there's clearly something wrong)

  • what able bodied people think being undiagnosed is like: faking your health issue, not wanting to see a doctor because they'll tell you what you don't want to hear/that you don't have that illness
  • what it's actually like: after seeing nine specialists between 1997 and now the best answer you've gotten was "clearly there's something wrong here but idfk what lmao"

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This is nothing against you but you know it's not just "One in a Million" right? There are so many of them - "Used to Love Her", "It's so Easy", "You Could be Mine", "Rocket Queen", etc. They all contain problematic and misogynistic lyrics. It would be forgivable if it were just a one-off but it's not. There's clearly something wrong there. I like GNR but man, Axl is an a-hole. I hope he's changed but a lot of the time, people just don't. Sorry for the rant, just needed to get it off my chest.

Okay I can see where you’re coming from, but none of this really has anything to do with Axl being an asshole. I’m not just defending him out of love, I’m not afraid to admit that gnr have done some dumb shit. I just have to set the record straight on some things.
• Neither Used To Love Her or It’s So Easy were written by Axl, those songs are the product of Izzy, Duff, and West Arkeen. I really don’t feel Used To Love Her should be considered that big of a deal. At a show before the song started, Axl explained that the song is a joke about when your girlfriend or BOYFRIEND is being a pain in the ass. Whether Izzy’s intentions were misogynistic or not, Axl claimed it to be a light hearted song for either gender.
• It’s So Easy is supposed to be a scummy song. It was one of the earliest written tracks by West and Duff, and definitely does not represent who Duff is at all, especially present Duff.
• You Could Be Mine was one of the earliest songs written by Axl and Izzy. It’s not their proudest track, and was just kind of used as a filler song for UYI II. I’m not going to deny that the song is dirt-baggy, because it is, but it shows the bands growth between their early days to the UYI era.
• I feel out of all of these, Rocket Queen is the most misplaced. The first half of the song is not even from Axl’s point of view, but Barbi Von Grief’s. She was present during the writing process, just so Axl could depict her mindset as accurately as possible. The song ends with an ode to their friendship, and that he hates to see her struggling, and only wants the best for her.

It is important to recognize when your faves are being shitty, but it’s also important to recognize when they’ve grown, which GNR did excessively between each album.

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If just one person left SM, it would make sense people blaming him or her for leaving (even though it isn't right). But artists leaving SM is something that has happened repeatedly, over and over which implies there's clearly something wrong with SM.

Yeah tbh I’ve been saying this from time and no we’re just amassing evidence. I’m going to list everybody and then include the reasons behind departure and filing suit:

Look at all the cases of lawsuits and just leaving SM….

  • H.O.T (disbanded; perhaps the source of the feared “5-year curse” as they were formed in 1996 and disbanded in 2001)
  • Shinhwa (left upon expiration of their contract in 2003; SM only wanted to renew with 5/6 members but Eric, the leader, wanted the group to remain together and they all decided to decline)
  • Fly to the Sky (“The duo stated that they wanted a smaller label that was willing to promote them as musicians and focus less on commercial success.[1]” )
  • JYJ (Get a load of THIS:  Through their lawyers, the members stated that the 13-year contract was excessively long and that the group’s earnings were not fairly distributed to the members.[35] Early termination penalty of their contract will cost them 2 times the profit that the group is estimated to earn for the rest of the contract period (over ₩11 billion, or around US$9.2 million).[36] The Seoul Central District Court ruled in favour of the three members. They have claimed that the contract was unfair and the members were left out of proper profit distribution.[38] In response, SM Entertainment called a press conference and claimed that the lawsuit was a fraud, stating that the lawsuit was not about unfair contracts or human rights but a scam motivated by the three members’ greed over their cosmetics business. The three members remained silent except to say through their lawyers that they hoped SM Entertainment would respect the court’s decision.[39])
  • Hangeng (On December 21, 2009, five months after the three TVXQ members filed their lawsuit, Han Geng of Super Junior also filed one. The following day, Han Geng’s lawyer released the reasons for the contract termination: the contract contained provisions in SM Entertainment’s favor, the 13-year contract length was unlawful, it would take an unfair sum of money to end the contract, he was not allowed to request to revise his contract, he was forced to do things that were not in his contract, he was forced to do things against his will, he was fined if he disobeyed the company or missed any events or was late, and there was unfair profit distributions within Super Junior. It was also disclosed that because SM Entertainment refused to give him a day off for over two years, Han Geng had developed gastritis and kidney disease.[48])
  • Kris (no official details yet aside from filing for exclusive contract termination)
  • Luhan (no official details yet aside from filing for nullifcation, the same as Kris. I would like to note however, this piece of information: “ Within 15 minutes after the announcement, S.M. stocks had dropped by 9.41%, from 37,000 Won to 33,250 Won per share.[68] The stock’s worth contracted by 15%, hitting the maximum decrease in price KOSDAQ allows for a day, and falling to a more-than-one-year low.[69] ”)
  • Minwoo of TRAX is suing on the basis of a slave contract AND a broadcast ban

