failing)  just to put a smile on your face

• its 2:34 AM, the lights are gone, the only source of light is coming from your computer screen and you two are dancing in the living room to some random spotify playlist

• you can go from steamy hot makeout session on the couch to sloppy slow kisses filled with love

• she sings to you whenever you ask her 

• she is probably singing 24/7 GOD BLESS HER ANGELIC VOICE

• but if you’re having a rough time or you’re feeling sad, she sings to you in a low tone kinda whispering, while smiling sweetly 

• i dont think she is the jealous type  ? but if anyone is looking at you in a way that they shouldn’t she’d wrap an arm around your waist, not like in a “she’s mine back off” type of way, but in a sweet “i love her dont steal her from me” type of way im crying 

• SHE. IS. A. TEASER. LIL. ****

• you tried cooking together, but you endend up getting too “distracted” and burning the whole thing

• “lets order pizza” “but i dont want pizza” “what do you want?” “you”

• she appreciates you and loves you so much bc if she is dating you she is 100% focused on you so she wouldnt be the annoying cheesy type, but definitely cheesy

• when she is away filming or busy with her work she sends you selfies doing funny faces, or videos at set with the cast, or a pouty selfie with a “cant wait to get home :(” that makes you melt inside who wouldnt

• PET NAMES !!! she probably calls you “love/babe/gorgeous”

• and she is your little nugget, of course

• play nights at your place with her friends (and yours) happen a little too often, because is everything you love and need: wine, charades, friends, and eachother


but it doesnt matter is you win or lose the game at the end of the night, bc she’d wrap her arms around you and say “i win, i have you”

i love her so so so so much okay?????? it ends right here before i start crying she is the most precius lil bean bye

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the fate of the furious thoughts *spoilers*

-Fuck okay so I saw the movie last night and fuck i didn’t think i’d be hype but it felt so right watching it!!!
-this is definitely scattered and poorly articulated compared to my review of ff7 but ill write a proper one in due time. I fucking miss paul
-ive seen every fuckin movie of this franchise in theaters n im only 23 ah these are my thoughts as i was watching it. I was lowkey keeping notes lmao
-beautiful setting and colors wow as always!!!
-FUCK as if charlize therons character wasnt annoying enough the fuckin bitch had to have dreads!!! Deadass bye
-GEEKED at roman coming in at 11 for most wanted criminals
-Roman lmfao he literally cracks me up so fucking much i love tyrese
-the Rock as a soccer daddy ifucking love it his daughter is so cute ugh
-DECKARD SHAW IS SUCH A DADDY oh my i love jason statham and his banter w the rock lmao
-digging all the gratuitous fight scenes and humor and explosions
-what are you gonna Email her? Lmfao roman is too much hahahah
-calling roman Slick lmao
-hobbs and shaw are both daddies fuck they can get it
-scott Eastwood FUCK ME UP i love how theyre giving him so much shit ahaha hes so fine though gotdamn
-The kisss!!! Fuck this dumb ass hacker Bitch
With ugly dreads
-Brian would know what to do… OMG SHOOK im crying i miss paul walker so much my mans
-omfg hes a fucking dad. Papa!!! HE HAS A KID W ELENA IM SHOOK AGAIN
-middle name marcos first name is for his father to name him!!! Bitch!! 😭😭I bet he calls the bb brian!! Just cus thats how dom and vin both would be. I’m crying
-god lmao hobbs’ Fuckin names for shaw and his damn one liners i can’t… callin him princess LOL
-themost recent movies have so much more comedic elements and honestly i live for it my theater was crackin up constantly in between all that anxiety if whats happening next!!!
-shaw in suits fuck me up statham is so fine
-ugh in ny!!! The music is always so lit!!! THE TOYSHOP DAYUM!!! Those sexy cars and sexy ass scott eastwood fuck
-are you Blanta? Lmao roman and that fuckin neon orange lambo
-oo shit doms got a plan yas!!! Helen mirren omfg!!! British woman so I assume this is mama shaw
-ok this banter now is just straight up Flirting between shaw and hobbs like theyd be so good together lmao
-ugh this Destruction i cant… imagine if that shit was real so many ppl would be dead god
-ugh charlize is a little cunt
-gotta admit tho putting those cars jn Auto drive was pretty freaking dope but crazy and the pileup. Shits wild if that could happen irl we’re fucked
-did i mention Eastwood is fucking sexy
-Lil nobody lost his lil mind hahaha
-Why didnt they just crash into him fuckkkk like instead of just tugging on his car from dif directions like ya dont hurt him but still
-baby callin dom dada im cryjbg holy fuck this mf just shot mama OMG RIP ELENA IM PIST
-god charlize tryig to psycho analyze shit and just constantly spewing bs makes me wanna hjr her
-Tej n roman babter is my fav
-ah eastwood baby is on board fuck me. All Bets r off–Hahaha the fuckin orange car
-Roman" this aint for me man" hahaha he’s so fuckin funny they really made his character a bitchass i love it
-2 hacker bitches up against eachother lmao ramsey is gorge
-roman Reading russian HAGAHA such a goof
-LETTYs SUCH A BAD BITCH sent that fucker right into those blades.
-Spinning in his lambo on ice and everyone just fucking with him hahaha
-WHAT IS GOIN ONHAHAHA as hes sliding with the fuckin door
-FIGHTing W BB OMFG DADDY YES, “its gonna be a lot of fun” i love him so much take me
-Ur not gna wanna see this… *sniffs* is that u or him? HAHAHA i love him
-hobbs to roman: Yr u always yelli g hahaha this shit is so funny while even in the middle of action scenes
-Thats my girl!! Letty made it… ugh dom im just
-U lost the minute u interrupted honeymoon fuck ya bitch dont mess w familia
-“This is for my son” FUCK yasss
-The cars protecting dom im crying more
-Told u this would b fun hgh DADDY shaw pls
-gotta get MY YUNG SELFIE LEVELS up I CANT Hahaha fucking roman
-ELENA UGH im sad
-INTRODUCing letty to the baby im dead
-I LOVE THESE MOVIES SO MUCH I WILL BE 80 and still watching these movies as long as they keep putting them out omfg i just love them all i miss paul walker and brian and jordana brewster but this was a really good addition it did not disappoint even tho i hate the title lmao
-i appreciate u if u read this whole thing lets b friends

Hickies- William Nylander

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Ok kids! Here you are! I hope this is what you were looking for anon! Enjoy guys!

Warning: One bad word, hickies

Anon Request: Hey i love your imagines so much like theres no words to say how much i love reading them 😂😘😘 could you write one with William Nylander where youre not really dating, but have something going on and then one day you have some kind of bruise on your neck and he thinks you have someone else and starts ignoring you before you finally ask what’s up ?


              “What is your problem?” you asked Willy.

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World Behind My Wall

Jughead x Reader

The reader has built up walls around her heart, but Jughead is determined to break them down. Based on the requested song: World Behind My Wall by Tokio Hotel

Warnings: Mentions of abusive parenting, homelessness

Wordcount: 2,775

A/N: I’m a terrible person.

they’re telling me

it’s beautiful

i believe them

but will I ever know

Dreams are a funny thing. They either show you what you want to see, or something you never want to experience. You weren’t exactly sure where Jughead Jones fit into the equation, but he was there nonetheless.

You hadn’t known Jughead that long either, truth be told you’ve only had one, maybe two conversations with him about schoolwork, but your brain must have taken a liking to him because every night, there he was.

It was the same every night. You and him would be looking up at the stars, and he would lift his hand and point to the brightest one.

‘That one was made for you,’ he would say, ‘the light in the darkness.’

I couldn’t seem to keep ahold of anything else from the dream, except that moment.

You didn’t really mind being asleep all that much, it was better than being awake.

A part of you felt like it was fate, that maybe these dreams were because you were connected spiritually or maybe you were even soul mates.

Or then it also might just be because you’re sleeping where he was just a few weeks ago. That’s right, you were homeless. Well, you could probably go stay with your aunt and uncle, but they lived all the way across town, and you would have to go to a different high school and that was not an option. Rumour had it is that Jughead was staying under the stairs for a while after the drive-in closed, until he went to go live with his best friend Archie. It seemed too perfect that your parents had to be assholes at the exact same time an abandoned place opened up right in the middle of the school.

Not even a day after Jughead had gotten all of his stuff out, you moved in.

It had been a long time coming, though, even you had to admit. Your parents weren’t the best, always out late, always working, always drinking. They never seemed to be sober anymore, always ignoring their real problems. They had probably cheated on each other so many times they lost count. They were emotionally abusive, picking on you for every little thing you did wrong in their eyes. Only problem was, you never knew which version of a parent you were going to get, so it was impossible to please them all the time. You had started staying out later to avoid them, your grades dropped to B’s and C’s instead of A’s because of your busy schedule, and when you came home with a tattoo on your 18th birthday that you had been talking about for the past three years,  they about lost their shit, and said that they didn’t know you anymore. They said if that’s the way you were going to repay them for everything they had done for you then you might as well leave, so you did.

You didn’t have very many friends, at least none that you were extremely close to that you could ask to stay with as you just genuinely tried to be nice to everyone, and you very well didn’t want to live on the streets, so the school closet it was. It was four walls, and that’s all you needed.

You woke up early, just like every day for the past two weeks, to shower and get dressed before the rest of the school arrived. You stop your alarm clock for the 5th time and drag yourself out of bed. You grab your shampoo and towel and open the door. You’re still rubbing your eyes, when you run face first into a wall.

You step back to orientate yourself, when you realize that there wasn’t a wall there, there never had been. You open your eyes all the way to see none other than Jughead Jones staring back at you.

“Uhm.. hi.” is all you manage to mutter out, not sure what to do. You’re basically a deer in the headlights.

“Who are you?” he asks, dumbfounded.

“I’m (Y/N), the new homeless person living under the stairs! Didn’t you hear? The front desk is renting it out, 10 bucks a night!” you exclaim, trying to make light of the situation. Making fun of yourself and laughing at things is how you’ve learned to deal with everything, because as long as people were laughing with you they wouldn’t be laughing at you. (Y/N) was your name and sarcastic humor was your game.

“What?” he asks, not really getting the joke.

“I’m Harry Potter, I’m living the dream, pretend you never saw me.” you tell him, turning towards the showers to try to make a speedy exit.

“Oh no you don’t.” Jug says, grabbing your arm before you make it too far, “I know this routine all too well.”

