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Just the Five of Us

Written for @samantha-girlscout for the rarepair flash exchange by @miraculousexchange! You should all definitely check out all of the fics. All of the ones I’ve read so far have been incredible!
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Marinette had always expected that the first person to learn she was Ladybug would be her partner or possibly her best friend. She never expected it to be Chloe Bourgeois of all people.

When Ladybug stumbled into the quiet corner, her earrings beeping out their final warning, she assumed she was alone. That was until she bumped into Chloe as her transformation fell and knocked both of them over, leaving Marinette sprawled across Chloe’s stomach.

They locked eyes for a moment, and Marinette held her breath, terrified to see Chloe’s reaction to learning that she, of all people, was Ladybug. Chloe shrieked.

“Wait, don’t yell!” Marinette clamped a hand over Chloe’s mouth. “Look, you can’t tell anyone, and you can’t yell.”

Chloe didn’t even scold Marinette for smudging her lip gloss. She just pushed Marinette’s hand away and launched into a breathless series of questions. “You’re Ladybug? Really? You’ve been Ladybug all along? You saved my life!”

Marinette sat back, raising a brow as she eyed Chloe. “Yes, yes, yes, and of course, I did. I’m a hero.”

“I can’t believe I’m friends with Ladybug!” Chloe squealed, as though the past five years of constant belittling and selfish behavior simply hadn’t happened. She even sat up and pulled Marinette into a hug.

“Whoa, hold on.” Marinette pried herself free. “We’re not friends.”

“We’re not?”

Marinette had no idea how to explain to those wide blue eyes why the idea of them being friends was so ridiculous, so instead, she elected to stand and turn around. “We need to get back to class.”

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Led Zeppelin Songs for the Signs
  • Aries: Immigrant Song// "Hammer of the gods, will drive our ships to new land. To fight the hordes, and sing and cry."
  • Taurus: Going to California// "Someone told me there's a girl out there with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair. Took my chances on a big jet plane, never let them tell you that they're all the same."
  • Gemini: Babe I'm Gonna Leave You// "Babe, oh, babe... I'm gonna leave you. Oh, baby, you know, I've really got to leave you. Oh, I can hear it callin 'me."
  • Cancer: The Rain Song// "These are the seasons of emotion and like the wind they rise and fall. This is the wonder of devotion - I see the torch we all must hold."
  • Leo: Dazed and Confused// "You hurt and abuse tellin' all of your lies. Run 'round sweet baby, Lord how they hypnotize."
  • Virgo: Ramble On// "And now's the time, the time is now
  • To sing my song. I'm goin' 'round the world, I got to find my girl."
  • Libra: Good Times, Bad Times// "You can feel the beat within my heart. Realize, sweet babe, we ain't ever gonna part."
  • Scorpio: Communication Breakdown// "I don't know what it is that I like about you, but I like it a lot. Won't let me hold you, Let me feel your lovin' charms."
  • Sagittarius: Since I Been Loving You// "Since I've Been Loving You, I'm about to lose my worried mind. Watch out!"
  • Capricorn: I Can't Quit You Baby// "Oh, you know I love you baby. My love for you I could never hide."
  • Aquarius: Kashmir// "I am a traveler of both time and space, to be where I have been. To sit with elders of the gentle race, this world has seldom seen."
  • Pisces: Stairway To Heaven// "In my thoughts I have seen rings of smoke through the trees, and the voices of those who stand looking."
Rumours about YoungMin

This will be kinda long cause I seriously just need a place to be vent. So if you dont know theres a rumour going around that YoungMin has a girlfriend which BRAND NEW MUSIC stated is not true. However, apparently  due to how quick ? they responded, people are becoming suspicious and is saying they’re trying to hide it. 

There’s apparently some  people (probably trolls or immature kids) who was saying not to vote for a kid with a girlfriend or who has bad skin (talkin bout his acne) on pann which is seriously just plain rude and immature.

First of all, its not a crime to have a girlfriend and I guarantee that more than half of those trainees in Produce 101 has been or is currently in a relationship. Think about it, they’re at that age, heck I had my first bf when I was 14.  (but i forgot not all fans are mature enough to take in these so called “dating scandals”)

Second of all, IF YOU HAVE BEEN WATCHING PRODUCE 101 ALL THESE TIME, YOU’D KNOW YOUNGMIN WORKED REALLY HARD AND IS AN ANGEL (not being biased at all). He was previously ranked at 27th but managed to jump to 12th place just in the recent ranking & is expected to get in top 11. 

I swear I HOPE YALL DONT DROP YOUNGMIN and make his rank drop  just because of this. You’ll be wasting all what he had accomplished throughout the show & make the sacrifices he made and struggles he went through turn out as a big joke. 

