there's an easter egg in here

Day 28
  • dev, hurriedly writing and recording the script he's been forced to make up because there's nothing to show on the 15th: uhhh... so saki miyu... did you know her design is based off my waifu hatsune miku? the mi in her name..... is ....for the uh.... mi, in miku, which means three. the three.... represents her three best friends!!! Uh... Sora (that means sky), midori and *looks at smudged writing on hand* Kokizana!!! the yu in miyu sounds like the ku in miku too!!! also here's an easter egg now you can wear the world is mine outfit while copyrighted music plays in the background!!!

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Hi I just found this blog, can you maybe just list the bad stuff he's done for a general idea?

Receipts to what I explain below are throughout these two blogs, I dont have everything listed here so feel free to look through those yourself.

- Has consented to Ayano being in a strip poker game where she would not only strip down infront of people, but masturbate infront of them if she lost [x]

- Theres a lot of copyright cases within his game(most noteably with easter eggs) as well as plenty stolen assets he brushes off as placeholders. All of which were most commonly implemented without permission of the creator of the series he was easter-egging.

- Has made numerous homophobic remarks on forums, comments, etc. [x] [x1] [x2] [x]

- Stole art/used art without the artists permission for his “Curious Case of Kokona Haruka” video, and has refused to give credit numerous times. An example here: [x]

- Threatened to Doxx the original owner of Stop-Yanderedev, then deleted the stream containing proof of it. I do hear he did admit to this however, it might be somewhere on his blog. Maybe in a clearing up understandings.

- I don’t know how to explain this one so heres a link instead.

- Has joked about kidnapping and possibly raping a girl as “advice on getting a girlfriend”. [x]


Easter Egg Hunt 2015, Part 5
(Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6)

I found my Easter egg! Turns out one of our plushie shell friends (from qvoro!) was hiding my Easter egg!

Plushie shell says there is a special surprise just for me inside my Easter egg. I gave my pretty yellow Easter egg my biggest burp, but my Easter egg is staying shut. Mommy, can you help me open my Easter egg please?

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Les Amis + their coffee orders. =D

Hey anon, you aren’t slick! I know who you are  👀 👀 👀 👀

  • Enjolras: Ridiculously over complicated. He knows exactly what he wants and he’s not embarrassed to ask for it.  Coffee is the only time he lets himself treat himself so he goes big. A half caf, soy hot coffee, two pumps of caramel and whipped cream. 
  • Grantaire: Fucked if he knows. It’s different depending on his moods. Some days its a black charred dark roast with no cream or sugar and other times it’s a vanilla iced coffee with whipped cream and sprinkles. The only constant in his order is that it’s usually Irish. 
  • Combeferre: A sensible latte in a travel mug with low fat milk and one sweetener
  • Jehan: An organic cold brew coffee… In a Mason Jar of course.
  • Bahorel: Not a big coffee guy. But he will slam down energy drinks like it’s nobodies business. And don’t even get him started on his juice cleanse!
  • Feuilly: Can’t afford to buy coffee so he makes it at home. It’s the grossly cheap instant stuff with a splash of milk. He actually somehow likes the taste better than a barista made coffee????
  • Joly: Expresso… SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTS. SHOTS!
  • Bossuet: A simple cappuccino but with like… 5 sugar packets. He always gets a froth mustache. 
  • Marius: More of a tea person. Likes chamomile and herbal blends
It Must Run in the Family

Always a great way to end the week with Captain Charming Friday! What happens when fluff takes over?

Title: It Must Run in the Family
Word Count: 2,000ish
Summary: The first day of school makes everyone nervous- even the son of Captain Hook. 

An early riser, long before his days as a Captain now allows him the chance for a regular morning routine- to sit at his kitchen table, his hands wrapped around the mug of coffee, as he listens to the ripples of the seas and the chirps of the morning birds. But on this particular morning, his routine is disrupted when he feels a tug on his flannel pajama pants (he’s picked up a few things from the prince and they’re warm which is nice against the Storybrooke chill), before he’s joined at the table by his youngest son.