“What routine?” you play dumb. You were a very observant person, always listening to things happening around you. Archie and his gang were famous around here, or at least that’s what it seemed like. You couldn’t help it if you got to school early every day to avoid your parents and just so happened to overhear his conversation with Archie about his living situation. It was all timing and coincidences.

“Are you living here?” he asks, an odd look of concern in his eyes.

“Yeah, the last guy couldn’t keep up with rent, so I thought it was a steal.” you joke, cracking a small smile.

He doesn’t say anything, he just stares at you, no smile. It’s completely silent in the hall, and you swear that if a pin dropped, you would be able to hear it. Your smile disappears.

“All right, all right, I get it. ‘But (Y/N) can’t you go home? Don’t you have family? It would be so much better if you could just get along with your parents,’” you mimic, “I don’t have time for this. I have to shower before the sane people who get to wake up at normal times start arriving.” you tell him, finally taking your arm away from his grip.

You walk away from him, not turning around, because you know that if you did, you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from telling him everything.

That night you lay down to sleep, hoping that he will be there to greet you.

one day i will be

ready to go

see the world behind my wall

Lunch time was the only time you could be alone. You enjoyed the time, being able to sit and observe others, make up stories about what’s going on in their minds. You always imagined that their lives were actually put together. You loved to daydream. Sometimes you would sit and observe and daydream about having a best friend, someone to rely on. Of course, you had a few friends, you were nice to everyone, but you were always someone’s second choice. All of your friends seemed to have better best friends. A best friend and a not shit family was the most prominent thought in your mind, and so that’s what your daydreams consisted of.

You pick at your food, unable to eat most of it from the cafeteria. You had been getting free meals since you can remember, your parents not bothering to fill out any paperwork. The school just assumed you were poor, but it was food, so you couldn’t complain.

You’re in the middle of making up a story for a couple sitting on a blanket under a tree when a figure appears in front of you, casting a shadow over your face and blocking the view.

“Hey, this is quality TV, what are you doing?” you tease, motioning for them to move. Only when your eyes move up to meet theres do you realize that it’s Jughead Jones.

You roll your eyes, managing to smile slightly at the look he’s giving you. It’s almost like he was a disappointed, concerned husband.

He didn’t say anything, only sat down and started to eat his lunch. Since he didn’t respond you just kind of stare at him, and then look around to see if any of his friends are in this lunch period, and sure enough: Betty and Ronnie, Archie, and Kevin are all there.

So why was Jughead sitting with you?

Maybe he just wanted to be nice, because after all, he did just discover you the other day living in a closet in the school. This was probably his way of trying to be nice to you or something, so you let it pass. It was probably nothing in his eyes anyway.

At least, that’s what it seemed like for the first day.

Every day for a month, Jughead would come and sit by you. He wouldn’t say a word, he would just sit at lunch to keep you company. He also didn’t tell anyone about your living situation. He didn’t report it to the school, and he certainly didn’t tell his friends. Every now and again they would look over at where you were sitting with Jug and you knew they were probably talking about you both, but oddly enough you didn’t care.

Every night for that same month, Jughead would appear in your sleep.

‘That one was made for you,’ he would say about the star, ‘the light in the darkness.’

It was getting cooler out, and on a nice autumn day you had decided to finally ask him why.

Why did he sit with you?

You got to the table a little early that day, the crummy food from the cafeteria getting cold on your tray already. You anxiously look around, pulling your sleeves down over your hands.

You watch the same couple from under the tree, making up a new story than the one from yesterday and the day before. A familiar figure soon blocked your view.

“Hey, this is quality TV.” you would always say, his cue to sit down across from you, which is exactly what he did.

You sit in silence for a few minutes, picking over your tray once more.

You finally glance up, only to see him looking back at you. Did he always do that?

“So.. uhm..” you start, unsure of what to say. You’d been daydreaming about telling him for so long now that it was the real deal you weren’t exactly sure how to say it.

He just  looks at you with expectant eyes, his mouth pinned in the straight line it always was. His hair curled perfectly underneath his signature beanie.

“Why are you sitting with me?” you blurt out, flinching at your own words. Your voice didn’t sound like yours at this time of day, you rarely use it.

“Hm?” he questions, raising his eyebrows.

“Why have you been sitting with me all this time? For the past month you’ve come here every day and just sat with me, not saying anything, I might add, and for what? Your friends are right over there, why sit with me?” you ramble, trying to avoid eye contact. Despite sitting with him every day you really didn’t know anything about him.

“I figured you might need some company. Someone to talk to, when you were ready. I figured, why keep thinking about it, when I could just do it? So I did.” he states plainly.

You’re speechless for a minute, not sure of how to respond. Your normal humor wouldn’t work, that seemed like such a genuine response.

“Well, I think I’m ready.” you say, finally looking in his eyes. You weren’t sure, but you were almost positive that you could see a hint of a smile playing on his lips as you both took a sigh of relief.

i’m ready to heal

i’m ready to feel

You tell Jughead everything. You tell him about your parents, your non-existent friends. Hell, you even tell him about the struggles of living in a cabinet under the school.

He just nods, listening to everything. He doesn’t judge, and seems to show interest in every detail of your woes.

When you are finally finished, he just looks at you for a minute, blinks a few times, and says, “Let me take you to Pop’s after school.”

You couldn’t say no, it’s not like you had any real obligations to attend to after school.

You smiled, excited at the possibility of an actual dinner.

The bell rings before you can respond.

He meets you out front right at the end of school, a smile on his lips as you walk down the steps.

“For a minute I thought you wouldn’t come.” he says as you begin the trail to Pop’s.

“And miss food? Are you insane?” you say with a chuckle. Your arms are swinging lightly in the wind, feeling free as you’re not confined to the small four walls you were used to.

He just smiles, shoving his hands in his pockets, his shoulder bag behind his back. He starts kicking rocks along the road, trading off and even letting you kick some.

This continues the entire way there, giggling and laughing like you haven’t done in years.

In no time your at Pop’s, ordering burgers  and milkshakes.

“I have a question.” you say, getting his attention. He has his laptop out, typing away.

“Hm?” he raises his eyebrow, the cue to continue talking.

“How did you know?” you look him dead in the eyes, the question burning in the air.

“I had a dream about it. About someone under the stairs. A girl. You.” he states, glancing up for only a moment, “I had to at least go check.” he admits.

“Why though? Why not just push the dream aside?” you wonder, seeing if you can get him to admit anything else.

“It would nag at me if I didn’t. And if I was wrong, I could move on. If I was right, which I was, I might add, then I knew that the universe was probably trying to tell me something.” he breathes out, the last part of the sentence so soft and airy you can barely make out the words.

Suddenly you get an idea. It’s crazy, and probably a little insane, but you have to try.

“Come with me.” you say, sliding out of the booth and grabbing his arm, just like he did to you the first time you had an encounter.

You lead him outside, back down the path and onto the football field, racing him. He is surprisingly fast, able to keep up with you. When you reach the field you turn to face him.

“What are you doing?” he asks, breathless. You were honestly surprised he keeps putting up with your antics.

“Just wait.” you say, releasing his arm and going over to the light box. You flip the switch, turning all the jumbo lights off, revealing the starry night above you.

“I’ve always wanted to see what this looked like for real.” you say as you walk back over to him.

He looks up at the sky, then back at you, and in this moment you know that you are going to tell this boy everything. You’re going to feel and you’re going to heal again because of Jug. You admit to yourself that you like him, but if you were being honest with yourself you knew you always had. You couldn’t deny it any longer.

“You see that?” he asks, pointing to the brightest star in the sky.

You nod as he takes your hands, making your heart skip a beat.  

“That one was made for you,” he says, “the light in the darkness.”

You nearly have a heart attack at the words, speechless to say or do anything.

“What?” is all you can manage.

“(Y/N), you’ve been the highlight of my day for the past month, just sitting there and looking at you looking at everyone else. You were a mystery, and you still are, but somehow I feel like I’ve known you for a lifetime. I can’t believe I didn’t see it sooner, that I didn’t see you sooner.” he says, one hand going to cup your cheek, “Please, come stay with me.”

You lean into him, a huge smile on his face.

“Jug, I-” you begin, but he stops you by placing a kiss on your lips, bringing you close to his body.  You feel safe, you feel loved, and you know that no matter what anyone says, the universe is somehow trying to tell you something.

You just hope you can remember that when you wake up.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I was just wondering if you have any ideas on """dale pike's""" Within the Narrative? I don't know what to think of it, because the writing style doesn't seem like fanfic to me and there's enough levels of meta-y things to drown me in. if mofftiss wrote us fanfiction I am going to explode

oh god ‘Within the narrative’ killed me. Oh God. Okay, deep breath. I’ll do the same as I did for ‘The One Word Test’ here, just go through and pick out the most relevant quotes for me as I go along. 

THIS JUST ANALYSES THE INTRODUCTION ‘CAUSE IT GOT LONG. If folk are interested, I could try and pick apart the whole fic if I don’t die from the attempt sos adhflslhgsjlf.

Hope this helps! From the beginning, then?

Okay, so first we have the weird tagging system- why is the fic tagged as both a Tragedy and a Comedy? Well, because of this opening quote from The Three Garridebs: It may have been a comedy, or it may have been a tragedy. It cost one man his reason, it cost me a blood-letting, and it cost yet another man the penalties of the law. Yet there was certainly an element of comedy. Well, you shall judge for yourselves.” See this post by @teaandqueerbaiting!

^I take this to mean we’ve got our ‘comedy’ Garridebs in The Final Problem, the cheap dangling Garridebs brothers gag. We’re still waiting for our truly emotional, true Garridebs scene between John and Sherlock.

Then, we come to the summary and opening notes to chapter 1:

Right, who on earth is Proper Dave? See this and this post by @may-shepard  @laughing-at-the-darkness and @221bloodnun. Proper Dave is a character from the Doctor Who episode Silence in the Library, written by Steven Moffat and directed by Euros Lyn, who also directed The Blind Banker.

Proper Dave is a PILOT (ooh little on the plane in TFP: ‘the driver’s asleep!’) He’s called ‘Proper Dave’ in contrast with another crew member named ‘Other Dave’ because ‘Proper Dave’ was there before him. It’s never twins, Watson. 

