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bitty goes to providence for the weekend and calls jack and plans out some stuff to do together and also “jack, please have flour, and eggs. sugar. BUTTER” bc last time bitty came over jack had nothing to bake with and bitty was…twitchy.

and fun fact: jack is a little shit, too.

jack is just waiting for bits to open the fridge and hes go his phone ready to snap a picture and bits doesnt look in the fridge until morning and he wants to make pancakes and he opens the fridge and its empty.

except for one tub of I Cant Believe Its Not Butter

bitty is kind of in a trance? until he hears jacks phone make a camera click sound (jack likes the click sound btw bc hes a photography nerd) and bitty looks into jacks eyes and he looks so betrayed! but jack just opens another compartment in the fridge and theres eggs and fruit and BUTTER and instantly bittys like ‘oh thank god’ but also 'jack you little shit’

after pancakes, bitty holds jacks face in his hands and says 'never again’. jack dies of his canadian moose chuckles.

bittys shocked I Cant Believe Theres No Butter face becomes jacks background on his phone.

The Hausmates as stuff my bf did: part 3
  • Bitty: drunkenly lost both shoes at a party and sweet talked the host into giving him his for life
  • Jack: has an alter ego called "bad boy troy" which is just him but in a leather jacket
  • Shitty: befriended an MC Donalds employee so he could get happy meal toys for free
  • Lardo: crowdfunded a coat for his teacher
  • Ransom: once nearly became part of a sect bc he was too polite to say no to them
  • Holster: Screams "succubus begone" whenever I undress in front of him
  • Chowder: Greets his best friend by making bird noises. But not any bird noises. Atlantic puffin noises. Google them.
  • Nursey: Got voted "most likely to skip class" on a poll he wasn't even in
  • Dex: once got angry at me for posting a selfie bc how is he supposed to concentrate when he wants to keep checking his phone to see it
  • Whiskey: has an online diary that is just pictures of his dog
  • Tango: had an active Facebook group called "spot niclas" where ppl posted pics of him doing weird stuff at school
  • Foxtrot: took over the role as host at school events, got the school choir to write him a jingle for when he steps on stage

OKAY THIS CATERPILLAR QUEEN IS AMAZING but we don’t know what gems shes made of which has me shook fuckin nasty. We know 3 of the 6 are cut like a Peridot, rad right? Not the point tho. The one in the middle of her chest is cut like a Pearl- another Pearl with a chest gem (thats a different theory tho.) Well at the very least thats what it looks like to me. My thing is tho that one on her forehead looks like a Sapphire in some shots but the triangle in the sapphire cut turns into a circle in others. So i mean if it ain’t a Sapphire what else could it be?? Hopefully she’ll unfuse and well see all the gems 💕 Then theres the on on her stomach (I don’t have a picture of that one sorry) its cut like a diamond.. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) is that possibly Pinkie or maybe a different diamond or just a gem cut like a diamond

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Ahhh It’s good to have internet back in my home ;__;

Anyway, here are two pictures of Law in suits commissioned by @malcolm6 posted with her blessing <3 

It was really a pleasure to draw these because Law and suits happen to be my favorite combo too XD (ok well, any man with well fitted suit looks really fine in my book anyway, so yeah).

|| Commission Info ||

I was innocently taking screenshots in P4DAN when this happened

Get a room you guys (literally)

And It doesn’t help that in the next pic Yu was like

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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hi, just found your blog and it is amazing <3 may i request rfa + saeran + v when they find out mc is actually a very good programmer/hacker? Thank you <3

Thank you so much!! ☺️☺️❤️

Zen ✨
- it was a normal sunday
- The two of you were sitting on the couch both on your laptops
- Suddenly Zen sees a hate page about himself
- Its not the first hate page he’s seen so he doesn’t really care
- But when he clicks on it he sees that the person who made it posts really weird photos of Zen
- In the corner of your eye you see Zen tense up
- You look over at his screen and immediately know what to do
- So you press a few buttons on your laptop and suddenly the page Zens on changes into a page about dogs and theres dogs everywhere
- Zens like wot??
- You see his reaction and laugh
- Hes like “omg mc did you di this what the hell”
- “This is great”
- He thinks its super cool and he’s amazed that you have so many hidden talents

Jumin 💎
- Jumins company has been in trouble for a while now
- And with trouble i mean that some other company tried to hack it and steal some important data
- Jumin looked call but boiiiiiii noooooo
- Hes freaking out inside
- And since Seven was “busy” again he couldn’t help
- And hiring a unknown hacker may not be a good idea since it’s important data and all
- So you decide to surprise him at work
- He’s super stressed and relieved when he sees you
- Jumin tells you that they finally know which company is behind this but that they don’t know how to stop them since talking won’t help
- You’re like bun sugar hun i got this
- After 45 minutes some man who works for Jumin bursts into the room
- “ Their site it’s overflowing with cats what is this”
- Jumins like ok
- He looks at you like how?!!
- You have this smirk on your face and say tell him that you hacked into their documents deleted all the date they stole and as cherry on top you put a virus onto their site
- Yes a cat virus
- Idk man lmao

