there's always like three of everyone

The signs as Spongebob quotes
  • Aries: Dumb people are always blissfully unaware of how dumb they really are.
  • Taurus: It took us three days to make that potato salad. Three days!
  • Gemini: Patrick, I don’t think Wumbo is a real word.
  • Cancer: We should take Bikini Bottom and push it somewhere else!
  • Leo: Can I be excused for the rest of my life?
  • Virgo: Goodbye everyone, I'll remember you all in therapy.
  • Libra: The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma.
  • Scorpio: Fine, I guess you're gonna miss... the panty raid.
  • Sagittarius: You just can't wait for me to die, can you?!
  • Capricorn: ♪ There's nothing on Earth, like the feeling of greed! ♪
  • Aquarius: F is for fire that burns down the whole town!
  • Pisces: Imma good noodle!
  • 2-d: in every zombie there's always a bloke that gets bitten by one of the zombies but tries to hide it from the group... why? there's no way he could get a cure. and it's not like he can stop himself turning into a zombie... he's just endangering everyone he knows. that's pretty messed up, isn't it?
  • Murdoc: it's three in the morning, get the fuck out of my room.
WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU Part 19 Full Translation [FINAL Part]

The Ceremony


Pages 200-203

Along the road heading towards the senkaimon, Renji who was at the very back of the group he was escorting, called out to Ichigo who was walking directly in front of him.

“……what is it?”

The distance separating them from the other three people ahead widened meaning their private conversation could not be heard.

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Some domestic hcs for these gays bc hiwthi cleared my skin and saved my crops


  • who owns what clothes? no one fucking knows except trixie who has a mental inventory of all the clothes but good fuckin luck finding anything clean because no one puts things back in the right fucking place
  • Two words- pillow. forts.
  • first one up has to make coffee for the others but only patsy and cynthia remember how everyone likes it
  • barbara isn’t allowed to make breakfast anymore, not after she got three pancakes stuck to the ceiling (she swears she was just trying to look cool when she caught them)
  • They have a colour coded schedule for the tv because someone (*coughs* valerie) is very defensive over the remote
  • making prank gifts every christmas aka how the fuck does delia manage to top last year’s time after time
  • pumpkin carving at halloween always goes wrong theres pumpkin guts everywhere but no one hits trixie because if her hair gets ruined, all hell will break loose (*points to ugliest pumpkin* “that’s you” “shut the fuck up patsy”)
  • *sends text at 3 am* oh my god valerie we’re in the same room pls stop”
  • cynthia always has the heating turned up way too high and delia always turns it down way too low. eventually the rest just cave in and buy cynthia a space heater because they’re not sure the thermostat can survive much more
  • trying to sleep = “who the hell is kicking me” “jenny if i wake up in the middle of the night again because of you snoring, im gonna divorce you” “please get your arm off my face” i stg if you keep taking the blanket im gonna scream” “who the fuck is playing candy crush it’s one in the morning” (spoiler alert: it’s trixie and she’s using delia’s credit card)
  • barbara is the only one who likes pineapple on pizza so she always asks for it when they order it but they just look at her like “we love you but what the fuck”
  • “hey patsy did you remember to put gas in the car” “uhhhhhh…”
  • if you’re sitting closest to the kitchen, congratulations you’re now the only way to get snacks.
  • *some of them start flirting/being sappy* “guys that’s gay” “you’re gay too” “…i meant what i said”
  • delia always has to shower last because she takes forever
  • valerie isn’t allowed to get the messages herself because she just dumps 15 packs of noodles in the trolley and calls it a day
  • can’t reach something? ask patsy
  • everyone thinks cynthia is so innocent and gentle but every so often she’ll come out with so much salt and obliterates everyone
  • taking ugly selfies and spamming the others with them
  • speaking of which, jenny uses the pure anime lookin filters because she’s a fuckin nerd
  • also ? delia teaching the others how to play video games and somehow jenny is better than her within half an hour of playing
  • jenny, trix, patsy and deels are the salt squad
  • jenny is constantly coming up with really sappy nicknames for everyone and she uses them so often, everyone else just starts using them too
  • also pats and jenny are always fighting over where everything should be, no matter how small or boring it is- “i can’t believe you put the forks back on the left hand side, everyone knows they go to the right of the knives” “that’s stupid, they should go on the far left so it’s in alphabetical order” “but when you hold a knife and fork, the fork is in the right hand so it makes more sense for it to be on the right side of the cutlery drawer!”
  • “hey jenny can you get me x?” “no” *does it anyway*
  • delia, cynthia and jenny spamming the group chat with memes
  • cynthia always changes the group name to the most recent inside joke
  • everyone’s always bumping heads while trying to fix their hair in front of the mirror

