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Kpop Groups as Types of Cake

according to me and my friends 

Big Bang: “that chocolate cake from costco; really rich and even if you dont try it everyone is always losing their damn minds about it”

Astro: “a funfetty cake with chocolate filling, but the outside is actually like a beautiful mess”

Seventeen: “one of those big cakes where each layer is a different flavor bc they’re so multitalented”

SHINee: “a chocolate cake that looks like it was frosted by a 6 y/o; an old favorite but a Mess”

Block B: “a giant birthday cake with a shit ton of sprinkles and some of those candles that cant be blown out”

Pristin: “an ice cream cake: cool and refreshing”

Produce 101: “one of those crepe cakes bc theres so much going on that it’s overwhelming but it’s pretty good”

NU’EST: “the chocolate cakes you used to be able to get at kfc; amazing and extremely underrated”


me: “NCT are cupcakes bc of the different units”

friend #1, at the same time: “nct is like a black wedding cake, you dont know what’s going on, there’s a lot, but it’s pretty cool” 

both of us: “oh”

EXO: “a cake that looks Super Expensive and Tastes Amazing but tbh its probably made by a 5 y/o ???”

EXO, during kokobop: “a mess and missing a piece”

Yixing: “an angel food cake”

Blackpink: “one of those really expensive cakes that you kinda regret buying but it’s so damn good”

Red Velvet: “red velvet”

UP10TION: “a cake without much detail but the taste would be like “holy shit” bc they have so much talent but no one notices”

Topp Dogg: 

friend #1: “one of those cakes that look like it will be chocolate but ends up being vanilla”

friend #2: *sends a pic of a cake made out of twinkies* “an absolute mess and no one knows what’s going on”


friend #2: “ikon is a cake that was dropped on the ground”

friend #3: “EXCUSE YOU”

friend #2: “yg is the person that dropped it”

friend #3: “ikon is one of those cakes that has a little too much fondant so it’s kinda extra but looks really nice”

Hotshot: “that one cupcake that never gets eaten for some reason even tho its rly good”

BAP: “one of those cakes that was started by a bad baker but then a good baker went “we can fix this””

Winner: “one of those classy ass wedding cakes that everyone likes but nobody actually wants to pay for”

f(x): “the cake they bring in after everyone has already had cupcakes”

VIXX: “the cake that has all the weird flavor combos everyone is too afraid to try but is actually rEALLY GOOD”

24k: “a princess cake bc it’s popular in europe but not rly anywhere else”

Monsta X: “one of those really intense children’s cakes with flames and race cars on top”


EXP: “the cake that was thrown up at a kids birthday party”

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Hi I'd like to point out Memories on Ice from the Yutra! Soundtrack sounds like a wedding march

“memories on ice

//gentle sobbing// the song is beautiful and nostalgic ohmygosh TTOTT <333 //on a side note, you guys should check out @weddingvowszine​ <3 lots and lots of viktuuri weddings it’s going to be wonderful <333

Being deeply loved by another gives you strength, while deeply loving another gives you courage.

((aka i can draw valentines fanart whenever i want. trivia: they’re both wearing wedding rings + theres 6 hearts in this picture.))

Nessian Wedding-Honeymoon Headcanons

So this is apparently a thing I do now, catching up on things people asked me for a month ago. For @queennesta20 who asked for Nessian honeymoon headcanons what feels like a million years ago. And for Iris @dr-woodsprite who needed a little fluff on her dash this morning.There’s a board for it too.

-After Nesta’s declaration that she’d never worn pants before putting on those Illyrian fighting leathers Cassian swore a life mission to see her in a bathing suit.

-He fully intended to bring Nesta to the Summer Court for their honeymoon. He didn’t even think about asking Tarquin if it was okay. After all the saved the world from Hybern together surely, he’d be forgiven for that one building. 

-Is wasn’t until Varian told him 2 hours before the wedding that it wasn’t just the one building that he wrecked it was because it was a very important building that he wrecked. That building being one of the lesser palaces where the Summer Court spent their winter’s. Not to mention after all the attacks they couldn’t take the chance of him and Nesta wrecking any more.

