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9 Days of Sense8: Day 3 - Riley Blue



I’ve seen comments lying around about how Saizo doesn’t seem that necessary/appropriate as a love interest, or how his stories always revolve around how he feels that he doesn’t deserve MC and she tries to convince him that it’s not like that. and I just wanna say… yeah actually I wouldn’t know much about the second point LOL I haven’t been playing slbp that long. but Saizo is still my fav character bc his character is so complex :-(

what I’m seeing is a guy who genuinely loves mc but is always afraid to let himself believe that he deserves her, or that happy times with her will last. it’s kinda like the whole 塞翁失马,焉知非福 thing - so he chooses to think a happy thing with her will inevitably lead to a bad thing happening. (idk how to explain the meaning of that Chinese saying SORRY + not entirely sure if he’s a believer in the opposite - that a bad thing could lead to a good thing) yes it is tiring to see him constantly doubting himself in every damn event story but in a way it reflects his outlook on life which is just… very sad to me :-( idk how to explain this properly sigh but if anyone wants to have some discussion w me on this I’m up for it!!! (well not necessarily right now but. I’m still up for it)

his current event story is also heartbreaking bc there’s a scene where he just returned from a mission and kiyohiro (should I just… call him hanzo or what) is helping him to clean his hands of the blood. kiyohiro informs him that mc and the baby (not theirs) are still in his room. saizo’s just like “are they, now” then looks at his hands: clean now, but cold.

then later there’s this scene in the screencaps which drives home my point: I don’t think it’s that he really hates children or intensely dislikes the idea of being a father. he’s probably just not comfortable with the idea that someone like him could be a father. the same hands he uses to kill countless men, it doesn’t feel right that they should be cradling children. Kirigakure Saizo, father. it doesn’t fit quite as well as Kirigakure Saizo, assassin. I doubt he’d be particularly mad if mc ended up having his child, but… I figure that for a while, he’s going to have problems holding the child or maybe even touching mc.

tldr: thinking about saizo makes me real sad please give him some love because his mental health isn’t quite alright

also if anyone has an opinion on this feel free to comment!!! I love Saizo and all discourse on him so yes HAHA


There’s nothing you can do.

Brothers! From the AU I mentioned yesterday, here are the collective designs of everyone there. Litereally nothing changed appearance wise beyond outfits. Oh and Feral not being dead because he’s precious and DESERVES TO LIVE.

Though after drawing all of his tattoos my back certainly isn’t.

@firebeez the things I do because I love you.

The power is out in our neighborhood because a massive oak tree fell across the road, took out like basically every power line, and has trapped half the people who live on this dead end street. Including mom and me. It’s very exciting, we should be at cannibalism and trash can fires within 24 hours.

so tonight i told my best friends that i dont really identify as female exactly anymore. i hadn’t planned to but we were talking about sexuality and also i had kind of tried out identifying this way to people in my summer program so i was like yknow what i know theyre not going to be dicks about this lets just go for it.

and ofcourse they were cool about it, they were like ok, yep, we’re not really surprised yknow, do you still like ‘she’ or nah

so in a way its like the smallest deal ever. but on the other hand. these are the most important people in my life after my most immediate family. and they are the only people besides throwaway acquaintances that ive ever told this to face to face

so its kind of a big deal


This song is a blessing to the world and I think I just ruined it

  • me, a simple ereannie shipper: *remembers that the snk anime literally took out every moment eren and annie had together so it made their relationship seem small and meaningless*
  • me, a simple ereannie shipper: *huffs and grumbles for 84 years until my dying breath*

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Waitwaitwait is Turn over forever? Like never again going to be another episode or is it the end of a season? Are we getting more seasons? Im not done with season two and have been kinda avoiding spoilers although i dont know why so im just confused haha thanks <3

Yes it has ended! Season four was the last season - they can’t exactly carry it on, considering the war was near to enough over, haha - so unfortunately we aren’t getting any more of it. Sorry!