I’ve not watched this episode but basically for some reason Proper Dave “acquires an extra shadow”- this means the villains of the episode are attacking him. The Doctor tries to save him but fails, leaving Proper Dave’s “data ghost” to echo his last thoughts:  “Hey, who turned out the lights?”  Side-note: if this is the 4th favourite fic, I wonder where Proper Dave’s 3rd and other fave fics are… ;)

Now, what about the “A boring story” bit? I cannot for the life of me find the quote, but I remember Steven once describing The Three Garridebs as “a very boring story”- clearly tongue in cheek as it’s one of the most iconic moments of ACD canon, even saying in his own foreward to the stories that “you’ll be blinking back tears when the moment comes.” (x) Tagging @waitedforgarridebs in case she knows where the quote is, the resident Garridebs expert. ;)

“about the stuff between the lines.”- well, we’re all very good at finding that. <3

And the notes. Of course, nothing is certain, but to me these only become worthwhile and genuinely funny if you see them as written by someone who’s…well… very much an insider on the show. “Series 4 and 5 spoiler alerts”- that’s very presumptuous of you. ;) Saying they’ve deduced things correctly, including what they’re “probably” going to call the Watson baby– this is so funny if at this point they genuinely hadn’t decided what the baby was going to be called lmao.

Then we get one of the most bizarre meta introductions I’ve had the pleasure of reading:

“Most people think they know what’s going to happen. Perhaps you’ll dismiss this narrative early, thinking it is boring and banal and not worth the distance to that innermost cave. Or perhaps you’ll be too easily impressed and think this is a great story.
Perhaps you’re just looking for a cheap thrill. Well, this one has thrills, but they don’t come cheaply. The Powers-That-Be never gave me any trigger warnings, so I’ll give none to you, save this: Here there be dragons.
In any case, we’re going to follow the rules. Stories have rules, of course, just like chemistry, like biology. Like gravity. Perhaps—if you are an omnivorous reader yourself—you know that there are certain rules that a good story must never break.
It turns out that we’ve been wrong… and right… all along. That’s the beauty of it. That’s what makes this a good mystery.
Back up a bit. Ready the players. Set the stage.”

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Why, why why is this so meta. Why does it read like a set of instructions. It’s so out of place for a fic. Why is either “dismissing the narrative early” or “being too easily impressed” such an apt summary for some reactions to The Final Problem? The stage is set, the curtain rises. Here be dragons. 

We know “the rules” of this story- and we know that The Final Problem broke all of them. Steven and Mark themselves have said the episode was deliberately full of “transgressions.”

They’ve been wrong….(The Final Problem)…and right (every other episode) all along. The mixture makes it the mystery. We need to- and have solved- that mystery: why it was wrong. Because it didn’t end with John and Sherlock together. The rest of the true love story is yet to be told.

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okay but let's talk weddings. what would a shallura wedding be like? what kind of people are the members of the Voltron crew at weddings? who cries bc they're single, who gets drunk, who dances on the table, who brought way too many people with them, who's overly emotional? let's get all the wedding clichés on the table and put names on it, i want a wedding prep au

thank you for this ask honestly bc can you even imagine the Chaos Level

(also thanks to @leg-defender for headcanoning this all w me)

  • Lance sobs. Like Hunk is gonna be shedding some Real Tears too but Lance is a mess. He’s balling, he’s overwhelmed.
    • “They grow up so fast….” “Lance I’m older then you.” [blows nose] “I still remember when you said your first words”

      • also
      • “Lance are you crying”
      • “NO”
      • [tears are streaming down his face, 10 different people have already offered him tissues, he’s literally curled up in a fetal position on the floor]

  • Lance is also the one who gets Super Drunk and makes the ridiculous irrelevant speeches at the toast.

    • “I would like to take this opportunity to formally say, that the time when all of Keith’s hair gel went missing and everyone assumed it was the mice. That was me. I tried it and it made my hair look weird so i threw it all out the airlock”

    • [silverware clattering to the floor] “I KNEW IT”

  • Hunk personally caters the entire event.  Literally no one else is allowed to so much as suggest any kind of food. Hunk’s Got This. Also, touch anything before it’s ready and Prepare For Death.

    • Lance tried to eat the wedding cake batter and he still won’t talk about what happened to this day.
    • He just whimpers slightly and leaves the room asap.

  • Pidge is the reluctant flower child. The team literally drew straws over the position and Pidge got the short end of the bargain.

    • Hunk ends up joining Pidge on the wedding day though bc he really wanted to wear a skirt and bunch of flowers in his hair and he just makes the whole experience really Good.

    • Pidge rides on his shoulders down the aisle and they all end up having a pretty fun time.

  • Coran is Allura’s maid of Honor you can’t fight me on this one.

    • He also walks her down the aisle.

  • Lance and Keith are basically Allura’s Tag Team Bridesmaids. Lance has literally been to a billion weddings bc of his huge family so he has the whole thing d o w n. He helps Allura pick out her dress, shoes, earnings and whatnot. Allura is so overwhelmed at this point that she kind of just lets him speed around and do whatever.

    • Coran demands to be in on Every Choice but really it’s all Lance. Coran makes weird Uncle Fashion Decisions but his intentions are good at heart so a lot of his funky suggestions get incorporated into the outfit.

    • In the end Lance pulls everything together and Allura looks like a goddamn Goddess so All is Well.

  • Keith does her hair and makeup, like really, really well. Scary well. Lance has to help him with the braids (“Keith that’s not how a braid works” “Shut up lets see you do better” “dude I have like five sisters move.”) but all in all she looks Fabulous so it’s a success.

    • Nobody can figure out where Keith’s make up skills came from.

      • “Where did you learn to do this??”
      • “‘S jus a hobby.”

  • Keith catches the bouquet

    • Lance is jealous as shit that Keith caught it and not him.

      • “No fair!! I wanted to get married next Keith don’t be fucking Rude”

      • “Fuck off Sanchez I caught it first and it’s not like we can both be the next to get married”

      • Everyone: [looks into the camera like they’re on the office]

  • Everyone dances and has a Good Time

    • Yes even Keith

      • He’s a really shitty dancer but he’s drunk and Alive For Once
      • He will regret every single choice he made in the morning but right now there is No Stopping Him

    • Lance is Extra Drunk and is absolutely dancing on the table to Shakira. Lance stop. Get down from there. Keith what are you doing don’t encourage him don’t join him on the table Keith. Keith no. Are you kidding me.

    • Shiro gives up trying to control his children after Pidge takes over the DJ booth because there’s no going back from that
  • Everybody laughs and cries at least a little but all in all everyone is Happy and Having A Grand Ol Time

i kind of have a hc about keiths mom and dad being like forced roommates?? that shack was like a cabin that keiths dad went to sometimes and suddenly boom an  alien crash lands in his front yard. so then hes like what the fuck? and she like fuck off n hes like youre in my house??? im giving you first aid?? you fuck off

  • they gripe at each other a lot but then fall in love bc im a huge sap
  • so like
  • she crashes basically at his front door right?
  • he saves her, obvs
  • fixes her up bc he is Kind and Compassionate and Totally Not Freaking Out bc what is this huge purple hottie
  • the previously mentioned fuck off scene happens
  • she doesnt take proper care of herself and is out of bed trying to fix her ship after like 6 hours
  • n hes like maybe dont?
  • n shes like i gotta get back to space to do space things
  • the ship is rote off
  • sets up a distress signal instead
  • goes back to bed
  • keiths dad is just like sooooooo…
  • she cuts him off w a look
  • dont. ask.
  • so keiths dad is just sitting there in his cabin with a mean alien when all he wanted to do was relax for a weekend what is even happening?
  • cause like, he cant make her leave thats not nice. he cant leave bc this is his place and what if she hurts herself again bc she obvs doesnt care about her own wellbeing
  • and then hes like oh right the government and military exist i saw those movies i know what happens i gotta keep this on the downlow
  • after a few days of awkwardness and culture shock theyre running low on food bc he was only supposed to be there for a few days so hes like i gotta go get some shit
  • she like i wanna go too this place is boring
  • or something
  • n hes like no. No™ NO NOPE NO CAN DO
  • he gets food and also clothes for her bc shes been wearing a tattered space suit thing
  • the clothes are too small bc she so tol
  • She just takes some of keiths dads clothes even tho those dont fit her either but they fit better than the other clothes he got her
  • this whole time keiths dad has been asking questions about galras and space and shes not telling him a damn thing bc the blade of marmoras lips are sealed tighter than a virgins asshole
  • she just tells him her name and assures him rescue will come soon
  • months go by
  • keiths mom slowly and i mean s l o w l y opens up to keiths dad
  • they become sort of friends
  • he kind of quits his job to stay with her so she wont be alone and starve to death bc the moment she goes anywhere near a town she will be detained and dissected
  • idk if EI exists in the states but im going to assume it does so he lives off that and also has his own savings account so theyre ok
  • his friends are all like what are you doing?? and hes like …nothing…
  • real smooth buddy
  • after a while keiths mom starts to think the BoM arent coming for her i mean whats the life of one soldier marooned in the boonies compared to the whole universe??
  • they talk a lot bc there isnt rly anything else to do and she eventually tells him everything
  • keiths dad just eats this right up he loves space and i mean LOVES IT
  • he wanted to be a pilot but he was colour blind so the garrison booted him
  • (this is a lot of hc to have for someone who was onscreen for like 2.5 seconds and one who hasnt even and maybe never will be introduced)
  • so much time passes that keiths mom gives up on being rescued
  • they fall in love and have a kid and GUESS WHOS BACK (BACK BACK) BACK AGAIN (GAIN GAIN)
  • its the blades!
  • they came all this way to save ur sorry ass so u better get on that ship they say
  • so keiths mom is like but i want to stay
  • they dont care
  • keiths dad is watching from inside trying to keep keith quiet bc neither of them know how the blades would react to a human/galra hybrid
  • oh ya i forgot to mention that keiths mom was supposed to be a rly important person???? yeah shes that
  • anyway shes rly important within the blades and they want her back asap it just took them forever to get to earth
  • so beforehand keiths mom gave keiths dad the dagger to give to keith if the blades ever came and took her back bc they would never let a liability just live contently in the middle of nowhere
  • and she would be, if the empire ever found her
  • shes got the deets
  • so it was either go with them and be an active blade or die
  • they have to basically drag her to the ship but she goes, hoping that one day keith will find out what the dagger means and find her
  • MEANWHILE theres been rumours going around about that weird guy who lives in the desert
  • keiths dad moves back to the city brokenhearted with a half alien son
  • finds a job
  • years pass
  • life goes on
  • those rumors are STILL flying around, the government catches wind
  • keith, this scrawny elementary schooler, goes home to an empty apartment
  • keith goes to the next door neighbour bein like my dads gone
  • he goes into fostercare
  • foster home number infinity rolls around a guess what older genius he has to share a room with
  • shiro
  • its shiro
  • queue found family brotherly bonding
  • keith joined the garrison bc of shiro
  • behaved because of him
  • got to the top of his class from his encouragement
  • but then
  • oh but then
  • kerberos
  • queue abandonment issues
  • once he was gone
  • pchooooo it all went downhill
  • keith got kicked out for not dealing with his feelings in a healthy way
  • he didnt need to be tossed for issues with authority he needed grief counselling
  • and then he became a desert gremlin
  • i also have half baked ideas of a secret bunker beneath that cabin where his mom and dad hid most of the wreckage that keith could eventually find if they go back to earth 

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I'm sorta upset we did not see an "I love you" utter from Rick's lips to Michonne. I mean damn Scott Gimple. What else more has to happen before he says the three words. I don't care if there's a Richonne baby or they tie the knot. I need to hear Rick say it. Who doesn't want to hear that from their significant other. I feel like we are being robbed of that. Yes, actions speak but those words do matter, at least to me..Hopeful in season 8

Agreed.Those words matter to me, too.