-Not knowing what else to do he asks Mor for help. Of course, Mor pulls through or should he say Viviane and Kallias pull through letting them stay in a smaller castle/house.

-Because Starfall is in the Winter and takes place somewhere around the middle of February (Valentine’s Day maybe?) Cassian thought it best to tell Nesta the next morning where they were going. And by tell her he means pray she doesn’t find out for a while since Nesta hates snow. Asking Mor to please winnow them straight into the house.

-Mor tells them to send her word when they’re ready to get picked up she’ll be staying with Viv and Kal for a while.

-Nesta wants to explore the house opening the first door she sees and finds a living room. The fireplace is surrounded by candles, roses, and there’s a bottle of champagne on a table. Nesta jokes that it’s amazing the house didn’t burn down and that she didn’t realize how cheesy Cass was.

-Of course, Cass had nothing to do with the set up since he had 0 time to plan for them going there. It had to have been Viviane being the romantic she is and he mentally thanks her for the effort. Cass knows that even though Nesta is making jokes about it she secretly loves it.

-For the first day/night they don’t even make it out of that living room. Feyre had warned Nesta about the frenzy after accepting the bond, but she honestly thought it was just Feyre being dramatic. After all they had sex 3 times after Starfall and once the morning before coming here.

-The next morning Nesta wakes to the smell of eggs, bacon, and blueberry lemon muffins (a personal favorite of hers.) She throws on Cassian’s discarded shirt not knowing how occupied this house is and goes to search for the source of the smell. When she finds the kitchen, she’s greeted with the sight of him cooking in nothing but an apron wrapped around his waist.  She sits on a counter close but far enough away from him and asks why he even bothered with the apron it’s not like it covers much. He responds casually with “bacon grease hurts when it hits you especially if it hits your favorite body part.”

-Looking down to where the apron is now covering even less Nesta realizes they’ll both be eating a cold breakfast thank the Mother for the muffins.

-At this point Nesta has lost track of how many times they’ve had sex all she knows is she’s tired and hungry. When she finally sits up grabbing for one of the muffins on the table above them she sees the snow falling outside realizing that whatever plans she might have been thinking of she has no intentions of going outside now.

-They spend the rest of the day wrapped up in each other or sleeping. When they finally decide to get out of bed to make dinner Nesta sees the Winter Court’s night sky. She’s instantly not sure why everyone is so impressed with the Night Court and its stars because what the Winter Court has is so much prettier. It’s like the sky is painted with all these bright shades of blue and green something she’s sure Feyre would love.

-It’s during this time while Nesta is distracted that Cassian suggests they try something new tomorrow like a sleigh ride. Nesta just nods her head not even hearing what he says because if she had she would have told him no.

-They go on this sleigh ride and to Cassian’s surprise she only complains a little. Mainly that the snow that’s falling is cold and ruining her hair. Siphon shields who knew they’d come in handy for things like this. He’s sure they look ridiculous riding around with a red glowing light above them, but if it makes Nesta enjoy the moment it’s fine by him.

-When they make it back to the house instead of helping her out of the sleigh he takes the opportunity to reach down, grab and make a snowball then launches it at her. Nesta who just spent the last hour telling him she didn’t want wet hair or she’d catch a cold is having none of it. With one quick movement, she somehow manages to use her power to move the snow from the nearby trees onto him. At the sight of Cassian the snowman she bursts out laughing. Seeing Nesta laughing gives Cassian the horrible idea of shaking his snow-covered hair onto her head.

-Harpies make a less deafening screech he’s pretty sure. The noise that his mate makes you would think that he shaved her head in her sleep. At this she storms into the house him following behind her promising to draw her a hot bath to make up for it. Of course, he forgets that baths freak her out, he was just trying to do damage control. In the end, she agrees to get in it if he does too.

-When they aren’t in bed, or the floor, or wherever together Nesta is reading by the fire and Cass is sparing with the air. Something about working different muscles than the ones he’s been using. 

-Two weeks fly by and Mor finally comes to get them. Nesta suggests next time they go somewhere warmer.