wishuponablackhole  asked:

So I've started season three of the black tapes but I still haven't finished it (although I've heard everyone's opinion of the finale lmao). But why the heck does Nic always sound like he's dead inside? Like, there's literally no emotion at all.

I legitimately laughed out loud when I read this. I’m still laughing.

I always attribute it as shitty self-insert writing. But, like, the flattest version of oneself.

You know when people interview and they are asked what their flaws are? And instead of being honest, they give some bullshit answer of being “too nice” or “a bit naive” or “I guess it’s that I’m a perfectionist?” THAT person is Nicodemus Silver.

If you are going to do a self-insert character, you need to be really honest with yourself. You need to have the good with the bad. Otherwise you get the blandest, most interview smile version of yourself. And that person may be impressive for an hour long sit-down where you need to convince someone to pay you to do a job, but that person is not Real. And that is why Nic always sounds dead inside. He’s a person stripped of all personality, meant to convince you of nothing more than how likeable he is.

Which…isn’t likeable. Not in a person. Not in a character. Not at all.

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I feel like Artemis still holds a grudge against Aphrodite for killing Hippolytus likewise Hades holds a grudge against Artemis for getting that one guy whose name I don't feel like Google since I can spell it to bring Hippolytus back to life since she wasn't supposed to do that. And basically no one let's the three of them be alone in a room bc that always gets brought up and there's a fight

I mean, let’s be real here, if they separated everyone who ever had a grudge, no one would be able to be in the same room

Lance Headcanons!

Happy birthday Voltron! 🎉🎉🎉In honor of this very special day, here are some lance headcanons!!!

•He loved hanging out with his sisters back home
-They would paint his nails (pink with glitter, obviously) and tease him about his obvious crush on the cute boy next door
-He got really good at braiding hair and always stole their croptops

•Never play soccer against him he will own your ass

•The only things he can cook are toast and some vague, incredibly complicated family recipies. 
-But if he tries to make something from a cookbook or a box there is a 98.9% chance of everything exploding

He uses the most outdated memes and evreyone on the team is just. so done.
-”O SHIT WADDUP” “Did I mention I hate you.”

Jokes “I’d die for you”
-is never actually joking

•He always sits in the weirdest position ever like the rest of the team’s sitting all nice and proper in their chairs and thERES LANCE LAYING ON HIS CHAIR WITH HIS FEET OVER THE TOP OR SOME SHIT AND I

•Because he had to share a bed with like three of his siblings, he sleeps stick-straight or curled up, always careful to make sure no one get pushed out -The rest of the team, though… 

 •He wolf whistles at everyone on the team, but only when they’re doing something supremely unattractive 

 •once he caught Keith picking his nose and the whistle scared him so much he punctured his nose with his fingernail and Lance will never let him live it down 

•He’s been known to sing acapella covers of Toxic in the shower


Is actually wounded: Oh this? Heh, don’t worry about it I’ll be fine.