That list shouldn’t be that long. Nor should most of those cases even happened in the first place period. If there was something not wrong with the company you might have one member, maybe one group or something leave/file suit. And not over conditions as serious as Hangeng / JYJ. Instead, we see a total of 4 individuals, 2 groups and 3 individuals who filed suit, left, and then formed a group. Even worse I absolutely cringed at the details of Hangeng’s lawsuit; I didn’t know all of that before now and I am appalled!

I didn’t put Jessica on the list because though she left SNSD, she is still under SM; her case is unique, but it indicates there are still problems within SM, so I wouldn’t dismiss her situation entirely. 

Similarly, S.E.S broke up in 2002 after debuting in 1997, but they had already promised each other in 2000 that they would break up in a couple of years no matter what (this could also be due to undesirable or intolerable conditions on SM’s part).

Oh and while I was doing some digging on SM’s groups to make sure I remembered everything right, I found this lovely nugget on wikipedia for the years 2009 - 2011:

2009–2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards boycott

SM Entertainment boycotted the 2009 Mnet Asian Music Awards event on November 21. SM stated that they had reservations regarding the standard of fairness and the criteria used in Mnet’s selections for the recipients of the awards.[54] SM specifically cited the case of Girls’ Generation in which their song had topped Korean music charts for nine consecutive weeks and had won numerous weekly music show awards from SBS’s Inkigayo and KBS’s Music Bank, but had never won on Mnet’s weekly M! Countdown show and had only debuted on their charts a month after the album’s released. SM also cited the fact that participants who wished to vote for the various Mnet awards had to pay a fee to do so and said they did “not want to see fans suffer any damage from the poll which has commercial intentions.”[55]

This… is interesting giving the rampant concerns over the MAMAs literally every year, as well as how bad it was for 2014… Anyway they boycotted the entire awards show for two years and that had to hurt other groups because if you’re not present, you can’t win.

2011: S.M.’s role in the price rigging scheme

S.M. was one of the 15 companies fined and sued by the Korean FTC for price rigging in 2011.[56]

O.O They were caught price rigging! Basically that means that they unlawfully set or manipulated prices of their products, good, etc. Keep in mind this was probably amidst the JYJ drama, as the suit did not clear until 2011. Trying to compensate for that potential (and honestly inevitable) loss? Most likely.

And then they were recently under fire for tax evasion–early in 2014 I believe, and right around the time a lot of dating news came out. People call them scandals and I don’t think dating is scandalous, but in SK given the atmosphere and perception and and idealization of these idols it for all intents and purposes does manifest to be a media-mongering scandal–especially as the members of the couple have bigger or newer statuses, or seem like an outlandish pairing.

Since 2009, SM’s been starting to average one lawsuit per year (5 in 6 years!), and that’s really bad. The groups who left rather ~peacefully~ left before DBSK* and SJ even debuted. 

Basically SM is a problematic hot mess and I’m glad people are finally starting to wake up tanks to the artists finally refusing to take the company’s shit.


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It really sucks being the psychologist friend and listening to everyone’s problems whenever they need it , and always complementing your friends when they’re upset or having a shitty day.
But no one really asks how I’m doing or how I feel about things 😢
I just feel like everything that once made me happy is falling apart.