Please I seriously don’t want  to  see him lose that precious smile of his (it was rumoured he was smilling really big and practiced even harder when he heard he was ranked 12th) . Also this talented  and kind individual just doesn’t deserve being bashed.

(btw i used apparently a lot because it means its unconfirmed, i just heard it from people < whom i trust)

natsume yuujinchou is so good because even when i’m feeling down and awful and stressed it’s just so peaceful and sweet and comforting. even if it’s bittersweet or there’s pain, it’s ultimately a story of healing and love and acceptance. every time i watch an episode or read a chapter i feel good and it doesn’t matter how i felt before, at least for a little while i’ll feel okay again

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Just.. just.. promise me Cas's death will lead to real freaking Destiel? With Dean's intense emotional maturity that we saw in 22/23... there's no way that can't be coming... right?!?!?

I can’t promise but dude, like, seriously, what else was all of 19 and 22 about and the standard whole Dean on his knees over the lifeless body of his true love while Sam goes inside to go talk to the nephilim - the new ‘him’.

Performing Dean and Destiel man. Throughout 22-23. Then 11x11 and 11x18… fuck. just ALL of season 11 and 12.

Just saying. and its not because I’ve been drinking OK!?

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While I haven’t seen any of the Shadowhunters promos yet (kinda want to stay as spoiler free as I can before 2B starts), I have seen a lot of reactions towards them, and really, don’t worry too much about Alec and Magnus’ relationship. Just remember in the book universe they’re still together and have two kids, so unless the writers plan to go WAY off book (Jocelyn style) I doubt, if anything major happens (possibly a break up), they’ll be apart for long.

So, just, fingers crossed it’s a bit like their fight in the beginning of the season and whatever conflict they’re going through is resolved in a healthy and adult way (and not the way it was handled in the books…. let’s never speak of the way they were handled in the books).

Also please don’t send me the promo, I really want to stay spoiler free for as long as possible.

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"Every time there's a black person on the show, they keep them for maybe a season and then kill them and introduce a new black person. It's been going on since season 3." Sasha had been on the show since season 3, Morgan has been on the show since the pilot, Father Gabriel has been alive since season 5. No black person died in season 6. Yeah, the show has representation problems, but this is a bit unfair.

It might be a bit unfair but lets be real here while Morgan has been there since the pilot he hasn’t been on screen that entire time. It’s not some great accomplishment to keep a character alive that people rarely see.

And alright you’re right about Sasha and Father Gabriel but still there are 12 Black people - 13 I think I haven’t seen the Black guy with the dreads that they met in Alexandria in  ages so I feel like he’s dead - that have been brought on the show and then just murdered. 

Even if the statement is a bit off it still rings with a great deal of truth and it’s a problem.

mod v

A Concept: keith becomes the new black paladin, but bc shiro left wearing the black armor, he has to meticulously color over the red on his own armor in black sharpie because Aesthetic. shiro returns an episode later. keith can’t figure out how to wash the black sharpie off.

I just finished getting caught up with Criminal Minds and apparently there's no new episode this week.


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There's no logical way the boys can stay in/keep the bunker now. Everyone in the MoL knows the location and has a key. Even if Ketch and Umbridge die, someone else from the MoL will likely hunt them down. If Sam and Dean stay in the bunker they'll be killed in their sleep. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but at some point. It'll always be a risk. There's no way they can stay now. (I hope they go and live with Jody for a while.. that'd be rad. More Jody, new home for the boys.. its win win.)

And they also mentioned at SeaCon filming something for season 13…maybe it’s something in the bunker before it’s destroyed? I’d be so sad to see it go but it would have a lot of impact for sure!

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Heyo! I love sailor moon but only really watched it when i was little. There's different ones and i don't know what order they go in or which ones are remakes, can you help me order them?

No problem! The original 90’s anime is in this order..
First season is just Sailor Moon
Season 2 is Sailor Moon R & the movie for this season is Promise of the Rose
Season 3 is Sailor Moon S & the movie is Hearts in Ice
Season 4 is Sailor Moon SuperS & the movie is Black Dream Hole
Season 5 is Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

The new remake is Sailor Moon Crystal (it follows the manga closer than the original series) & currently there’s 3 seasons covering the dark kingdom, black moon & infinity arcs of the manga. A new season has been confirmed but there’s no info yet as to when it will be released.

And then there’s the live action PGSM & the musicals.. but I’m not really too knowledgeable about them. I’m sure someone else in the fandom can give the info if you’re interested.

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ok but theres gotta be a fixit fic where bucky gets plums, right>

ok here we go 

Miracle Max by Moosepelheim

Steve gets Bucky out five minutes sooner and it changes everything–Bucky’s never captured and the team never comes to blows. But there are new challenges the team must face as a consequence of Steve’s divided loyalties.