I understand actions saying more than words and all of that (so I don’t need for it to be pointed out to me), but hearing those words is important. And I want this for Michonne if for no other reason. I want to hear Rick say he loves Michonne, like we know he does.

I really liked the scene between Rick and Lori where she asked him to tell her something with certainty, to which he replied, “I love you. That’s all I got.” That was such a nice and honest moment, and meant a lot for both of them as characters.

We know Michonne gets most of the perks of being a wife to Rick, so why not this one, too? I understand their characters and motivations and, let’s be real here, Rick is a romantic. He would have said ‘I love you’ to Michonne by now because he is open and forthcoming with her. Why can’t we have it on our screens? Again, yes I know we have been shown their love for one another over and over, even more so in the finale, but hearing it is important as well. Especially when Rick is the type of character to verbally express his love, and has done so in the past.

It killed me to hear him speak so softly when he called her name; to hear the way his voice was filled with fear, pain, and then relief when he realised she was alive.

Andy is a phenomenal talent and conveys so much with his physicality as well as his speech; let him say the words. Let him bring the beauty and emotion to this admission and proclamation.

Michonne deserves it; she’s been through so much. Let us witness her hearing Rick whisper, “I love you. That’s all I need.”

When You Say It Like That- Simon Imagine

Miniminter X Reader

Warnings: Smut

You and Simon broke up but at a party and discover you miss each other 

So this is roughly based on the song Say it by Flume (ft. Tove Lo) I just go the idea when i was listening to that song this morning so enjoy. Also sorry I haven’t written much lately I’ve been really busy and getting busier now but I’ll be trying my best to get stuff out so if you have any requests feel free :)

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Issues- Part Three

Negan x you

When the saviors turn up early Negan comes face to face with one of the secrets Rick has been keeping from him. His eldest daughter.

Upcoming chapters will contain a lot of smut, suggestive rape, suggestive drug usage and of course bad language from the start.  

Word count 2,178

Read previous parts- HERE

I posted part two yesterday so incase you missed it please check the link above :) <3

Part three

Rosita opened her big mouth.

Ever since Abraham had been killed she was different. She didn’t seem to care about anyone else anymore. Held no compassion or emotions.  Revenge was the only thing on her mind.

Rick stood there. Glaring at me, his nose doing that stupid flaring thing, as Michonne held him back.

Did she think he was going to hit me or something? Was he capable? Probably.

“I won’t ask again y/n what happened?” He was growling. Now who was the wild animal huh?

“Rick” Michonne spoke “Calm down”

“What does it even matter?” I gave in and finally spoke. This was ridiculous.

“Did he touch you?” He asked.

“Oh my god Dad no!” I shook my head and turned to look outside the window as the sun began to rise. 

They were due back today “Nothing like that” he did kind of offer though. I discreetly smiled at the thought bitting my lip. I would of fucking let him if he had tried. Fuck  

In all honestly for the last two days I haven’t been able to stop thinking about what had happened in this very room. 

That man was like some kind of a mythical being. Like someone those horny women write about in those books your Grandma used to hide under her blanket and read when she thought no one was looking. You know the ones with no shirts on the cover and that the stupid long flowing hair?

I had never known anyone like him really. I was intrigued and that was dangerous.

He was dangerous. 

I wanted to know more… feel more. I just wanted more.

A part of me was excited that he would be coming back today. This was just all so wrong. What was wrong with me?

“Y/n I need you to tell me exactly what happened right now” he shouted. I’m sure everyone could hear him in their homes all waiting to hear what was going to happen. His temper was not going to do any good “Please

Spinning around I shouted back just as loudly, so everyone could hear too. He wouldn’t have to bother telling anyone “Nothing happened” I threw my arms in the air “He asked me to make him a lemonade, told me you didn’t respect him, that he knew you were up to something and that he’d be back in two days, today to get the stuff”

“What did you tell him?” he eyed me with that fucking look he used to give Mum.

“I don’t have anything to tell anyone” I blurted out honestly “You tell me fuck all and we all know why!”

“Y/n” he said my name softer. But he knew he treated me differently. My brother who was ten years younger had more respect than I did from the man.

“Enough of this!” I stomped out of the house, down the stairs and towards the gate. I knew I was acting like some grumpy teenager and not someone in their twenties.
Fuck all of this I should of said yes and gotten out of here when I had the chance. This place isn’t my home anymore. Truth be, it probably never was. I was fooling myself.

I could hear him calling my name from the house. But ignored it only to come to a stop when I reached the gate. Had this place always been so small?

There she was Rosita big mouth.

She was watching me and I just glared at her before flipping her off. Fucking bitch. Just couldn’t keep her mouth shut could she?

I had to move away from her. I needed to get out of here. But I didn’t want to miss him. Fucking hell.

What was I even doing?

This was all so wrong.

I spent the next few hours aimlessly wondering around the compound we were in. Afraid to leave and afraid to come face to face with daddy dearest. Why did he have to hate me so much? I never did anything to warrant it.  

He was the one who cheated on Lori and got my Mum pregnant when he was so young, before they got married. None of this is my fault.

Maybe I should just say yes today.

“Yes” I tested the word on my lips. It didn’t sound so wrong.

I knew that if I did say that one world that would be it. There was no possible way Negan would just let me come back here after going to his Sanctuary. I could just turn around and lead everyone there. I wouldn’t but he didn’t know that.

They would never look at me the same way here. I would not be welcome. Alexandria would be over for me.

Imagine finally getting away from this and be free of that man who calls himself my Dad but has never once been one, to me at least.

Was Negan really the better option though? He was a semi kind of psychopath.


I had to stop thinking about this. It wasn’t going to do any good at all.

“THE SAVIORS ARE HERE!!” It was like déjà vu. Rosita’s voice filled the air and my breath caught in my throat. Was he really here?

Smiling I made my way to the front gate.

There was something wrong with me.

I should not be smiling because the damn saviours were here.

They owned us now.

Nothing was ours anymore.

I was actually happy that the Saviors were here? I bet thats never happened before.

“Y/n get out of here” Rick shouted pointing towards the wall.

“Theres no point” I told him. Negan knew I was here and me not being would only bring up more questions. Especially as I told him I never really left.  

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jesus disappear over the wall. He arrived last night, wanting to see Rick and to tell us that Enid, Carl and Judith were at the Hilltop and would stay there for a few days.

I could tell Rick was grinding his teeth in annoyance as he carried on towards the two trucks pulled in through the now open gates. Two.. not three as there had been before but he didn’t say another word or even look in my direction.

He wasn’t here.

One of his men came out and greeted Rick.

I remembered seeing him when I was pulled around by that arsehole who had left the blackest hand shaped bruise I had ever had on my skin.

Apart of me was disappointed. All of me.

Why wasn’t he here?

Maybe he hadn’t felt the tension between us that I had. Maybe it was all in my head?

Maybe his offer wasn’t a real thing.. maybe be regretted saying it and didn’t want me to actually say yes.

“Fuck this!”

Rick turned to me so fast I thought his head was going to come flying off.

“Something Wrong?” The man he was talking to asked. He kind of had a smile like his. Negan’s.

“Oh ummm” I awkwardly rubbed my neck “No nothing sorry” I smiled.

“Okay then” he winked before turning back to Rick who was watching me with something I had never seen in his eyes before.

As soon as they leave I am getting out of here. I needed some air.


It was pitch black and I hadn’t made it back to Alexandria yet. Fuck.

The sound of a walker in the distance made me freeze until It moved far enough away that I could carry on my journey back. I have a knife but avoiding was the better option when it was this dark outside.

I had never meant to go out as far or for as long as I had, I just walked and it just happened.

Honestly now Judith was safe at Hilltop I’m pretty sure no one had even noticed I wasn’t around. Daryl was the only one who would of, he always made the effort but he wasn’t around anymore either.

I hope he’s ok.

That wherever Negan has put him he’s safe, as safe as he can be at least.

God I hope so.

I owed that man my life after he saved me. He always knew when something was on my mind.

Sneaking back over the wall I became aware that they weren’t alone. Someone was here. The Saviors.

“Whats going on?” I slowly and as silently as possible snuck down and let out a shaky breath when my feet finally touched the grass.

As I snuck behind one of the houses, I looked around the corner carefully, not wanting to be spotted, everyone was out in the road once again.

There he was, Negan, standing by the pool table. Why was that out here? In the middle of the street?

“THERE THEY ARE” He shouted angrily. A shiver shot down my spine as his voice bit through the air that suddenly felt static “YOU DID HAVE GUTS” moving a bit further I saw someone fall the floor into a pile of blood? Oh my god. It was Spencer “I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO GOD DAMN WRONG IN MY WHOLE LIFE!”

“Oh my god” I started breathing heavily. This was the man they had spoken about. He was like a Jekyll and Hyde.  The man I had been in the room with was not this person here right now. This was the animal they had talked about.

Suddenly a shot sounded through the air and I instinctively dropped to the floor. Covering my ears. Who did that?

A lot of commotion happened but I couldn’t look anywhere but at him. 

He was angry though. 

So fucking angry. 

Angrier than he had been even a second a go when he had killed. What had Spencer done?

Oh my god.

It was both scary and something…. else. Something I was too scared to even think of let alone admit, even to myself. 

Rick’s voice started to speak but was quickly shot down by Negan.

This wasn’t good.

Who was shot?

Who made the shot?


