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Favorite shots from The Get Down

Lance / Keith / Pidge / Hunk / Shiro&Allura / Coran

“And the walls kept tumbling down in the city that we loved / Grey clouds roll over the hills bringing darkness from above”  Pompeii, Bastille

More dances from @wittyy-name and @wolfpainters fic Shut Up and Dance With Me! And right after their update, I’m so excited. I was finishing the colors for Anaconda!Keith while I was on the stream with them (which was a blast I’m so excited that I got the courage up to join them).

The videos for the dances are here, for Pompeii, and here, for Anaconda. Seriously, watch them they’re amazing!!! Pidge and Hunk are coming up next, along with Pidge and Lance dancing to Shakira! (I’m seriously having a blast can you tell?)

As promised bonus Keith dancing to Anaconda under the cut because I am nothing if not self indulgent:

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Theeeeere he is. what a tool. 
Dancing Lance for @wittyy-name‘s upcoming fic Shut Up and Dance With Me

The bracelets Lance wears are bracelets made by his younger family members and he loves each single one of them fite him.



Inspired by and directly referenced from Mina Myoung of 1MILLION Dance Studio and her choreography for “Good Kisser” by Usher.

Dedicated to @thesearchingastronaut, whose many Voltron and Klance drawings brighten my LIFE, to my friends who cheered me on, and to @klancebabes for their very encouraging tag on the WIP.

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There's a father daughter dance but Hal couldn't go, so FP dances with Betty instead.

That’s great!

Betty giggled as the two Jones boys physically shoved each other over the last piece of her famous Blueberry pie, rolling her eyes she picked up her dishrag and made her way over to F.Ps tiny sink. His trailer was just big enough for the three of them to enjoy a home cooked meal comfortably, she had heard talks of F.P buying Jughead a dog the thought making her smile, it might be cramped but she couldn’t wait to see her boyfriends face.

“I swear you two are nuts, you both just ate a whole pie! After devouring an entire chicken dinner. Bottomless pits the both of you.” She called from the kitchen teasingly. She loved this, loved being here, cooking for her boyfriend and his father, joking around and laughing, she was comfortable and safe all of the work that went into it, seeing their happy faces? It was worth it.

“We’re growing boys.” F.P wiggled his eyebrows, taking the dirty dish from her hands and cleaning it in the sink himself. Betty was always cleaning something, his son had claimed it was her way of coping, controlling a situation, who was he to argue? His trailer was almost Always spotless when she visited and their were leftovers for days when she left. His son couldn’t have chosen better if he tried, the girl was all heart, so much love in her he was surprised she didn’t explode.

He glanced behind him to see his son wrap his long arms around the tiny blondes waist, nuzzling her neck with a smile as she leaned into his chest. That was another thing, his son was so happy. F.P couldn’t remember a time when his son had smiled so much, Betty brought out the lightness in his sons eyes and for that he would be forever grateful.

“Betty and me were thinking of heading to Pops for dinner tomorrow, were going to invite Bets mom, Alice has been meaning to call you about fixing the broken doorframe downstairs. Wanna join us?” Jughead asked lazily, toying with a loose curl on Betty’s neck, smiling adoringly at his girlfriend.

“Sure sounds good. What time? I’ve got work at the construction site until 4.” F.p asked, leaning against the counter.

Betty smiled her most heartbreakingly beautiful smile “after 6 o clock, I have to go finish setting up for the father daughter dance at Riverdale, I’m not staying long, there’s not really a reason.. ya know… because…” she trailed off, her eyes looking down as Jughead squeezed her shoulder and kissed her forehead.

Hal Cooper had abandoned his family. He left his daughter almost as fast as Jugheads mother had left him, it had been so sudden that the pain was still so fresh to Betty, thinking about it made her heart ache.

F.P hated that bastard, sure his wife had left him but he had deserved it, he was a terrible husband. Alice on the other hand? She did everything Hal asked no matter how much it hurt her, and to cut off contact with Betty? Atleast Jughead still spoke to his mother, Hal had stopped answering his youngest daughters calls and if he saw her around he would purposely go the other way. It made F.P sick to his stomach, sure he wasn’t father of the year but he would never ignore his son, especially considering how wonderful Betty was.