The Season for Plums by whatthefoucault

One day, a man went to the market to buy plums.

this place is a shelter by agetwellcard

Living with Bucky reminds Steve of the way it feels to jump to action, natural and exhilarating and almost like it was something he was always meant to do.

Aka, the one where there is no one after them so Steve and Bucky live together in the apartment in Bucharest.

Unfortunately, A Damn Good Team by s_a_m

For Steve’s sake, they behaved themselves.

RWBY V4 My Critical Review

Alright so I’m finally done my hell week of college, I decided to do a review of RWBY V4. There seems to be a lot of division in this season, some loved it, others hated it. Now let me just address this, I usually don’t talk about this, but there seems to be a lot of negativity in the fandom. I do not consider petty nitpicking, bitching and constant whining as criticism.

First of all, I am just gonna lay this out. We don’t know what happens behind production, but I do know production requires to make a lot of cuts and such since they either don’t have the time or they don’t have enough money to make it happen. Yea RT is a million dollar company but remember they don’t ONLY focus on RWBY. BUT that does not make them free of criticism either. 


Alright starting this off with the animation style this season. Animation looks beautiful, so nice. But the fighting animation has taken a step back, seeing most fight scenes were such a let down. The best fight scene was Tyrian vs Qrow & RNJR, but compared to other volumes not as great. I know before Monty and Shane were the choreographers, but now Miles and Kerry I think are just taking care of it. Personally, I feel they should get one or a team just focusing on fight choreography. People who are good at it, understand how each body movement works. There are just some people who have it in them to do choreography like that. 


Okay, I understand why people are mad at this volume. But, for the most part, this volume hasn’t completely fucked things up. I’ve seen bad animes and shows before and this is far from anything like that. Miles and Kerry are generally off to a good start as new writers. Now Miles’ has experience in writing from RvB, but take note RvB already had a base and build to continue from. RWBY is purely scratch. I’ve heard rumours about RWBY lasting 10-20 volumes, now I hope they mainly focus on the Salem being main final villain rather than introduce newer more OP villains after the previous OP villain was defeated, kind of like big animes such as Bleach do. Volume 1-3 was mainly just a prologue. Building up to greater things. 

Volume 4, is a transition season. Transition seasons are difficult to handle, since you want to keep the audience but avoid plot holes and such. This is not a filler season. I have seen filler seasons in anime before (fucking Bleach), filler seasons are not looked back at in the long run. This clearly seems like a season setting up for what lies ahead. Now at the beginning the season was going smoothly showing all 4 girls equally. But I feel like they rushed things too much, or juggled too many things for them to handle. The main things I didn’t like was the new lore, new villains, and yangs development.

The lore is too much to take, like we have silver eyes, maidens, now we have these relics and gods of light and darkness. Just slow down… Theres too many things you are juggling with right now. 

Villains, alright at first I was vary of Salems faction, since Emerald and Mercury got pushed to the side, but they proved themselves. Now I’m just concerned on the White Fang villains (Illia and those bros). But we will see how M&K will play this out so I’m going to wait until I give a full opinion on all the villains.

Yangs development, by far, the main flaw of this volume. Its because you had the end of Volume 3, then the teasers of Volume 4 with a very angry Yang, then the episode where Yang first appeared with clear PTSD. She healed too fast, in my opinion. I was expecting a shift in character, especially after when she said, “sometimes bad things just happen.” Yang got too little screen time to be given proper development. Most of the development seemed to happen behind the scenes. I was so ready to see a new side of Yang. But I’m also giving M&K the benefit of the doubt since RWBY still has a long way to go. Because V4 seems sooooo early to give rash criticism with the 10-20 volume plans.

The best development was Blake and Weiss’. Weiss finally being freed from her father, and going on to greater things. Without a doubt, I know she’s going to return to the SDC (hinted even in the WoR), and obviously is going to snatch back that title from Whitley and put her father in place, it’s obvious that’s her story arc. Now we are starting to build on the steps she takes to get there. It’s going to be really interesting. Blake finally stops running from her past and comes to accept it, to make a better future. Blake is unique compared to the other members of team RWBY, since she already had so much to build from in the previous volumes. Her story is going to focus around the White Fang and Adam a lot, and we will see how she will overcome it and make a great change in the White Fang. M&K are handling Blake’s arc just fine, so I don’t have much worry for her compared to Yang.

Ruby for me is kind of in the middle, but I don’t expect her development to come any time soon. She is the main character, so her development is more so, on the long run of things. I was not annoyed at how M&K were handling Ruby this season at all, this season was more so of her understanding the reality around her, as we can see from her letter. 