A second shot rung out but I stayed where I was with my ears covered, not taking my eyes off of him. I didn’t want to hear what was happening right now. What was I going to do? I could just sneak out again. No one knew I was here. No one knew I knew what was happening.

But he was here.

I wanted to see him no matter how wrong that was.

Jesus I know how fucking messed up that was.

But this was the world we lived in now. Any true civilised people had died out. 

They were weak in this World. 

You had to be smart.

Negan was smart.

When you think about it he was probably one of the smartest people left.

Shakily I stood up and uncovered my ears.

Looking at the scene once again I saw Negan and his anger was palatable. I could feel it on my own skin even at the distance I was, I couldn’t imagine how it must of felt to be as close to him as everyone else was.

I’d say she did some major damage!”

“Negan” Rick pleaded “We can..”

“Shut the fuuuuuuuuuck up” Negan laughed somewhat calming down from his earlier outburst “Simon” he shouted to the guy who had been here earlier “Get them on their knees NOW!”

People started gasping and crying. The last time he had people on their knees he had used Lucille to kill two of them. This isn’t good.

I couldn’t let this happen. But what could I do?

‘Offers there anytime y/n. Any fucking time for you. Yes it fucking is. You can have anything you want anytime’  that line had been going through my head for two whole days. Over and over again. Non stop.

“The thing is Rick you and your people don’t seem to listen” he pointed the bat, Lucille at him as he spoke leaning backwards so far anyone else would of fallen over “I have done nothing but give you a mother fucking service!! Your boy broke into one of my vans, shot a bunch of my men and I bring him home, not a fucking scratch on him! I even fed him some fucking spaghetti and this bitch shot Lucille trying to kill me and Arat took out the fat girl and thats got to save you a hell a lot of food commmeeee onnn!”  Olivia? She was dead? Oh my god. What the hell did he say Carl did?

“We’re sorry” Rick was practically grovelling and it was pathetic to see.

Someone or ones was about to get killed again. I couldn’t let that happen. I would not stand by and watch. Despite everything I couldn’t.

Fuck fuckidy fuck

Without giving myself a chance to back out I walked forwards, holding my hands in the air making my way into the clearing, praying no one would shoot.

Negan!” every pair of eyes flashed towards me.


What do you think will happen next?? Ekkkkk 

Also… how often would you guys like these parts to be posted? As soon as I finish them or would set days be better? Let me know :)

Thank you for the love <3



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k so there's this Nasty blog i found that says a lot of stuff about aphrodite 'striking down het guys who pretend to be lesbians' (aka trans lesbians) so... got any headcanons of aphrodite supporting her trans daughters piper/drew/etc?

I’VE SEEN THAT BLOG >:0 it makes me so angry!!!!! te/rfs aint worth shit, my friend, trust me. lesbians love women, ter/fs hate women … my only conclusion is that ter/fs are the fake lesbians, not beautiful incredible trans women and trans girls. i recommend following @translesbianaphrodite! they’re nearing their follower goal and their blog is just lovely! they post all kinds of positivity, mostly at sapphic ppl, especially of the trans/not cis variety! (and they are a hellenic polytheist like yours truly!) send them some nice messages too, if you’d like, they certainly deserve them! 

anyways, on to the Good Stuff ™ 


- Drew Tanaka knew she was trans from basically birth. She was born, heard the doctor say “congratulations, it’s a boy!” and smacked the midwife over the-

Just kidding. But, really, from a very young age, she knew she was a girl. And we all know how Drew is - she doesn’t take no for an answer and she does not like being told she’s wrong. Her mama (not Aphrodite, other mama) has the obligatory few moments of “wow my son is really girly haha” before realizing “oh shit my son is actually a girl. uh. daughter i mean” and so she prays to Aphrodite, who she loved and who loved her. She asks Aphrodite what she can do to help her daughter. And Aphrodite like.. just shows up, says “Okay, check this out” and walks over to Drew. 

“Hey pretty girl!” Aphrodite greets her. “Do you know me?”

And Drew pauses from scratching her nose for a few seconds to look at the goddess Aphrodite. “You’re my mom, duh.”

And Aphrodite laughs. “I sure am. I don’t often get the time to check up on my babies, but I wanted to see how my little girl was doing.”

“I’m okay, I guess.” Drew shrugs. “I’m playing trucks, which is alright. People don’t know this, but the red one goes way faster.”

“I’ll bet it does. Red is one of my favorite colors.”

Drew brightens up a little, pushes her short, straight hair out of her eyes to look up at her mother. “It’s mine too! I guess that’s why you’re my mom.”

When Drew turns away to grab more of her toys to show her mom, Aphrodite turns to Mama Tanaka and gestures. ‘Just like that,’ she mouths. And Mama Tanaka understands.


This continues for some time, Mama not understanding exactly what Drew needs. It took her a long, long time just to accept that she herself enjoyed the ‘company’ of other women - this trans stuff is hard to get used to. Not for a moment does she ever make that Drew’s problem. When Drew doesn’t want to change her name (”What do you mean? Drew is a girl’s name because I’m a girl. Do you think it’s a boy’s name?” “Of course not, pumpkin.”), when Drew wants her nails painted a different color every nail, when Drew wants her hair done up in pigtails even though it’s still too short…. Mama never makes it Drew’s problem. She and Drew work together to find a solution, and Mama works to understand Drew.

When Drew comes home from school talking about a ‘pretty girl i’m gonna marry one day’, Mama isn’t sure what to think. This should be one of the easier once, since it’s something she’s quite used to feeling too, but she wishes she could call on Aphrodite every time something happened. Parenting was hard. She never, ever wanted to hurt Drew. So she calls on Aphrodite through the ways she knows how; memory.

Like Aphrodite did so long ago, Mama takes it in stride, smiles reassuringly. “Is that so? Is she very pretty?” (”The prettiest!”)

Mama does this every time something like this happens. Every time a kid at school says something cruel, or Drew gets another crush, or her daughter picks up a new interest, or anything at all, Mama smiles and pets her hair and encourages her. She doesn’t make a big deal out of things, doesn’t ask accusatory questions. She’s gentle like sea foam on sand, like a breeze that shakes the flame of a candle but does not blow it out. She becomes that which reminds her of the lover she once had, the lover that gave her her beloved daughter, her Drew.


i just know that if i keep writing this is going to end up 100k words so uh…. i’ll keep working on it privately and maybe post it on ao3 because i am yelling and i didnt realize this was something i loved this much omg… thank you for sending the ask! - mod will

The Boys (1/?)

Summary:   You’ve been a hunter since you were 18 , a  vampire killed your bestfriend and you threw yourself into the hunting world after you met the hunters handling her case. John Winchester & Bobby Singer.   Being around Bobby, it was a matter of time before you met Dean & Sam Winchester.  You got along with Sam instantly, but you & Dean didn’t click as much . For the most part your relationship was full of flirting, insults, and arguments. Thankfully you weren’t around them often, only helping each other out on a few hunts . But what happens when you run into the boys again after years of not seeing them?

Warnings: swearing, flirting

Pairing: ( none yet) Dean x reader, Sam x reader

                                                         Chapter 1

 You swipe your leg out, successfully knocking over the vampire infront of you . You whip your blade around , slicing his head clear off. 4 down, 3 to go.

  You hear deep voices coming from somewhere in the house,  I feel like i know those voices.  You quietly begin stepping closer, following the voices.  You’ve been watching this nest for a week , counting 7 vamps .But the number of voices you hear is changing the count to 9 . When the dialogue becomes clearer, you realize the voices aren’t from the vampires, but what you assume to be two captured hunters.  You roll your eyes at the realization, Maybe if they didn’t butt into my hunt they wouldn’t be losing .

   You stand outside the room where they are being held, you peek through the slightly cracking door .  You see the two hunters , hands in chains from the ceilings. How do vampires always find warehouses with chains? Do they have an app for this shit?You grab the last of the dead mans blood you packed, and pour it over the length of your blade.Here goes nothin .

You kick the door the rest of the way open, causing the vampires to step back from their meal. 

 " I’m sorry , did i interrupt something? “ you sarcastically ask . The 3 left lunge at you   Son of a bitch .  

You duck , and begin swinging your blade making sure to at least come in contact with the three.  You see them stagger a little, the dead mans blood doing its job. You didn’t have enough to rely on it, so as soon as you see them stumble you jump into action. You manage to get ones head off, before the effects start to ware off the others. You twirl around as the second one nears you, shoving the blade through its stomach . You retract it quickly and disconnect its head from its neck. one to go.  The last one was still reeling from the blood, but stronger than you would like. He knocks you on your ass, kicking your blade away from your reach . He’s on top of you in seconds, pinning you down. You squirm, panicking that this might be it.  You feel his strength falter a little bit, and swiftly reverse your position. You are now on top, you reach for your blade, finding it barely out of reach . You push yourself , feeling your body already getting sore,  you finally grasp the blade and bring it down on the last ones neck. You pull yourself up , making your way to the other hunters. Both have looks of awe on their faces , you look them both over and a light bulb goes off.

Originally posted by out-in-the-open

” Well well, since when do the Winchesters get captured by vampires?  Losing your touch boys? “ you say . You can tell by their expressions they still haven’t registered who you are. You don’t blame them though , its been almost 5 years since you’ve seen or heard from them .

 ” Listen sweetheart-“ You roll your eyes,

"   Try sweet talking your way out of those chains prettyboy, i dare ya.” you taunt  . As soon as the nickname leaves your lips, you see Deans eyes light up.

“ Well i’ll be damned. Y/f/n ,y/l/n . ” he says , a smirk playing at his lips. Sams eyes mimic his brothers at your name.

 " Guys, can we catch up later, ya know after you get us out of these?“ Sam jingles the chains around his wrists.  You pull a bobby pin from your hair, going to release Sammy first. When his hands fall loose, he pulls you into a hug.

 ” I don’t think ive ever been happier to see you Y/n .“  Sam seems like he got 12 feet taller , making you feel like a 4 year old next to him.

 ” Sammy , i thought you were done growing, Jesus.  “  you hear Dean clear his throat,

 ” Come one y/n, these chains aint gonna unlock themselves.“  you send him a smirk ,strolling over to him .

” I don’t know Dean, i think i kinda like you tied up. Its a good look on you.“  you wink as you glide your hand over his chest.

