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Here is this.

If you voted for Clinton, I don’t hate you.
If you voted third party, I don’t hate you.
If you voted for Trump, I don’t hate you.

Given the choices, you went with who you thought would be best for the country. Regardless of whether I agree with you or not, I’m not going to hate you. That seems defeatist to me. That’s the sort of rhetoric that is just going to fuel more hatred and anger.

So, I don’t hate you. This election was tough - every election is tough - and I believe you put just as much thought and weight into your decision as I did into mine.

And if you chose not to vote, I won’t hate you either. I’ve been in that position. I understand.

In that same manner, I hope that you would not hate me based solely on the person for whom I voted, regardless of who they may be. Hatred does us no good. It will only make things worse.