there's a word for everything nowadays

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There's this meme where a black cat says "А почему ваша бабушка меня "Свят-свят-свят" зовёт? Я же пушок.." I understand everything except the Svyat part (holy??). Could you please explain what this meme means? I feel a bit like a doofus.

“Свят-свят-свят: is indeed a short form of “Святой”, holy. Originally, it is a part of a Christian hymn (Sanctus), where a word “holy” repeats three times. Nowadays, Russian people use this phrase when English speaking people would use “Holy Jesus!” or similar words. It is rather a superstitious reaction on a black cat (bad omen), a sort of supernational protection :) 

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not to raise unnecessary discussion but I don't get fandom culture nowadays? like everything HAS TO BE slash shipped? especially theres this fascination for m/m ships in every damn fandom? and if you ship m/f you're called homophobic? I mean the world isn't just about straight and gay... there also other sexual "categorisations" (sorry for the wording I couldn't came up with something better)I also don't wanna sound homophobic if I do, I just wondering about this fandom culture phenomenon

Mod K:

I’ve been in fandom since I was like 13 and I am currently 26. There has ALWAYS been a slant towards slash shipping. Most people in fandom writing fic and doing all of this meta stuff tends to be women. So, it makes sense that many women also enjoy slash. Many of them find it hot (think of how straight men find lesbians hot). Now, this isn’t true of all slash shippers, though.

There is nothing wrong with slash shipping but I have a big problem with straight fangirls throwing around terms like homophobia just because someone doesn’t happen to enjoy a slash ship. So, nothing wrong with slash shipping or even people having a preference for it, but there’s something wrong with being morally superior about it since you think you’re being fake progressive and calling all other het shippers homophobic.

Especially when many slash shippers hardly ever pay nearly the same attention to femmeslash ships in the majority of fandom.