Now on to the others aka JNR. Ren and Nora’s backs story was really rushed, I expected it to focus around Ravens tribe but seeing it was just a grimm just made me think, “isn’t that why everyone dislikes grimms in the first place?” Now that the grimm is defeated its just “now what”. Now for Jaune, I loved the scenes he was in. He warmed up to me this season, you can clearly see the character change this time around. Now I don’t understand all the anger at him taking screen time, when I thought his screen time was fairly given. JNR seems to lead on how they will support for each through everything. And I really hope they don’t all die like that one theory I saw…. 

Now I wish I could go more into things but, it is clear RWBY is NOT FINISHED for me to really delve in how I feel because I will be jumping the gun. Because I know this season will explain things for later seasons to come. People want everything to come so fast, all I have to say is: BE PATIENT. Everything will be explained soon. Now I’m not rushing to give my final thought on what I think of RWBY just yet seeing the main story is just beginning. 

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tbh, so far s4 had been kinda boring. the first week set up the season and introduced the new boys but nothing other than that has really happened yet. i think some of the people who don't seem so excited about the season are just waiting for something to happen, you know. there's only so much you can talk about this season so far. also people are comparing the excitement to the last few weeks of s3 when there was already so much going on...

That’s a totally valid opinion! I completely disagree but I also completely respect it. I think very much has happened this week, we have seen SO much of Sana that we never thought of before. There are 5 new characters and we have learned more about Sanas relationship with her faith, we know about her mother and their relationship, we know she’s in love with a boy, and we know she feels lost. But yeah, comparing to the last weeks of s3 it’s slow. But compare to the first few weeks of s3 and it’s very very similar

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I'm trying to keep my expectations low but tbh after seeing what they're doing this season I'd be kinda disappointed if they don't become canon. The narrative is leading in that direction, the development of characters is paving the way to that, the plot "end of the world" can push them... If they were going to drag the relationship, they'd have bothered to write a new love interest for B, but they didn't. The next step should be a kiss and/or confession. There's not much more to add

I’m not trying to keep my expectations low. I’m trying to look at it realistically and enjoy myself at the same time. 

Gosh, tumblr is so negative all the time with their “I’m going to be cool and critical about every good thing and never expect nice things because I don’t want to be made a fool of.”

I say, I’m going in whole hog. If I want to be a fool over bellarke i’m damn well going to be a fool over it. And I’m going to enjoy it. 

Like you say, the narrative is going in that direction. The story they are telling is romantic in nature. The obstacles themselves are romantic in nature. I get that people think the romance has stopped with this separation and these obstacles, but it hasn’t.

And I get that people don’t want to be hopeful but I say be hopeful. It’s the apocalypse, hope is what gets us through.

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hi cutie :) lets talk about stancy in season 2 & how it might start off for them & the trio. im curious how other ppl think its gonna go bc we know its set a year later & steve has been promoted to a main character so we know nancys not just gonna dump him in the first ep & he'll be gone. but a year is a long time for them to get so close & in a strong/healthy relationship but it's almost guaranteed that jancy will happen at some point lbr plus theres new characters too. gimme all ur thoughts!!!

“lets talk about stancy” like yes always let’s GO.

So yeah they’re definitely going to still be together in episode 1 because i think it’d be weird if they like… broke up off screen… that’d be weird. SO it’s gonna open with them together and like… can you believe they’ll be like about to celebrate their one-year anniversary like wow. 

I really think Steve’s going to be an important character in season 2. This is the season where Steve’s character development is going to be solidified and he tries to completely win over the rest of the characters (and the rest of the fandom). I think this season will be more about him finding his place in that trio and working out the kinks of that dynamic.  I think the three of them are going to honestly take priority over the relationships.  I think there may actually be a lot between Steve and Jonathan because their relationship has the furthest to go in terms of development?  I bet you $10 (which is like $100 for my college student ass) there will be more important moments of Steve saving Jonathan’s life or vice versa. 

And from what I can tell from interviews and such, the Duffers are going to take their time with Jancy, like they should.  They’re planning on 4-5 seasons, and if they just rush Jonathan and Nancy together, that’s going to get real boring real quick, so I think they’ll pace themselves.  I think if stancy does break up this season (which I don’t think is a definite), they’ll wait until the end.

SO when it comes to the break up… If I’m being honest (*insert longest sigh ever*) we’re probably going to have to watch them slowly grow apart.  Cue tons of sad glances on Steve’s behalf when he sees how close Jonathan and Nancy are.  BUT i have to remember the number of tropes that the Duffer Brothers have flipped on their heads, so i’m hopeful for the future.  

Basically I just need more of Steve and Nancy smiling at each other like they do and generally thinking the world of each other because that…. is everything to me.