there's beauty everywhere


“What comes after “Happily ever after”?…” - ORNB 18

(Honestly Sekaii this kiss icon is still giving me the creeps).

u know in rey’s survival guide book she drew a picture of her flowers and captioned it with “i collect and display them to remind myself that theres beauty if everywhere if you look hard enough, even in jakku” AND LIKE. rey going to a planet thats just filled with flowers of every shape and size and colour and she just spends hours and hours there drawing them because she didn’t know there were these many flowers in the whole galaxy and.. rey.. my space artist GF who has the biggest and purest heart

anonymous asked:

Shut upppp with the sadness girl! You have ONE FUCKING LIFE. ONE. You could die in 5 years, 13 years, or even tomorrow. Find the little things in life to appreciate. There's beauty everywhere you look you just have to want to open your eyes.

I’ve “shut up” about my sadness for 14 months, im pretty sure I’m allowed to have a couple of days where I’m allowed to be sad. never ever come on my blog to tell me something so horrible ever again. do you think I want to be sad? of fucking course not. Jesus Christ.