“Anyway” he looked up as Betty cleared her throat, I should be out of there by around 545. I just have to go home and change, juggie offered to pick me up from the dance.“ She looked up at her boyfriend with a sad smile

“I told her I’d go with her to the dance, but she said that wasn’t appropriate” he grumbled, rolling his eyes and pressing her closer to his chest.

She laughed “its a father daughter dance, thanks for being sweet though… daddy.” She whispered the last word quietly, only for Jugheads ears as he blushed bright red, that was a story for another time.

“Okay!"Jughead clapped his hands "I’ve gotta drop Betty off at home, it’s getting late, I’ll be back in a few.” He called to his dad, grabbing his dads pickup keys and heading out the door, gently tugging on her arm, eager to be away from his father and alone.. in the back of said pick up truck.

Betty giggled again, the soft melodic whistle, ringing through the tiny trailer
“I’ll see you tommorow F.P , remember! Careful with the sodium, it’s not good for you!”
She called as she was whisked out the door.

Rolling his eyes and smiling, F.P jones knew exactly what he had to do, thankgod for Bud Radleys spare suit hanging in his closet.

The next day passed quickly as he joked around with Fred and sweat his ass off, finally it was later in the day and he was showered and dressed in his suit, standing outside the Riverdale High auditorium. He smiled, remembering Jugheads proud and shocked expression as he left the house half an hour ago.
“Where are you going dressed like that” his son had asked.

“I’ve got a hot date with your girlfriend, something about a father daughter dance?” He smirked grabbing his keys off the table.

Jughead had just stared at him for what felt like hours before the biggest smile he had ever seen crossed the young boys face

“I uhh.. yeah.. you don’t wanna keep her waiting” jughead cleared his throat.

F.p winked at his son and headed out the door.

“Well here goes nothing.” He mumbled pushing open the auditorium doors and spotting his target instantly. Betty was standing alone by the drinks, swaying slowly to the music as fathers held there daughters. It was enough to make F.Ps old, broken heart break even further.

Slipping up behind her, he tapped her shoulder

“Can I have this dance mam?”

Betty swung around in surprise, her eyes filling with tears as she beamed at F.P

“What are you doing here?” She asked excitedly, taking his hand and tugging him on the dance floor.

F.P snorted at her enthusiasm and gently held his sons girlfriend by the waist.

“You’re like a second daughter to me Bets. You didn’t think I’d let you come to this on your own did you? It’s a win win for me, I get to dance with the prettiest girl in the room and.. I don’t think I’ll ever get to have this with Jelly bean, as much as that hurts I’m glad I get to experience It.”

Betty smiled sadly as she rested her head in his shoulder
“We’ve all lost something in this town. It’s about fixing what we’ve lost, finding happiness somewhere else.” She whispered.

F.P nodded as the tiny blonde swayed against him.

After about six fast dances and one more slow, the unlikely pair were exhausted and happy. It had been fun spending alone time with the other, they both had the same sense of humor and they both loved a certain beanie wearing boy very much, looking at her watch Betty’s eyes widened

“Come on! We’ve got to go, my mom and Jughead are waiting at pops!”

Thirty minutes later, walking into pops and spotting Alice chugging a milkshake as Jughead urged her on, the two looked at each other and laughed, they had lost so much but maybe they had gained a little more than they had expected.

YoonKookSeok in a nutshell pt. 2
  • Jungkook:
  • Yoongi: wow you're good
  • Jungkook: hyu-
  • Hoseok: haha omg haHAHA
  • Jungkook:
  • Yoongi: is anyone seeing this?? absolutely amazing!
  • Jungkook: wh-
  • Hoseok: LMAO ASDFGHJKL this is too fUNNY

It only takes seventy years, but after decades of waiting, Peggy and Steve find their way back to each other. It takes another year–one filled with breakfasts shared over newspapers and long walks through the streets of New York, stolen kisses in the hours between night and day and fighting side by side–before they finally make good on that dance.

The band plays something slow, Peggy teaches Steve the steps, and he nimbly avoids trampling her toes. It’s perfect.

Well, it’s perfect…until the arms dealer they have been tracking for months shows up at the dance club.

