there's also one that says 'call mom'

TEW after their fourth shot (crackpost warning)
  • Joseph: Didn't actually drink it, is on a juice cleanse. Mom Friend Mode™, activated. Hearding everyone like cats.
  • Kidman: Aggressively throwing shreds of napkins like confetti, has almost started 2 fights in 10 minutes.
  • Sebastian: "I'm not even very drunk yet. That probably says a lot about me..." Would really like to be drunk.
  • Leslie: Foresaw the consequences of this way in advance. Gracefully did not accept the first one.
  • Ruvik: "Lol is Kidman even old enough to drink?" Repeatedly calling everyone "fuckin losers". Periodically throws something at Sebastian. Also, just killed a man (so, basically no change).
  • Jimenez: "Drunk science!" (strong possibility that there's no change here either)
  • Conelly: Was already wasted like GTA after round 2, furiously dancing to old pop music.
  • Tatiana: Stabbed someone with a giant syringe, was kicked out of bar, snuck back in through a window and is now scaring other bargoers from the corner.
  • Myra: Speaking rapid German. Does not recall where or when she learned German but has temporarily forgotten that she also speaks English.
  • The Keeper: Does not have a mouth? Is one of the people Kidman almost fought.
  • The Administrator: Physically incapable of absorbing alcohol. On shot number 6 and is solely there to fuck with his agents. Is the other person Kidman almost fought.