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yoi classical musician au? What about this: a classical musician AU where viktor is a violinist and Yuuri is a pianist and they go to the same elite music school, but Yuuri does much worse due to his anxiety. there's fluff, drama, a clueless and long haired viktor, chris playing careless whisper on repeat, the Meme Orchestra, evening gowns, and eventually a happily every after/wedding featuring phichit the photographer

someone write this au omg


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One-shots (750+ words)

Daryl Dixon

  • Never forget- After a run gone wrong, you think back to all your memories with Daryl. The good and the bad.
  • Not the first- You’re Daryl girlfriend and were previously engaged before the apocalypse. On a run with Daryl you run into your ex-fiancé, Negan.
  • I’m Sorry- You and Daryl have recently broken up and it was messy. But when you get captured on a run with Maggie and Glenn and Daryl shows up to save you, true feelings are revealed. 
  • Come Down- You and Daryl get in a bad fight, and leaving seems like the best option.
  • Not Alone- After spending your life hiding your scars, you finally slip up.
  • Arsonist’s Lullaby- A song fic based off of “Arsonist’s Lullaby” by Hozier. You and Daryl are married. When you’re captured with Rick and the group by Negan, things get a little intense.
  • Woah- When you’re asked to dress up at the Alexandra Welcome party, the group is blown away with your looks. Daryl in particular. 
  • Extra Time- After being bitten, you ‘die’ in Daryl’s arms, only to wake up back in Alexandra.
  • No Good- AU- You and Daryl are engaged. But when Merle arrives back from jail, he tries to sabotage the relationship.
  • Run- After rescuing Daryl from the Sanctuary, you can’t help but stay by his side.
  • Shower- You’re the new girl at Alexandra and within a month, Daryl happens upon you naked.
  • Yawn- You feel like Daryl’s staring at you, but you can’t seem to catch him doing so. So you think of a plan.
  • Son In Law- Your dad, Negan, wasn’t present for your wedding with Daryl. When you reunite with him, he takes the opportunity to take you and Daryl home. Against your will. 
  • Sparkle- Theres a christmas party being thrown in your home, but the loud music is giving you a headache. Daryl suggests you go somewhere else, but before you do, he gives you a gift.
  • Mantra- Ever since Abraham and Glenn were killed, Daryl hasn’t been himself. When the two of you end up on a run alone, you decide to confront him about it.
  • Alive- Negan took you and Daryl hostage. But you as a wife, him as a prisoner. In an attempt to go see Daryl, you’re caught. And Negan’s not happy. 


  • Princess- After Negan finds you in a forest, he takes you back to his home, welcoming you to your new life.

Maggie Greene

  • Get Away- After the fall of the farm, you decide to confront Maggie about your feelings.

Carl Grimes

  • Not Ready- After Carl loses his eye, Denise banishes him to your room, and he doesn’t act to kindly to when you want to go out on a run.
  • Months- It’s months after the prison fell, and you’re still on your own. That is until the group happens upon your tracks. What happens when they see you’ve been bitten?
  • Insecure- Alexandria is a safe haven. You love it. But theres a girl your age who seems to be getting close to Carl and your adoptive parents, Glenn and Maggie. 

Rick Grimes

  • Hidden- Rick always loved your eyes, but what happens when you lose one– instead of Carl? 
  • Fate- You were picked in the lineup, but you wake up back at Alexandria with a scar.

Imagines (150-750 words)

Carl Grimes

  • Nightmares- Imagine Carl being there for you after a bad dream.
  • Memories- Imagine Carl comforting you after seeing your scars.
  • Accidental History- Imagine Carl teaching you how to use a gun, but something goes wrong– or right.
  • Locked Up- Imagine Carl locking you in the closet instead of Enid.
  • Pranks- Imagine getting in a prank war with Carl, but you can’t seem to fool him.
  • Slang- Imagine teaching Carl Australian slang.
  • Spanish- Imagine teaching Carl Spanish.
  • Cheer Up- Imagine helping Carl find hope.
  • Catch Me- Imagine playing tag with Carl.
  • Twelve- Imagine becoming Carl’s best friend.
  • Sleep- Imagine not being able to sleep.
  • Bone Crushing- Imagine being separated from the group, only to reunite at Alexandria.