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

 ” Oh sweetheart, don’t tease me.“  You go to retort but Sam stops you  ,

” Save it for later guys, lets go. “ 

You unchain Dean , but don’t hug him. You follow after Sam  instead.   When you walk out of the warehouse, you go to stretch your arms, but a sharp pain stops you . Your hands fly to your ribs, you recognize the pain that was blooming. ” Son of a bitch ,“  you lift your shirt, black and blue bruises forming around your torso already. ” Damn vampires. “ you mumble.  

 ” Well what the hell do you expect when you try to take on a nest alone ,yn. “ Dean barks .Theres the Dean i know & want to kill.

  ” I didn’t try to do anything, i DID IT. Alone too , by the way . “ you shoot back .

” Barely sweetheart, next time don’t be stupid, you should of had backup.“

You scoff, ” Who was i going to call? You ? Is your age catching up with you already Winchester,  because you seem to forget who the fuck just saved your ass !“ you growl. Dean wasn’t that much older than you ,  just a few years. But you know how sensitive he is about it, so you use it against him.

 ” Can you two knock it off ! Jesus Christ,  you were about to rip each others clothes off less than 20minutes ago ! “  Sam yells.   You both roll your eyes at the younger Winchester.

Originally posted by samgirlsclub

 ” Y/n,  give me your keys. “ Sam demands, making your raise your eyebrow . You don’t feel like arguing anymore, so you hand them to him . ” You know , you’re kinda hot when you yell Sammy . I think i like it.“ you wink as you slide into your passenger seat. You hear Dean scoff, watching as he gets into Baby. Sam climbs in , starting the car.  As he drives you back to the hotel , he begins laughing.

 ” Do you always have to rile him up like that ?“ 

” He started it ! He couldn’t just say thank you? “

 ” You’re right, but so is he. It wasn’t safe to do that alone , and you know it.“  You mimic him in a high voice, as you step out of your car. 

 ” wait how did you know-“

” Its the only motel in town , genius.“

” … i knew that.“ you mumble. You go to open the door to your room, both boys behind you now.  You direct them to sit , as you go for your first aid kit. They don’t look too beat up, just a few scratches and bruises. It seems Dean has the worst of it , a long gash on his shoulder. Probably from not shutting his pie hole .

  You clean up Sams cuts, dabbing them with antiseptic and bandaging them as needed. When you get to Dean , you see the gash is deeper than  you thought . ” Alright Dean, shirt off. “ you command, grabbing the needle and thread to stitch him. He moves slowly , pulling his shirt over his head.  You try not to stare at his bare chest, but you cant help it.

Damn, no wonder women cling to him .

  You clean the cut, then try finding a comfortable position to begin stitching. Where the cut lands on his shoulder makes it hard to find a good, comfortable way to stitch him correctly.  You end up getting frustrated, not finding a stable way to do this. Dean continues sipping on the bottle of whiskey you pulled out , sending you an amused look. 


Originally posted by jessica-bones-winchester

He would find this entertaining, jackass.  You finally just decide to plant your self on his lap . It was the only effective angle that would keep you steady ,and make it easiest to do this. You straddle his lap, placing your legs on either sides of him . His eyes go wide as he start coughing on the whiskey in his mouth.  You send him a smirk , and get right to work.  Halfway through stitching him, his hands grip onto your waist, digging in every time the needle pierces his skin. You feel bad , even if it is Dean . You try to be as gentle as you can , but anyway you do this will hurt him . You decide to try and distract him,

 ” You know D, you didn’t have to get hurt in order to get me in your lap, i mean i know you’ve always dreamed of this.“ you flirt. He chuckles,

” Oh sweetheart, we both know you’re the one that wants to be here. But hey, i aint complaining.“   you roll your eyes, finishing the last stitch . As you move to get off his lap, his grip tightens, holding you on his lap. It catches you off guard, your hands fly infront of you  , landing on his chest to hold you up right.

 ” Dean what are you -“

” Promise me you wont be that reckless again.“ he says, his voice almost a whisper.  You look to Sam , seeing him passed out in one of the beds.

” I can handle myself. “

 ” I’m not saying you cant, but help never hurts Y/n.“ he reasons. You sigh, realizing he’s right.

” Ill try my best not to let it happen again, but no promises .“  You try to move again, but he still hold you to him

 ” Watching you kick ass was kind of hot, “ he says, moving a hand to cup your cheek.

Originally posted by ionmyway

what the hell is he doing?

  You awkwardly laugh , moving your hand over his and removing it from your cheek.

 "  Looks like the pain is making you delirious, Winchester. Lets get you to bed, you should try to sleep this off."  You move off him ,  a frown lingering on his face.  You wince, your movements causing your ribs to ache. Deans on his feet now, moving his hands under your shirt.  You let him lift it, uncovering your bruised body.  He sighs, releasing your shirt and going to the mini fridge.  He finds your icepacks, bringing them back and holding them to your ribs.  You let out a moan at the feeling of the cold hitting you. He raises his eyebrow,  you can tell hes about to say something but you beat him to it.

” Not a word ,Dean . Or baby will end up with a nice new paint job.“ You threaten.

” You wouldn’t.“ he challenged, You shrug

” You wanna risk that ?“ He grunts, and falls into the second bed.  He lifts up the covers, signaling for you to join him.  You’re used to sharing a bed with the boys, you would do it at Bobbys or on the hunts you shared before. You carefully slide yourself into bed with Dean ,being cautious of both your injuries. You end up being more comfortable on your side, apparently Dean has the same idea. He moves himself on the side without the cut, which results in him spooning you. He rests his arm low on your waist, avoiding going anywhere near your bruises. Your breath catches in your throat at his action, no matter how many time you may have shared a bed, youll still never get use to the feeling of  your heart fluttering when Dean shows any sort of affection.

” good night sweetheart,“ he says into your hair.

” Night , jackass.“     In minutes, Dean is lightly snoring into your hair. 

Originally posted by carpelunam

 When you wake up , there is no sign of Dean or Sam.  As you get out of bed, the door to your room flies open.

 ” Well , goodmorning Sunshine !“ Dean bellows as he places a fastfood bag on the table. You make a grossed out face ,

” Why are you so cheery , its too early for that shit Dean. “ you grumble.  He laughs, Sam enters the room, coffee in his hands. He hands you one, and you moan at the taste. Both men chuckle, and begin eating their breakfast.

” So Y/n, we were thining-“

” Well this cant be good.“  playfulness taking over your tone.  Sam rolls his eyes but continues,

 ” We think you should come with  us,  we could do really well on cases with three sets of eyes and ears. “ he suggests . You take  a moment, weighing the pros and cons. The only thing that would be bad, would be me constantly wanting to kill Dean and his stupid ass attitude.  But what the hell, Sams right .

  ” Fine, but if Dean gets on my nerves-“

” If i get on  YOUR nerves, oh Y/n-“

” He wont.“ Sam butts in.  Dean sends you a fake smile, a laugh escapes you .

” Alright then, partners.“you wink  . Both boys smile at you, looking genuinely happy with your decision.

 What the hell could go wrong?

Originally posted by thecwspn

wanna chat? pt.18

on ao3
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hey so its been a while

im in a really crappy mental place and like my entire life is drowned in discourse right now (specifically today) and its making me an anxious mess. so today i slept, avoided the discord app as much as possible, only spent like 20 minutes total on tumblr, and worked on this. its bad but i need proof that today was worth it so *jazz hands*

pluto is better than u = alya, space bro = nino, trappist = adrien, galaxy print = mari


pluto is better than u:
pour one out for vine


space bro: alya
i love you
but why do you never sleep
my dude

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You’re First

You and Joe never really fought. You two bickered back and forth occasionally but that was pretty much it. Both of you were pretty chilled and would talk about something before it became a real issue.

This time however was different. This time it was a fight. There were tears and loud words being exchanged without much thought. It happened all so quickly and just snowballed into a big mess. 

“Y/N I don’t know what you want me to do. Everything has already been set up and arranged, I can’t just back out at the last minute to please you!” Joe yelled throwing his hands back up in the air. 

“You don’t have to please me Joe I just wished you actually thought before you acted. I’m sick and tired of you always making the decisions and just expecting me to be okay with everything!” You yelled back from the opposite side of the room. 

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Terminal - Stiles Stilinski

Originally posted by sombraguerreira

Summary: (Y/N) tells Stiles about her terminal illness.

I snuggle deeper into Stile’s arms as I try to soak everything in. I don’t want to forget any of this. I can smell his musky cologne, feel his warmth on my side, hear his heart beating and his heavy breathing. I look up at him and study his face. His tousled hair looked messy but still sexy and cute at the same time. His lips were pursed and his eyebrows furrowed a he looked intensely at the tv screen. I stayed there, studying him and memorising every bit of him that I could. God I love him. Everything about him. The way he always asks to be the little spoon, how protective over me he is, the way he sings along to songs even if he has no clue what the lyrics are, his face when he’s concentrating really hard, the way he looks right before he falls asleep - so vulnerable and peaceful. 

“What are you lookin at?” Stiles smirks and turns his head towards me before seeing the frown I have on my face. “Woah. Hey, whats up?” He shifted his body to face me completely and paused the movie. I go to open my mouth but nothing comes out. I close it again and begin to cry. “Woah, woah woah. (Y/N), you can tell me anything, you know that. Of course if you don’t want to you don’t have to but I’m here, okay? Always”. Tears begin to fall more rapidly as Stiles encases me in a hug.

“Thats the thing. I don’t know if I’ll always be here.” I say and Stiles pulls away.

“Are you… wanting to break up with me?” He asked softly, obviously hurt.

“No. Never. I just - Stiles, I need to tell you something. I’m so sorry that I didn’t tell you when I found out but…” I trailed off. 

“What is it.”

“Stiles, I’m sick. Like, really sick. It’s a degenerative illness that basically rots my brain. Meaning eventually I’m going to forget you. Not only you but everything. All my friends, family, us. And it doesn’t stop there. The disease will keep eating away at my brain until I’m…” I take a deep breath too afraid to finish. 

“Does it hurt?” Stiles asks after a little while. I smile a soft yet broken smile and nod my head slowly. Stiles begins to cry as its finally sunk in. We had planned everything together. Where we were going to college, where we were going to live, our kids names, everything. “Where? Where are you hurting?” I brought his hand to my head and snuggle into it as his thumb wipes away my tears. 

“I’m so sorry Stiles. After everything with your mum I didn’t want to have to put you through something like this again. Which is why I have to go.” I whispered.

“What? No, you’re not leaving me. Please, (Y/N). I need you and you need me”.