At Last - Etta James // Slow Serenade - Tape Five // St. James Ballroom - Alice Francis // Imelda May - Big Bad Handsome Man // Clap Your Hands - Parov Stelar // I Belong To You - Caro Emerald // History Repeating - Propellerheads ft. Shirley Bassey // Moondance - Michael Buble // A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square - Harry Connick Jr. (listen)

(Happy happy birthday @ladyanj! I hope you have a great day and a wonderful year!)

  y’all know what ??? I’m sick of things taking away from my time reserved for writing, so!!! like this for a thing. 8)


inspired by this art : !!!

-Yuri was always the kinda kid to get into trouble, arguing with teachers and kids alike, only ever respecting his grandfather and occasionally his close family friend, Yakov (and Lilla ofc)
-Yakov lowkey blames it on Viktor, his adopted son who is basically like Yuri’s older brother, who was a pretty good kid until his Great Gay Awakening With Christophe
-And then the whole “Hi I’m Viktor Nikorfov and I saw approximately one (1) photo of Yuuri Katsuki and promptly flew across the world with my dick out.”
-Yuri vehemently denies that he’s at all like Viktor, dressing all in black and shit instead of Viktor’s pastel shit
-It lowkey gets out of hand when he gets into highschool, around junior (11th) year and starts dating this asshole who’s just a really bad influence
-As in Yuri stops dancing, stops coming home, etc etc
-It gets bad one night where Yuri gets into a fight with bigger guys and his douchecanoe boyfriend ditches him.
-In swoops badass, hot-as-fuck Otabek Altin, pulling Yuri onto his motorcycle and riding off safely.
-(Yuri only punches Otabek in the arm once when he finally stops)
-Apparently Otabek has been in his dance classes on and off and recognized Yuri when he was riding by
-Cue Yuri acting like a headass and acting like he could have taken it
-“Yuri, I can bench press you.”
-“Fuck you!”
- Eventually Otabek convinces Yuri to let him bring the blonde home
-Nikolai is fucking furious but so thankful Otabek took him home
-After that whole drama, they actually become good friends and Yuri comes back to dance class

ok i keep thinking of @kawaiilo-ren ’s mafia au where theres MORE badass yuri go check it out!!

I was innocently taking screenshots in P4DAN when this happened

Get a room you guys (literally)

And It doesn’t help that in the next pic Yu was like

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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haha it doesn’t really come up much in class actually. My students mostly know me as the teacher who gets inordinately excited about literature and writing.

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slight au where tyler Becomes Better the next year. Theres a school dance and new power couple justlex go together. Justin asks alex to dance to a slow song he got Tony to play & they dance all cutely. Alex sees tyler take pictures of them so he asks tyler to print them off for him, and he frames them n puts them on his wall. Justin sees them for the first time when hes over at alexs house and he gets blushy n teary eyed bc he realizes for the first time that alex is as serious abt them as he is

(I honestly thought you were here to introduce a new OT3 to me 😂)

Okay but yeah. Tyler would end up snapping a whole heap of pictures, and Alex finds one on his instagram, so he goes to visit Tyler in the photo room to ask for a print of it. That’s when he sees all the other ones. And so he gets them all digitally and has his absolute favourites printed and framed.

He has one on his bedside, three in a collage on his wall and another actually sits out in the living room. Justin goes home with Alex one day, and he goes inside while Alex is busy locking up the car and he sees the one in the lounge room. His heart begins to absolutely pound in his chest but he just brushes it off as Alex’s parents wanting a picture of their little boy at the school dance.

Then he tries to hide everything he’s feeling when Alex comes in. Then they’re in his room, and Justin notices all the other frames. And a little part of Justin was scared Alex was only taking pity on him. He knew Alex liked him to start, but he was scared that Alex was now just hanging around because he knew how much Justin needed it.

And he actually can’t help himself then. The tears are there and he can’t stop them from falling, and Alex starts to panic, but when Justin clings to him he just helps him through it. Minutes later Justin will finally mention the photos, and Alex just thinks it’s so freaking cute how happy Justin was to see them, and he can’t stop kissing Justin’s face

Okay I know it’s 1 am but I need help fleshing out this character I made like two days ago. Namely, I need to decide if I want her to present herself as a gentle, kind person or an apathetic, standoffish person. If anyone wants to bounce ideas off and stuff it’d be greatly appreciated. I don’t even have to know you just be like hey hmu with more about this character so I can help you out.