The young boy looks lost in thought, his eyebrow furrowed in the same manner that mimics his father, his chin resting on the edge of the table. Much to Emma and everyone’s amusement, the young boy (from birth) has turned out to be Killian’s mini-me, both in physical appearance and mannerisms.

“Hot chocolate, son?”

The young lad shares his mother and his half brother’s love for the heart-warming, sweet-tooth drink, dashed with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Liam nods his head vigorously, whatever troubling him quickly forgotten with the words of his favorite drink. Killian stands up from the table and grabs some milk from the fridge before heating it up on the stove. From behind him, he can hear the quiet hums of the old sea-faring tunes he used to sing to Liam as lullabies. He glances over his shoulder and finds the young boy softly singing as he stares outside the window, his small feet dangling from the chair as he swings them back and forth.

Once the milk steams, he grabs the cocoa powder and begins stirring it in, as he questions his son. “Something on your mind, lad?

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Happy super belated birthday to my darling @lifeinahole27. Sarah I know this is so far past your birthday but I did start it before if that counts for anything! You are one of the greatest treasures I have found here and  wish I had more to give than just my words. 

I found this prompt so please accept 8000ish words of AU in celebration of the festival of you! Thanks to @amagicalship for kicking my arse hard in beta and making this so much better as a result!

You’re always the waiter/bartender at the restaurant I bring my dates to. You’ve started leaving your own personal ranking of each date in the checkbook and I don’t know if I’m annoyed or amused

Just a Casual Observer

It was destined to be another disaster.

After all, why would this be any different to his previous encounters? Relying on the swipe of your finger in the search for love seemed ludicrous at best - especially to a man not completely convinced love was a thing he was searching for at all.

Beyond the fact that ‘getting out there’ and ‘meeting people’ seemed to be things that prevented a total and complete intrusion of his brother and sister-in-law in his love life - or what passed quite happily for one in his books - Killian Jones failed to see one other factor that made his continued presence on that infernal app a positive life choice.

“You look like you could use this. Don’t tell me this one stood you up?”

He looked up into the amused green eyes of a woman whose name tag proclaimed her to be Emma. Killian had seen her here before, admired her loosely braided blonde hair and the way the black dress she wore as her uniform clung to her curves, but he had never been seated in her section nor had reason to speak to her before. Her choice of words confused him - a feeling that must have been obvious on his face because she slid a tumbler of rum down next to his water glass and continued, “You’re here often enough and always with someone different - so I assume you are on first dates. Unless you’re some kind of serial womaniser, of course?”

Her expression suggested that she had not completely ruled out the second option.

“You’re quite perceptive, aren’t you love?” he replied, curious as to why this stranger was invested in his romantic escapades at all. Was it not enough to have Liam and Elsa not-so-gently prodding him towards the opposite sex? Still, she had come bearing gifts, he thought, tipping the glass towards her in thanks and taking a sip. “Although on this occasion the young lady in question is merely running late.”

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episode fic meme: Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel

Ages back I did a meme where people sent me DW episodes and I wrote a ficlet relating to it. pulledacross gave me “Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel” and… now four months later, it’s finally done.

~1500 words of mostly fluff.

The Doctor lingered in the hallway by the door to Rose’s bedroom, unsure what he ought to do next.

They’d been staying at Jackie’s for two days now, ever since the TARDIS had made it back to its rightful universe with one fewer occupant. Rose had spent most of that time with her mother or her friend Shareen, and the Doctor had done his best to give her a wide berth. Accident or not, it was his TARDIS that had landed them on that parallel Earth, and that meant he was partially responsible for the fallout.

He’d hoped some time back home would help her recalibrate, but he was beginning to wonder if that had been a mistake. Maybe being here was just causing her to wallow. Perhaps they’d be better off traveling, reminding her what good the TARDIS had to offer. That was the conventional wisdom about horse riding, wasn’t it? If you let one fall deter you, you might stop riding altogether.

Or maybe those were his own insecurities bleeding through.

This might be precisely what Rose needed. What did he know? His own coping mechanisms certainly weren’t always ironclad. Maybe what was best for Rose would be if he backed away unnoticed and left her in peace.