Yoosung 🎮
- He was on LOLOL again
- You were trying to study
- Yes trying
- Because suddenly Yoosung screams
- He punches the computer like YOuSuNG nO
- Youre like ???
- he’s almost crying
- Poor puppy
- You hug him and ask whats wrong
- Apparently he just downloaded some new armor and stuff but the site crashed and now its all gone
- You tell him to go get some fresh air
- Hes like alright
- While hes gone you hack LOLOL
- You get him alllll sorts of stuff
- He comes back and is like mc why are you on LOLOL
- you’re like surpriseeeee
- And he probably cries again
- Thinks it’s great that youre a hacker
- Would say “no dont do it it’s against the rules”
- 5 minutes later

Jeahee ☕️
- Jeahee was working hard once again
- She was super stressed
- Until she heard that there was a new music with Zen in it
- The moment she heard about it she rushed to the store to get it
- But it was sold out
- No biggie right
- Just try another store
- But it was sold out EVERYWHERE
- Jaehee is a bit sad of course
- So when she comes home and sees you shes not as happy as she usually is
- You ask her what happened and she explains
- You’re like ok Jaehee go take a bath and relax
- Shes like but i have wor-NO GO TAKE A BATH
- okokokok
- While shes gone you searched and searched and finally found the movie
- It wasn’t easy to get since you had to hack it but whatever
- When Jaehees back you tell her the good news
- and then you watch the movie together

Seven 👾
- He kinda already knew
- When he did your background check he noticed that there wasn’t much information about you
- One day he has a mission but its so HaRd
- He’s literally dying
- You’re like if you need hel-NO MC AGENT 707 CAN DO THIS ALONE
- you’re like mhm sure we’ll see about that
- Suddenly he falls asleep
- So you look at what mission it is and what he still needs to do
- You finish it quite early
- When he woke up he was like wot
- Thinks he did it in his sleep lmao
- Youre like jfc seven

V 📸
- he found his old laptop
- Hes like “mc come check this out”
- All his old photos were on it
- He’s super excited since he hasn’t seen them in yeaaaars
- But then
- Theres a password
- The poor boy doesn’t even remember what he had for dinner two days ago
- He’s like “ oh well it’s okay they weren’t that good anyway”
- But you could see the disappointment in his eyes
- So you grab the computer and start hacking
- And boom password unlocked
- It was probably something like bunnies111 or something lmao
- V’s like *hearteyes* he’s impressed

- It was one of those days where he locked himself in his room again
- You tried to talk to him
- Nope
- Text him
- He wouldn’t even read them
- You were getting frustrated by now
- So you grabbed your laptop
- Searan was also on his laptop looking at YouTube videos like “how to make slime” lmao
- Suddenly theres a heart on his screen
- And another one
- Another one
- “ i luvv youuu”
- “ i want to seeee youuu”
- He’s like whats this madness
- damn you seven
- Suddenly theres a picture of you on his screen
- He opens his door slowly
- Sees you sitting behind a laptop
- Youre just like 😎
I’m kinda busy today so sorry if i don’t post as much as yesterday
Also thanks again for all the support!!
I’ll try to start writing a part 3 for the jumin fanfic ✨
- Tess

Finally framed and put up my Gaiden and Echoes posters!

Gaiden goes on this left wall, so now theres a chronological order to them all…

…with Mystery of the Emblem and Genealogy on the wall above the TV…

…Binding Blade, PoR, Awakening, and Fates above the couch…

and last Echoes in the hallway.  No room in the main room sadly but its the centerpiece of the hallway at least until another official FE poster comes out. 

BONUS: I hung up the prints i got at the con in my bedroom next to the ones i got last year

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Could you do an imagine that you're brad girl, and one day there's one pic of him kissing an girl (fan) and you get mad and you both fight and break up. And he sings another world live and he cries 😂😱 okay I know it's a lot but I think it would be really cool

Okay.. I may have cried a bit at this… And I may or may not have gotten a bit carried away -’ ‘-

Brad imagine, you break up then get back together: 

You open up your twitter to see hundreds of mentions, all talking about Brad cheating on you. You frown and quickly open the picture someone posted. You gasp when you see Brad’s lips locked with another girl’s. You assume she’s a fan, as he’s in the middle of a big crowd of teenage girls. A few fans tagged you in their tweets, telling you the twitter of the girl that he kissed. You hesitantly go to her twitter, immediatly being disgusted with what you see. Her profile picture is a selfie with Brad, and her twitter name is “Brad’s bae”. You look through her tweets, all of them about Brad, and how amazing a kisser he is. Tears run down your cheeks as you shakily dial Brad’s number. “Hey babe” He answers casually, this makes the tears quicken. “How could you?!” You exclaim. It takes a few seconds for Brad to answer, “What..?” “You know what! You cheated on me!! You kissed that fan!” You sob. You hear Brad exhale deeply. “Baby I didn’t kiss her, she kissed me” He tells you, but you cut him off with a cold laugh. “But you didn’t pull away either. We’re over”