Daryl Dixon

  • Stories- Imagine being Daryl and Merle’s sister. (sister!reader x daryl/merle)
  • Cornered- Prompt: “Will you hear me out?” + “Like hell I’m leaving you when you look at me like that.”
  • Saved- Imagine saving Daryl from a walker.
  • Daughter- Imagine adopting Sophia with Daryl.
  • Introduction- Imagine meeting Merle for the first time, and Daryl’s even more nervous than you.
  • Ring- Imagine waking up to your husband, Daryl.
  • Coconut- Imagine Daryl getting you extra inhalers. 
  • Rushing Waters- Imagine Daryl saving you from a rushing river.
  • Empty Glasses- Imagine winning a drinking game with Daryl. 
  • Trust- Imagine being an ex-savior, and only Daryl trusts you. 
  • Always- Imagine being injured on a run.
  • Baby Coos- Imagine walking in on Daryl holding Judith.
  • Spider- Imagine falling asleep on Daryl.
  • Easy- Imagine being blind.
  • Heaven- Imagine Daryl, your boyfriend, getting jealous.
  • Until Now- Imagine Daryl never realizing how he felt about you, until it was too late.
  • More- Imagine getting drunk with Daryl.
  • Contact- Imagine touching Daryl, which makes him flinch.
  • Rosy Cheeks- Imagine Daryl finding you as a walker.


  • Cough- Imagine being sick and Ezekiel takes care of you.
  • Friend- Imagine being close with Shiva.


  • Girlfriend- Imagine Henry, Benjamin’s brother, spilling that Benjamin has a crush on you.
  • I Promise- Imagine being hurt but having Benjamin at your side.

Norman Reedus

  • Heck- Prompt: “why the heck aren’t we making out?”
  • Giddy- Imagine being an actor on twd.


  • Passive Agressive- Imagine Negan getting jealous.
  • Warm- Imagine Negan carrying you to bed.
  • Together- Imagine being with Negan. (male!reader x negan)

Glenn Rhee

  • Breakfast- Imagine being caught about to have sex with your boyfriend, Glenn.
  • Before- Imagine reuniting with your fiancé, Glenn.
  • Risky- Imagine being like a daughter to Glenn and Maggie, and you won’t let either one of them die.

Rick Grimes

  • The Pact- Imagine Rick finding you as a walker.

Shane Walsh

Merle Dixon

  • Stories- Imagine being Daryl and Merle’s sister. (sister!reader x daryl/merle)
  • Closet- Imagine Merle being in the closet about his feelings for you. (male!reader x merle)
  • My Kid, My Girl- Imagine being pregnant with Merle’s baby.

Maggie Greene

  • Flu- Imagine Maggie comforting you while you’re sick.
  • Risky- Imagine being like a daughter to Glenn and Maggie, and you won’t let either one of them die.

Paul ‘Jesus’ Rovia

  • Bad Advice- Imagine Rick giving Jesus, the man who had a massive crush on you, bad advice in regards to swooning you 

Eugene Porter

  • Pants- Imagine forgetting that you’re only wearing Eugene’s shirt.
  • Baby- Imagine being pregnant with Eugene’s baby.


  • Second Home- Imagine visiting a Walking Dead panel after leaving the show.

Team Family

  • Gunshot- You take Daryl’s place as Dwight fires the gun.

Series (2+ parts)

Daryl Dixon

  • Perfect- When you begin growing close with the new, and very handsome, member of the group, Daryl doesn’t react kindly. After all, jealously never did love any favours.

“Perfect” parts- [1] [2] [3] *completed*

  • Regrets- In a faze, you sleep with someone at Alexandra. But what does it mean for your relationship with Daryl? 

“Regrets” parts- [1] [2] [3] *completed*

  • Her- There’s a new girl at the prison, and she’s taken a certain liking to Daryl. (Daryl x Jealous!Reader)

“Her” parts- [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] *completed* 

  • Love- You finally confess your feelings to Daryl, but his reaction was one you were dreading. After months apart, are those feelings still there? 

“Love” parts- [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] *in progress*

  • Ten Years- AU-You never expected to see a Dixon again. Now ten years later, at the reunion of the class of 86′, you see the last person you thought you would.