yeah i just love this perfect boi okay
Open for requests! Voltron, Steven Universe, Yuri!!! on Ice, Haikyuu, probably more…….. i’m so alone

pipeyna headcanons!
  • most of the aphrodite kids are bisexual/pansexual because love doesnt discriminate against gender
  • reyna is actually a terrible cook and one time she tries to make piper pancakes and theyre all burnt but piper eats them anyways
  • sometimes piper wakes up from a nightmare and panics because for a minute she thinks reyna isnt there so reyna holds her hand until they fall back asleep
  • aphrodite finds out theyre together and she hugs reyna and says “youre part of our family now” and reyna just like blushes and mumbles “thank you”
  • reyna teaches piper even more fighting techniques and hey neither of them are complaining if these lessons always end in make out sessions
  • reyna is the big spoon
  • they dont do pda because percy and annabeth do enough of that for everyone, thanks
  • piper does reynas braid every morning
  • sometimes they double date with will and nico. reyna just watches with amused fascination when the three of them start debating who would win, dumbledore or gandalf
  • piper finds out reyna hasnt seen any disney movies and starts marathon watching them with her
  • reynas house in new rome is filled with like eighty-five percent pipers stuff and fifteen percent her own
  • reynas kind of uncomfortable around pipers mom at first but pipers like “dont worry she ships us hardcore” and reyna relaxes a little
  • until like a week later they’re making out in the aphrodite cabin and accidentally knock over this little shrine/offering thing to aphrodite and it breaks and reyna prays frantically to aphrodite and apologizes for like half an hour because “sorry sorry it was an accident sorry please dont turn me into a turtle or something”
  • pIPEYNA (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
The Demigods In
  • Students' types
  • Annabeth, A as in Always Better Than You: She's the girl with perfect grades, the one who flawlessly balances her duties as a demigod and as a student and still manages to have a social life, but the most important thing, she sleeps a minumun of eight hours each day, you have to look fresh as hell to either tackle that Chemistry problem or end a Titan's war right? How does she do it? A mysterie. No one is enterely sure (okay her mother is Athena but-). She's the top of her class, and deadly competitive, don't you dare to take her place unless you're ready to deal with the consequenes. The crown belongs to her.
  • Percy, P as in Procastinator: He's the guy who's too busy kicking monsters's asses to have time to finish that essay, he's the one who relies on Red Bull way too much, sleep? What's that? There's no time for such foolish things, that's for simple humans. It doesn't matter if it's 3 am and the exam is tomorrow, he'll probably be peacefully chilling and watching the latest GoT episode, there's still time after all... and if there's not, he should thank Annabeth because she nicely obligued him to study with her for that stupid exam.
  • Hazel, H as in Hell No: The quiet, nice girl that does not speak in class unless you ask her something. The teachers are fond of her because it seems that she's always paying attention, writing down everything they say, the perfect student. But after taking a closer look at her notebook... those are drawings, not the Born- Haber's cycle, you didn't know it, but she's been drawing the whole time. Thankfully, she always finds someone who's willing to lend her their notes after the class.
  • Piper, P as in Perfect Timing: While most students start studying for their exams at least a week before it, she always starts just a three or four days before the exam. What can possibly go wrong? They were just like... 80 pages to study, no big deal. To everyone's surprise, her grades turn to be pretty good (Although if you ask Leo, he'll say that strongly believes she cheats, or that she charms her professors, there's no way she's playing fair) and during the classes... she pays attention to everything but the teacher.
  • Frank, F as in Fashionable Mess: During the lessons he has a permanent horrified expression on his face, what are those equations? Where did that number came from? He never knows what's going on he gets constantly distracted by that small bee that's is flying around. So he studies, a lot, something admirable that only a few are able to do. The reward, he passes his exams, little by little those numbers begin to make some sense, not much though.
  • Leo, L as in Lmao: He never knows when the next exam is. He never knows when the deadline for that project was. He just knows one thing, that's he's some kind of Chemistry and Physics genius and that it's way too easy to cheat on the rest of the exams, if the professor is taking a nap behind that newspaper as he does the exam, the man is practically telling him to cheat, right?
  • Jason, J as in Jeez Annabeth Stop: Almost top of his class, always. But Annabeth is there, and there's no way he's going to beat the Athena child (not because she's smarter, but because the girl would probably hate him forever). He studies every day, trying to keep up with all his classes as best as he can. His grades? Extremely good, but if you asked him, after studying for four weeks for that Literature exam he deserved much more... thinking about it, he might prefer a lower grade before having to face Annabeth while she's hella mad.
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Haikyuu!! Text Post Memes part one, part two, part three, part four. (hint: read the individual captions)

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Congratulations. You CS shippers got what you wanted. This show started as a show about women (Emma, Regina and Snow) and is now about one romantic couple with the focus on the guy. So, I guess, celebrate that there's yet another show about a dude, instead of what OUAT used to be. The fact is, Hook should NEVER be as important as the three leading female characters. The fact that he now is and you CSers don't see anything wrong with it is just sad.

