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Hey oly, you don't have to answer this if you don't want to but I'm wondering how you went about applying for low income housing in Seattle? I'm moving there to attend UW soon and am really worried about paying rent when its so expensive and i can only afford to work part time. Thank you so much! i hope your day was sunshiney as heck


all low income housing situations ive been in i heard about from friends, but i had to do a bit of research when my last arrangement was ending so i found some cool resources. this will have a lot of info for you

i would also do some facebook perusing for seattle housing exchange pages. i know theres a pretty decent queer housing exchange if youre queer (dont join if youre not lmao), but if  you’re going to go to uw there are a ton of huge houses in the university area that multiple students rent out for nooot that much money. i would also start looking in like uw facebook groups for your year and see whos also looking for housing! also remember that our minimum wage is at like $13 for businesses with over 100 employees so you can actually make a decent amount off a part time job here!

good luck!

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