“Ten Years AU” parts- [1] *in progress*


  • Monster of Mine- Being Rick’s daughter, falling in love with Negan when he takes over Alexandria.

“Monster of Mine” parts- [1] [2] [3] [4] *completed*

yall im just gonna come right out and say a thing that I Extremely want

remember how the “taaco” last name was kind of a goof and justin said he’d reveal taakos actual last name later on

imagine some years down the road. all the grand relics have been collected and destroyed, everything is ok enough that all the members of the bureau of balance are able to enjoy a relatively comfortable and secure life. stuff is good. and magnus and taako have been through some shit and it took them a long time, like an achingly long time, and things weren’t always good and there were false starts and dead ends, but they eventually realized that holy shit theyre completely, totally, cannot-live-without-each-other in love.

and it took magnus even longer to get past the doubt and the worry that something like ravens roost would happen again, or that moving forward meant abandoning julia, but he finally whittled a little walnut ring and fitted it with a diamond and he proposed to taako. and right then for probably?? the first time in his life?? taako had 0 doubts that he’d be abandoned, or betrayed, and knew he was loved unconditionally, and he said yes.

and the two of them plus merle are hanging out one afternoon. magnus is working on building a whole gazebo. taako is trying to figure out how to make a cake big enough for practically everyone they’d ever met. and merle is getting his notes ready to go ahead and fulfill his duties as both a cleric and their best friend and preside over their wedding. and its been such a long time that he’s never even thought to ask before since there was so much else that was more important, but he has to, now that theres a ceremony for him to bust out his extreme teen bible and oversee.

and merle looks up from his notes and over at taako and goes, “taako, what IS your last name?”

and taako thinks for a second. looks around. over at magnus, back to merle. and he goes

“it’s burnsides, darling.”

Rucas Fic Week 2017

Day Eight// AU + Free Choice: Unwilling and unable to face everyone on her own when it comes time to attend Auggie and Ava’s wedding, Riley Matthews hires a solution in Lucas Friar. Loosely based on The Wedding Date.

Part One II 

Notes: Obviously, this is an AU and it takes place in the future. The characters are adults. While I’m not someone who will ever write smut, and I don’t plan on getting particularly graphic with language or even implications, the vary nature of this story is a bit more adult than what I’ve written previously. I’d place the rating somewhere around a PG-13/14.

Also, this is essentially the first installment to what has started developing into a multi-chapter fic. So this starts a lot of threads and leaves them dangling by the time you reach the end. But you will get answers eventually.


The invitation comes on a Wednesday and Riley immediately considers throwing it in the trash and pretending she never got it.

It’s not that she hasn’t known it would be coming–Auggie had told her about the engagement weeks ago and asked her to be what he called his ‘Best Sister’–but receiving the invitation makes it real. Auggie and Ava are getting married, they’re holding the wedding in Cape Cod, and Riley is expected to join them and the family for a week of wedding festivities at the end of the summer. Riley could just about throw up at the thought. It’s really the sort of scenario she’s been trying (semi-successfully) to avoid since high school graduation nearly eleven years ago, and if the invitation were from anyone else she probably would crumple it up and pretend it got lost or RSVP with an easy lie about not being able to get the vacation time at work, but this is for Auggie.

The only acceptable reason for Riley not to attend would be massive injury and/or death.

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If its okay, would you be able to write something about being queer and hope? We've got the government backing a thing in Australia that will see an entire nation vote on whether marriage equality should be legal. There's going to be equal funding for the "no" side, it'll hurt a lot of young queers and its not even binding at the end. Its just so overwhelming.

i dreamed last night of jesus.
he was a protester with top surgery
scars on his bare chest, with a mouth
painted wedding ring gold, with a heart
so unmistakably bright you knew
he was the one who sang the stars
into burning. he stood at the front
lines. he had scabbed knuckles. i asked
him to kiss me right there in front
of the thunderstorm & he did, nice
& slow, like we had nothing but
forevers. in some life i believe we do.

but who are we here when the reckoning
tries to stumble its way forward?
women with river shale knees,
men with pink lemonade shoulders,
people who smile at their lovers,
hold their children, construct bronze
monuments to those we lost
when the past reckonings arrived.
& look how our history shines
in the light anyway. & look how we
teach ourselves to dance & write
poetry & leave everywhere we go the rose
petal sheen of kindness.

see that thunderstorm, its smile
full of bruise colored snake teeth?
you are of the holy wholly beautiful gay
blood. keep marching.

