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I need to stop liking the ink so much because I will inevitably end up ruining it and I really dont need additional shame

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Understand that no one is claiming that you can't feel the way you want, because chances are, that no one that old wants you anyway. The fact that you think people are claiming that you should look at people that way, and that if you don't feel comfortable then you shouldn just shrug and be okay with it just goes to show how naive and immature you actually are, when no one is saying that, and no one is shipping sheith with you or anyone else in mind

The grammar is actually so weird in this that i have basically no idea what you’re trying to say but i’ll do my best.

A good amount of this will be uncomfortable or unpleasant to read if you ship sheith, please read it anyway. In the end I hope you’ll understand that I’m not demonizing you as a person, and I just want you to understand the impact that producing sheith content can have on the real world without precautions.

I can feel the way I want..because no one over the age of 20 wants to date an 18 year old? 

First of all, i see no correlation between these two statements. Second, either you’re assuming i’m WAY younger than I am, (again, 18) or you’re completely forgetting theres an entire porn industry (in both straight and gay) devoted to (usually older) men fucking eighteen year olds. In fact, it comes in different flavors, here’s for example what comes up when you google something like “just turned 18″ and click the first link

I’ll add emphasis.

This one porn site has 994 videos JUST about sex with an 18 year old who’s only been 18 for, at most, a month or so. AKA the youngest person you legally can fuck or view being fucked. Not to mention btw, this is just in the heterosexual porn section. To drive the point home, here’s another search result number from another porn site.

211,962 results. 211,962 videos specifically catering to the desire to have sex with the youngest teenagers you can legally get at. “No one that old wants [me]” huh??? There are people out there who are predatory towards people my age. There are people who will use praise like “your so mature for your age” and the like to coax young people into relationships where they’ll be controlled. There’s a power imbalance. We live in a society, partially due to culture and partially due to nature, where teenagers are constantly told they’re not adults, they dont know as much as adults, they’re not as smart as adults, they’re not as powerful as adults, so when an adult praises them as an equal the teenager will respond more than if an adult praised another adult. Because of this, while the adult may treat the teenager as an equal, the teenager is usually incapable of treating the adult as an equal. Hence, these relationships are inherently imbalanced, and an imbalanced romantic/sexual relationship is an unhealthy one. There are adults who use this imbalance to control teenagers. Its a predatory form of abuse. 

Keith clearly admires and, dare i say, even idolizes Shiro. Even if we presume that Shiro favors Keith among the paladins and views him as an adult and his equal, Keith is incapable of doing the same. He reveres Shiro, but Shiro doesn’t revere Keith. Because of this Shiro wields immensely more power than Keith in their relationship. Shiro could suggest something, and Keith could feel uncomfortable with it but agree anyway because of that sort of idolization. It isn’t healthy, and even though Shiro is a good person, he would end up hurting Keith eventually due to this imbalance. To Shiro, Keith is a favorite. To Keith, Shiro is everything, the only family he has left. If that doesn’t communicate the power imbalance here I dont know how else to say it. 

I am uncomfortable with adults shipping Sheith, because even if you whole heartedly believe fiction exists in a vacuum, if a predator sees support of a relationship where one party is around 25 and the other is in his late teens, and confirmed not to be an adult by the shows creators regardless of what promotional materials (designed to be catchy and flow well, “five teenagers” sounds better than “four teenagers and an adult”) that predator has had their behavior in a small extent normalized. If a victim of this abuse and predation sees a similar situation portrayed as romantic and healthy, it might reinforce their incorrect world belief that their relationship is romantic and healthy too. 

I am uncomfortable with adults shipping Sheith because adults should know better.

I am uncomfortable with adults shipping Sheith because whether that adult knows it or not, they are giving passive approval of these relationships in the real world.

The only time fiction exists in a vacuum and does not affect the real world is when it is clearly stated with every instance of that fiction not to apply to the real world. If you produce Sheith content and apply a warning to it saying something such as… 

“This is a work of fiction. As a work of fiction it is not meant to reflect the real world, and is an idealized and impossible version of a relationship. Relationships like this are, in real life, always unhealthy. It is intended for consumption, again, in a purely fictional setting.” 

I will not have a problem with your content, as it has been fully removed and severed from reality. It may seem obvious that the work is fictitious and people should not take it as a real world example of something good, but the truth is that the human mind is shaped by media as much as by upbringing and other sources. Perhaps even more so. 

For a real world example, when i was a young child who watched a lot of TV, I wondered why my mother didn’t cook and clean. The answer is that my mom always has hated cooking, and she suffers from migraines that make her doing housework difficult, not to mention how for as long as i can remember she’s always been working. However, my perception of reality was shaped by the cartoons i watched and media I consumed. The message repeated over and over again was that Mothers cook and clean. 