“I don’t want you to remember me the way I’m going to be. I want you to remember me how I am now. I want you to remember our first kiss, our first date… our first other things” I giggles and he left out a laugh before sniffling and wiping away his tears.

“I love you so much” He whispered as he stared at me.

“I love you too.” I kissed him deeply. 

“But, surely theres something we can do. I can get Scott to give you the bite. He’d do it. You’re one of his best friends.”

“I wouldn’t want to force that upon him. And what would happen if it didn’t work? I’d die and everyone would carry around a guilt for the rest of their lives. Plus, I don’t want that life. After high school I want us to settle down and live peacefully. I don’t want to spend my whole life running.”

“Then why are you now?” Stiles whispered, hurt. I sighed.

“Stiles, I can’t put you through it. I love you too much.”

“And I love you too much to abandon you when you need me. Stay. Please.” I wrap my arms around Stiles’ waist and hug him tightly. 

Hey everyone! I’ve left it a little bit open ended for your imagination. You have no idea how much I just wanted to write something like ‘(Y/N) got the bite and it worked and they lived happily ever after’ but unfortunately thats not how all stories end. This scenario could be a real life issue for someone. My love goes out to not only everyone reading this but all those that are fighting. Keep fighting and stay strong xx

Don't laugh at me

Request: Omg that Loki X Reader was adorable! Could you please write a Steve X Reader about the other Avengers teasing the reader that they’ve never been kissed before and the reader gets upset and Steve comforts them and they share a kiss? Thanks, and keep up the good work!


Warnings: Language, reader has a meltdown, Steve being a lovable dork.

Originally posted by imagine-that-marvel

It was just one of those nights at the Avengers tower. All seemed well in the world, at least for now, and the Avengers all decided it would be a good night to just relax, and enjoy each others company.

And with Tony involved, that means alcohol . I, however, don’t drink. So I guess you could say I’m the ‘mom figure’ while Steve is obviously the 'dad figure’.


The clock just strikes 7PM, which means the party starts in one hour.

“(Y/N)! Open up, we have to make you BEAUTIFUL!” I’m jerked out of my thoughts by my best friend, Natasha.

“Coming, sweets!” I yell, and get my lazy ass off of the couch, and let her into my room.

“You callin’ me ugly, Ms. Romanoff?” I raise my eyebrows at her.

“No babe, you are probably the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen,” she grabs my face in her hands. “In fact, if I swung that way, I’d kiss you.” My face heats up. I hate talking about stuff like that.

“Right,” I change the subject. “Well, what do you have in mind, my darling?” I guess you could say I was a nervous wreck at this point, Lord knows Natasha has something up her sleeve.

“Well, we have to make you look irresistible to Captain red white and blue” I blush, Natasha and Wanda are the only ones (I hope) That know of my stupid crush on Steve. It’s not even a crush at this point, I’m full blown in love with the guy…I’ve tried everything, ignoring him, purposefully disobeying orders (of which I do NOT recommend doing, holy shit) and then having to apologize for acting a complete fool.

“Let’s go, airbags, we need to make you look hot as fuck.”

I blush at the stupid nick name, I can’t help my breasts are rather large.


Half an hour later, I am ready for the party, dressed in a floor length red dress with my (H/C) hair falling free, in loose curls.

“Cap will fall apart when he sees you.” Nat grins at me.

“You really think so?” I blush at the floor.

“Well if he doesn’t, someone will, I swear I’ll make it happen.” I laugh at her childishness.

“Don’t threaten anyone on my behalf, Nat, that’s not very nice.” She rolls her eyes.

“Whatever you say, babe.”


It’s finally 8PM which means, party time.

I shouldn’t be this nervous but Steve just makes me a nervous wreck.

We get to the bottom floor of the tower and when the elevators open, it appears the party is already in full swing.

I look to Natasha, who looks fabulous in her skin tight, knee length black dress.

“Are we late?”

“No, I’m pretty sure he said 8. Come on babe, I’ll go get you a drink.”

“No, Nat, you know I don’t drink.”

“Are you sure, you really look like you could use something to loosen up.”

I roll my eyes.

“I’m positive, Nat, thank you though.”

She nods at me,

“Whatever you say, I’m gonna go mingle.”

“You’re gonna leave me alone all night?” I whisper/shout at the same time.

“Don’t worry, (Y/N), I have a feeling you wont be alone for much longer.” She winks, and looks behind me.

My nerves are already a mess, and they just got worse.

“Good evening, (Y/N).” Steve.

I turn to look at him, suddenly wishing I had taken up Nat’s offer on a drink.

“H-Hi Steve.” He just smiles at me.

“You alright? You look a little nervous.” Yeah…because YOU make me nervous.

He has a beer in his hand, he looks a little nervous himself.

“You look amazing…” He looks me up and down.

“You don’t look half bad yourself, Cap.” I smile, a genuine smile, it’s not forced.

He does the same.

“Thanks..hey would you may–” He gets cut off by Tony’s voice over the loud speaker.

“CAN I HAVE EVERYONES ATTENTION PLEASE” Some people stop and look at him, others ignore him, still chatting up and having a good time.


The same results.

“EVERYONE SHUT UP OR ILL SICK AIRBAGS ON YOU.” My face heats up and I hide my face in Steve’s shoulder. He looks down at me.

It gets everyones attention.

“Airbags? Who is that?” Steve asks and looks at me.

“I-It’s me…” I just want to bury myself and disappear.

“What? What does that mean?” He is genuinely confused.

“I don’t wanna talk about it.”

He respects my wishes.


Oh God drunk Tony was a bad Tony, I can’t play truth or dare, it’ll probably end up sexual and I have no experience in that department.

I start to panic, I look to Steve.

“I-I have to go outside, I don’t feel so good all of a sudden.” He looks concerned.

“Yeah..I’ll go with you.”

We head outside and I lean on the rail, overlooking the city.

“You wanna explain what that was about? You just kind of…panicked.”

“I-It’s a long story, Steve.”

“I’ll stay with you, doll.” I smile

“Thank you Steve”

“You’re welcome.”


It’s now 10PM, which means game time will commence.

We gather around in the living space, me sitting next to Nat and Steve.

Tony is obviously plastered drunk, and waving a megaphone ariund.


“TONY PUT THE MEGAPHONE AWAY!” Clint yells, and takes it from him.


We’re now a few rounds in, and it is Clint’s turn.

“Alright, (Y/N).” I swear I can feel my heart stop.


He smirks.

“Who was your first kiss?”

I swear my whole world collapses down ontop of me.

Steve stiffens up next to me, and Nat is smiling.

“U-Um…” I look down and play with my hands,

“Oh come on, (Y/N), it can’t be that bad.” Sam chimes in now.

“Yeah, (Y/N), just tell us.”

I take a big breath, and prepair myself for the impending humiliation.

“N-No one.”

“Wait-What?” Tony.

“You can’t be serious, (Y/N).” Bucky.

“HAHA You’ve NEVER been kissed, like ever?!? I don’t believe it!” Clint.

“Does that mean you’re a virgin??” Sam.

“Guys, lets not pester her to much okay, I’m sure theres a reason.” Oh, bless you Steve.

“(Y/N), you really haven’t been kissed? Why didn’t you tell me, you know you can tell me anything.” Natasha.

“Guys, really, I don’t think it’s that big of a dea–”

“Not that big of a deal?!” Tony starts laughing “The hell you mean it’s not a big deal? How old are you again? 24? 25? And you’ve NEVER been kissed?” I look away, the humiliation surly evident on my face. It doesn’t appear to be stopping any time soon.

“Please..please stop…” I find my self starting to tear up. Why is it such a big deal? I just never had time to…partake in such activities.

The words continue, Clint, Tony, Sam, Bucky, even Thor and Nat.

“I SAID STOP!” I find myself standing up, and shouting. That’s all I can manage before I get up and run out of the room.

“(Y/N) wai–” I’m long gone before Steve can finish his sentence.


“Seriously, guys? How immature can you get? No wonder she didn’t want to play, she was scared to death, and her fears came true. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.” Steve leaves, and follows me.

I lay in my room, still in my dress, sitting on my bed, wiping the tears from my face. How humiliating. Thank God for waterproof mascara.

“(Y/N)?” Steve.

“Have you come to make fun of me too, Stevie?” I can almost hear the blush that crosses his face. That nick name has always gotten him.

“You know I’d never do that to you, (Y/N). Please, can I come in?” I get up and open the door, no use in keeping him out, he never did anything wrong.

“(Y/N) listen, I’m sorry they acted like such children, you shouldn’t have to deal wi–”

“Will you kiss me, Steve?” He stares at me, in complete shock.


“Please…I’m so tired of this, they’re right, I’m 24, I should have had my first kiss my now.”

“You don’t have to live up to anyones expectations but your own, (Y/N) If you’re not ready then-”

“I AM ready, Steve…and I want it to be you…I-Ive always liked you anyway…you don’t have to though…”

He smiles and comes closer, my face probably puts a tomato to shame by now.

“Are you sure, (Y/N?)” Ah, Steve. Ever the gentleman.

“Yes…” He tilts my head up to look at him, and leans down to capture my lips with his.

Theres no tongue, no heated make out session, just, a sweet, gentle, Steve Rogers kiss.

When he pulls away, he looks into my eyes.

“I’ve always kinda liked you too,  (Y/N).” I can’t control my smile, and jump into his arms.

“By the way, Sam was right you know…I am still a virgin…” Steve chokes on his own saliva I think.


“Care to help with that as well?” I smirk and grab him by the collar, dragging him into my room and locking the door.