BTS Reacting to you coming home drunk and horny

Originally posted by the8-carat


Jin would look at you incredibly confused as to why you were grabbing his ass and would jump as he felt the contact. “(Y/N) why are you grabbing my ass?! Is this another way of you telling me to eat less?! Because its not gunna happen!” after you reach over him and grab his crotch instead, he jumps and yells at you for being so bold “Theres no way I’m having sex with you right now, you reek” he would exclaim bursting out in laughter. 

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yo i haven't seen pd2 in like YEARS but yuuri and victor in your little drabble had me weak and i don't even know what kinda factor they play in the movie or if there's anything else you can give us but i'd love to see more of them because. yes @ them being all over each other in front of everyone when people have shit to do, i.e. important ruling a kingdom stuff

well, the dynamic between the queen and joe in the movies (can’t say much about the books bc it’s been years since i read one of them lmao) is that they’ve got a will they won’t they tension going on and literally the entire damn country ships them (the friggin bishop or…. whatever religious leader officiating the wedding was like “finally” when they did get married in pd2 lolol) and yea that’s probably what i’d be going for. but with a couple tweaks since a lot of details have been shifted around in this au to make it work better with the yoi cast lol

Viktor’s never seen anyone as stoic as Mr Katsuki before in his life. He runs a tight ship, getting all the other security officers into line and smartly suited up. He obsessively goes over every possible breach or flaw at every venue, even drawing up blueprints and maps of the buildings Viktor sets foot in just so he knows the weaknesses of each wall, the locations of each ventilation shaft. He knows the precise details of Viktor’s schedule down to the minute, coordinating with Lilia, his chief advisor and assistant, until everything around the King seems to flow like clockwork, the well-oiled cogs of a machine designed to protect his every step.

“Why are you doing this?” he asks Mr Katsuki once, a couple months into his tenure as chief of security, and Mr Katsuki only smiles a tight, brittle smile that doesn’t reach his calculating yet sparkling eyes.

“I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if you were hurt, Your Majesty,” he replies.

Viktor laughs at just how earnestly serious the man looks. “My life is in your hands already, Mr Katsuki. You might as well call me Viktor.”

There’s a little chink in Mr Katsuki’s armour at that when his cheeks flush visibly pink. “I don’t know if I could, Your Majesty,” he says, his voice quiet, soft, and Viktor immediately realises he’d do anything to see this sort of expression on the man’s face again.

Mr Katsuki is a reassuring shadow at his side, watchful yet protective. Viktor values his work and dedication. Admires his bravery and honour.

But he doesn’t fall in love, though, until one fateful afternoon when he’s leaving his motorcade and a gunman opens fire, and Mr Katsuki is on him in an instant, tackling him onto the asphalt and shielding him with his body. As his heartbeat rings loudly in his ears, Viktor looks up into the wide-eyed expression on his chief of security’s face, and realises that the man is genuinely terrified of losing him.

“Yuuri,” he breathes, reaching up for him. The light haloes Mr Katsuki, making him almost angelic. The noise and commotion fade away with each blink of Mr Katsuki’s long lashes, and then the world fades to white.

When Viktor wakes up, he is in a hospital bed, and Mr Katsuki – Yuuri – has fallen asleep with his fingers inches from Viktor’s own. 

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There's no way that she's liking all these posts right now she's at Abi's wedding omg she totally has people managing her Tumblr account

please have you been to a wedding. you sit at tables and wait for your food to be served and you make small talk and yeah you get your phone out and if your taylor swift and you just dropped an atomic bomb on your fandom you go see if anyone is still alive. she totally got on her phone 


For/Inspired by @pentacass‘s various fics… Milah and Ana would be badass awesome grandmas okay, no matter the universe. Ade has quite the name to live up to, no doubt she’ll find some way to honor and aggravate the women who love her (after all, its a family tradition)


Diana Prince x Reader

Prompt : 8. “A fake engagement? are you crazy?” - Requested by Anon.