~~One hour later~~

You’re woken up from your nap by your phone ringing under your pillow. You groan and pull it out, looking at the screen with dull eyes. It’s Connor. You sigh and answer it, “Hi..” You yawn. “Hey Y/N uh can you come to our show tonight?” He asks quickly. “What? No. Why would I?” You ask him, waking up a little more. “Brad’s miserable without you, please just come and we can explain everything” Connor pleads. You sigh and say, “I know I’m going to regret this, but fine” You hear Connor cheer quietly before saying, “Great! The show starts at 7, be backstage around 6:45”

 ~~That evening~~

You make your way backstage and go to Connor’s dressing room, careful not to get spotted. You knock on the door, and it’s swung open by a half dressed Connor. “Y/N! You’re here! Great! Uh, okay go see Joe and he’ll tell you where to go. He’s over at the snacks table” Connor tells you, quickly shutting the door. You sigh and make your way over. Just as the boys go onstage, Joe brings you to the side of it, hidden by the boys and the crowd. After a few songs, Brad runs a hand through his hair and clears his throat, “Uh, so this next one is called another world.. It goes out to someone really special.. You know who you are” He says before singing. You watch him, tears already staining your cheeks. Just seeing him up there, singing is enough to trigger a few small waterfalls out of you. You notice Brad’s voice faultering near the bridge and he shakes his head, stepping away from his mic. When the others notice that he’s stopped singing, they end the music. The whole arena stares at him with confusion. He bites his lip and pulls the mic towards his mouth. “I-I’m sorry everyone.. I just, I can’t.. Not now.. Not tonight..” He says quickly with tears running down his pink cheeks. Everyone goes silent as he sprints off stage, near where you are. You step back, ready to leave, but Joe stops you. Brad reached the area that the two of you are in and breaks down in heavy sobs. Your heart drops into your stomach at the sight of him in this state. No matter how mad you are, you can’t bare to see him like this. You rush to him and hug him tightly. He looks down and immediatly hugs you back. “Y-Y/N! I-I’m so sorry! I-I didn’t ki-kiss her, she-she kissed me! I tried to p-pull away b-but it was so crowded, a-and everyone w-was pushing. I-I’m so so sorry, I-I need you, please don’t leave me!” He sobs out, hugging you tighter. You rest your head on his chest and shake your head. “I’m not going anywhere”

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I literally put a picture of myself on the internet wearing a pot on my head and tomato cages on my arms. We're all weird potatoes in some way and there's nothing wrong with that. I personally find potatoes quite tasty... Or, if you prefer, we're all lemons in one way or another. Lemons make lemonade and I'm darn thirsty... ^_- PS: You have some of the sweetest anons, I wish they would stop selling themselves short! Embrace your tasty potato/juicy lemon! *hugs*

Oh you cant get away with being so smooth in my inbox you cutie ehehehe

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Anastasia AU because I had too when i saw @yaboybokuto do it 

I couldn’t take good screens so I didn’t do much and the quality is shit i’m sorry. I may do better ones later - Or put my grabby hands on another au instead -

Also Inko prob died young, that’s why I drew her like this 


Orphan Black AU: John Watson finds out he is a clone. There’s John, Kieren, David, Max, Benjamin, and Richard.

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I just found out some tea that I can't keep to myself! There's someone on here that has a blog abt school shooters with a crush on one but was actually in a relationship with another school shooter and went to the prison and had sex with him!!!!! He's the one who told me and showed me her and I saw her post pictures on her blog so I now know she has a blog on here!


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- T


Pitch Dark Paladin: Xander | Trueblade of Roaring Thunder: Ryoma

Okay, so after realising how much I love OiSuga as my brotp, I had to write some stuff down ((so much rambling under the cut, just a warning)):

  • First of all, Oikawa probably barraged him with selfies in the beginning with masses of compliments to himself and hoping to make Suga jealous of how pretty he was 
  • Suga ain’t buying it and sends one of him first thing in the morning and it practically makes Oikawa cry on the way to school bc he’s stuck between admiration for how pretty he is, and how he feels insulted by how pretty he is. 

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A conversation had come up regarding a genderbent Mustard cookie this morning. I forgot exactly how it happened but one detail led to another and a few hours later I decided to put a pencil to paper and draw him.

Holy woah I’m bad at putting things into text


BRICK WALLS | listen.

“Really, Gisborne? Is this the best you can do?”

Guy breathed heavily, his eyes squeezed shut so tight spots of color were all he could see. He pressed his face against the brick wall of his loft, now painted white, and took a deep breath before stepping back to punch the wall forcefully.

“Do it over - again. God, you really are useless.

Three more punches. Tears stung his eyes as he threw a fourth. He lost count after that and eventually fell into a heap against the wall, sobbing.

“Any more of – whatever – this incompetence is and you’re out of here, Gisborne. And you know I mean it, too.”

Head pressed against the wall, now sitting, he shakily reached into his pocket and pulled out a cigarette and his Zippo. He lit up, hands shaking so hard it was difficult to light the cigarette for a moment. He inhaled deeply and shut his eyes, knuckles stinging. 

“Useless,” Guy mumbled to himself. “Incompetent.” He opened his eyes and looked down at the bloody scratches on his knuckles, smoke filling the air. 

“Useless,” he repeated, cigarette between his lips.