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bhaek  asked:

i'm here if you want express ur love for baekyun eve 💕

daisy yes listen, this will be both super corny and lowkey sad lmao. so I thought I had developed this crush on this really wonderful person and I had kind of admitted it to myself; some friends even. anyways I was kind of sitting here, watching exordium in japan; dying casually bc of post concert depression, when all of a sudden I’m hit with these feelings that I know kinda lays there for baekhyun. and I’m just like; ida fcking get a grip, you’re already delusional enough as it is right? and after a while I was just back to being extremely happy, spamming snapchat with exo and stuff. I go online on tumblr, start working on some network stuff after a while and I put on a random youtube playlist over chromecast and I’m sitting there jamming, when hey mama by cbx comes on and I’m just smiling to myself like ‘ahh theres’s my fav little trio’ - when xiumin’s rap start and you know baekhyun takes a sip of the mason jar straw and I get a small similar attack of feelings like I had just a few hours before that, and when baekhyun’s rap comes on I’m suddenly shaking and I’m sorta lost in thought? and I’m thinking about the person who i thought was my crush, and she still somehow is? but baekhyun completely just overshadowed the crush on her, which is lowkey sad, but I just suddenly am pulled back to that moment when I realized baekhyun was my bias and the guy for me (because delusional and in love goes hand in hand!!!) and I almost got like this feeling of wanting to cry because I just love baekhyun so much?? his smile throughout the mv gave me butterflies again and I’m almost disappointed. I love baekhyun with everything in me, I just had hoped I could be allowed to have a normal crush on a normal person but apparantly not hahah.. so now I’m sitting here and growl out of all the mvs on this list is playing, and I’m just smiling and just feeling so utterly in love again and oh well… he’s truly such a wonderful person and my life was literally grey until the moment I saw him because then my life became full of color..