“I can feel you staring, you know,” she said, gesturing with her head for him to come join her.

Well, nevermind.

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So here are some pics of me wearing my WIP movie!Casca gown. Again, far from complete, but I’m pretty pleased with the turnout so far. I just hope I can dedicate enough time to my projects now that I have a new job. 

Hopefully it will all pay off come Youmacon time. :D

Q: Sorry to ask, but I’m a little confused. What does Shironeki mean? Is that just a nickname for white haired Kaneki?
A: Shiro == White, so yes, Shironeki is how some people called white-haired Kaneki.

Q: I’m a bit confuse, why Banjou’s kagune is small? what do you think about Banjou’s kagune?
A: Banjou’s Kagune seemed to only serve to heal Banjou when he is gravely injured. I think it really fits with Banjou’s personality. He is the ultra durable shield/protector of his friends.

Q: Do you think Rize is Shachi’s daughter? What do you think about this matter? Can you tell me about Tokyo Ghoul CH 93 pg 19.
A: It was mentioned that Rize Kamishiro is a fake name, so my best guess is Shachi took her in, and she adopted his name. Whether Shachi is Rize’s biological father or not remains to be seen.

Q: Hi, I’ve read through the first chapter of TG again when I noticed something: Rize referred to Takatsuki Sen as a ‘him’, and Kaneki seems to reply in the affirmative. Seeing as future chapters refer to Takatsuki as a she, do you think this is a typo or deliberate?
A: I read the raw and there’s no mention of Takatsuki Sen’s gender anywhere in chapter 1. I think the translators just didn’t know what gender Takatsuki was, so they used “he”.

Q: You know answer me if who is the other “creator of masks” when uta-san speech in chapter 59 page 18 or is not revealed?
A: I’m not sure which translation you are reading but I don’t think Uta has ever said that. He just handed the masks he made and said he wanted to see something, that’s why he tagged along. It was later revealed that what he wanted to see was Kaneki and how he has changed and became the perfect fit for the mask he made for him.

Q: In chapter 102 of the manga, it mentions a girl cadet with a weak body who died of illness. The image looks a lot like Mutsuki, do you think they could have faked his death so he could start living as a guy? I think I remember seeing somewhere that unlike the others, Mutsuki didn’t come from the academy.
A: The age wouldn’t match though, unless they faked the age, too. Kurona and Nashiro should be the same age as Suzuya, 22, while Mutsuki is only 19.

Q: wait, why is everyone saying that Kaneki joined Aogiri in tg? I’m confusedd… ahaha…
A: It’s because of Tokyo Ghoul √A. In this alternate reality, Kaneki decided to join Aogiri instead of creating his own group.

Q: What part of trailer of seasom 2 did you see touka ?
A: You can see Touka here.

Q: In √a, is Ken going to replace Yamori?
A: Replace as in? Be the next torturer? Σ( ̄□ ̄lll)

Q: Hey! since root a is going a comeplete different route, do you think theres still a possibility that tokyo ghoul re will be animated?
A: It depends on how it ends I guess. If it has the same ending as TG, then it’s possible.

Q: do you know why imperial scans puts “fuck touka” at random places?
A: It’s an easter egg. They probably did it for fun. It was only around during initial release. They usually remove it a few hours later.

Q: Do you know why chapter 12 hasn’t been released in english yet?
A: I’m sorry, I have no idea. ;;; I assume Imperial Scans are still busy because of New Year.

Q: hi do you know a good site to read anime/tg fics?^^ thanks a lot!
A: I’m sorry, I’m probably the worst person to ask for this because I’m only into canon material. ;;;

Q: youre so talented. not only are you good at analysis but your art is amazing too :_; teach me senpai
A: T-Thank you. (//////)

Q: You should do more fanarts, you’re really good. I want to see more!
A: Thank you! I will definitely make more whenever I have time. ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ 

Q: Do you have a personal tumblr or anything of the sort? :D
A: Yes, I do, but at the moment I’m too embarrassed to tell anyone. It has nothing to do with TG after all. XD;;;

I just wonder how long can I keep this a secret… _(:3」∠)_