there's a wasp in my room get it away get it away

Preference: There's a Bug in the Room

Harry: “Oh, Harry!” You shriek as you look up, just barely catching sight of a giant bee flying by. “Harry!” You scream, flailing your arms and scrambling to your feet. “Yes?” He suddenly appears in the doorway, out of breath from running to see what you’re screaming about. “Don’t you see that bee?! It’s over there,” You point in the general direction of the window in the room and slowly back away. “Harry, kill it! Please!” He bravely walks further into the room, taking off his shoe along the way. With a thud, he smashes the bee against the window and you watch as he turns to you with a triumphant smile.

Liam: “So I was like- Liam!” You interrupt your own story to scream Liam’s name as you spot a spider crawling across the wall. “Oh my- Liam, it’s coming!” You notice the spider moving quicker, and you stumble over yourself in an attempt to escape. He rises to his feet and looks around with confusion, trying to find the spider that was actually much smaller than you perceived it to be. “What are you talking about?” He asks, his brows knitted together. “That spider! It’s huge!” You shout, hiding behind the couch. “Oh, this little guy?” He says, squishing the bug underneath his foot. “Okay, he’s gone now. It’s safe to come out,” He says to you with a laugh.

Niall: “Whoa, did you see that?” Niall breaks the silence while his eyes rapidly scan the room. “No?” You say, setting down your phone and turning your attention to him. “You okay, Nialler?” You chuckle. “I swear I saw a-” He interrupts himself and points at a moth flying through the air. “Right there! What is that?” You follow his finger to see the moth, and you gasp. “It’s a moth! Niall! Niall!” You’re suddenly scared out of your mind, even though you know the bug is pretty much harmless. You hurry to get to your feet, dashing out of the room as quickly as you can. “Princess?” Niall calls out after a moment. “Come back! I killed the bug!”

Louis: You’re in the midst of cooking dinner when you hear an annoying buzzing sound in your ear. At first, you shrug it off, but after it happens again, your eyes widen with realization. Squealing, you dance around while waving your arms, hoping to scare the bug away. But soon you spot it flying around the room, and you scream as it appears to be coming straight for you. “Lou!” You shout. “Help!” He’s there in seconds, and his shoulders fall as he realizes the source of your screaming was just a bug. “Your hero has come to save you!” Louis announces as he catches the bug in his hand.

Zayn: “Okay, I think I can do it,” You say, looking over at your boyfriend, whom is flattened against the wall beside you. You’ve been arguing over who should be the brave one and kill the wasp, and you finally decide to just get it over with. He’s as scared as you are, and he swallows hard, nodding as you peel yourself from the wall. You grab the closest thing you can find, which happens to be a mop. Looking back at Zayn, you inhale a deep breath and swat at the bug, until you finally strike it down. “Oh, thank goodness,” Zayn says with a sigh of relief. You roll your eyes and examine the motionless wasp on the floor. “Next time there’s a bug in the house, you’re killing it,” You mumble to him.