there's a serial killer in the house

  • Hufflepuff: *greets a just-met person happily, shakes hands*
  • Slytherin: *gives the new person a glare and takes the Hufflepuff to the side* What are you doing?
  • Hufflepuff: What do you mean?
  • Slytherin: You're greeting him like he's our biggest friend already.
  • Hufflepuff: That's what people do when they meet someone new, you know, they shake hands and-
  • Slytherin: I don't like him. He's smiling like he's so happy when there's nothing to be happy about.
  • Hufflepuff: He's actually very nice and-
  • Slytherin: You'd better stay at least three meters away.
  • Hufflepuff: But-
  • Slytherin: This is how a serial killer would smile if he met an easy victim.
  • Hufflepuff: ...You need help.

A conversation between Hugh Aynesworth and Ted Bundy. 

HA: Well, you seem to know yourself much better today than before. If you had it to do over again, would you be able to avoid getting trapped by this?

TB: There are lost of things. If i knew myself as well as i do now, yes. I would’ve never gone to college , for instance.

HA: Never gone to college?

TB: I would never want to be an attorney.

HA: Why wouldn’t you have wanted to go to college?

TB: That may have been a rather extreme statement. But all college does is refine the rather shortsighted ways of thinking that we accept in society. It gives us the ability to seek the goals of society, uh, more efficiently-and that’s good whether it’s for power, greed, or to have physical possessions, or just to live in harmony with other people.

HA: But there have to be some parameters set somewhere.

TB: I think if i had to do it over, I’d, maybe, be a lumberjack.

HA: A lumberjack?

TB: I’d have as little contact with modern society as possible. If i could have recognised fifteen years ago the poisonous consequences of modern life-not only the physical things that are being done to us but the intellectual, spiritual, and poisoning we get-I would have certainly withdrawn. Or i might have interacted in society in a way that i would have tried to debunk the contemporary notions that we accept as success. You know, the house, the good job, and all that. There’s nothing wrong with feeding and clothing and sheltering oneself, in a family, but theres certainly something amiss when we have to deal with the multi-expectations of today’s society. 

(From conversations with a killer by Stephan G. Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth)

the-girly-fox  asked:

Donnie Donnie there's a serial killer on the loose in my town!!! I don't wanna die!!! What do I do?! 😖

Okay, don’t panic!

Serial killers go for a very specific type of victim. To know how much you are at risk, you must pay attention to the times of the disappearances of victims, how old they were, what they looked like, their professions, and the location of the disappearances.

Now to protect yourself.

1. Keep all of your windows and doors locked at night. Make sure any bushes around your house are trimmed and that you have a working porchlight or parking lot lights. 

2. Always be with a friend. Serial killers go after people when they are alone. It’s easier for them.

3. Stick to a curfew. There are serial killers that strike in the day, but most work at night where there’s less people and they are less likely to be spotted.

4. Don’t accept car rides from anyone.

5. Don’t go into anyone’s house or let anyone into your  house if you don’t know them. In a time where almost everyone has a cellphone no one needs to go in your house to use your phone at all.

Remember that the vast majority of serial killers are 30-55 year old white men who are clean cut, charming, and seem safe. They take on roles like ministers, businessmen, and community servants. John Wayne Gacy was a boy scout leader and mayor. If you think some guy is “Way too charming and successful to be a serial killer” then he’s most likely to be a serial killer.

Serial killers are very hard to catch because of this, and because they are very meticulous and good at what they do. They gain trust and they may also go a long time without killing someone again. Over time they may be cocky and start mocking police and leaving clues. That’s one of the ways they are caught. Another way is if one of their victims escapes. Which leads me to…


So you are being abducted, because yeah, the serial killer is going to abduct you and torture you not kill you right there. If you are about to be abducted but aren’t yet, this is what you do:

1. Scream. Be so freaking loud. 

2. Fight it. Bite, scream, step on feet. Kick, punch, anything it takes.

3. So they have a gun? Fight anyway. If you fight you may escape. If you don’t, you will be abducted for sure. Don’t cooperate.


Uh oh, he caught you. You are handcuffed to a chair in his mother’s basement now. What do you do?

1. Now is the time you cooperate because it will prolong your life and give you a chance to escape.

2. Talk to him as a person and make yourself  human to him. Remember that until now you were just prey. He dehumanized you. Many victims are released or escape because they appealed to him and tried to be friends. Serial killers don’t want their victims to be a person to them. He wants them to remain prey.

3. Don’t trust that people can find you. You have to escape on your own. You can’t wait to be rescued. Some people are alive for weeks before they meet their demise. You can’t trust that you will be released if you just wait long enough.  This is especially true if the police are close to capturing him. He’ll dump your dead body and flee.


So let’s say you escaped the serial killer. You found the handcuffs keys, and ran out into the  night while he was sleeping. What do you do?

1. Run to the nearest  house. Scream for them to let you in. Call the police immediately.

2. If you are in a remote area-hide. You don’t want to be caught again.

3. Stay in a public place. Even if you are barely clothed, bloodied, and embarrassed. He won’t attack you around people. Go to where the crowds are.

I hope that this helps in some way, and it isn’t just for serial killers, but any time you may be attacked or abducted whether it be for burglary, kidnapping, ransom, or anything. Knowing what to do can mean your life. 

horror movie recommendations?

ok so i have the house to myself all weekend and im a complete shut-in so that means im gonna be watching a lot of movies. so, im going to take advantage of this blog ask for horror movie recommendations.

-i like things that are weirder, more surreal, atmospheric, etc.
-if theres an antagonist, preferably not like a serial killer or smth
-doesnt have to be mindblowingly scary, im fine with just Unsettling.
-minimal jumpscares, (its ok if there are some just not movies that rely on them)
-i dont mind gore at all, but id prefer a movie that doesnt rely on gore to scare, so no slasher films.
-i like movies that dont necessarily show the monster or explain every single thing, which leaves you to fill in the blanks.
-cosmic horror/lovecraftian elements are great.
-sci fi elements are good too
-low budget, indie films etc are great
-ideally something thats streamable on netflix, amazon, or youtube, but if not thats fine.
-short films on youtube are fine too

obviously it doesnt have to fit all these requirements, but if anyone knows of movies that fit the bill pretty well id appreciate it


the most implausible thing about horror movies is the way the victims are able to convince themselves that it’s all okay and it’s “probably just some kids playing a dumb prank haha those threatening phone calls don’t mean anything”

like fuck me i hear a fucking tree rustle outside and i lock my windows, arm myself and call a friend round let alone if someone wrote threats in blood on my mirror or some shit