I love how you antis keep changing your description of what OUAT has “always been about” every time you want to campaign against CS /Hook and make it seem like you’re not actually complaining about CS/Hook.

It’s so transparent - and EVERYONE sees it (including the show runners and the network I’m sure). It’s that blatant.

First it was - “this show was always about two women - Emma and Regina”. But then people didn’t want to make it seem like this was all about shipping. So it was “don’t talk about those two women romantically - just go on social media and say how much you love the Swan Mills family instead”.

Then to make it seem like you concern for the show, and not a ship, tactics were switched again. And the argument became “this show was always about family - Emma, Snow, Regina, Henry and Charming - it’s their story”.

Later when antis were angry that Hook/CS were a prominent part of the Dark Swan story line, and wanted to get the rest of the fandom on board, the show suddenly became about the “core cast” and people began including Rumple - stating that HE is the leading man of the show.

But now Hook’s face is on that damn promo poster. So this is a dilemma - because Elsa’s face was used for promotion in S4 so one can’t exactly make the “it’s a show about family” argument about the poster (especially when nobody said shit about HER face on Hulu, the DVD etc.) But hey - Elsa’s a woman so let’s just make a it a case of gender now instead of family. Easy - just casually drop Rumple from your argument and make the case that the show was always about “strong female characters”.

And we can all just ignore the myriad of Rumple flashbacks and centrics, and the fact that nobody bitched about strong female characters being the theme of the show when 4a focused strongly on Rumple and basically ended with a centric for him. Nah - that didn’t happen - he’s never been an integral or central part of the show because, according to you, OUAT has always been “a show about women (Emma, Regina, and Snow)”. Right?

But here’s an idea for you to consider anon: using a single graphic image for social media and streaming sites is just what the OUAT promo team does now - actually it’s what they’ve always done. And just accept that it’s no longer solely Regina’s face that gets used. They’re changing it up a bit now. We had Elsa, then Emma, and now Hook. It’s just a promotional thing and it doesn’t mean the entire 5b arc is going to be all about Hook.

So maybe watch the season before you judge.

There’s no reason to act like Emma’s love story being the focus for the first half of the season, and Hook getting a centric and screen time for a few episodes, means a MAN has taken over the entire show for ALL eternity.

Regina, Snow and Emma are still important anon.

(And Rumple too - he’s a man, so I gather he’s not important to you anon, but he’s my fave and he’s got top billing like the ladies you’ve mentioned so unlike you I’m not gonna leave him out)

And I’m gonna close this reply with some shocking news for you: This show was never about “strong female characters” it just happens to feature strong female characters. According to the creators, and the cast, what Once Upon A Time is about - what it has ALWAYS been about - is HOPE.

Hope, family, second chances, and LOVE. And that, dear anon, hasn’t changed. The show is about love - in all its forms - even romantic. And…

“Love isn’t weakness. It’s STRENGTH.”

  • Trying to get ppl to watch One Piece like: The main character is this kid with a straw hat and he ate the gomo gomo no fruit and he's a rubber man and he always fucks shit up! Then there's another guy with green hair and he uses three swords and he gets lost a lot and he's a drunk. Then there's this one guy who's hair covers half his eye and his eyebrows are curly and he cooks and kicks people and he has a thing for ladies. Then there's this girl with orange hair and she doesn't take any crap and keeps everyone inline and she's the navigator and has huge boobs. Then there's this one guy who's a liar and pretty weak with a long nose but he gets better I promise omg. Then there's this reindeer talking doctor guy who likes cotton candy and he's so adorable all like "NOOO THAT DOESN'T MAKE ME HAPPY OR ANYTHING B-BAKA~" then there's this other women who grabbed this guys balls and has as many limbs as she wants and she likes history and is a babe. There's a guy who wears speedos and Hawaii shirts and has blue hair and shades and giant forearms and he's also a cyborg! Last is guy skeleton with an Afro and asks girls for their panties and poops and he goes YOHOHOH and tells bad jokes and please watch my anime.
  • Them: no