;) Hope you enjoyed

anonymous asked:

do you know if there's any canon info on the characters' ages in BS, or maybe have any thoughts/headcanons about it? also, do you know anything about the timeline of the show, like how much time has passed since the beginning? love your blog by the way!

thank you :)) 

ermm i can’t remember if anyone’s age has been confirmed in the show besides abigail’s who is 15 when s2 takes place. 

let’s see:

  • eleanor - she was 13 when she first saw vane and 17 when she got together with him and conspired against teach to get him off the island. teach was gone for 8 years so that would make eleanor 25 
  • madi - younger than eleanor (confirmed by madi herself), probably by a year or two. 
  • silver - we have no idea (yet), but i’d say he’s in his late 20s or early 30s
  • billy - we know his backstory, but we don’t know at what age he’d been kidnapped by the press gangs. we know they had him for 3 years, after which he joined flint’s crew. assuming he was a teenager or a young adult when he got kidnapped, that would mean he’s either in his late 20s or early 30s now. my guess is the former 
  • flint - his age is also unknown, but i’d say he was in his mid 30s when he was in the navy so mid 40s now (give or take a few years)
  • max - absolutely no idea. i’d say maybe mid 20s like eleanor?? 
  • anne - she was 13 when jack saved her. (edit:) according to toby schmitz’s comic book this happened in 1705 which means anne is 23 now
  • jack - he was 13 when he took over his father’s job so that means he’s older than anne. in his early 30s perhaps. 
  • vane - no info on him either besides that he was ‘young’ when he and eleanor took down teach. i’d still say he’s a lot older than eleanor, somewhere in his early/mid 30s
  • thomas and miranda - i think thomas was either the same age or a year or two younger than james and miranda in her late 30s when she died

as for the timeline:

it’s a bit askew and it isn’t confirmed how much time has passed since the beginning, but according to the events and the weather seasons i think the whole story takes place in about half a year. let’s break it down: 

- the story began sometime at the end of may/beginning of june in 1715.
202 takes place on june 13th 1715 (according to silver) and the events before that all took place within a few weeks. after the urca fail flint comes back to nassau a day or two later and the events of s2 all take place within one week. i think all of s1 and 2 might be happening in june 1715

- s3 starts a few months later. we see jack read a newspaper from august 5th 1715. this ofc is unreliable bc it could be an older paper, but i don’t believe it is older than perhaps a month because mr. scott says jack, vane and flint made a pact over the gold ‘’those months ago’’ which puts it right at the time when flint returned from charlestown. 
also max says to jack ‘’what we have shared these past few months…’’ so yeah. no longer than 2-3 months have passed since s2.

so lets assume it’s around september in s3. rogers arrives 12 days later after ep3. the events of s3 last overall around a month, probably two: flint and co. were in the doldrums for 21 day. in the meantime rogers had arrived and set up his army in nassau. the walrus crew spent a few days in the maroon camp after which they were released. several days could’ve passed while flint was off looking for teach. right after that the crew sailed back to nassau, silver threatened nassau, flint and co. freed jack, and then they ran back to the maroon island. all this took place in a very short period of time. flint then says that hornigold will return to the maroon island within a week, which he does. the big battle takes place, end of s3. so, let’s assume it’s sometime around november when s3 ended. 

- silver, flint and co. stayed on the maroon island (jack, teach and anne left in the meantime). we don’t know how long they stayed there, but i don’t assume too long bc word that silver was named king of pirates wouldn’t have travelled long and when it arrived silver was already dating madi. maybe a month?? then we have the events of s4 also happening in a very short period of time. we know it’s winter when the season takes place. jack, max and anne are travelling to philadelphia where we see them struggle with cold weather and it’s snowing. i can’t remember exactly, but i think i read somewhere that it’s december in s4 (i might be remembering wrong so don’t take my word for it). 

all in all, this story doesn’t seem to be spread out over the years even though it feels like it was. everything happened in a short period of time over the course of several months. ofc i might be wrong about this, but according to the episodes and the events taking place this seems like a logical conclusion. if i missed sth pls don’t hesitate to point out or correct me if im wrong :)

hope this helps (and hope u dont get lost in this mess of information)

Friday the 13th: ohmlirious
  • Notification:
  • Ohm picks up Walkie talkie.
  • Notification:
  • Delirious picks up Walkie talkie.
  • Delirious: ohm? someone’s following me
  • Delirious: i can hear the fucker
  • Ohm: where r u?
  • Delirious: walking through the woods.
  • Ohm: alone at night??
  • Delirious: it was a shortcut to the lodge!
  • Ohm: but why'd you-
  • Delirious: shit, I heard it again!!
  • Delirious: it’s fuckin' creepy!
  • Ohm: what does it sound like?
  • Delirious: um... It's like leaves crunching beneath heavy feet.
  • Ohm: it's probably just a cat.
  • Delirious: cat’s don’t have heavy feet ohm!
  • Ohm: delirious, relax..your outside. it’s windy. there are noises.
  • Delirious: yeah i guess..
  • Ohm: so..why’d u leave so early? thought you were staying the night?
  • Delirious: i changed my mind
  • Ohm: well..u left you cabin keys here.
  • Delirious: shit.
  • Delirious: alright, I'm coming back for them. What camp you at again? higgins haven?
  • Delirious: i’ll be there in 10 minutes.
  • Ohm: are you sure u don’t wanna stay this time?
  • Delirious: yes. i’m sure.
  • Ohm: is there something wrong? I feel like I'm missing something?
  • Delirious: ...i saw his pic on ur phone.
  • Ohm: whose pic?
  • Delirious: that Angel looking son of a bitch from saltwater camp...i saw him sitting in your fucking lap too.
  • Ohm: wait you mean Bryce?
  • Delirious: i always knew you had a blonde hair fetish.
  • Ohm: we’re just friends..
  • Delirious: HE WAS IN YOUR LAP.
  • Ohm: shh delirious.
  • Delirious: sitting there with your fucking arm's around him.
  • Delirious: are you serious ohm?
  • Ohm: delirious please
  • Delirious: i know. i’m not supposed to care.
  • Ohm: that’s not what i was going to say
  • Ohm: u were the one who didn’t want anything serious.
  • Delirious: look ohm, we need to
  • Delirious: FUCK
  • Delirious: the crunching sounds closer now.
  • Delirious: the footsteps are…
  • Delirious: oh shit, he's walking faster.
  • Delirious: why won't this bitch quit stalking me!!
  • Ohm: are you near a car?
  • Delirious: No! I'm on the other side of the fucking map!
  • Delirious: shitshitshitshit
  • Delirious: i heard a cough ohm!
  • Delirious: there's someone near me.
  • Ohm: hide behind a tree?
  • Delirious: no! I need to get to a house ohm, God.
  • Ohm: just hurry up!
  • Delirious: theirs definitely footsteps. following me.
  • Ohm: do you see anyone behind you?
  • Delirious: I can't see far. It's too dark.
  • Ohm: just use your flash light!!
  • Delirious: oh right hang on.
  • Delirious: Fuckfuckfuck OHM!
  • Delirious: HE'S WEARING A MASK!
  • Ohm: delirious, just stay calm.
  • Ohm: maybe it's just a prank?
  • Delirious: he's got an axe!
  • Ohm: ..walk faster
  • Delirious: i’m running!
  • Ohm: are you losing him?!
  • Delirious: NO!
  • Delirious: he's running his ass off too!!
  • Ohm: that's it i'm calling police.
  • Ohm: where are you exactly?
  • Ohm: delirious?
  • Ohm: HELLO????
  • Ohm: fuck, this is all my fault
  • Ohm: i should have never let you leave the cabin.
  • Ohm: i should have told you that...
  • Delirious: ohm?
  • Ohm: oh thank god!
  • Ohm: I called the cops and they said there on there way.
  • Ohm: where are you?
  • Delirious: i’m at camp evergreen.
  • Delirious: I tripped while running.
  • Delirious: I think I fell down a slope and hit my head.
  • Ohm: did you lose the guy?
  • Delirious: no, that mother fucker's still here somewhere.
  • Delirious: i can hear him breathing. That son of a bitch.
  • Delirious: I can't.
  • Ohm: WHY?
  • Delirious: I think i broke my leg.
  • Delirious: he's looking for me ohm.
  • Ohm: don't worry i'm coming over to get you.
  • Ohm: tell me exactly where you are.
  • Delirious: um.. I dunno? near some big tree? I can see the tents from here if that helps.
  • Ohm: stay put. i'll be there soon
  • Delirious: i feel really faint.
  • Ohm: hang in there delirious. Just keep talking to me.
  • Delirious: ohm. he's getting closer.
  • Delirious: i hear him.
  • Delirious: his voice…
  • Delirious: he's talking to me.
  • Ohm: I can't hear him? what's he saying?
  • Delirious: he's calling my name.
  • Delirious: saying that i've got this all wrong.
  • Delirious: he just keeps repeating it. over and over.
  • Delirious: ohm what does he mean?
  • Delirious: his voice sounds weird...
  • Delirious: like a tractor.
  • Ohm: are you feeling alright delirious?
  • Delirious: no. my head feels funny.
  • Delirious: I'm feeling sleepy
  • Ohm: just keep talking to me. Well make it through this I promise!
  • Ohm: what kind of tree do you see?
  • Delirious: what?
  • Ohm: that tree you said was near you.
  • Ohm: what does it look like?
  • Delirious:'s a big red tree.
  • Delirious: ohm. i'm scared.
  • Delirious: he's here.
  • Ohm: i'm almost there delirious!
  • Ohm: I've found the tents.
  • Delirious: i can see his feet
  • Ohm: hold on, i'm running to you!!!
  • Delirious: this is it ohm.
  • Delirious: he's found me.
  • Delirious: it's over.
  • Ohm: no wait! Delirious! i see the tree!
  • Ohm: i'm here!!!
  • Ohm: your jackets on the ground.
  • Ohm: oh god there's blood.
  • Ohm: where are you???
  • Ohm: fuck!!
  • Ohm: what have i done?
  • Ohm: i didn't mean it delirious.
  • Ohm: that morning with Bryce.
  • Ohm: it wasn't real.
  • Ohm: i asked him to come over so you'd get jealous.
  • Ohm: the lap thing was his idea.
  • Ohm: i wanted you to care.
  • Ohm: i wanted you to want something more serious.
  • Ohm: delirious are you there??
  • Ohm: why is there so much blood everywhere?
  • Ohm: DELIRIOUS???
  • *Delirious*: never knew you felt that way...
  • Ohm: your alive!!
  • Ohm: you sound odd..
  • Ohm: are you okay?
  • Ohm: where are you?
  • *Delirious*: back at higgins haven...
  • Ohm: what happened?
  • *Delirious*: come over, and i’ll tell you...
  • Ohm: alright I'm walking over now
  • *Delirious*: hurry...
  • Ohm: okay, i’m at the front door!
  • Ohm: but all the lights are off.
  • Ohm: the door is locked..
  • Ohm: can you let me in?
  • *Delirious*: i’m coming...
  • Ohm: great! I'm so excited to hold you in my arms.
  • Ohm: wait
  • Ohm: i still have your keys
  • Ohm: but then how did you
  • Ohm: shit!
  • Walkie offline
  • Police Report: Two bodies were found at camp crystal lake.
  • Two males, Both deceased.
  • Light skinned male, black hair, age 29.
  • Tanned skinned male, brown hair, age 33.
  • Suspected cause of death: strangled.
  • Suspected killer: A young blonde male.