Originally posted by fygeneralzod

Diana has been the closest thing to family since she saved you years ago. You two have been inseparable and nothing could ever change that. Or so you thought. 

You tapped her shoulder, making her turn her gaze back. “Can we talk?” 

She only nodded and followed you away from the crowd. 

“What are you doing, Diana?” You asked, crossing your arms over your chest. 

She pursed her lips, contemplating whether or not if she should tell you the truth. 

“You barely know him, and you’re just going to marry him?” 

“You don’t understand.” She replied. 


“Y/N, its a fake engagement.” She cut you off. 

“A fake engagement? Are you crazy?” 

“He is just doing me a favor.” 

“Bruce Wayne doing you a favor?” You asked. “What, is it money? Do you need money? Diana, I could help you and-”

“You can’t.” She said. Her hand laid gently against yours and soft smile formed on her lips. “Just trust me, okay? I will explain everything when the time is right. I promise.” 

You wanted to fight and make her tell you just what the hell was going on, but you also knew you could trust her. 

“Fine.” you exhaled. “I’ll go along with this little act of yours, but on one condition.” 

Diana raised her brow, intrigued. “Yes?”

“If theres a fake wedding too, you better make me maid of honor.” 

She let out a chuckle, nodding her head. “Of course.” She said. “You are my only choice.” 


No one said Alex was wearing a beanie, but then again no one said she WASN’T wearing one.

If you like Sanvers, and you like fluff, and you like funny, and you like fake dating and you like good written funny shit, you should absolutely check out @lyook ‘s and @jayenator565 ‘s amazing fic THE WEDDING DATE!!!! (Seriously it’s great, go read it) 

(edit to add this second version, which I like way better)

Please don’t repost anywhere else :) (ORIGINAL TWEET)

The Mass Effect LI's and where they'd want to marry Shepard
  • Ashley: Nice church wedding, dress blues instead of tux and dress. There's rifles involved somewhere.
  • Kaiden: Somewhere on Earth (coughCanadaprobablycough)
  • Liara: Somewhere on Thessia. In one of the pretty garden pavilions, probably. That or a library...
  • Tali: "Rannoch, obviously, let's get on this shit so we're the first!"
  • Jack: "Is Vegas stil standing, because that's where we're fucking going".
  • Miranda: Somewhere classy, like maybe on Illium or some ish like that.
  • Traynor: Also a classy kind of girl. Maybe somewhere in London (if its rebuilt, of course).
  • Cortez: Doesn't matter. Something small and nice is fine.
  • ...
  • Garrus: "Let's get married on the fucking Normandy."

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For the Imperial Problem Child-verse, rumors start going through the Rebel ranks that if you have relatives in the Empire that you're on decent terms with, you should give any messages you want to send to them to a Rouge. There's a good chance you'll get a reply within a battle against the Executor or two.

Ooh I like this. Maybe one or two specific Rogues are designated message runners (some Imperials call them Carrier Cairokas, after a now extinct Alderaanian bird used to carry messages in ancient times. It makes for a decent code so that no one knows they’re technically harboring Rebels). Usually this entails traveling with Skywalker because odds are he’s going to encounter Imperials once a month or so.

Sometimes the Carriers come back with datapads, sometimes just an acknowledgement that the message was received. Half the Squadron got wedding invitations once, that was a bit odd. Command vetoed that pretty quickly, but some of them did actually toss around the possibility of showing up at their loyalist family member’s wedding with Luke like “surprise! I brought accidental royalty as my plus one!”

The leaders of the Rebel Alliance are probably getting new grey hairs every day this madness continues. No one show them the care package Piett sent Wedge and Co to help them deal with Skywalker Madness. (“Excuse me?” Luke was slightly offended, “Most of the madness in this Squadron is courtesy of Jansen, thank you very much.”
“This is perfectly true, of course,” said Jansen, “But it’s much more convenient to blame it on the resident Force user. That Imperial admiral always takes our side anyway unless your dad is there.”)