there's a reminder of hope


Subtlety, thy name is Marinette.



While the girls in the class might think they’re sneaking off for a secret makeout session, the boys know better ¬‿¬ 


Imagine Woozi asking help from Mingyu to make some soup for you after finding out that you were sick.

BONUS: Whilst making the soup for you, Mingyu can’t help laughing at Woozi who’s keeps pestering him to make sure the soup is “good enough for you”.

So I know there was a lot of things said about the episode tonight by people who were feeling really hurt and frustrated - I know I said some stuff that I didn’t really think through first but that was just my initial reaction and I usually turn back to positive pretty quickly, because I’m not a negative person and I strive to be positive most of the time, and I’m sure other people are the same way. 

I just wanted to say that I know it hurts a lot because the writers led us on, dangled the idea of this epic FS reunion in the Framework and when we didn’t get it, it felt like a slap in the face. BUT, sometimes we need to remember that the writers of the show have certain end goals they have to meet, they can’t just cater to our ships - and yes, I know it’s been literally FOREVER since we had really good Fitzsimmons scenes, but it’s getting close to the end of the season and there’s just a lot of other stuff going on.

I know it gets difficult when you love a ship so much and you have to watch them go through all of this ~drama because it’s what the writers think they need to do to keep it interesting, but we need to remember that there’s a hell of a lot of other things/plots/character arcs going on on this show. In the end, the writers/eps/whoever are going to make decisions for the characters we might not always agree with, but we’re usually pretty happy with where it ends up, right?

We’ve got to have faith that everything will work out! No matter what’s going on right now, no matter what crap our faves are being unfairly put through, never forget that Fitzsimmons are stronger together, we’ve seen them get through ninety feet of ocean and alien planets and hell dimensions - they will get through this, and we’re gonna get that epic reunion scene we all deserve. 

Fitzsimmons is endgame - remember, “theirs is a forever love”, which means no creepy stalker robots can take that away from them. All will be well!

  • A reminder that if you're closeted, there's hope in the future.
  • If you're closeted just because you don't really want to come out right now, there is hope you'll have the time and energy and desire to later.
  • If you're closeted because your friends might mock you, then there's hope you will surround yourself with more compassionate people.
  • If you're closeted because of bad family, then there is hope you will be able to escape them one day.
  • If you're closeted because of where you live, the there is hope you will find a new place.
  • If you're closeted and are dating someone, or trying to transition in small ways, then there is hope you will be able to be open one day.
  • If you're closeted, there is hope.

Screenshot redraws. With some alternate color palettes.

I really love the lighting in a lot of scenes in this game. Also, yeah, sorry for -All the Bedman- I find him really relaxing to draw. If I redraw any screenshots from later scenes I’ll be putting them under a read more. Just in case.

I really wanted to see what 8% was going to be…


‘Cause all I know is we said, “Hello.”
And your eyes look like coming home
All I know is a simple name
Everything has changed

Olicity + Taylor Swift lyrics

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hi maddie! i've been wanting to make some uhura gifsets but i'm the worst at finding poetry about certain characters and was wondering if you knew of any that reminded you of her?

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Would it be considered punk to have an artificial flower sewn onto the collar of a button up vest? im making it myself, and i wanted to remind myself that there's always hope in the world, even if we're in dark times. (wow that got cheesy)

Yes!! I love that

~ mod Petar