there's a picture of her and bill in the background

Okay here’s some thoughts about the losers drunk at parties

(all based on actually things i have seen drunk people do/things i have done. some of these are modern au i guess)

eddie drinks like one wine cooler and is blacked like 20 minutes into the party, the actually biggest lightweight in the world

stan and bev are always partners for drinking games and no one wants to play with them anymore because they always win (bev rocks beer pong and boom cup and stan’s good at any sort of guessing game like fuck the dealer. he’s scarily accurate)

sometimes stan doesn’t drink so he’ll use richie as his proxy during drinking games because richie will drink literally anything.

nobody ever knows what’s up with mike but he’s still everyone’s favorite at the party. is he drinking? is he not? who cares?

bill is absolutely the dad friend who like interrupts conversations with the other losers to like go and shake people’s hands and shit

because he’s such a lightweight and because richie likes to convince him to drink more eddie always goes way too hard and usually ends up carried out of the party

richie always tries to dj but never takes requests and plays shit songs so he always get the music taken away from him

ben loves to dance at parties but is super embarrassed about it so bev always drags him out on the dance floor so he has an excuse

speaking of her majesty beverly marsh remember that scene where she’s sunbathing and the boys are all staring at her in amazement???? literally everyone at the party when bev dances

bev and richie can go through a 24 pack by themselves and still be more sober than the rest of the losers (except mike because he’s a wild card)

one time they were at a party and stan was actually drunk and bev convinced him to switch clothes just to see if anyone noticed (ben and mike did but most people just thought stan looked a+ in bev’s overalls)

mike ends up being the one to make them all switch to water and sometimes he’ll wear one of eddie’s fanny packs to hold like id’s and napkins and stuff

bev sits on everyone’s laps but mostly ben and bill. richie is the only person who can get away with sitting on her lap though

theres never a picture of all seven on them at a party. someone’s always missing or passed out or falling down mid picture. the closest they have is a selfie bev took the single time they convinced stan to sing kareoke where all of them are somewhere in the background but no one is paying attention

one time ben ended up dj at a house party and bev yelled for him play new kids on the block and everyone loved it and now ben usually takes over when they want richie to stop dj-ing

thats all i got for now folks