That might seem an irrelevant example, as I was a small child at the time and thus impressionable, but the thing is that teenagers are still incredibly impressionable. There’s a reason most terrorists and suicide bombers are young men between the ages of 18 and 20. Theres a reason why young people are some of the most passionate and quickest to take up new world views. There’s a reason that so many kids on tumblr so ferociously buy into “problematic” and “call out” culture. People my age, older than me by a few years, and younger than me by a few years, are incredibly easy to coax into a belief or world view and once that world view is established it can be strengthened and set with media. 

Not to mention that once these beliefs are set, they’re difficult to dispel. Confirmation bias is a phenomenon where people will discard conflicting facts and accept only that which enforces their own beliefs. If relationships like sheith, however innocent the original intent, continue to exist without obvious warnings that this is UNHEALTHY in the real world, it has the power to damage real people and real lives by playing into confirmation bias. 

If I were in love with an older person, and there were sources that said that it was unhealthy, and sources that merely implied it was fine, i’d definitely seek out more of the later because it feels good to have your beliefs reinforced. So even if its unpleasant, or clunky, or downright annoying, people who produce content unhealthy in the real world but fine in fictional settings (such as dub-con, unsafe sex, or the relationships we’ve been discussing) have a duty to point out that these aren’t cool in a real world setting to prevent real world damage. 

Even if you’re not shipping sheith with anyone in mind, and you’re producing content or spreading content of it with no one in mind, there are people consuming that content with themselves in mind.

Dont let your content normalize and romanticize abuse. Sever it from reality.

Theres a couple of ask about cupman and mugman.

Hey guys thanks for the wonderful ask about that one unfortunately the answer is No. I will not add cupman and mugman in because of the following reasons:

1. If animal or monster/creature based cartoon is easier to design such as mickey, oswald, felix, etc and ofcourse bendy.

2. Cupman and mugman ok thats gonna be hard to design the hair etc etc because they are cup heads a.k.a if irl is inanimate objects.

3. Thebbros a.k.a babtqftim did cupster and mugman so the thing that makes their blog/story super cool and stand out is because of the uniqueness of cupster and mugman so i think i just leave that to them alone lol.

As always don’t hesitate to leave an ask thanks guys!

lloyd’s cool new boat bike thing is called the destiny shadow in dialogue but i’ve been watching the episodes on the cartoon network website (they hid season 7 here but i found it) with closed captions on because of reasons and in the captions theyre consistently calling it the daring bounty so what is the truth

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i'm not saying it's great, but people give it a lot more shit than it deserves just because of the fact it's not the exact same show they watched way back when. there are some half-decent jokes in the new series (my favourite being the matadork one), but people only post about the cringy stuff, and even then there's only a few cringy moments

I do agree with you saying that some people don’t like the new Powerpuff Girls because its nothing like the original. There’s always people who react that way to new versions of things they like. However there are still multiple legitimate reasons on why to dislike it that have nothing to do with it being a reboot.

For example:

I actually consider the princess episode I took the clip from to be one of the better ones. And I think the new episode that just came out had a pretty good joke in it near the end with Bubbles and Buttercup. But that doesn’t change that the things listed above are still in the show and might be the reason why people are turned off by it.

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Do you think censors would actually let a trans character in a cartoon be a thing? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for it, and I see no reason for censoring it, but I feel like there's not a high chance networking teams n censors and stuff would agree :(

I mean a few things to consider:

1. Magnus Chase came out with an openly genderfluid character. So if Disney will let a trans character exist in one of their liscenced children’s books then that is a VERY good sign.

2. The Star Vs. crew are GODS at getting shit past the censors. They had Star staring at a girl’s ass and blushing when Disney wouldn’t even let Hirche have his gay couple. They’ve had jokes about medival anal torture, the birds and the bees, and tentacle porn. There’s an episode where Star and Marco spend 11 minutes trying to get their hands on LSD-laced Space Hotdogs with ending moral essentially being “Drugs are cool, kids!”. 

This all being said, the easiest way for them to have Marco be trans would be to simply make Princess Marco permenant. They’ve already had an episode where Marco was referred to as a girl and had “she” pronouns and everything, all they’d have to do is just have Marco be a girl for the rest of the series because they like it better that way.

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Not a question, but. I feel like the reason a lot of people don't acknowledge asexuality is because all you ever see on tv or movies or games or any kind of media there's always something sexual. The only thing safe is pre-school cartoons pretty much. So people end up thinking sex is something that's part of everyone's life and thats the norm and that's it. That's how people are. I just wish there were more obvious asexual characters on sitcoms and such

This is why representation is a Really Big Deal. We need to be able to look around, at people and at popular media, and see some evidence of ourselves. Otherwise, the message is pretty oppressively: ‘You don’t exist.’

I remember watching shows like ‘Friends’ and seeing every character constantly getting storylines that revolved around sex. Either they were having it, and they were gleefully discussing it (and showing it), or they weren’t having it, and they were complaining about how long it had been. And even then, long before I heard the word ‘asexual,’ it felt really weird. But it was every single character, and every single love interest, on every single (adult) show, so it had to be me who was being weird about it, right? In retrospect, it makes sense why I watched a lot of cartoons.