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What do you think of cjes selling green light sticks for jaejoong concert?

ive gotten messages about this

and at first i wasnt going to say anything since most international fans have a different opinion on the matter and im too tired to pick fights

before i start this this is entirely my own opinion that i am in no way convincing anyone to agree with

i am not saying that i know more than anyone or that i am right in any way

basically in my opinion its a never ending argument really

its not just a individual/solo member activity color vs. group color issue

it is also not a jaejoong stans vs. ot5 issue either

the thing is red or green or pink or blue arent ‘just colors’ of some dumb light sticks

if they were just colors that were fun and made just a pretty ocean then yeah thats fine

but green doesnt just represent jaejoong’s solo work

it represents jaejoong stans that refuse to acknowledge jaejoong as a part of jyj

let me clarify that when i say stan i dont mean individual member fans

im talking about “Acgae Fans” 

Acgae: noun; a network of fans and fan communities for the individual members of JYJ and TVXQ who are known for spreading malicious rumors about the other two and/or wishing for the group to disband so that their member of choice can pursue a solo career.[x]

stanning in english isnt referred to as a bad term so its hard to accurately find a word to refer to these type of stans

when u say ur stanning someone what u basically mean is that that person is ur bias but in this case thats not what im talking about

when i go to jyj concerts there are stans in front of the halls giving out lightsticks for individual members colors and refuse to use the official goods

they refuse to acknowledge the other two members 

are u ok with ppl saying ‘fuck jyj’ ‘jaejoongs too good to be a part of this band’ ‘fuck the other two members’

they compare the work cjes gives to jaejoong and the work the company gives to yoochun

they put the other two members down to put jaejoong up and as much as i love jaejoong to death that isnt right

ive seen stans that are to the point where they want jaejoong to leave jyj and for jyj to break up

so yes it is just a dumb light stick

yes its just a dumb color

but maybe 50% of those green light sticks represent hatred towards junsu and yoochun and if you think thats ok then thats ur opinion

tbh the main problem is some fans dont understand what the individual colors really represent and how disrespectful it is

since its a solo concert/activity i do understand how it may seem to be appropriate but i just dont like the idea of giving these acgae fans the mentality that its alright to hate on the other members

anyways the color isnt even confirmed yet since a fan called cjes and they said that this isnt even the confirmed color theyre going to make the goods

and one main argument that ive seen ppl said about the individual colors is that jaejoong probably chose it himself

well u dont know that

i also dont know that

none of us know that

but i doubt jaejoong has the time of day to give a shit about these trivial things

this whole issue is like if someone doesnt understand what a sasaeng is and saying that jaejoong should just be happy that he has fans

he should be happy because he has fans that bother to stalk him

the situation is so much more complicated than that 

since ive hardly ever come across an acgae in the international fandom its harder to believe these ppl exist

theres a lot of shit that went down because of acgaes so im sure u can read more about them if you googled them

so now i will end with a quote by park yoochun about how he wants individual fans to get along with everyone else

“Thank you very much as you have given us a lot of love when we do our activities for the albums, the events like this, and the performance together as JYJ as well as when we do our individual activities.

As you always tell us that the three of us won’t be taken apart and will be together forever, we are trying hard not to be apart and be together forever.

I hope fans of individual members can co-operate one another and become the ones who can support each other at least when we are together.

We have been through 9 years up to now. From now on, since there are so many things to do and so many things I want to do, I would like to do many things well together with you all in one.”

season three actually has me looking forward to episodes I am so unaccustomed to this

something I’ve always liked about Korra is how much she likes to show off her arms. goddamn, look at those muscles. everyone gets a ticket to the gun show.