there's always a blonde one

Hetalia - Alternate Universe Idea

An alternate universe where there is a old restaurant that is pretty large and has been abandoned for years, it has chandeliers and round table with white table cloth on it. Each table has broken candles that have no use. The history was that in the 1900’s somebody had locked the doors and set a fire to kill everybody inside. Now, each night all whose died there are seen, the chandeliers light up and the scent of food will waft the place. In the back corner there is a Italian sitting across from a German. They had just gotten engaged. There are two waiters, one with long brown hair and golden eyes, the other with glowing purple eyes working together serving food. Each time they pass they smile or high five each other. Although when they look like there carrying dishes, there just carrying air. There are three siblings at a table always laughing, two men and a female, the first male is tall with blonde hair and green eyes, the other man looks like him but with different hair style and is shorter. The female has short blonde hair with a red headband in it. Each night they talk about gardening and there future. Theres a couple that is two blonde males, one always with a huge grin the other with a floating curl and a quirk of a smile. They don’t seem to really move that much though. The table behind the two there is another blonde couple with two kids who talk about traveling the world and exploring while there parents assure them that they will. There is a spaniard flirting with a Italian while he busts a table, asking the Italian to hold things. Each night these ghosts replay there fateful night. Any person that has passed by has seen the lights, heard laughter and then screams.